Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Mid-Summer Wine Musings on The Last Few Days of Vacation. :(


In my glass: a chardonnay from this label i thought it was the menage a tois (sp?)wine, but i just noticed only two people are on the label. menage a dos? Whatever. It's good.

On iTunes: I recently discovered just how cool the iTunes Genius feature is. Right now i am listening to Van Morrison and Ryan Adams is next and Neil Young and Teddy Thompson and all my favorites, simply because i hit Genius after a Van Morrison song. Cool.

Weather: finally mid 70's after a Northwest heatwave that is so rare it's like as rare as what...... as a vegetarian having dinner in Tony Roma's Rib place... i'll come back to this.

Book: in the photo you can see i have Richard Russo's new book. it just came out today and i was there this morning to buy it. If i have a favorite author ( and i used to think i did and that it was Pat Conroy) i have to say it is now Russo. A few pages in and i can tell i like it already.

The best thing: My brother Troy, with his lately bad luck, just turned it around. With the messy divorce, his lovable old dog dying last month, having to sell his horse Chief this week and having a hard time keeping up with the economy and building homes, which is all he has done since he was 19, he just found out today that he got the construction supervisor job he applied for and it's a job doing EXACTLY what he wants. He has been volunteering with Habitat for Humanity for a long time and wanted the kind of job that helped people but also needed real benefits, and this is the Northwest version of Habitat that offers him that. He got the job out of 100 applicants. We are so happy and relieved for him.

The worst thing: i know, i know, i shouldn't complain, but i have to go back to work Friday. But this is the first time in all my years i have not been ready. I am losing my heart for union work and i don't feel good about what i do anymore. I can't believe how my attitudes are shifting. It makes me uneasy. I think we hurt more than we help. I need to get an attitude adjustment and figure this out.

OK, enought whining about that.... here are some photos. and even a video. (if i can do this correctly.) That is me flyfishing the Skykomish river in 100 degree weather. (I actually caught four rainbow, which is surprising for me especially since it was during a heat wave.) The video below is of me casting that Brian took. I have a nice cast people tell me so he wanted to video it so i could see it. The thing about casting a fly line is you should NOT do what Brad Pitt does in "A River Runs Through It" because it's just a waste of fly line and means you are showing off. But it's fun to try and do every once in awhile. And it is pretty when you succeed, but it doesn't really catch fish. (PS, it was NOT really Brad Pitt casting either.)

1. Why do the new TV remotes have no sleep button on them to make it easier?
2. I hate those new Geico insurance commercials with the eyeballs on the stack of dollars and i bet y'all do too. I can't believe this company hasn't put together a focus group that hasn't told them already that they suck and are creepy.
3. Same with that Burger King dude.
4. But then again, you Baby Boomers will remember that terrible commercial for Shake 'N Bake and the little girl in that horrible southern accent saying "And I helped." Only she said it as "hayyyyullllped". And to this day, i remember that commercial.
5. I actually like commercials and usually hate it when my husband flips through them. My favorites are still the E-Trade baby.If you have not seen them, you must YouTube E-Trade baby and watch them all. They are the best.
6. Let me pause here and get myself another glass of that menage a dos chardonnay. (I am mixing up my foreign languages here.) I have no idea if i am spelling this correctly. I was never good in any language by English. And even English gives me fits. (I am telling on myself here: I spoke in double negatives until i was 20 years old.)
7. .....Ok, I'm back. I was just thinking about this the other day. Is it weird that i have read about 11 books on my vacation? Cause I have. And that means i don't do too much adventure stuff if i can read so much. (But then again it's nothing for me to read a book in a day.) And i have been on vacation since June 26.
8. Please, don't hate me for that.
9. I have been running alot! So i'm not TOTALLY lazy. OOOH, today I had a bit of a scare when a pit bull (off leash) came up to me. I had seen this pit bull running loose while driving around here, but never encountered him before but had been worried i might run into him since he is on my route. So when he charged up I stayed calm because i've been told about not showing fear. I just kept running and I didn't even point my pepper spray at him. And i could tell within the first mile of running with him that he was just happy to be running with me and totally harmless. He ended up running all four miles with me today even though i kept trying to lose him. He stayed every step of the way. He was just like a black lab really. However what worried me most was having people seeing this dog running with me all that way thinking it was being irresponsible running with a pit bull off leash. I kept wanting to yell at them, "He's not my dog!"
10. Ok, that's all i got. Where are Donna, MHS, umma, Lynnie, Kat? and all the other 19 followers here? What has your summer been like? Come and tell us.


