Monday, July 13, 2009

Yes, even MORE vacation photos. Y'all should be so jealous.

Menu of the Day

Quote: Edited to finally add a quote: "It was then i knew that often the greatest of sins are not the things we do, but the things we fail to do." -- from "Chasing Grace" by Martha Manning.

How many books i purchased this week: 5

How many books i've read on vacation: i think 5 (Now i've read 6!) (Now i have read 7!) (Updated on July 25 - i am up to 8.)
How many iTunes i've bought: nothing, but i'm considering Wilco's new one. It sounds like George Harrison. (My favorite Beatle, if i had one).
Confession: It's after 5:00 pm and i finally put on some real clothes. And actually they aren't even real clothes, they are running attire.
* * * * * * * * * *
Here are my vacation photos, taken in the past couple of days. (Y'all are gonna be SO jealous!Especially my friends who have been to China and Japan and Hawaii and New York just recently!) In the pool photo you can see my front door and the flag. It was a cool day today when i shot this and that's why the pool is empty. This is my unmade bed. I took that today too. (I should have taken a photo of the TV with CNN's Michael Jackson's coverage! )
I don't have anything to muse on about today, but i might come back and edit this later to add some. I just wanted to change my blog. What are y'all doing?

Edited to add the photo of this pasta i made last night. It's a Giada recipe from Food Network's website. It's got fresh clams from the Farmer's market, shrimp, arugla and sun dried tomatoes in a wine sauce. (It about killed me to pour 1 1/2 cups of good chardonnay in the pan, which is nearly half a bottle. I didn't read the measurements or i would have bought a cheaper bottle.)
I just got my haircut today with bangs. I have NOT had bangs for about 10 years and i like them alot. So Brian took a photo and it's not often i like a photo of myself, but this one i do. so i'm posting it here even though it shows my whole face which is going against my signature of blog self portraits.
The margaritas i made today too are also pictured. Here is my recipe:
1. 1 orange, the size of a baseball, not the size of a softball
2. 1 lime, the size of a lime
3. 2 shots of Hornitos agave tequila (if you have Patron, all the better, but not necessary!)
4. 1 shot of triple sec OR Cointreau (Also not necessary because it's more expensive, but it IS better.)
5. a splash of Roses lime juice (found in the stores)
6. a splash of something carbonated - like squirt, fresca or sparkling water
7. Grand Marnier (for last)
a) Peel the oranges and the limes and slice them into sections (something i learned today from my resourceful friend Sarah/louie louie, who is also learning to make margaritas today like we had in the Mexican restaurant yesterday during happy hour....

anyway, muddle these naked citrus fruits in the bottom of a glass (if you don't like pulp, use a shaker, personally i like some pulp.)
b) add the ice.
c) Add the shots
d) Add the splashes of Roses and carbonated soda pop
e. SHAKE IT LIKE A POLAROID PICTURE. (And take a picture while you are doing it. It will be a FUN photo!)
f) Pour it NOT into one of those stupid weenie margarita glasses, but in a 16 oz beer glass.
float a splash of grand marnier on top - serve with a slice of orange or lime for a garnish.
It's the best!
Depending on if you like salt on the rim (I do) dip your glass in the orange/lime juice from the cutting board and into the margarita salt (also purchased at grocery stores, but be careful not to let it cake up too much on the rim, that's not cool.)


jojo cucina cucina said...

that's supposed to be a self portrait, showing my tanned legs.

i walked into the kitchen a couple of days ago and the skylight in the kitchen made those flowers look so pretty that i had to take a photo.

I need a wider angle lens to get a better photo of my patio in the evening.

louielouie said...

I’d post a photo of my tan legs, now that I’m back from Hawaii except:

1. I don’t want my tan to out-do Jo’s tan on her own blog
2. I need to shave my legs
3. I would need a widerer angle lens
4. The bright reflection off my thighs would cause blinding.
5. I can’t see well enough to focus
6. I would need to know how to post a photo
7. I would need to know how to download a photo
8. I don’t have a camera
9. I’m on jury duty and don’t have time
10. Am doing other good summer things like:

Yesterday I made two absolutely beautiful fresh raspberry pies – too bad about the lack of camera and photography/posting skills. Also made raspberry jam all after a swell wedding shower, complete with, games, prizes and a champagne impaired bride. It was a good day.

