Wednesday, September 9, 2009

End of summer musings.

Menu of the Day:
Music: Van Morrison's "Sometimes We cry" - he does this song with Tom Jones and it's pretty cool.
Book: FINALLY finished that Pat Conroy book. Dammit, i hate it when an author takes 10 or 15 years to write a book and you have been waiting oh so patiently for those years only to find the book is crap..... Rebecca Wells is another author who comes to mind.
Last iTunes purchase: I'm into Mofro these days. I bought "The Wrong Side". also bought a song from the new Black Crowes, "The Last place that love lives". (I love this song so much!) Also this cool song by Marah called "Walt Whitman Bridge". Never heard of marah or mofro a month ago but they are so cool.
The Best Thing that Happened this week: My longtime great friend Sarah/louie louie sewed me a pair of striped pajama bottoms with pockets and they fit perfectly! I want to wear them to work they are so comfortable! And they are flattering too!
DVDs: i am still watching "Tropic Thunder" (Kylee i agree with your critique on your movie blog!) but it still makes me laugh. And who cannot love Robert Downy Jr. in that. PLUS Tom Cruise is fabulous and we know how much we don't like him these days, but you can't deny his acting talent. I didn't even recognize him until halfway through. I kept waiting for his appearance. I have "Sunshine Cleaning" and "State of Play" next to watch this weekend.
Books I can't wait to buy: Two books come out next week. Ted Kennedy's memoir on Monday and Jon Krakauer's new one about Pat Tillman, the NFL player who quit to fight in Iraq and Afghanistan after 9/11 and got killed by "friendly" fire.
Biggest Small Irritation this week: My sister in law (on my husband's side) wrote us to try and work out our family Thanksgiving plans in an email . I wrote her back that she should know that i would kick her ass for talking about the holidays before summer is even over. What i really want to do is go somewhere for the holidays. Why is it that as we get older we start to dread them so much, or is it just me?
I am looking forward to: Autumn. I actually like it when it starts to get darker. I like eating dinner by candlelight. I always sort of feel like an old early bird dinner eater when we have dinner when it's so light outside. I also like the feeling that the time is late but when you look at the clock you realize you lots more you can do before bedtime. I love the colors. Sweaters. Red wine instead of chardonnay and viognier. Boots. Especially new boots. A new coat. Fires in the fireplace. And watching movies and DVDs and my favorite shows.
Ok, that's it. Only a Menu, no musings. What's going on with you all?


louielouie said...

I'll take this post as an invitation for quotes.

One of my all time favorites from a self-proclaimed ninth grade witness:

"I heard it out of the corner of my eye"

welcome back

Modern Hippie said...

i have that quote on my quote page!!

i found this one the other day, i loved it. "Never forget yesterday but always live for today cause you never know what tomorrow can bring or what it can take away."

sounds like a song. i googled it though and nothing really came up.

jojo cucina cucina said...

I thought of this quote because of much i hate helping people move. Not matter how much i love you, i love you more if you don't ask me to help:

"The other day I helped my friend stay put. It's a lot easier than helping somebody move. I went over to his house and made sure he didn't start to move shit into a truck". -- Mitch Hedburg.

And here's another, also by Mitch, to go along with my unionism and pissedoffness at the Kent teachers for striking right now.

I'm against picketing, but i don't know how to show it."

and one more, cause i like to do things in threes more than twos.

"I saw this wino, he was eating grapes. I was like, "Dude, you have to wait."

IslandPearl said...

I'm laughing too hard to type...and it's too early in the morning to be witty anyway.

Thanks for the giggles. I've missed you.

IslandPearl said...

Music: latest iTunes indulgence is eque's fault. Blind Faith. Awesome super group!! Stopped at $5.00 though. (Could have burned it off my vinyl, but I'm too lazy).

Book(s): Taking Julie/Julia with me Sunday. Should finish on the flight up. Taking Geograpy of Bliss to read on the flight home Friday. In between: work work work.

