Saturday, August 29, 2009

Jojo's List of End of Summer Stuff.

Music: is playing an Uncle Tupelo song on the Ryan Adams radio selection.
Book: still struggling with Pat Conroy's new book.
Favorite song these days: Mishka's Above the Bones.
The Best thing that happened this week: Good friends.
* * * * * * * * *
Taking advice from my friend Sarah, here we go. Back to normal.
1. So autumn is coming and maybe i am okay with that because it occurred to me that i am already getting tired of taking care of my patio plants.
2. It's a good thing i was never a parent. I can barely keep up with watering my hanging baskets every other day. How would i have ever make lunches for my kids when they were in elementary school?
3. Speaking of school lunches: I never ate lunch my whole senior year. i was a new kid in school and i hated the idea of sitting alone at a table. And i wasn't sure how the line worked and feared being stupid, not knowing what to do. So i saved the money.
4. Ted Kennedy. Rest in Peace.
5. I never did get that pedicure this summer.
6. What i like about autumn is i usually watch more movies. I miss watching videos. There are so many movies i want to see and it seems like i've had my netflix movies at home for a month before i send them back.
7. The netflix people either love me alot, (cause i don't cost them postage), or they are pissed because they want that top movie back so they can get it out to another customer.
8. I returned Seven Pounds without watching it. Somebody tell me if i need to get it back.
9. Some teachers are going on strike here in our state. The Letters to the Editor of course are not supportive and i have to agree. I love the duties of my job but i don't know how much longer I can continue working in a business where i feel like an outsider.
10. I also like autumn for coming up with home projects. I have been needing to paint around inside since Troy put in my new doors last May. Autumn always seems like a good time for that kind of home work.
Ok, that's all. What's on your list of stuff.


IslandPearl said...

Glad you're back.

1. Wish I could afford pedicures more often. My fingernails are easy, but it's hard to do my feet properly. Should never have given up yoga.

2. Autumn mostly means more travel for me. I'm on the road 4 out of the next 8 weeks, and have one of my "big" bosses in for an additional week. He's the kind of guy who's nice enough, but never seems to have a problem finding something you didn't do well enough. It's unnerving. I like bosses who give you an occasional pat on the back, and try to remember to do that with my folks.

2. I'm good at telling Bud what he should be doing with plants, but have no interest myself beyond that. Still need some more plants for the new water feature. But the taro is filling in nicely.

3. I like that our placement of the waterfall has good feng shui and the taro adds to the good chi of that waterflow.

4. I hated school lunches. They were uniformly disgusting and the genesis of my germ phobia, I'm pretty sure. My junior and senior years I was in advanced placement math with the same group of math geeks and Mrs West let us skip lunch and play Mille Bornes in her classroom.

5. I wasn't a huge fan of Teddy's, but the coverage on NPR Friday morning had me in tears. What a family.

6. I've never done netflix. I really enjoy going to the theater. Plus we make it a date nite with dinner and all, so it's quite lovely.

7. I liked 7 Pounds. Wil Smith is quite an excellent actor.

8. Even when I was a teacher, I would have had an awful conflict with striking. A strike my senior year really had my graduation date in jeopardy and had a lot to do with my early suspicion of labor unions.

9. My ongoing projects right now are making jewelry for Christmas and working on my scrapbook. Now that my class cancelled (major bummer) I will have time to get it all done.

10. Our house is being painted (outside) and we had to hang around today for the workmen, but it would have been a fabulous day to go to the beach. Maybe tomorrow...

~grits~ said...

1. I just adore autumn. It finally starts cooling down (not yet though) and I really really like it when it gets cool enough to get the fireplace going.

2. I love pedicures and wish I could get them more often too. They do so much better of a job than I could ever do.

3. I only have the one kid so if she wants to pack (which is more often than not), its not much to it. Sandwich, chips, pickle, gatorade, and a fruit cup. Sometimes she gets carrots instead of chips lol. If I run late, she gets a Lunchable in her bag.

4. I love netflix but also keep the movies too long w/o watching them in the summertime. Autumn is best for movie-watching for me. Dont get to the theatre too much unless its a kid movie.

5. I really liked "Religulous", recommended by Kylee (thankyou HippieGirl!). I watched it alone first and then asked Ted to watch it w/me friday night when Taylor was at a slumber party. I kinda thought he might get up in a huff and not want to watch it but he didnt. He didnt say he liked it but he did say it makes you think.
This quote from Bill Maher at the end really sticks with me:

"We learned how to precipate mass death before we got past the neurological disorder of wishing for it"

He can be such an ass but I like this documentary.