IslandPearl said...

Love your stay-cation pics! That rocker looks so comfy.

equeyaya said...

beautiful photos. i love your deck. need to plan a journey to lakewood, wa!!!

~grits~ said...

1. Love the pics - your home looks so relaxing - and clean! And the pool is lucious!!

2. Went to a funeral yesterday. It should be forbidden for God to take people in TX in July! But there will be more and more, sad to say, as all my aunties and uncles are getting up there in age.

3. Saw 2 school-mates there. The aunt that died was their aunt too, but we arent related as she was my aunt by marriage.

4. My bro and his wife were there from San Antonio and it was good to see them.

5. Came home and ditched the clothes and went for a swim - it was 103!

6. Kiddo is going on a Brownie trip today and spending the night with a friend.

7. Folks are going to Oklahoma to visit friends and go to casinos so we will be house-sitting.

8. That's about it. I am jealous of your stay-cation, jo. You have a cleaner house and a nicer pool - lol - AND better temps in WA!!!

~grits~ said...

what is the pretty lime-green figurine in your pic?

jojo cucina cucina said...

OH, fun to wake up and see y'all here!. I just came back here with a Quote. It comes from John Irving's new book that is not due out until October (and supposedly is to be on par with Ciderhouse Rules and Owen Meany and not weird like so many of his other ones.)

Here's the quote from the book: "Last Night in Twisted River"

"We don’t always have a choice how we get to know one another. Sometimes, people fall into our lives cleanly–as if out of the sky, or as if there were a direct flight from Heaven to Earth–the same sudden way we lose people,who once seemed they would always be part of our lives.”

jojo cucina cucina said...

Oh Grits... i am a fairly neatnick kind of person, but at least you can see i didn't make my bed!

The green thing is a vase i found at Metro Market. The reason i bought it is because it matches the green on the old hi fi record player that is on our patio that Brian updated by painting it last year in black and green. The marbles i just happened to have in a bowl.

My friend louie/Sarah is lying about her legs. She's got great legs (and super ankles). Though it's true she would have to stop down the aperature because of the blinding whiteness of them even after Hawaii! lol.

louielouie said...

summer update.

Wasn't chosen for the jury yesterday (I think because I've been robbed at gun point). So came home and grilled New York steaks (marinated in equal parts bourbon, soy sauce and brown sugar with a dash of Sriracaha) and vegetable skewers. Topped it off with a slice of that raspberry pie.

It was cool enough for red wine so I invited my mom (Some of us can’t drink a bottle by ourselves) and the 2005 CLNE Ancient Vines Zinfandel was so good I soaked off the label. Am ashamed to report there’s a glass left.

Didn’t need to go to jury today and no one was expecting me at work so I just stayed home.
Thinking of caling it a sick-day as my allergies are bothering me. Jo what’s the rule about that?

My newly-nonworking-husband and I may drive to the ocean. Maybe if we go to the ocean I have to use a vacation day. However, if your husband is newly-nonworking maybe it can be family illness and the ocean trip is mental health for him? Jo, a ruling please?

Tonight porkchops with Bubba's BBQ rub and grilled apricots. Maybe a Black Butte porter or perhaps Jamesons (too good for the marinade) on the rocks.

I'm already ready for the end of the All-Star break

jojo cucina cucina said...

Sarah/Louie, I can't believe you have wine left in the bottle.

I think going to the ocean to lend support to your husband is indeed a family illness day. I don't think anyone would contest it. Obviously he can't go by himself or he would be too despondent and he probably needs to get away from the stresses of maintaining both of your homes. So my vote would be to call it family illness, and you know how i feel about folks cheating on their sick leave.

Weren't you robbed at gunpoint back in about 1973 when you worked at Kentucky Fried Chicken? That still counts?

What is Siracaha? Sounds like a Volkswagon model.

I just got back from helping Julie paint her house outside. It was nice day to be outside painting, not too hot. Now i am going to sit by the pool with my iPod and a microbrew and my new True Crime book.