Latest iTunes purchase(s): Blind Faith (see music above)

Best thing that happened this week: Got a lovely surprise from my godmother/auntie. Never expected her to leave me anything (we aren't/never were that close) and she's still kicking (at 93!! Makes her a 50 year breast cancer survivor...perhaps we should promote the status at that point to cancer victor, huh?). But I got a wee package registered mail. Pinky ring. Diamonds.!

DVDs: Don't do DVDs usually. Love the theater too much. Last movie: Inglourious Basterds. Loved it. The Austrian actor who played the Nazi general was brilliant.

Books I can't wait to buy: are on my Amazon list and I'm waiting to get them for Christmas. One is Craig Ferguson's bio "American on Purpose" Love him.

Biggest small irritation this week: changing the context of 9/11. We were attacked. It wasn't our fault. Thousands died in almost the blink of an eye. We shouldn't turn it into some wifty 'day of service'. It's a day of remembrance. Should be respected as such.

I'm looking forward to: Thanksgiving. Sept/Oct are crazy busy for me and I can't wait to put them behind me. Our Thanksgiving weekend is the only real vacation (as in unsupervised lounging around, reading, goofing off) I get. Jo -- you and B ought to join us sometime. Condo in Waiakaloa on the Big Island. Goof off all day; fine dining with much wine in the evening. No ka oi!

equeyaya said...

Music: I'm on Grace's login right now. I see that she has a bunch of my CDs in her itunes, which makes me happy. Damien Rice, Steely Dan, Beatles, Doors, Grateful Dead, and Jethro Tull. Right now I'm listening to Damien Rice's Delicate.
Book: Finally into the homestretch with The Host. It's typical Stephenie Meyer - she tried to market this as not Young Adult, but it's the same formula as her Twilight series. She's not the most literate writer, but, damn, she tells a great story!
Last iTunes purchase: last month I got a bunch of stuff, most of which I sent to jo. Pete Yorn, Paolo Nutini, A Fine Frenzy, Rob Thomas, Death Cab, and some other stuff.
The Best Thing that Happened this week: My daughter called me from college for the first time last Saturday - does that still count as this week. If not, I got nuthin.
DVDs: No DVDs, cable. Watched Ghost Town and 27 Dresses again (guilty pleasure).
Biggest Small Irritation this week: Not as small as it should have been. Found out something I did ticked off a friend of mine and she didn't let me know about it. Really bothers me and makes me question how good a friend she is if she can't tell me what's on her mind even after I specifically asked her opinion.
I am looking forward to: My trip to Turkey in 3 weeks. Despite the friend issue.
Fall: It's been rainy and cool the last two days and I don't mind. I like the earlier darkness, too, at first. I like seeing the glow of lights from inside a house and thinking of the warm people inside. I like seeing the leaves starting to turn. I like wearing my sweats again. And I'm glad to put this summer behind me. It's kind of sucked, even though I don't know that the fall will be that much better.

Jo, did you set your comments to censor curse words? It won't let me type pixxed off.

equeyaya said...

Oh, I lost Books on my cut and paste. I just bought The Shack, and A Tree Grows in Brooklyn (which I've never read). After The Host, I'll read the new Richard Russo, then those two (I remember someone talking about The Shack, was it you, jo?). Then I'll probably dip back into Melanie's library. Figure I'll finally break down and read the Harry Potter's.

IslandPearl said...

I was the one that liked the Shack - from a spiritual perspective. Not stellar writing, but the message resonated for me. I don't think jo liked it so much.

The Potter's are the best.

jojo cucina cucina said...

ok testing. pissed off. fuck. shit.

jojo cucina cucina said...

it works, Barbara. Are you sure it's not YOUR computer? LOL..... You should know i would NEVER censor anything on my own blog. LOL.

Wow, Cool heirloom present from your aunt/godmother, pearl!