Modern Hippie said...

i LOVE itunes genius, i love it more when it pops when im looking
for new songs to buy,

the heatwave was insane. global warming. al gore warned us.

your book. borders!! i know that sticker :) why was the book
20% off when it was the first day? weird.

that is SO awesome about troy!! im going to email him
as soon as i get home! (im at school and i dont have his
email in my online address book)

everyone gets ups and downs with their job, the good, the bad,
the realization. time will tell you what to do. i sound like
a chinese proverb, or a fortune cookie, is there a difference?

1. thank you!!! i need a sleep button! :( i always wake up
to some weird informerical haha

2. i dont mind the money, i hate the "Watching you" song
money stalking me? how odd.

3. burger king dude is SO creepy, especially since he hovers
over you as you sleep!

5. i like commercials too, good ones, i hate commercials for
community colleges, besdies brian :) i actuallyl like the
commercials for products "sham wow!" haha they intrigue me

-that should be another line in my next honest love letter;
"she loved corny informerical commercials" is it an informerical
commercial? hmm.

I LOVE YOUR DOG STORY. SOOOO FUNNY. oliver would do that,
my old coworker renee had pitbulls and they were the sweetest
things some of them just get a bad rep, which i believe
as with all dogs, is that its their owners and how they were

p.s. you told the story great haha

thats so funny you were worried people thought he was yours
and you didnt want people tot hink you were irrepsonible i guess
the suburbs arent as dog friendly as seattle. people run
with dogs all the time off leash, you know your dog, i dont
always have oliver on a leash, and he never leaves my side
especially when its just me and him. he loves me mucho. lol

louielouie said...

yeah new post

Why IS the burger King King totally creepy but Jack (In the Box) is kind of cute?

Why do I like Miller High Life commercials but not Miller High Life?

How come I like Ace of Cakes but not Cake Boss?

Why do I know all the words to the song but can’t remember the artist?

Who will fix our watches, alter our clothes and repair our shoes when that generation retires? Will anyone else care?

Why does any one serve champagne at a wedding reception when it’s in the 90’s when what we want is water?

How is Mac and Jack both beer and a clothing brand? – like them both, I might add.

Why do I like The Mariners but can’t care diddly about the Seahawks?

Why is everybody hot for a university degree when the available (well paying) jobs are for 2-year technical college graduates? (wrote this before I read yours Modern Hippie; sorry but it’s true!)

If I wear an extra-large, (and weigh less than the “average” American woman) what do the extra large people wear?

Why is Coke Soooo much better than Pepsi?

Why doesn’t everyone recognize my true genius?

~grits~ said...

I will have to go back and re-read everything and re-post. I am SO jealous that you got your new Russo book before me - and also that I probably wont get it before I go on vacation.

just a thought before I go back and re-read...I've always seen you as a Writer. Wouldnt it be just so great if you could do that for a living?? Like take little odd jobs that leave you time to write...lol

jojo cucina cucina said...

i just now this very moment, ms Louie Louie, recognized your genius and i hope you never start your own blog and quit posting on mine.

You're right about Jack in the Box. He's even kind of sexy, don't y'all think? Just like that Sugar Pops bear. Terrible cereal, but a real sexy bear.

Kylee, i have to admit, i want to buy one of those Sham Wows. I saw it in Bed Bath and Beyond while buying Grandma her present (she wanted an electric skillet and here's how that conversation went:

Me: Mom what do you want for your birthday? And don't say clothes, because you already have more clothes than i do.

Grandma/mom: Wellllll... i think i want an electric skillet.

Me: Really? Serious? You don't have one already?

Grandma/mom: (talking off the phone to dad/Grandpa) BRUCE. BRUCE...BRUCE!!!!! Do i already have an electric skillet ?

Bruce/Grandpa/dad: (in the background) Nahhhh.

Grandma/Mom: Yeah, that's what i want. I want an Electric skillet.

jojo cucina cucina said...

Oh yeah, and the pit bull. when the pit bull charged after a cat in somebody's yard (the cat was faster, thankfully) while the owner of the cat was driving in her driveway i made a point of going up to her car and asking if she knew who owned the dog because i had no idea where it lived.

The cat owner said no she didn't know the dog or the owners and in fact didn't even seem concerned that her cat might be devoured. I thought that was weird.

jojo cucina cucina said...

