Sunday, September 27, 2009

Sunday Stuff-ing.

Menu of the Day:

In my glass: Toasted Head chardonnay.

Last iTunes purchases: Jason Isbell, Drive by Truckers, and a cool gal named Eilen Jewell (not to be confused with that Jewell chick from Alaska who writes bad poetry and used to live in her van.)

Best thing that happened this week: For the first time in a month since his son died, I saw a glimmer of hope that my brother Troy was starting to sound like his old self. He and his son Brian are far stronger than i ever knew.

Photos: Brian's band played last night and i saw this gal wearing red high heels with black knee highs and she danced so cute. I kept trying to get a photo of her dancing shoes and got lucky when her left foot stepped in the light. The other photo is Brian standing in the doorway of the place where they played. It has a half moon and the sign popped out without flash.

What i keep forgetting: To watch the new season of The Office. Thank goodness for DVR. And TXGrits, we still haven't watched the Georgia O'Keefe show yet. Have you?

If someone gave me a thousand dollars and told me i had one day to spend it only on myself: I actually had to think about this, but i think i might spend it on underwear and new boots. I might also use about $300 of it on iTunes.

The best decision i made this week: Brian and i booked Thanksgiving for a four day vacation on the Puget Sound, just ourselves. No family. (We have never blown off a family holiday before, so it's kind of brave of us).

Famous people i would like to meet: Obama's daughters, the author Richard Russo (I just know he would be a terrific guy) and Tyler Florence from The Food Network.

Least likely famous person i want to meet: SO many, but these folks come to mind: Glenn Beck, Donald Rumsfeld, That chick from the Progressive Insurance commercials, Sean Hannity, Jim Carrey.

I told you so: I always knew that John Edwards was not a candidate i could ever support. I NEVER liked him and loved it when Don Imus used to always call him an empty suit. He was too schmoozy. (I love how Eugene Robinson wrote an article about him being a total cad.)

My new favorite song that I am getting ready to wear out: Last week it was the one Kylee was talking about (The Black Crowes, The Last Place that Love Lives). This week it might be I Believe by JJ Grey and Mofro. (I forgot to mention i did buy Mark Knopfler's new cd and a bunch of a band called Sister Hazel.)

What I am looking forward to: a new union president at my office after this election is over - (it would make my life so much easier); no family dramas; autumn weather; our four day getaway during Thanksgiving.

I am thankful: that i was not born an only child. (Sometimes my parents drive me crazy enough to make me often wish i was an orphan. But i do love my brothers.) They are so cool and so freaking handsome and just really good men. I am very proud to be related to them. I am also thankful for my good friends. I am thankful for underwear that fit perfectly and don't ride up your butt, my new jeans that are expensive, but so comfortable and fit so well, that i live two miles from work, and for my husband, for so many reasons.

Edited to add: I am also thankful for Kylee, who has made it possible for me to not have children of my own without regret. She is not only a surrogate daughter, because she is also like a surrogate sister and a best friend all rolled in one.

OK, your turn!

Here are my hat photos that Brian took tonight. Thank you TXGrits. I love them! They are so cute!



Modern Hippie said...

oh this is a good post!! but i definitley agree about troy & brian; last night was the first time i saw brian joking around so much.

your pictures are awesome! i mean this in a good way but i actually didnt think you took them when i saw it on the thumbnail. i recognize brian in the freighthouse square photo.

you know, i am so behind on the office that it confuses me on whats going on im like "what pam and jim are engaged? what what?" haha so i get confused but they are great shows.

is the thousand dollar supposed to be like a cheap thrill or what? i mean i'd probably put it towards rent or something. one thousand isnt very much... but i totally agree with itunes purchases.

i would love to meet Jon Stewart, Obama, i would actually love to meet George Bush i think it could be interesting.

i would never want to meet dick cheney, anjelina jolie i feel like she'd be all bitchy and wouldnt really care that i was her fan (even though i am because despite what i think of her as a person she is a great actress and takes on great roles)

i feel like i've already worn out of my songs lately so im starting to listening to itunes without a playlist at all and that kind of recycles the old music still. cause i downloaded about 15 songs and listened to them non-stop.

aww i love your thankful section. i better be considered a friend because otherwise i'm not listed and i'd be pissed lol. i am thankful for my parents. you. oliver. blogging haha im thankful for too many things im not going to list them.

im going to write you a mini email now cause i random little fun things to tell you lol

IslandPearl said...

Love to see you!

In my glass: Cheap white wine on ice with sprite. Cutting back.

Last iTunes purchases: A bunch of Blind Faith cuz I’m too lazy to hook up my ‘burn from the LP’ machine. I'm blaming eque for this latest splurge, due to her guess the lyrics last week. I love 'remembering' old favorites, and being able to access them with such ease.