OH, sorry pearl and Barbara, but i HATED "The Shack". It's probably one of the most poorly written bestsellers i've ever read. After reading it and thinking about it i hated it even more and couldn't believe i wasted time reading the whole thing because i have LOTS of books i have purchased and not finished.

I was trying very hard to think of the one adjective he uses over and over in the book. It'll come to me later. I think i mentioned it to you, pearl in an email about that.

I also didn't like or have a feeling for the main character either or the Jesus character. I thought the dialogue was banal and corny. I'll be interested in another opinion though. I really wanted it to be the kind of book that could help someone with a tragic loss, but it missed the mark for me.

I haven't read "A Tree Grows in Brooklyn" since i was in high school but i loved it alot.

I love that Grace has Jethro Tull on her iPod!!!

OH pearl, Blind Faith. Isn't that the band with Stevie Winwood and Eric Clapton together? That's early high school era for me. Did they do "Can't find my way home?" I wasn't into them.

equeyaya said...

Yes - that was the song I used in my Guess the Lyrics!

.... (that was supposed to be fxck). maybe it's because I'm on Grace's login.

Going to log out and come back.

Stay tuned!

equeyaya said...


there! i said it!

The funny thing is, she posts all kinds of profanity on her facebook page. I'm always giving her crap about it.

and i'm PISSED OFF and I'm not going to take it anymore!

(just kiddin'!)

IslandPearl said...

Ohhh --- I'm so sorry I recommended that book to you jo. I think that I liked it because I was in a place (spiritually) where it spoke to me.

Different strokes. I can't get into a lot of the stuff most people read. In fact, usually the Oprah book club brand is a screaming red flag to me.

I'm just sorry that you wasted all that time and effort on something I recommended. Kinda like someone going to my favorite restaurant and hating the food. I hatet it when that happens. And rarely make recommendations because of that fear.

jojo cucina cucina said...

Barbara, .... that's weird if it wasn't working before. As if "pissed" would be a cuss word anyway... LOL.

pearl, it wasn't totally all you recommending The Shack. It was so popular that I was already checking it out by the time you told me. Plus, you did warn me ahead of time, if i remember correctly, that it was not a well written book.

Being the kind of reader i am i can't stick with a book too long unless it grabs me and the characters aren't defined, not matter how compelling the story.

All i know is i don't believe that author should be making one dime from writing. Any one of us could have taken that story and done a better job with it, IMO.

AND i totally agree with you on the Oprah books. The only one i really loved alot is the author that got Oprah to STOP with her endorsement. I am talking about "The Corrections" by Jonathan Franzen.

I love books with deep, rich characters. the Shack just wasn't one of them. I like to believe that Jesus was far more clever and important and intelligent and compassionate than how the author portrayed Jesus as a large black woman.In the end the book just made me kind of angry that the author got away with writing it.

Sorry, Barbara. Now you HAVE to read it for sure. You know you're curious.

equeyaya said...

Actually I'm sitting here wondering if Target would let me return it, lol.

susieatl said...

I love the background of the story. He's really not an author. He wrote the book as a gift for his kids. He had his own personal view on Christianity which his family felt was unique. Someone got the idea to publish it and it took off. It wasn't written for was written for his kids.

I also love that it pisses off some of the evangelicals.

Julie/Julia is a disappointment for me. I love Julia Child's book about France. She just had such love for the country and everything in it.

I'm starting Bringing Home the's supposed to be humorous but I'm not laughing so is interesting (it is set in Barcelona..a city I would love to visit).

I am seriously worried about Amanda. She has simply fallen in love with working at the dairy. So much so that the idea of continuing with vet or grad school is no longer important to her. She has done nothing about applying for either and the deadline is in two weeks. She has to get three references, get the deposits, etc. If she graduates and stays at the dairy..she will be making mininum wage with thousands of dollars of student loans coming due. I am not paying her debt. I've talked to her but I'm getting a lot of lip service..I can tell. I hope she wakes up in time.

equeyaya said...

