Sunday, August 16, 2009

Rules that I have for myself....What are your rules?


Music playing: - have y'all heard of this? it's so great. You log on, plug in your favorite artist and it chooses similar music (like Genius on iTunes). Right now Counting Crows is playing the stripped version of Rain King.

Book: the new Pat Conroy, South of Broad. It started out great, but now it's starting to seem implausible. Especially the dialogue. And i'm having trouble liking some of the characters. But i will definitely finish it.

Photo: I didn't take it, Brian did. It's not recent, it's from that place we like to go on the beach at Vashon Island. But that's my little spot in the window and my book and my glass of chardonnay. (It's 180 degree view of the Puget Sound from that little spot.)

Quote: "God in his goodness sent the grape to cheer both great & small. Little fools will drink too much, big fools not at all."

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Being somewhat of an anal retentive personality, I have certain rules for myself that i follow. I am not saying they are good rules by any means, nor am i saying i am always successful following them. Here they are:

1. I could never not exercise even though i don't love it one bit. So i made a rule: that I never miss more than two days of exercise in a row unless I am on a vacation trip where running just isn't an option. (it's usually a flyfishing trip where going on a run could cause me to run into a critter like a cougar or the access is lousy and unsafe.)

2. If i miss more than two days because of a vacation i make certain i run as many days in a row (and longer) for every day i missed.

3. I try and wash my hair every Wednesday and Sunday. I hate washing my hair more than anything about getting ready.

4. I make it a rule to not shop sales. (it's cause i hate shopping.)

5. If i wear eyeliner i either wear it only on top or only on the bottom. I experiment every so often but usually end up looking like Rocky Raccoon or one of those ugly bitchy looking Vanity Fair models.

6. I don't give compliments that i don't mean.

7. If i say, 'let's do lunch', you can be sure I will be calling you for lunch.

8. If you say 'let's do lunch' but you make it a habit to not follow through, i won't be cancelling even a chance to go to the dentist to make time. (Because going to the dentist every 6 months is one of my other rules.)

9. I have to straighten crooked levelor blinds and pictures on the wall, no matter where i am. Seriously, i would do it in Buckingham Palace if i had to. So If you have crooked stuff in your home, don't be surprised if i get up in the middle of the conversation to fix them. (I do that so i can go back to concentrating on what you are saying.)

10. You can count on me when you need to get a job completed.

11. You can count on me getting pissed off if you don't get your own job completed if it makes more work for me.

12. I balance my checkbook every single month, to the penny. I always know what is in my account. Sometimes i check it twice just to be sure. (Part of this comes with having been more poor in my younger years. And having always worked in accounting, with confidence i felt I could run my checkbook balance down to about 89 cents a few days before payday since i kept such close tabs. It's why i keep separate checkbooks from my past two husband(s)... )

13. Because i love wine when i drink it i try to keep it to one glass per hour. For example, if it's four hours i will have four glasses. A bottle is my limit.

14. What i don't limit is the number of books i buy, nor will i ever. I figure it's my crack cocaine and it's a lot healthier and cheaper. I think honestly i have likely spent about $300 this summer alone on books.

15. I am never late to appointments.

16. I lift free weights (8 lbs) three days a week at the minimum. I won't go over that weight because i don't want my arms to look like Madonna's.

17. I don't pray, but i make sure that i tell God Thank You.

OK, allofyall..... what rules do you have for yourself? I may come back and add some more as i think of them. Now i have to go, cause it's Sunday and i need to wash my hair.


~grits~ said...

Im listening to - I think it's probably just like pandora. I love it! Thank you, Kylee!!

I'll come back to my rules list later...need a shower and a glass of wine.

~grits~ said...

p.s. have you heard of Rosie Thomas? She's a terrific folk singer-songwriter from Seattle. I found her on via plugging in Brandi Carlile.

louielouie said...

I'm going to really have to think about the rule thing.

I was going to say that I'm a free spirit and don't have any rules so this one was not for me, but that's a big fat lie and the one rule I know I have is that I don't lie, 'though maybe I break even that one rule.

rules are hard even for me, the ex-vice principal

jojo cucina cucina said...

nobody loves rules more than you do louie louie. You make me look like a slacker!

The thing is, we both want to be the free spirit, don't we? How can we get there without the benefits of smoking dope?

Grits, get back here with your rules. I know you have some. i HAVE heard of Rose Thomas. I have a cd of hers somewhere. And itunes is always choosing her for me on the Just for You link. She is similar to Brandi Carlise, but i'm still partial to Brandi.

jojo cucina cucina said...