Best thing that happened this week: Discovered a cool new thing to show visitors – and it’s only about 4 miles from my house! They have taken one of the old hangars out on Ford Island – in Pearl Habor – and turned it into a WWII aviation museum. They have big flat screens throughout looping films about and from the era. Very interesting. (Happy to hear about Troy and Brian, jo.)

Photos: I love the red stiletto. Red heels will forever remind me of Deb, and make me smile. I took some pics from the airshow last week, but had my toss-able camera (the little Nikon) so the resolution doesn’t stack up to my fancy one. Just didn’t feel like dragging it around – it was SOOOO hot out on the tarmac.

What i keep forgetting: Have watched maybe one ep of the Office. Forgot to record Dexter tonight, but it’ll be up on-demand by tomorrow night, so no worries. Watched 5 hours of DWTS in about 3 hours on Saturday.

If someone gave me a thousand dollars and told me i had one day to spend it only on myself: I’d get my brows retouched and buy a kindle and books to put in it.

The best decision i made this week: Thrilled that you are bagging the whole T-giving drama this year…and that trek. You’ll have more to be thankful for this way.

My best decision was to go to the bead show during a purposely late lunch hour on Friday. Far less crowded, so I was able to find what I was looking for and didn’t have to elbow people out of the way to do it.

Famous people i would like to meet: Craig Ferguson, Tom Hanks ( I want to personally thank him for his efforts to honor WWII vets like my dad) and Bill Gates.

Least likely famous person i want to meet: Can’t think of a one right now.

I told you so: Give me another 2 or 3 years…

My new favorite song that I am getting ready to wear out: Just Dance. (Don’t judge me)

What I am looking forward to: Thanksgiving vacation. The next 4 weeks are going to kill me, so it will be a welcome reward.

I am thankful: For a job (that occasionally drives me nuts), for a husband who loves me so much, for friends, good health and more than a fair share of happiness in my life.

equeyaya said...

In my glass: Remnants of coffee. Drank too much red wine last night, and I'm feeling the effects.

Last iTunes purchases: David Gray's Draw the Line CD - excellent!

Best thing that happened this week: Glad Troy is doing better. I guess the best thing for me is Tuesday night after riding, I hung out with the cowgirls and we (well really Barb and Pat, and I fed the cats while they created) made gourmet pizzas. Four different ones with thin crusts and toppings like white with garlic and broccoli, fresh tomato and pesto, and I forget what all, but they were all good. We got one slice of each and then they would make another, so it wasn't like gluttony or anything. And we drank good wine, too. Wednesday was lunch with friends from work. Oh, and last night, jo, i made your meatballs and sauce recipe. it's the 3rd time i made it, and i think i finally got it just right! and i love reading your "recipe" that you typed while drinking wing... always cracks me up!

Photos: Those photos are really cool! That looks like a fun place. I didn't take many photos this week, just the one on my blog where I was trying to catch bats on my iphone. I'm going to try to take less photos on vacation because it's always so hard to sort through so many. I need to be more discriminating and experience more of my vacation with my own eyes instead of through the camera lens.

What i keep forgetting: I'm in that pre-vacation place where I randomly remember things I've forgotten to do or pack and start getting panicky and obsessively making sure I still know where my passport is.

If someone gave me a thousand dollars and told me i had one day to spend it only on myself: I think I'd buy me a really good camera and sign up for a photography class.

The best decision i made this week: Well, I'm envious of your Thanksgiving getaway. I'd really like to avoid a lot of the family stuff this year, too. Maybe my best decision is to squeeze in one more visit to the acupuncurist on Thursday night before I leave for vacation. That has been doing wonders for me.

Famous people i would like to meet: Like Kylee, Jon Stewart. Also Johnny Depp - just finally read the Vanity Fair article about him and he seems really cool and grounded and interesting. Oh, and Jorge Garcia, for a lot of the same reasons as Depp. And Stewart for that matter because he's funny as hell.

Least likely famous person i want to meet: Does this mean a famous person I DON'T want to meet? Most of them. Any reality show people. Sarah Palin. George Bush (sorry Kylee!).

I told you so: ?

My new favorite song that I am getting ready to wear out: I don't know that I can pick one from the new David Gray CD, but I am verging on wearing it out. I bought portable ipod speakers for my trip, and I've been using them in my office at work. I love having music at work! The CD drive on my computer hasn't been working right. I think I'm really hard on CD drives for some reason.

What I am looking forward to: leaving for my trip to Turkey on Friday. After that, nothing. Just a whole lot of painful reality.

I am thankful: that i still have a job. that my daughters are healthy and seem to be happy. for my supportive network of good friends.

jojo cucina cucina said...

LOL Kylee, i actually thought of this last night while awake in bed that i had not put your name! So i edited it to add you, but obviously i'm too late. :)

Hey pearl, hey eque. BTW eque...what is the weather going to be like in Turkey????