Thank you Grits. I always wanted to be a writer. I think that is why i love blogging and writing stuff down in journals. OH. that reminds me. I forgot my quote: I wrote this down during our flyfishing trip last week: from the book "April and Oliver".

"Lists are for people who don't do what they want."

I have to say, this gave me pause, since i'm always writing lists. I've been thinking lately that my only goal in life is to have no goal. And i'm not sure that's a good thing.

Modern Hippie said...

Hey Louie Louie, Im a little confused about your comment? I didnt say something about degrees? lol i do agree with you to a point, in regards to degrees like business' and degrees and careers that dont need certification like architects and doctors.

you know jack is kind of sexy, but its because hes in a suit and you see his body, burger king is full on costume, i bet if jack had another synthetic body it would be more creepy. plus sexy is all about one thing and jack clearly is normal in that aspect HAHA

Louie, when the generation of alterations and shoe repairmen dies off, people will just throw out stuff and buy it new. haha. sad but you know so true.

haha!! your convo with grandma is so funny and i can totally picture the whole thing! i called the other day to call grandma about her bday and thank you for my card but she was at ritas so i just told papa "alright sweetie thanks!" he can be a bit more normal, no? haha

i know! those commercials for shamwow and all those commercials, the magic bullet, everything. amazing. i could own it all.

ooh i dont like that quote, cause im the same i make lists for everything but i think its quite the opposite, people make lists because they know what they want (and they may just forget) its why we making grocery lists, its why we make to-do lists and goal lists. things we want to do, achieve and obtain and we just might forget to do them, achieve them or obtain them without the list.

Modern Hippie said...

damn. im bored at work i was hoping someone had stopped by. haha

jojo cucina cucina said...

hey hippie girl. Have you seen "The Boy in the Striped Pajamas" yet? I was thinking your mom told me about it. Has anyone else reading here seen it? I got it from netflix today.

I went running this morning and no pit bull. When i told Brian the story yesterday he said maybe the pit bull was protecting me because it is weird for a dog to hang out my WHOLE run. Who knows, maybe something bad would have happened had he not been there???

You know i was thinking about what louie says. I don't think anyone now is repairing watches, or shoes, though i do still have a place for alterations because of my short legs.

How am i going to go back to work when every single night i wake up right before 3 am and then stay awake until after 5 am and then go back to sleep until 8:45 am. where can i get a job that will accommodate my sleeping pattern? The only one i can think of is blogging for dollars.

~grits~ said...

what is blogging for dollars?

Hey you look good fly-fishing - much better than Brad Pitt lol.

I'll have to go check out that striped pajama movie on netflix - hadnt heard of it. I got Gran Torino in today.

What I'd like to do is work in a bookstore w/a coffee shop and have the noon-8p shift - lol!

~grits~ said...

ohoh - I just thought of the job for you -
cleaning your neighbor's condos. They all know you and would trust you and you are a great cleaner! And you could walk their dogs too. Think of all the writing material you could get out of that!!

jojo cucina cucina said...

Grits, actually don't think i haven't thought of that. I just love organizing things and putting stuff in its right place. I've been like that since i was a little girl. It's a control issue, probably due to the volatility of my growing up years. (Is volatility a word? If not, it should be.)

Modern Hippie said...

i havent yet. i still havent bought a new DVD player when my old one broke, due to me being broke haha and i hate watching movies on my laptop i feel too distracted when its sitting on my lap, like i start checking my email in the middle of the movie haha

i think dogs just have a love of nature, i bet he just thought "hey this is fun we are racing" why does oliver run from across the room to jump onto of me and start nibbiling on my ears? haha its the funniest thing, he kind of did that same thing to you, didnt he? when you were here for my bday? lol

grits! gran torino is AMAZING. youre in for a treat :)

jojo, you should work at mandolin cafe. :) haha you should own a place or something where you can be the one to book local artists, get great wine and great coffee with a french press haha

either that or serioulsy get paid to write a blog, its a real job you know, you'd just have to find someone to pay you. journalism never fails though. :-) i bet thats pretty recession-proof. people are always reading. look at you 11 books!!

louielouie said...

Modern Hippie, all I’m saying is 2-year (community or technical) colleges lots of times have yucky ads (sorry Brian) but do produce marketable skills – stuff we all need done, auto maintenance, maybe even shoe repair. They just get such a bad rap; maybe because O Bama’s a fan, they’ll get a lift. Too bad we’ve cut funding to a bone just when we need the training most.