P.S. Grits, i think it was pearl who mentioned lastfm. I just bookmarked it.

louielouie said...

OK here goes. I'm going to post and then go walk even though I don't have an exercising rule. I'm only going on a walk because I have school work I should be doing; actually that's why I spent the time making my rule list too.

louielouie’s rules:

1. Find something funny in every situation – try not to have the funny thing be at someone else’s expense.

2. Only eat high quality chocolate; that means no Snickers, Hershey’s Kisses, 3-Muskteer bars or the like- If I’m going to have the calories I want it to be worthwhile.

3. Keep striving for the perfect use of the semi colon; it’s the most fantastic punctuation mark available.

4. Don’t drink warm or flat beer. That means I don’t usually finish the last inch or so in the glass.

5. Be more generous with time, with love, with smiles, with grace.

6. Honor the difference between a cutting board and a breadboard. And for God’s sake, never cut meat on a breadboard. Clean your cutting board (and knife) thoroughly after cutting meat before using again on produce. Sheessh people need to pay more attention to Salmonella and let go of the Trichinosis business and stop petrifying their pork.

7. I also balance my checkbook every month to the same $63.18 it’s been off as long as I can remember. Someday I will go back and find that $63.18; it’s probably a check I wrote Jo she never cashed.

8. Tip well, but think about it; don’t automatically do the 20% if the service isn’t good.

9. Make everything harder than it needs to be. Sorry but I really think I live by this one.

10. Don’t buy shoes that don’t fit. Stop complaining that shoes don’t ever fit.

11. Don’t badmouth my sister to my mom and don’t badmouth my mom to my sister. Not because either is a mean thing to do, but because I am trying to be a better person and it backfires because neither of them can be trusted.

12. I have a new rule to not tell anyone about this blog and Jo should have a rule to stop using my real name.

Oh yeah, and never misuse public funds, disregard ASB laws or fail to provide the Right to Due Process.

jojo cucina cucina said...

That's the way to do it, louie! i knew you would have great rules. i want to add:

1. I do tip well, but i don't often have terrible service because i just don't go out tht often. I guess i get lucky.

I do however, make it a rule to tip my paper carrier. and hotel maids too. It's why i lost my keys the last time i was in one. (taking them out of my little purse to find my wallet, they got caught in the bed sheets and had to be mailed to me later.)

2. I actually have a carryover of $105 in my checkbook, which is a couple of checks that never got cashed, but i know exactly which ones they were. (One was a donation to a political cause and the other was for my oldest niece's graduation from her community college. She's over 30 years old now, so that tells you how long i've kept that cushion.)

~grits~ said...

oops if it was you Pearl, thankyou!!

Im not sure mine are rules, per se, but they are my way of doing things:

1. I only wash my hair at night before bed. It's not long, but very thick and takes forever to dry and I hate to blow-dry.

2. I detest make-up in the summer, especially after several months of 100+ temps. I rarely do eye-liner tho I do like how it looks on others. I also get the coon look because no matter what, it smudges too quickly.

3. I dont follow any rules on how I drink my wine. I like red best, but port gives me indigestion. One bottle is my total limit but it's rare I get that far.

4. I like my mounds and mounds of books, tho sometimes I think my puter room is beginning to look like the house in Grey Gardens. But I dont care, I just close the door if anybody comes over.

5. I have to have toe polish on - and its a must in summer when I live in flip-flops and sandals. I wear size 10 shoe. My feet NEED polish so they dont look like a man's. No polish on fingernails though. Im too lazy to touch it up on a regular basis. I also pumice and lotion the feet every night and put on socks, though I take them off before I get in bed.

6. Dishes cannot stay in the sink overnight, no matter how tired I am. I am definately no neat-nik or even very organized, but dishes must be washed or put in dishwasher before bed.

7. I always tip but it isnt always 20%. Less for very poor service and more for great service. I get the BEST pedicures and leg massages from my regular gal and tip her very well because she is sooooo good and truly deserves it. I think she in turn remembers and always give me good service.

8. Never litter - oh god, do I hate litter!!!

9. Keep an open mind and keep learning new things. That's really my only rule for myself.

that's all I can think of for now, it's been a long day and I want to go curl up w/my new Russo book.

IslandPearl said...