6. It's going to be a mostly homemade crafty xmas this year here. Im debating whether or not to break the news about Santa Claus. Ive been loom-knitting alot and recently did some socks. They are really bulky-thick and I need to see about sock yarn when I go to Hobby Lobby. I made an xmas stocking for Taylor in pink, purple and red. She liked it so much she hung it up over the fireplace already - lol.

I'm making scarves, blankets, hats, hot pads and socks for gifts this year. Taylor likes looming too and is quite good at it. It also seems to go much faster than the traditional knit or crochet.

7. Keeping your family in my thoughts & prayers, Jo. I truly feel for yall. Rest in peace, Josh.

~grits~ said...

p.s. I did like the new Russo book -
more than I thought I would. He's still my fave author.

equeyaya said...

listening to joe purdy's wash away on last fm

1. I am a lazy parent and stopped making lunches when mel was in 2nd grade or so. They learned to pack their own.

2. Autumn is a transition and I am in transition. Still waiting to see how my life shakes out. I don't like this unsettled feeling.

3. I started to watch 7 lbs on the plane ride home from japan but fell asleep. Have heard from multiple sources that it is excellent.

4. I'm tired of hearing about Ted Kennedy. There I said it. I can't judge him as a person, like most of us, he made mistakes. One particularly bad and public one. Did it all balance out in the end by the good he did? I don't know and I wonder if he felt it had?

5. I think I've only ever had two pedicures. Just can't ever seem to justify the time or expense. Right now my pigs are naked. I'll probably wait to paint them until right before my trip.

6. We're getting new carpet in our family room and Mel's room. Does that count as a home project?

7. I'm not good with plants. Chris takes care of all that stuff and they look very nice.

Modern Hippie said...

1. in elementary school, i loved lunches. school lunches and the lunches my mom made but my mom wouldnt ever let me have lunchables, occasionally but not often, she said they werent healthy. haha

2. yuo know, i LOVE getting my nails done toes or fingers and i love the way ti looks but i CANNOT keep it up, i get full sets on my nails but they always grow out and i honestly dont like the way fill's look, and i think its stupid to pay to get them taken off so i just rip them off which kind of hurts and looks hideious, so i have offically (as of last night after rippnig them all off) that i will no longer get my nails done. i am however, still in favor of pedicures.

3. i love netflix because it will get me to watch movies i wouldnt normal, its for the obsecure movies or movies i didnt get to watch in theatres or a movie no one wanted to watch with me in the theatres. the only thing though is that i wont watch action movies by myself i dont know why, i guess its kind of boring by yourself but i do enjoy them.

4. i have become addicted with feung shui lately, ive done a little research in school with it, but it is so involved! theres so much about having good chi but sometimes you cant control the option of having bad chi it might be your building construction so theres things you can do to deflect or defuse the bad chi like placing mirrors in specific places. its kinda crazy but my uncles house was such bad feung shui so hopefully we reorganized it to get some better chi in there

5. i loveeeeed religious, the whole movie i was thinking "hes mkaing such a good point" and then at the very end he screwed himself over i dont remember what he said but it was so bitchy and condensing that he lost his validation i thought

6. i have one plant, its a palm tree, somehow it hasnt died, i never water it and oliver likes to attack it. its a miracle plant. i cant have any others, i would kill them. i like plants but i dont like caring for them and i dont like the bugs they could bring around.

7. i am in the process of apartment hunting, job searching, working on 5 different projects for finals in school (BIG projects too) working full time, AND making lots of time for family lately. i am constantly stressed right now and i do yoga breaths every 15 minutes.

IslandPearl said...

The 'bitchy and condescending' is what turns me off Mahr, too. I can barely (rarely) suffer his appearance on late night (Letterman/Leno) and have only made it through a few minutes of his HBO show. He's just too smug for me. Even if I agreed with his views on anything, the attitude would put me off anyway.

Good luck with the load, there MH. You can do it.

~grits~ said...

cute feets, btw

I'm listening to Above the Bones on right now and it IS a great song!

equeyaya said...

I still have to log in to get here.

IslandPearl said...

Me too.

my capcha: bantax bwahahahah

jojo cucina cucina said...

OK, i think i got it. I went and changed Comments to Anybody. but i forgot to change Permissions link. See if this works now. What a hassle.

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~grits~ said...

thinking about you and hoping you are doing ok