Now, how to take MY education and get one of those dream jobs. I’ve always wanted to work in linens at the Bon Marche’ (now Macy’s) but I don’t want to work nights or weekends so retail is out.

Perhaps consultant work where I can tell people all the implications of their proposed projects and how to avoid pitfalls and plan for the unexpected (that I will have expected) but never really have to do any of the work or complete the projects myself.

Or maybe an advice column.

I can’t stay in bed until 8:45 and I’m not a napper. I am tired though. I’m thinking I can share my wisdom and genius from 10:00am to 2:00pm, Monday through Thursday.

I would advertise my services on trashy TV ads.

louielouie said...

I forgot
my after work drink is now HENDRICK'S Gin; distilled and bottled in Scotland. I'm pretty sure it's the unexpected infusion of cucumber and rose petals that make it a most "iconoclastic" gin, I mean delicious.

With my new job I could break out the ice at 2:30.

jojo cucina cucina said...

Kylee, i would actually love to work at the Mandolin Cafe, just to hear the music. But i don't think it would pay me what i make now. And i'm too old to get the good tips i got back in the sports bar in 1986.

Sarah, don't worry about hurting Brian's feelings. He never liked those Big Foot ads either, but he got outvoted. He said now that he is the real director he will go with his instincts and use veto power. Personally i liked his "Time for A Change" ads that he did a few years ago with the window washer and day care worker etc.

(I told him he should sue Obama for stealing that slogan).

But seriously louie/Sarah, you need to include a disclaimer, because of course, everyone in your family is a graduate of a four year college.....and then some....

I haven't even gone to community college! I don't have a college credit to my name. (Goes back to me worrying that i really have no goals) ...though i do have excellent typing skills and i could probably hem pants and darn socks if i needed to if i had to make money.

I actually think i would love a job pouring wine at a winery. I don't care if it was minimum wage.

OR. i would love to have that Dear Abby kind of job, only i would do it like "Tell me About it" by that Carolyn Hax chick. She's cool. And i could easily do what she is doing. People who write in to those columns are dumb as bricks.

OR i could replace Simon on American Idol. I think i would be very good at that, even though i have no musical skills. anything that involves criticism would be right up my alley.

That's why i was thinking blogging and getting paid to do it might work.

jojo cucina cucina said...

I was just thinking that pouring wine for tourists in wine country would probably make me feel more like i was making a difference than working in the union office.

Since Troy got that job he's dreamed about helping people who might not otherwise own houses actually own one is bringing to my attention that what i do is not what it used to be.

jojo cucina cucina said...

louie, I have never had Hendricks gin. I think you must always bring out the cheap stuff when i am at your house.

IslandPearl said...

If you like Genius, you'll LOVE www.last.fm -- same concept online. Was turned on to it by SD's very musical partner last week. He's a brilliant (but slightly shy) pianist and counter-tenor.

Reading Julie/Julia -- loving it. Don't think I've ever read Russo, though.

My number of books read is usually equal to 1/2 my flights. Always read on the return, rarely on the outbound leg.

Did download and watch a pilot last week -- it's a new Fox show called "Glee" and it's really cool. Hope it lasts.

Annual Family Fun Fest (or Forced Family Fun, depending on the mood) is over for another year. Too many theme parks in too little time to suit me. Busy Busy Busy. My idea of vacation is to NOT have to get up early and go to bed exhausted before the late show. But it was nice to see how much the grandkids have grown and matured. They are pretty great young 'uns.

I feel your burn-out, Jo. Much as I love my job, it feels like I keep fighting the same battles over and over. And I'm pretty sure that in the grand scheme of the universe, I'm not making an appreciable difference. But maybe I'm not meant to. Just do no harm. Like doctors.

Speaking of doctors -- my observation on the health s(care) debate: If you think that government-run health care is the answer, go visit a VA hospital and talk to some wounded veterans about the kind of care they get. Cause that's pretty much what you are asking for.

I'm not a gin drinker (headaches) but that description of Hendricks sure sounded appetizing.

If I saw the Burger King in my house I'd have a heart attack on the spot. In fact, since those commercials started I've tended to NOT get my fast food fixes there. Or JitB either for that matter.

Loved Grand Torino. Refuse to see Boy in Striped Pajamas. Will see Hurt Locker this weekend, and 500 days of Summer soon after.

louielouie said...