What is upsetting is all the good books don't come out until my vacation is over. Including Jonathan Tropper's new one AND the long awaited Pat Conroy novel.

Modern Hippie said...

i JUST watched food network last night and someone made siracaha! i put it thinking it wouldnt be BORING but it wouldnt be so interesting & captivating that i would be able to fall asleep when i was ready. i was wrong, it was interesting haha

i think they need to have actual holidays where EVERYONE is off. labor day weekedns only offices are off, maybe christmas is the main holiday but i want a "holiday" where everyone stays and does nothing all day, play outside, do yard work whatever. no shopping nothing like that. just an international lazy day

jojo cucina cucina said...

i LOVE the Food Network, but i cannot stand that Barefoot Contessa chick. Her voice alone drives me crazy. BORING. I could never be friends with her. I have to admit Tyler Florence fell alittle from grace for me when he started doing commercials for Applebee's.....

You can't have a national day off. People are stupid and will still hurt themselves and need to go to the hospital. And people are more likely to hurt themselves when they have the day off than if they went to work. And i cannot imagine a day in our Pierce County where someone didn't get shot and killed and a police officer wouldn't need to be called. And how about those 9-1-1 operators?

I would like to have a vacation day where i know EVERYONE IN THE WHOLE COUNTRY was working but me. Then i would feel really really special.

louielouie said...

my mom always wanted an extra day. not an extra day off, that no one else had off, but an extra 24-hours that no on else had, just for her.

I think I want that too. I could get stuff done, catch up, or do nothing. One day a month just for me; sounds good

jojo cucina cucina said...

if you were a dental hygenist you could have a day off like that.

ok, so will somebody well me what siricaha (or however you spell it) is?

equeyaya said...

oooh! jonathan tropper is finally putting out a new book?! woohoo!

louielouie said...

here's Sriracha's facebook

equeyaya said...

from louielouie's link:

Sriracha (pronounced SEE-rah-chah) is the generic name for Thai-style hot sauce named after the seaside city of Si Racha, Thailand, where it was first produced for the local seafood restaurants. Typically made from sun-ripened chili peppers, vinegar, garlic, sugar and salt, it is a common condiment in many Asian restaurants.

sounds yum!

jojo cucina cucina said...

i can't believe i've never heard of this hot sauce before, (but maybe it's cause i don't like hot dishes).

It's been an exhausting day already.

1. I finally washed my WHOLE head of hair (instead of just the roots at the top),
2. made my bed, finished the first of my new True Crime books,
3. ate a lunch of apples and cheese,
4. and made an appointment to get my hair cut tomorrow,
5. checked my work email and deleted junk out of it,

Pretty soon i'm going to check my mail. Sorry i don't have any photos to add of my activities. My batteries on the camera are recharging!

equeyaya said...

That pasta dish looks too pretty to eat!

I love the way you work with the light in your photos, jo.

jojo cucina cucina said...

Thank you eque/Barbara. when i decided to quit trying to use a flash i liked photography a lot more. And this new D90 i have is very open to shooting in low light!

Modern Hippie said...

LOVEEE the bangs. i loved mine when i got mine too it used to be such an ugly taboo but now they are cute and trendy and not in the "everyone has bangs" its just natural.


jojo cucina cucina said...

I was coming here to see if anyone was posting was posting on my blog and found out that Walter Cronkite died.

Rest in peace, Walter.

louielouie said...

Caddy Margaritas!

My margaritas were fabulo-fantastic and a big hit with the family. My sister brought prepackaged mix but everyone went for the deeelicous fresh muddled version.

The build-your-own grilled quesadillas served with grilled pineapple and mango salsa were also well received. All in all, a fine family evening on the deck.

You do not need to peel the limes and oranges (takes too long when you're serving 8) just cut of the ends and the middle white section before cutting into sections. That decreases the white “pithy part” and maximizes the juiciness and you include some zest from the peel for taste. This is all very important according to the U-tube expert video I watched, Now that I own my own muddler, I consider myself quite the authority.