I've spent most all of my life following the rules, not making them...but here goes:

1. Be grateful...always and in all things. I never forget how blessed I am simply to wake up every morning, and I thank God for the privilege (and for fast elevators, convenient parking spaces and every thing else.)

2. Always kiss my husband goodnight and goodmorning. Even when I'm a little peeved with him. Starting and ending my days with love is a good thing.

3. Take every precaution to avoid being late. It's a disrespect to everyone who's waiting on you...says you don't value their time.

4. Call my mom at least twice a week, and listen even when she's repeating the same story for the 99th time. There will come a day when I will long to hear that story just once more.

5. I won't move the car an inch until everyone in it is buckled in.

6. Always cut veggies on one sheet and meat on another. (They're color coded -- I'm obsessive about cross contamination.)

I wish I shared Jo's committment to exercise. Don't know that it's not to late to learn at my age...seems to be the sort of thing that one begins in youth. At least that's my excuse so far.

Glad you like -- I got the rec from my SD's partner. He really loves's about the only thing we have in common, but it's enough.

IslandPearl said...

Oh -- and I wash my hair every single day. Without exception.

And my wine drinking is now determined, sadly, by my next orthodontis appointment. My beloved Chianti and Shiraz stain my chains, so I "schedule" my consumption (and my curry intake for the same reason) to the days immediately preceeding my next appt, when I know I'll get fresh chains. 2 more years...

IslandPearl said...

Oops...and if my polish chips, it comes off. No exception. There is no excuse for a bad mani/pedi. And living in the tropics, my toes are polished 24/7/365. Period.

equeyaya said...

i just joined yesterday! pearl's recommendation, and seconded by kylee. i discovered a needtobreathe and serena ryder concert near me next month and i think i'm going to go! mel and grace went to a concert last night, and mel's pix looked so cool, i'm dying to go to one now. it's been about six years since my last concert, which was Rush (very different from needtobreathe and serena ryder, lol).

some of these are new rules (not of the bill maher variety):

1. if something bugs me, speak up about it (this is very new and i'm still working on it).

2. do the right thing over the easy thing.

3. don't sweat the small stuff (it's all small stuff) - old rule.

4. don't put housework before living - but take some extra time when i've fallen behind to do some heavy cleaning.

5. groom my dog every week.

6. don't put off something i really want to do because of money.

7. don't waste money on things that aren't important or necessary.

8. save as much as possible for retirement.

9. don't eat when i'm not hungry, don't sleep when i'm not sleepy.

10. eat when i'm hungry, sleep when i'm sleepy.

11. express gratitude daily.

12. let the people you love know it.

13. take care of me so i can take care of others better.

14. give my best to my work, but keep it in balance with the rest of my life.

15. live cleanly, but not obsessively. don't be overly concerned about appearance - focus more on good health.

equeyaya said...

oh, and i really love that photo. it makes me want to be there.

Cat said...

Hmmm, reading your rules it is easy to see why you are such a goddess! I know the running rule is an oldie but a goodie because you used to talk about that on Gumbo! I need to implement that rule. I have been sort of lawless with myself lately and it shows. I suppose you could say I am the poster child for what NOT to do! I am famous for starting a program but not finishing it (Sparkpeople, Weight Watchers, Body for Life) because I tend to think if I've screwed up a couple of days that I've blown it. When it comes to health, I break the rules more than I keep them.

I guess I do have a few I follow:

1. Go to work every day whether you want to or not.

2. Don't quit your job before you have something else lined up.

3. Live within your means (this has meant using the library vs. Borders for the last few years, unless it is a book I want to keep).

4. Don't worry so much about what the house looks like if a friend comes over. They will remember the hospitality, not the dust (if they do, this is not a friend you will mind losing).

5. Set boundaries and keep them (this is the one I probably struggle with most).

6. Find something to laugh about every day, even in times of sadness. Especially then.

BOOK: I just finished The Help and loved it! I'm trying to get into Jane Green's The BeachHouse but I've had it a month and I keep getting interrupted.

TV: I am not really proud of this, but I watched all three seasons of Dexter this summer and it was delicious. I would never have thought from the description it was my taste, but I love the dry humor. Very different.

PANDORA: I've had this gem for quite a long time....currently playing Exodus by Utada. It's always interesting what music it decides I like.

Modern Hippie said...

i havent read what everyone wrote yet i just wanted to comment on pandora, lastfm is better! someone else mentioned it before and i concured i think at one point you have to pay for pandora, lastfm is always free :) i dont know if pandora lets you like and dislike music but lastfm you can "love" certain songs and "skip" songs which also tells them you didnt like the song so they get a better idea for your music.


jojo cucina cucina said...