Oh, Susie, I can imagine how worried you are. I hope she figures things out soon! Maybe she just needs a short break to sort through her future plans.

~grits~ said...

hello everybody!

I'll add my stuff later - just too pissy to make sense today.

love reading allayalls!

Modern Hippie said...

Music: I'm getting back into alot of my old music I forget about, i have a "monthly" playlist where the intent is to make a playlist each month of the music i'm currently into, but usually it goes about 3 months and its more like adding music to the list not creating a whole new one so i completeley forget about some of the great ones out there so i've been reconnected with some of my Duffy, The Fray & Frank Sinatra. I will always love Frank.

Last Itunes Purchase: Citizen Cope - Sideways, everyone go download it, its great. i'm obsessed and now on a citizen cope binge, i like him/them (not sure if they are a band or just one person LOL) but hes totally an alternative style but he kind of has this RB rap sound at the same time, kind of like shwayze but not as much rap, you'll see what i mean.

jo i just downloaded the black crowes song, i love it, it makes me want to cry though, it totally sounds like what someoen would play at a funeral especially the "solo" in the middle/end i love that it sounds acoustic.

Book: one day I will finally buy and read the following books. Nixonland, Biography of Nixon by Conrad Black, and the Philosophy of Andy Warhol. i am sooo bad about reading; if its an audrey hepburn book/biography i read it in a day, Jojo bought me this really cool audrey hepburn book called 'what would audrey do' it was amazing, i read it in 2 days. the monk series books i always finish in under a week they are just so entertaining and lighthearted and lee goldberg writes it so well its as if youre truly watching aidrian. but i just always need my mind focused when im reading and i am just always so busy and stressed (especially lately) that i never end up reading.

best thing that happened: i got wednesday and thursday off work to work on finals and got a LOT done, and i had an amazing nap today. i love naps.

DVD: i just rented 'i love you man' critic on that blog soon. did just see Ghost Town, it was good, i liked. I should write a review on that... i will. soon. haha

Biggest Small Irritation: got my schedule for work for the last month of work and i'm working 3 days with this guy i DESPISE, i will go as far as saying I hate him, and i really dont hate people, its a waste emotion and i get that he makes me waste my emotions! but this guy is SO inappropriate, sexual harrasement central! but the thing is, hes not technically saying anything creepy, its all the way he says it or why he says it and the fact that hes the one saying it. but im the only one who has had to work with him, and i fix all his mistakes for him so when i say hes an idiot who doesnt know how to do the job, no one understands why. and then i really dont like working at our ticket desk at the sheraton hotel downtown, its so freaking exspensive to work there cause i always have to buy lunch because we have no fridge or microwave or anything and its a 10 hour day, and its SO boring and slow and the entire last month thats all I'm doing is working there. kfeethjtgjre. its okay though, its almost over, working full-time and doing school full-time is not a good idea especially so close to graduating when all my projects are portfolio pieces.

i am looking forward to: break from school, the end of work, i dont want to move but at the same time im a little excited for it. so just the future in general. the present hasnt been to pleasant.

jojo cucina cucina said...

where would we all be without our music?

I'm glad you bought that Black Crowes song hippie girl. It's so beautiful, isn't it?. Another song of theirs i bought and realy love is "Locust Street".

I am mad that last night i bought a JJ Grey & Mofro song from iTunes that i had already purchased earlier in the week from iTunes. Why don't they warn me? I can understand them not warning me about music in my library burned from cds. I hate it when i do this! Your library gets big and they should help us keep things straight. Dammit.

That "sideways" song is great, isn't it? equeyaya you gave me that one. I have "Bullet and a Target" by them. Do you have that?