No Fresca at my house; everyone but the husband loved the Tequila, Triple Sec, Roses (topped with Grand Marnier) version. Mine were lighter in color than Jo’s – maybe I used more lime than Jo in my lime/orange ratio, or maybe it was less pulp. After shaking I strained the Margareta into a class with fresh orange and lime wedges and ice. They were tasty AND gorgeous.

IslandPearl said...

How cool that you havae 23 comments. I rarely get more than 3. I gues I have comment envy.

The pasta dish would look a lot better without the clams. Personal bias.

I just LOVE that Sriracha is such a trendy foodie item's been on the tables of my favorite Vietnamese and Thai restaurants here forever. I have to chuckle.

I read the first (of many to come) Jim Butcher Dresden Files novels today. Loved it! A well turned combo of mystery/fantasy. I'm in reader's heaven!! Also was temped to pick up the Julia Child bio and Julie and Julia...can't wait for the movie.

AK was unremarkable...always gorgeous in July. What more can I say?

IslandPearl said...

Oops...3 glasses of wine on virtually no food and a 5.5 hr plane flight = abysmal spelling. Sory. ;-)

equeyaya said...

Jo, you are gorgeous and so are your margaritas!

~grits~ said...

lol I didnt notice the bangs until I read further - very cute indeed! I DID notice the shirt and I love it - especially the color. It looks great on you.

Yes, sad about Walter Cronkite - what a legend.

jojo cucina cucina said...

i spend a lot of time hating my hair so it's a special treat when i like what they do at the salon. I love my bangs mainly because they hide my football field sized forehead and the two deep frown lines between my eyes. The last time i had bangs they were 'mall bangs'.

pearl you have to keep coming back to your own blog post to get more folks to keep posting and to bump your numbers!!!

i didn't REALLY peel the limes or oranges i cut the peels off and took out the white stuff. But i didn't leave any peeling, which is probably why mine look so orange!

It's been a busy morning:
1. went running
2. started my rice in the cooker for my seafood rice salad for the family BBQ
3. bought and mailed a birthday card for Kylee.
4. made my bed
5. got dressed
6. watered my neighbor Bob's plants since he's out of town.
7. made sangria.

i need a nap.

jojo cucina cucina said...

i just looked at my margarita recipe. Actually i used only ONE-HALF of a lime-sized lime. Not the whole lime. But i did use a whole orange, the size of a baseball. i've never been a fan of the green kind of margaritas which is why i love the oranges recipe.

equeyaya said...

I had a jose cuervo pre-made margarita this afternoon after i got my housework done. i added some extra cabo wabo, ice, salt and a slice of lime. not as exciting as your concoction, but quick, easy and refreshing as i finished my wally lamb book by the pool!

jojo cucina cucina said...

lately i've been waking up around 3 or 4 am, no matter what. Even though we've been not watching TV before bed, not having wine, or eating too late. (I'm just programmed these past weeks.)

It's not a bad routine actually. I like being up when no one else is and the house is nice and cool and quiet.

Brian wakes up early too and makes coffee about 5 am. I have some coffee then when it's nice and hot and then usually fall back to sleep around 6 and wake up again at 8:30 am. (not sure why it does it not keep me awake).

but this won't work vacation is over.

i bought yet two more books yesterday, even though i haven't read but 4 of the 5 books i bought earlier. (not to mention about the 20-30 in my stacks i have not read.) Lately i got hooked on some True Crime stuff - like old Ann Rule used to be. Kathryn Casey is her name. (In summer i like to read escape/turn-pager stuff.)

I was excited to find a Myron Bolataire book by Harlan Coben yesterday that i have never read! (At least i think i haven't. Sometimes with those titles and new covers it's hard to know.) Another escape novel.

I also bought what i think is going to be a great book. "April and Oliver" by Tess Callahan. I actually hate buying hardbacks anymore - they take up too much space in my stacks and are hard to read in the bathtub, but this one i read about on Amazon and couldn't pass it up. (I'll let y'all know.)

How's your Wally Lamb book going, eque? It's a THICK book. Especially reading in hardback like i did awhile ago. Some books are just not beach books.