Modern hippie, if you don't come here and list your rules, the rule is I get to make the rules for YOU! LOL.

You have 24 hours.;)

Modern Hippie said...

haha damnit. okay.

my rules

1. always do what i say i'm going to do. this is supposed to be a "louvrak" rule that my dad drilled into us as kids "your last name is what? that means you always do what you say your gonna do!!" haha

2. work hard in everything you do.

3. do something art related everyday. draw, sketch, paint, photoshop, draft, etc.

4. never be late. and try to be early by 10 minutes when it makes sense.

5. create great relationships with teachers, classmates, coworkers, and all that people you will be around often.

6. never compete for a guy with another girl, what am i? why should i have to convince a guy to like me?

7. never date a guy younger than me.

8. never cut my own hair (again) it always failed

9. plan for the future and dont be naive.

10. drink water.

11. recycle and do green things. lol

jojo cucina cucina said...

Ms. Hippie, dang it, i wanted to come up with all your rules, but i'm going to give you the old standards anyway:

1. You can't marry anyone i don't like or thinks is bad for you.

2. i think it's okay to date a younger guy, you just can't date a less mature guy. Some 30 year olds aren't mature enough for you!

3. Don't forget your medicines.

4. don't let more than one really bad day go by without calling someone who cares about you and talking about it.

jojo cucina cucina said... is REALLY cool, y'all. Thank you pearl.

I love reading the biographies and looking at the slide show. Right now James Taylor "Carolina in my Mind" is playing and i forgot how cute he used to be!

jojo cucina cucina said...

i got around to reading all your rules! They're really good ones, except i just can't do toe polish at all. And it reminded me of a rule that i just had to add:

Hang out with smart and healthy people.

P.S. Good to see you again, Cat! I loved that book "The Help" one of my very favorite summer reads and i can't recommend enough. I am struggling now with Pat Conroy's new book and it bugs me how my favorite authors in the past, Rebecca Wells, Conroy, and i would add Grisham (he used to be really good) and Stephen King all seemed to lose their spirited writing.

jojo cucina cucina said...

clarification - i meant:

"Hang out with smart and healthy MINDED people."

(I don't want to seem like a bitch who would drop any friend who got sick on me.)

~grits~ said...

I have to sadly add, Jo, Russo - although I still love him, this last book is lacking his usual awesome 'stuff'. I havent finished it yet. BUT, I remembered I thought the same thing at first about 'Straight Man' and it wound up being one of my faves.

those are the things I like more about lastfm over pandora too. I think JT's bald head is kinda sexy lol. He was soooo good in concert when we saw him last april.

and Ive seen your small feet attached to those great tanned legs and you dont need polish. I cannot get away with that and not look like I have Fred Flintstone feet! I dont like to do them myself though. They look way better when I get a pedicure from my fave gal.

Cat!! I'm so happy to see you! I have really missed you. We need to connect again. Are you blogging?

I LOVE that "your last name is what? then you do what you say you are gonna do!" :) :)

~grits~ said...

p.s. I could definately go for a beach trip to that place in your photo!!!

~grits~ said...

fudge!! I do wish you could edit your comments on these things so I wouldnt have to keep coming back when I forget something!

that quote about wine is really really good!! who said that?

Modern Hippie said...

haha tough jojo, no way i'd let you make the rules for my life. you know i like my own control haha. i should add that im trying to be cleaner especially with Oliver, and i never do my dishes.

im going to confess something really disgusting and i think you will all be shocked because im certain you are all very tidy people. but i just found a bowl of macaroni and cheese and it was totally green molded!!! it was sitting in my sink THAT long. :( im so embarrased.

i do vacuum all the time though, i never even put the vacuum cleaner away (unless i know people are specifically coming by)

haha oh my dad gets alligator claws for all the kids in the family and the only way they can accept it is by reciting the "cajun creed" this thing my dad wrote about doing good things, doing what you say, showing respect for yourself and others. its really kind of fun. this big right of passage for a dead reptile claw on a string. haha.

jojo cucina cucina said...

Grits, i like not having an Edit button cause i get more posts that way! LOL....

Yeah, i had the same feeling about the new Russo book. I had heard it started out as a short story and maybe it should have stayed that way. But then again i was already having trepidation because he just published Bridge of Sighs a year ago. The worst thing was waiting 15 years for Pat Conroy and this South of Broad seems like he wrote it in 15 weeks instead. It's VERY disappointing. VERY much like how disappointed i was in the YaYas in Bloom book by Rebecca Wells. (I never did get more than about 50 pages into that book.)