My mom bought me the Hendrick's

Jo bought me the Bombay

Don't buy my own gin, folks just booze me up I guess

Simon's still on Idol, Jo you would need to take Paula's crazy-ass place. That would take a ton of gin but I would start to watch if you were on.

I did go to college and got a degree to train me to teach, lots of my family got (and continue to get) degrees to do I'm not sure what, but it's not earn a liveable wage. I'm not against 4-year schools just tired of hearing from parents and teachers and counselors as if it's the only way to go.

I'm off that soap box now.

Maybe I need more gin

jojo cucina cucina said...

2 year colleges don't offer living wages either though. What we all need to do is go to school to learn how to be a CEO, even if it is a failing bank.

louie, next time i want Hendricks at your house and not those mojitos that have about a tablespoon of rum! LOL. (That's what i get for losing my keys and missing the gin happy hour at your birthday party.)

BTW, never did find the keys and it cost us $100 to rekey our front door. Not to mention how much those Honda keys cost to replace -which i'm not going to do.

Island pearl....WELCOME back. You just gave me great advice. "Do no harm". I think i am going to write than on my blackboard in my office. But i think this means i will have to keep my mouth shut every time i see us not holding people accountable for their jobs. All i know it is very very very difficult for me to turn a blind eye. But i know i have to work on that in order to survive.

Gran Torino is great fun! a guilty pleasure Clint Eastwood movie.

How come men in their 80's can still be sexy?... (thinking of Paul Newman, AND Sidney Poitier also come to mind) but i can't think of one woman who is sexy in her 80's. The best i can come up with is Faye Dunaway and Susan Sarandon and i think they must only be in their 60's.

~grits~ said...

I like the sound of Hendrick's too! May have to get a bottle for the beach trip. I do love tanq&tonice on a hot day.

jo, I've lost my car keys before and the newfangled ones these days are very expensive to replace! And I was so sad that my FIL sold his winery before asking if anyone in the family wanted it. I would have loved to run it for him. For such a little town, he got alot of biz and lots of tour buses.

My dad gets good care from the VA. I went w/him once and it was kinda cool there. I talked to alot of guys while we were waiting. Problem is, the ones he used to go to were several hours away from home. Good news is, they just opened one up in their home town! But I'm sure you are right and they have their share of problems as well. We've had quite a few medical bills lately with Ted as he pulled a muscle in his back, then fell and cracked a rib and also gets blood work done regularly for his high blood pressure and cholesterol. It's crazy how much the bills are for these relatively simple things. Its really scary how bad it would be for us if there were worse things medically to happen.

Barbara Eden is one sexy older broad. Im sure she's had lots of plastic work done - but then again, who in Hollyworld hasnt? Susan Sarandon is like fine wine! She was great in 'Doris and Bernard'.

~grits~ said...

what happened to B's pic - he looked the perfect Mountain Man.

Modern Hippie said...

this is gonna be long, i have so much to say! :)

Louie, yeah i totally agree their commercials can suck but I did like Brian's original commercials with the "need a change" (and dont you dare ever sue Obama that is horrible karma)

p.s. right now at work at a 4 star hotel they are playing a cover of britney spears - hit me baby one more time, or did she make the cover? whatever, its horrible.

yeah i mean 4 year colleges arent the only way to go but i think they are most ideal, BFA are so much more important now a lot of people wont even look at you without it an AA is too accesible now with running start and its not valued as high. its definitley better than nothing and you can still get good jobs BUT an auto mechanic with his AA isnt going to make as much as a BFA business degree. :-/

isnt it funny some of our biggest dream jobs pay no money and dont require a degree?

Jojo, i bet you could still get great tips. your a cougar! haha but yeah you'd have to retire or something and not really need the money. sue cottler works at william sonoma, just for fun haha and she doesnt try to steal peoples hours (since she doesnt need the money)

yeah Dad doesnt have a degree either and hes done great. i remember uncle michael gave my sis a lecture about how she needs to go back to school and get her bachelors, "look at your dad" and my dad had to laugh because dad surely makes more money than him.

i think when you retire you should work in a winery or coffee bookstore type of place.

sometimes i wish money wasnt so important, i wish you could live without having to work. i would love to just do something like peace corps or habitat for humanity but surely i would be homeless if i didnt work.