Here's what i've done since i've last written:

1. went to bookstore
2. changed filter in my furnace for the air conditioner.
3. running every day. HOT!
4. helped my brother with a resume and cover letter.
5. balanced checkbook. (Only 1 penny off! but it sort of bugs me about the penny. lol.)
6. started making list for flyfishing.
7. watered Bob's plants at his condo.
8. watered my own.
9. dusted floors.
10. went to dinner with Kylee and her mom and Brian for her 20th birthday in Seattle. (forgot to take a photo of the framed Obama inauguration poster, dammit.)

OK. that's it. I should change my blog but i'll need more inspiration and as you can see for my list, it doesn't exactly motivate.

jojo cucina cucina said...

Last sunday we went to Seattle to celebrate Kylee's birthday. The first 3 photos are from that day. (Her Dad was in Minneapolis on business). We had a fabulous halibut dinner at the Palace Kitchen (pearl, we're going there next!)

I only wish i had Brian take a photo of me lugging this huge poster framed special on wood of Barack Obama that i was giving Kylee. It's almost as big as i was, but i wanted to carry it through the streets of Seattle to her apartment.

We all took a photo of ourselves wearing Brian's hat. (That's his new hat he wears when he is playing in his band. I didn't let him wear it the WHOLE time in Seattle though.)

Here is what i did today:

Brian bought Larry King's new book when we were out at the bookstore last night. So i took a peek at it this morning and couldn't put it down and read the whole book and just finished it this afternoon! I just love Larry King. It made me want to go and turn on CNN right away to watch him.

Now i'm gonna go cook some pasta!

jojo cucina cucina said...

i meant to add to the above post this quote i wrote down today in my book journal from the Larry King book:

"Friends are chosen people.
You stay friends with someone
over a long period of time
because they make you feel
better than you are."

I think that goes for families and marriages too.

~grits~ said...

way cool quote!
love B's hat!!

I'm gonna shop for a beach hat when I get to Rockport.

equeyaya said...

This must be the longest comment thread ever!

I finished the Lamb book and liked it a lot. I'm trying to read Salem Falls by Jodi Picoult and a book on Buddhism now. Why does life always cut into reading time?

jojo cucina cucina said...

i know! actually i thought The Bad Boyfriend post got the most, but i just checked and it only had 29. I'm getting greedy now. I used to strive for 25 posts, now i'm looking to hit 50! LOL.....

I came here just to add this: I just read that Jon Stewart is now the most trustman news person since Cronkite died, according to a Time poll:

...far above Brian Williams and WAAAAYYYY above Katie Couric.

Do y'all remember that Crossfire interview he did back during Election 2004? I still have that bookmarked.

jojo cucina cucina said...

Here is the Crossfire interview for those who never say it: it was with the conservative Boytie Boy (his name escapes me in a menopausal fog) and Paul Begala.

~grits~ said...

Have you started the new Coben book yet? I almost done w/Dealbreaker - it's hard to put down! I was googling and found that one of his books "Tell No One" was made into a movie. I found it on netflix but it's in FRENCH lol (w/english subtitles). They have it on instant play, which is kinda cool.

jojo cucina cucina said...

Grits, i loved Deal Breaker, but don't remember the plot. It was the one who got me hooked on Coben. His newer stuff i'm not crazy about. Sort of like Picoult, Grisham, S. King, and dare i say???.... Rebecca Wells, they are in it for the money. anyone else think that? weigh in please, help me get to my 50 comments!!!! lol.

I watched the French version of Tell No One because my brother Troy told me about it, without having read or knowing about Harlan Coben books. and we both had the same observation, the main character in that movie reminded us of a French Dustin Hoffman. I liked the movie alot.

~grits~ said...

YES!! I just finished it and I'm glad to know Im not the only one who kept seeing Dustin Hoffman in that character.

I really liked the movie - subtitles and all.

Did you know that Coben is in it several times? As an extra - just a walk-around guy. I think I saw him 2x.

Dealbreaker, I think, is the first Myron Bolitar book. I havent finished it yet. He's agent to some guy named Christian who fiancee went missing and is assumed dead, then her father murdered. Her pic shows up in some sleazy porn mag to call her at at 900 #...

IslandPearl said...