I love that wine quote too. I found my old calligraphy and messy watercolor abstract scrapbook with that quote and it says "Anonymous". I should have written where i found it. (I do that in my new quote books.)

Grits, if you want a good book, "The Help" won't disappoint. I can vouch for that one for sure.

Ms. Hippie. GROSS. See this is why you can't housesit my house! LOL.And you have to pay attention to me when i tell you a boy is bad for you. You know i have a good judge of character. It doesn't have to be a rule, but you have to give credence to what i say. (P.S. I like that you know how to spell vacuum.)

It is HOT out here. I just got done running and when i left it said 85 degrees and when i got back it said 87 degrees. Brian is taking me out for a margarita so it was worth it.

~grits~ said...

lololll dead alligator claws on a string!! What a fun family yall have!

Kylee, Im not really too grossed out by your green macaroni confession. But do be careful as not to invite unwanted critters like roaches & mice!

Taylor discovered I was listening to different music on the puter via and now I have to compete w/High School Musical radio!! She was just thrilled too when I found 'Funkytown' and "Dude looks like a Lady". Sometimes I fear my almost 9 yr old will grow up to be a pole dancer, the way she shakes her groove thang! I'm really kinda relieved she doesnt want to take dance class and chooses sports instead - lol.

susieatl said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Modern Hippie said...

haha when i house sit your house, im on like high alert i freak out about everything lol you have some weird things like the laptop chord cant be on your brazillian floors, i dont think it would do anything but im to scared to disobey you! HAHAHA

well normally i dont let things sit in the sink that long! it was actually only in there 3 days, i was surprised it got so moldy so fast maybe because it was in the sink with water? iunno it was gross. i slack on my dishes since its so seperate from my apartment.

thanks grits, yeah our building has insects and mice traps and they are pretty good about it.

susieatl, why'd you delete?

susieatl said...

I was crabby last night and didn't want to inflict that on y'all.

~grits~ said...

I know just how you feel Susie!

hey jo, check out for some cool wing quotes.

~grits~ said...

I think that one will work

louielouie said...

Seven new rules for me:

Be tender with one another; bestow grace.

Practice compassion but establish healthy boundaries

Nourish Friendships

Reach out when you need help; accept help when offered

Accept fear and pain

Forgive Others

Forgive Yourself

susieatl said... rules

1. Have no rules..I hate authority..even when the authority is me.

I buy too many books and then try to read three at once which never works and I get pissed and finally I try to finish one at a time. Usually I forget one that I've kicked under the bed. I have the new Pat Conroy that I'm saving for my staycation...I have ten other books as well. I even have NeNe from Real Housewives of Atlanta's book.

I try to get to work an hour before my department does. I get a lot done. But I need to quit doing this because now if I'm late I start to get panic attacks....

I don't answer the phone when home. I get a great deal of calls from people who need a great deal of help doing their job. However, my company requires I have a phone that directly connects to the office. It will be convenient but a pain at the same time.

I finally started going to Zumba on Friday nights. I found it a great way to really unwind after a tough week. I go this week and they tell us due to low attendance - it will moved to 4:30! I work 45 minutes away and the earliest I can leave is 4:30. I'm going to start hiking at a local park with Lucy but that will only last till daylight savings time ends.

I wash my hair every day. My hair is like me - it doesn't obey unless you force it to.

My vacation and my birthday is coming up the first week of September. I'm going to go to the pool every day and read. I don't care if it is not hot..I'll still get some sun.

Akitayahoo said...

Can you teach my wife to only spend $300/summer on books? Hey - lost my electronic address book - send me a note when you have a chance so I can get you back in the system. Pearl - you too.

IslandPearl said...

Heeey jo...gone incommunicado* on us? Or waiting for 50 comments? ;-)

*great Jimmy Buffet song, BTW

IslandPearl said...

jo -- I just read your post about your nephew. Had I known the reason for your absence, I would never have been so flippant in the above entry. My heart goes out to you and your family.

jojo cucina cucina said...

please don't worry about that pearl. It makes sense you were wondering where i was.

I had to take the post down. I made a mistake in using the last name and even though i changed it quickly it is cached in with the original post. Don't know what i was thinking. Now i can't get it off Google search and that gives me some trepidation.