Word of advice about your coworker, ms. hippie. Quit fixing his mistakes and let him fall on his own sword. I'm having similar issues at work. Also to save money, there are foods you can eat for lunch that you don't need to microwave or keep cool. (Or you could could a little lunchpail with one of those ice thingies.)

equeyaya, don't return the book. You have to be curious by now, right?

susieatl, i hope amanda figures it out. What is it about the dairy that she loves so much? What is she afraid of about school? Also, i didn't know that about "The Shack", that he wrote it for his kids.

Naps are great. I just woke up from one.

jojo cucina cucina said...

foods that don't need refrigeration or microwaving:

1. bagels with peanut butter (for protein)
2. peanut butter and jam sandwiches - on wheat bread!
3. all fruits.
4. crackers
5. celery sticks and other vegetables.
6. pita chips (again whole wheat)
7. For protein: canned tuna in water. Drain out the water and dip your chips in them.

jojo cucina cucina said...

What does your Audrey book say about lunch? LOL.

equeyaya said...

Love Sideways - don't think I have any other Cope. I always thought it was a "he" not a "they" but what the .... do I know (lol, I'm on Grace's login again!).

Just finished The Host, so I'm going to read The Shack. Will weigh in - it's short so hopefully I can knock it out before vacation, for which I'm saving the new Richard Russo book.

Modern Hippie said...

jojo - it does warn you when you purchased songs though right? "you have already downloaded this song would you like to download it again?" i never have this problem though, its kind of funny. like your dusting slippers, which i will buy when i get an apartment with hardwood floors : )

i actually got it after i watched 'Ghost Town' it's in that movie.

the thing about the mistakes with my coworker, they are mistakes that would be BAD, whenever i do fix them i do send my boss email (i always send it in the middle to say "hey this is whats going on ill keep updated" and then at the end i can send him an email that says "hey i fixed everything i did this blah blah because so and on did this and messed up" i word it better than that but my boss like loves this employee so he can be blinded by his bad qualities so i point them out, haha.

sigh none of that would fill me up for lunch though, those are all more like snacks, i guess i could do alot of it, i know there is food out there that would suffice but its just not food that i normally eat or buy :-/

i should look up what audrey do in this situation.

i think he has a "he" as well, album covers or any pictures i have seen are all just the one guy, its only one guy singing but i dont know if there are muscians behind him.

when reading the shack remember that Island loved it and Jo hated it, that way you have even balanced opinions. if i read a book that everyone hated, i automatically hate it.

IslandPearl said...

Oh -- Modern Hippie..will you still be working in October? I'll be staying at the Sheraton 10/6-7 and I'd love to meet you for real!!

And if everybody hated a book, I'd probably not even try it. Movies too.

equeyaya said...

And susie's background helps, too. That way my literary expectations aren't set too high. Kind of like with Stephenie Meyer. I don't expect much from the writing but I know the story will be good.

Modern Hippie said...

ohh! i will be! but i dont know if i will be there the 6&7th i think the schedule switches to friday-sunday hold on let me check, i'll be back!

Modern Hippie said...

ohh the schedule does say i will be there the 6&7th but my boss did say it was a tentative schedule, so if it changes i'll let you know!

~grits~ said...

lucky gals!!

IslandPearl said...

Cool! I don't get to the hotel until around 6:30 or so on the 6th. Let's keep in touch!

jojo cucina cucina said...

Mod H & IslandPearl, that would be so cool if you two can meet! And then when you have more time pearl for going out to dinner, next time you come, we can go to the Palace Kitchen. Ms. Hippie loves that place too.

Modern Hippie said...

oh okay yeah wed & thursday im at the desk from 7am-4:30 and usually take my lunch around 2

palace kitchen is amazinggg, ive come to think of it as jojo and i's "place" lol

Lynnie said...

Funny quotes on this thread. I've been reading this blog + comments all night, but have posted on only the last 3.

I hate to see Summer end, even though I always say that Autumn is my favorite season. This year I didn't get enough Summer. I stayed in too much when I should have been outside.