LAST FM!! IS AWESOME. you would love Jo, you can actualy download it to your computer so its program almost like itunes. its almost like satelittle radio, you can request specific songs but you type in an artst and they just start playing similar music and you can mark songs that you love and you can skip songs and theyll note that you didnt like it. its awesome.

i never read anymore. occasionally i get in a book kick and ill finish a whole book in a day but im not good about continually reading.

how old was farrah fawcett? theres some women out there who look gorgeous but definitley in a different way.

ive heard good and bad about the VA i know some people who wait hours to be seen, but they get good service when they see them and i know my nannie/grandma gets great service

i dont like susan sarandon at all. she is not attractive and she tries to wear really low cut stuff and her boobs never look good in them, she tries to compete with the other sexy women in hollywood and she should just play it like no big deal, im just fun.

~grits~ said...

I used to think Susan S was a funny looking bug-eyed thing, but I think she has gotten better with age lol.(or plastic)

equeyaya said...

I'm so happy for Troy, Jo! Things like that make me think that when bad things happen it's for a reason.

1. The remote in our bedroom does have a sleep button.
2. Agree on the creepy money eyeballs and the accompanying music.
3. Same with that Burger King dude.
4. OMG - that shake and bake commercial was the WORST! you just gave me a nasty flashback! and what about "mikey, he hates everything!" life cereal?
5. the etrade baby is funny, but i'm not a huge fan of commercials in general. i hate anybody who's trying to sell me stuff.
6. i'm getting ready to pour a glass of cabernet and chill on the porch and call amy to catch up.
7. reading 11 books on vacation sounds like a dream to me!
8. i might be jealous, but hate, never!
9. i'm starting to like pit bulls more since i've been watching the dog whisperer. i think it's cool you have a canine running buddy!
10. Where ARE Donna, MHS, umma, Lynnie, Kat??

Today I walked 3 miles in the morning, 2 miles in the afternoon, and then had aerobics class in the evening. I hope I can keep this momentum going!

Mel and I had a fun day in New York City yesterday. We went to Strawberry Fields, had lunch at the Stage Deli, saw 9 to 5 at the Marquis Theater, and shopped at Macy's. I can't imagine how much I'm going to miss her when she leaves for college in a couple of weeks!

jojo cucina cucina said...

Brace yourself for that first day eque. I saw how hard it was on Marie when Kylee/modern hippie left for school that first day.

We actually have a sleep mode on our Vizio flat screen, HOWEVER, you have to click through about 4 screens on the menu to get it and the print is so super tiny you can't read it on the screen unless your nose is right up to it. It's just not worth it.

i gotta check out the fm site. I was told about Pandora.com which is another cool place for music that does the same thing, but after awhile they ask you to pay and you can't listen anymore.

Grits, i have never heard of that Doris and Bernard movie and i thought i knew every Sarandon movie, including "The other side of midnight" and "Moonlight Mile" (one of my favorites.)

Kylee, you're right. the jobs we want don't pay any money! So maybe all the folks in those low paying jobs are the happiest people? I am disappointed you don't read anymore because i often read books that i think you would like and i want to tell you about them.

today was my last day of vacation! Here is what i did on my last day:

1. Brian brought me coffee and the paper in bed. the newspaper seems to be getting thinner and thinner every day.

2. I watched the DVD "Doubt". Liked it alot. OMG, that Phillip Seymour Hoffman is great. And that African American actress who played the mom was amazing in a short scene with Meryl. Meryl was scary. I didn't care for the ending and didn't believe for a minute that Meryl's doubt referred to anything but her religious beliefs. If anyone saw it, what do you think?

3. I have almost finished the Richard Russo book pictured above. It's a novel about a disinegrating marriage and i find myself having to leave it every once in awhile because it feel so heavy in it's emotion. Even still, i'm almost done. It's not as thick as Bridge of Sighs. I wonder how much of the main character is really Russo.

4. I ate Jack in the Box spicy chicken for dinner without the sauce and i ate it early, hoping that this might help me get some decent sleep before tomorrow. (Brian is at band practice so i'm eating alone.)

5. I refused to answer the phone when it rang. But it only rang twice, that i know of.

It's too cool outside for sitting by the pool.

Byebye summer. I swear it feels like a touch of autumn outside today, or maybe it's my feeling that summer is over for me when i go back to work. Weird since just last week it was 40 degrees hotter than this week.

Lynnie said...