50 posts? Hell -- I'm thrilled if I ever get to 10!

It's a sad sad day for journalism when a left wing comic is the most trusted newsman in America. Srsly!

At least it wasn't Bill Mahr. That'd make me poke my eyes out.

The French version of Tell No One was really cool. Helped that I'd read the book, but my husband loved it too and he hadn't read any of Coben's books.

I'm taking Julie and Julia and The Georgraphy of Bliss with me on this trip.

Jo -- I commented on a couple of Brian's photos (found his site through Kylee's.) He's a really brilliant photographer! And I loved that video.

That's all I got.

IslandPearl said...

Geography of Bliss. (Eric Weiner)

~grits~ said...

That looks good Pearl. I bkmd that site.

oh and I looked back over my blog to see the highest # of comments and it was 8! lolol!!

Im new to Coben and enjoying his writing. To keep him from becoming boring and/or montonous, I think I will make him my fave summer reading author.

equeyaya said...

That's the only Coban book I've ever read and I liked it. They have more in the library at work. I think I'll bring a couple home to round out my summer reading.

So I clicked over here teased by the prospect of new photos and am deeply disappointed. But still leaving a gratuitous 44th comment, lol!!

jojo cucina cucina said...

I should have started the photos with a one of my TV tuned in to the HG channel. It's always my inspiration. I've been a cleaning fool all day. Yes, i certainly know how to have fun on my vacation! And it's because of these events that y'all have Comment Envy. Everybody wants to tune in to Jo's vacation photos.

1. First off, i tuned in my iTunes to Genius, chose a Van Morrison song and turned up the speakers.

2. These cleaners are my favorite. (I should have included a shot of my rubber gloves!) And during the 2 pm breaktime i poured a special IPA that my neighbor Gary gave us yesterday. Some special brew from Oregon.

3. OK, how many of y'all have you ever looked at the threshold of your sliders or doors? Don't. But if you do, and you get grossed out, i found a handy dandy way to clean them - i used a wooden skewer for ewwwww. It works! (See how much fun this is?) I should send this tip in to Heloise. Is she still alive?

4. I am SO allergic to dust. (I have been getting allergy shots once a month for 30 years and still I am not cured.) Cleaning the fan is a must! But it takes antihistamine and part of Michael Jackson's costume. Here is a photo of me dustbusting the fan. You should have seen the dust! I could have made a pillow.

5. How often do you do this? I took apart my stove burners and liners and cleaned the crap out of them and the stove top and i scrubbed underneath, dustbusted the little crispy stuff. Took A LOT of elbow grease. (I don't even need to do my free weights today.)

6. I took every single thing out of these shelves and wiped them all down with my favorite Windex stuff. (I also cleaned my built in hutch, but didn't take a photo of that.) Arent' those glasses cool? They are all made by a local glass blowing artist. It took us a few years to get that many.

7. I also fertilized the only in house plant i have.

8. then i had a chicken fajita pita from Jack in the Box. But i forgot to take a photo of it.

jojo cucina cucina said...

Thank goodness my condo is only 1000 square feet.

equeyaya said...

Oh God. I'm sooo ashamed. Must be a white tornado tomorrow... AFTER I update my blog.

jojo cucina cucina said...

pearl, this one's for you! LOLOLOL...

I don't know how to make a link easier to use here. You have to copy and paste it in your browser. hint: it has to do with current news in the Senate.

~grits~ said...

I love my stove top - it is one of those flat top kinds. Re dusting...well all I can say is Thank GOD Im not allergice to dust!

Your condo looks like a little slice of heaven!!

I think this is #49.

equeyaya said...

hooray! i'm #50!!!!

i cleaned my kitchen and did my ironing this morning. i have a glass stove top, too. off to aerobics to hopefully burn a few calories before i weigh in.

jojo cucina cucina said...

Thank you all for helping me get to 50. I believe i've milked this enough now. When i have some REAL vacation photos i'll put them on a new post!

We're having a heat wave here, which is very unusual for us in the Northwest. 5 days of temperatures in the 90's! Yikes.

~grits~ said...

I know 90 is hot for your area but it would actually feel cool here compared to 105 we've been having. Only thing to do is GO SWIMMING!

equeyaya said...