I'll be back soon. I gotta get to work but wanted to add Kylee to my list.

equeyaya said...

Dry. 70s during the day and dropping into the 40s at night. Packing layers...

~grits~ said...

*BEST thing to happen this week - Poppy (FIL) came home from the hospital; he's been dx w/bone cancer. Also, that he let me clean out his fridge and cupboards & run errands for him. He's never needed or wanted help for himself, so this is big.

*FAMOUS people - many... but honestly it would make me too nervous

omg - I think the latest least favorite for me would be that progressive insurance chick too!!

*$1000? - day spa, clothes & new hairstyle

* I told you so - to myself. Facebook is less scary than I thought it would be and its kinda fun sometimes.

Jo, I did watch the O'keefe movie and it was just ok - had some good parts, but still just ok.

How very brave (and exciting!) that you and Brian have T-day plans just for yourselves! Maybe you'll run into Rebecca - lol.

Nothing much else going on around here besides girl scouts & soccer for the kidlet. Still knitting up a storm for family xmas gifts.
(your hats are in the mail, jo:)- I didnt really get the colors together the way I wanted, so if they are too fugly for ya, just pawn em off lol)

~grits~ said...

p.s. Im so very glad your brother and his son are doing better! Such a horribly hard road they have to be thoughts are with all of you.

Modern Hippie said...

oh no no i wanted to meet george bush to make fun of him, not in any kind of admiration or respect. i think he would be interesting to meet, yano?

haha thank you jo!!

is someone going to turkey? my good friend/coworker is coming back like this week! i'll ask her about the weather and everything and report back : )

amulbunny said...

Jo I'm glad your brother is doing better, it's got to be such a draining experience.
I'm still drinking 2 buck chuck, works until I can browse over at Bev Mo, though there is a new Miner product that sounds good.
Last thing I bought on Itunes was some Josh Groban. I did the free facebook download of some stuff from Austin City Limits and am enjoying hearing the new music.
If I had $1000, I'd be at Amazon and Itunes, get a massage and some new clothes. If only.
Really not a lot of famous people I'd like to meet, but infamous bad guys that I'd avoid would be Cheney, Bush and the ilk.
I'd love to go away for 4 days, but his idea of gold prospecting is not my idea of a vacation and we can't agree that going somewhere where gambling is not prominent is just as fun.
As long as my mom is about, the family will all turn out at her house and I'll do the turkey at mine and drag it over.
No wing for me tonight, doesn't mix well with Norco.
We're finally getting some cooler and foggy weather. Almost feels like autumn down here in the South Bay.

equeyaya said...

Kylee, I know you don't admire W, lol! I just don't think I could stand to be in any sort of proximity to him... Even to laugh. I'm leaving for Turkey on Friday. We'll be in Istanbul a couple days then horseback riding in Central Turkey (Capadoccia) for 6 days, where I think it will be cooler. Sooooo psyched!!

Hi there Annie!

~grits~ said...

oh and I love the pics! The Freighhouse Square looks like ALOT of fun!!

jojo cucina cucina said...

equeyaya, i would be just like you.I can totally see myself constantly worried about where i put my passport. I think the worst part about traveling for me was the obsessing about it the week before, worrying about what i will forget. One time i forgot my foundation makeup. can you imagine leaving your makeup behind?

Also eque, you included a Van Morrison song on your mix from Astral Weeks and i am now going to order that cd from Amazon. i cannot believe i don't already own that cd. I'm ordering the David Gray too. Some cds i just want to own the real one instead of an iTunes one. (and now i've started listening to your cd mix that starts with Serena Ryder. It skipped the first time i played and oddly enough it hasn't skipped since. (I just caught the 'theme' of your cd yesterday while listening to it at work.)

TXGrits, i'll come back here soon with a photo of me wearing my wonderful hats you made. I love them! and the colors are so cool together.

Island pearl, you have a machine that burns from an LP????? Does it sound good? (PS i hope you and Kylee at least get to meet each other in person when you're here!)

amulbunny. you have the best idea for an extra thousand dollars to spend on yourself! MASSAGES. that's what i would do. I would get hour and half long massages until the money ran out. Once a week.

Hey Kylee girl, howzitgoin' with your new roommate? (Kylee's older sister Ashley has moved back here from San Diego because she got a job in Seattle so they are roommates now.)

jojo cucina cucina said...

louie/louie....where are you?