Hi You All Everybody ('Lost' reference, 'cause I miss it and the reruns have mostly stopped)

Summer is going by too fast. I joined a great Health Club with 2 indoor swimming pools ~~~ a lap pool and a heated therapy pool. I go 3 or 4 times per week, and spend about an hour in each pool. I wish that they had an outdoor pool, too; but I am really going to love getting to swim whenever I want during the Fall, Winter, and Spring. It's really the only kind of exercise that I like to do.

I just finished a cuppa peach-flavored green tea with half & half in it. It's like drinking a dessert. This particular tea really smells and tastes like the most excellent peaches.

I didn't go to Interlochen this year to sing and I missed it. But both my Mom and Dad (88 and 91) have been spending time in their local ER for various reasons, and I didn't want to go far from home in case something drastic happened to one of them.

The other reason that I didn't go to Interlochen is that Vicki (my retired surgeon's wife who always arranges everything up there) is a real Obama-hater, and although I can spend a couple of hours around her after rehearsals and such, I didn't think that I'd be able to live with her for a week. I'm not all-fired happy with everything that he's done, but I still think that he is an honorable person who is quietly competent. She just hates all Chicago politicians (thinks every single one of them is a crook,) and he falls into that category for her. I never bring up politics around her, but she loves to bring it up. She's trying to 'convert' me, I guess.

Other than swimming, there is nothing exciting in my life. I go out to lunch with friends now and then, and bowl once or twice a week. Wheeee!

But HEY ~~~ it's better than going to work, so I really don't have anything to complain about.

Sorry to have stayed away so long. My bookmark for this site sort of disappeared for awhile.

It's nice to read about what everybody else has been doing.

Love your pictures, Jo . . .

louielouie said...

In case some of you weren't sure Jo really has a job at all, I called her office today and she answered the phone so I'm here to report she is employed. I'll check on her again next week.

Hey Jo
How about a new the "World of the Working-Woman" post? It would inspire us all.

~grits~ said...

someday I hope you post 'Bitch Coffee' -
I LOVE that story!!

equeyaya said...

Lynnie, yay! I've missed you!

hope your first day back wasn't too bad, jo!

jojo cucina cucina said...

THERE you are Lynnie! You know i don't think i've been in a heated argument about politics since i left Gumbo! But i have to say i still have a hard time when someone attacks Obama - and i don't mean just criticising, because that is a given, i mean those weirdo folks The Birthers.

Modern Hippie said...

Louie, i think its hilarious that you posted that you checked on Jo and reported back here. :)

i would love to read, when i get the chance i enjoy it but I really don't have time and I can't read when i'm tired my mind isnt sharp enough so i need it when i just have free-time.

my spare time when my head is clear i actually prefer to walk oliver over to the sculpture and stare at the water and let my head clear. its very liberating actually. haha. i get some of my best thinking done there.

p.s. lastfm.com is always free.

~grits~ said...

I love lastfm.com!!

Lynnie said...

Yogurt. I just finished a cup of the best yogurt ever.

It is Liberte Mediterranee (with those little French accent marks over the final "e" but my keyboard won't do that.)

This stuff is like eating whipped custard. My co-op has it: if you shop at a place where you can order specialty stuff, I can't begin to tell you how amazing this is.

I just had the passion fruit flavor, but they also have strawberry, blackberry, and plum with walnuts. They just put out lemon, too, but it was already sold out!

I had some left-over turkey: I'm heating it in the crockpot on low so I can easily take it off of the bones. (I added some turkey broth and fresh basil leaves. I hope that doesn't turn out too yucky.)

I'm going to mix the meat with restaurant carry-out creamy mushroom soup and left-over noodles. Wish me luck on this . . . LOL

Modern Hippie said...

sounds adventurours, omg how do you spell that word?!

Cat said...

Hey Jo!!!! I am playing catch-up - I keep forgetting my password to this thing! I love the dog story; how cool is that? You have a new jogging buddy! Love the YouTube video of you flyfishing - you are in such great shape - dang, you are my idol! Sounds like a great vacation and can't blame you for not wanting to go back to work! I also love the new look with bangs (think that is another post, but like I said I'm playing catch-up!) Grits is right, you need to write a book! You would be a natural at it. "Runs with Pit Bulls" - there's your title!

Glad you are having a good summer! I just finished "The Help", which is about the only book I was able to sit down with and finish this summer. I am longing to quit my job and do nothing but read for about a week!