How's fishin?

~grits~ said...

Congrats on that rainbow trout! Yall dont eat your catches do you? I thought you said you let them go, but now I cant remember for sure.

jojo cucina cucina said...

No, we always catch and release. In fact while i do love to eat trout, i have not been able to anymore since we started fishing. I feel like we are eating our friends! LOL. I don't have similar issues with eating halibut thought, because i don't fish for halibut. I almost got skunked today and right before coming in for dinner i said i was going out one more time cause i hate getting skunked and i had been out four hours today with nothing. So my on my last outing of the day within 5 casts i got a little 8 inch rainbow that just fought like the devil. i love the little ones best. They are so zippy. It was a 100 degrees today and that is never good for fishing even with sinking the flies deep. So it was a nice surprise to catch it on a parachute adams ( my favorite all purpose fly, sort of like chardonnay is my favorite all purpose alcoholic beverage) which is indeed a dry fly. If my photos look decent from this trip i may add them as a new post later.

equeyaya said...

looking forward to photos!

susieatl said...

I love this post. You have had way too much fun this summer. I have a week off the first week of September and I'm planning a staycation myself (when do I not?).

I'm going to read, go to the pool ('ll be just me), replace my hammock (the squirrels ate the one I have now), go the gym everyday and maybe go to the spa down the street for a facial and massage.

Amanda will be down for the weekend so I'm sure we'll do some power shopping as well.

I love your pics. You have a lot of the same colors as I do.. I would love to have wood floors.

jojo cucina cucina said...

honestly i am not trying to be a Comment Hog, but i haven't organized a new blog post yet and i've had company in the evenings so haven't been able to get to it. But since i'm going for it, i may as well make it to 60 now before i change it. LOL.....

thank you susieatl, good to see you here! I love my staycation. Unencumbered time is the best kind of vacation for me! I did just get back from a flyfishing trip so i'll put a new post up with a couple of photos later today or tomorrow.

susieatl said...

Well, I'm up at 5 am..not because I'm working out but because my dog just threw up on the bed. Two strikes..she now will be sleeping in her crate.

So I'm doing laundry and thinking about coffee right now. this is my contribution to getting to 60!

~grits~ said...

woke up around 5a also, made coffee, thought about laundry, but went back to bed w/my book "Hard Laughter" which is a wierd yet somehow enjoyable book...somewhat...

am I #60??


jojo cucina cucina said...

y'all are wonderful to help me get to my personal best on the Comments!!!!! LOL.

jojo cucina cucina said...

July 16, 2013 - i found the recipe to match that photo so i put it up here in case i can't find it again when looking to make it.

Recipe: Spaghetti with Pinot Grigio and Seafood
By Giada De Laurentiis
If you love seafood stew, this is the dish for you. It’s bright and colorful from the greens and the tomatoes, with lots of great sauce to dip your bread in.
1 pound spaghetti
1⁄4 cup olive oil
3 shallots, chopped
3 garlic cloves, minced
3⁄4 cup chopped oil-packed sun-dried tomatoes
11⁄2 cups Pinot Grigio (or other dry white wine)
1 pound large shrimp, peeled and deveined
2 pounds littleneck clams, scrubbed
1 teaspoon salt
1 teaspoon freshly ground black pepper
2 cups arugula, tough stems removed
Bring a large pot of salted water to a boil over high heat. Add the pasta and cook until tender but still firm to the bite, stirring occasionally, 8 to 10 minutes. Drain.
Meanwhile, heat the olive oil in a large, heavy skillet over medium heat. Add the shallots and garlic and cook for 3 minutes, until tender but not brown. Add the sun-dried tomatoes and cook for another minute. Add the wine, shrimp, and clams and bring the liquid to a boil. Reduce the heat, cover the pan, and simmer until the shrimp are pink and the clams have opened, about 7 minutes. Discard any clams that have not opened.
Add the spaghetti to the skillet with the seafood mixture. Add the salt and pepper and stir to combine, then gently fold in the arugula. Mound the pasta on a serving platter and serve immediately.
Serving Size
Serves four to six