Modern Hippie said...

equeyaya - my friend is in turkey right now! she said the weather is great - which means its not TOO hott cause were from seattle we die of heat, but shes having a great time.

haha jojo & equeyaya you guys can get those passport neckalces that all the old folks use : )

ohhh i would do a massage too!! i keep telling myself "next paycheck im getting a massage" but i never do. i need one though.

and the roomate situation is going good so far - she keeps cleanign since shes not paying rent so the apartment is super clean! haha and she walks oliver, hes a good distraction to have around she was really upset about leaving chloe (her dog) at my parents.

but i've got her hooked on lost - i swear the people from LOST should give me commission ive gotten SO many people hooked on lost but ashley is a little baby - okay im pretty sure everyone on here has seen lost and if not its not really a spoiler its from season one but if you dont watch - dont read the rest of this paragraph lol it was the episode where claire gets abducted by ethan - which is kind of a scary episode especially in the end when they end up killing ethan (one of the others) but ashley started freaking out and actually crying when claire and charlie ran into ethan in the jungle - nothing happened yet it was just the music, you knew somethign bad was going to happen but she was physically crying and couldnt watch the rest LOL i was like omg so i tried to tell her - even though it spoils it that claire and charlie dont get killed and they really dont show anything in the show - its not gresome but she couldnt finish it lol

well see if she continues to watch it lol

Modern Hippie said...

ohhh Jo! i never read what you added when you added my name in -- thank you : ) sister/bestfriend/niece is a nice title :)

~grits~ said...

lookit you! You do look cute in them!! I look like a dorky man in mine lol.

equeyaya said...

jo, that is really great what you wrote about kylee. and i love love love the hats - very cool grits!

i have a money belt for my passport while i'm away. when i get nervous is before i go away, because i don't want to forget it or not be able to find it when it's time to get to the airport.

kylee, did your friend have a good time in Turkey? I am so excited! we just got an update and it does look like we will have beautiful weather. except that in the central part of turkey where we'll be riding, it will get very cold at night and we like to sit out and look at the stars.

louielouie said...

Best Thing to Happen to Me This Week

My son called me just to chat, I did have to hold on while he ordered and paid for his Spam Croisssandwich, but he was chatty nonetheless. Also he will be home for a week at Thanksgiving (which we celebrate with friends and not extended family)

Most Famous:

Didn’t we already do the most famous person thing? Not that I’ve “done” a famous person. Maybe you meant to ask, which famous person would you most like to do. I saw on the Colbert Report that Glamour readers wanted to do Jimmy Kimmel, marry Stephen Colbert and dump Conan O’Brien. Sounds about right to me. Although I maybe would go with Jon Stewart for all 3, not necessarily in that order. Who am I kidding, I just want to talk to him, and listen to him, and look at him, and laugh

What I’m looking Forward To

Taking Friday off to go to Spokane on a business conference with my husband to a someone-else-pays for fancy hotel in Spokane

If someone gave me $1000

Actually, that would be hard to do. Nothing fits. Maybe I would start with the whole spa treatment massage deal; I think you could drop a bunch there. Could I go to a great dinner with a friend? And have a chauffeur so I could go at night?

What I am Thankful For

I am thankful for my kids. My daughter is loving college, doing well (working in a neuro biology lab studying circadian rhythms in rat brains) and I can (still) afford the tuition. I can’t support her as much this year as before but her brother gave her (and his other, lesser sisters with a different mother) money for college from an accident settlement a couple of years ago so she has that to draw on. This means she does not have to quit the lab work (she does not get paid, only credit and a chance to work on research and maybe the experience she needs to apply for a grant next quarter) and sell pet supplies like she thought. We figured out her schedule with school and labs (she has 3 biology classes), lab-work and work-work and it would be between 93 and 98 hours a week. Kylee, I don’t know how you manage it all. It makes me tired to think about - but maybe thats' because I came hone form my second 13 hour day.....

What I Just Forgot

That it’s not polite to brag about your kids on Jo’s blog,

Modern Hippie said...

equeyaya - my friend is actually still in turkey she is just able to email so we stay in contact - but she's having a great time - she was in istanbul and said one day she accidentally ended up in asia - she didnt realize how close it was Asia she thought it was more europe - LOL!!

the last thing she emailed said "we are currently surrounded by cave-dwellers" lol!

i would never dump jon stewart - although, he's not married is he? and he does have a kid, so maybe he was dumped...or no no i'm sure he did the dumping LOL Jon stewart is God.

there was a whole spread in a magazine with several male actors and it was all "hump, dump, marry" lol

its hard working full-time and going to school full-time especially with my schooling (its not like i can do homework at work, im not writing papers yano) and my boss doesnt always understand that - and bosses, although mine is great, don't like to take into account that we need breaks. i'm currently on break from school a total of 2 weeks i go back on oct 5th and my boss said "oh great so you can work these days..." which ended up being 9 days straight, one day off, 4 days straightm one day off, another 3 days and then finally i start slowing down. not happy at all especially since this is all the same week that my sister just moved into town.

haha louielouie, i'm guessing that Jo likes your kids and in that case, it might be okay. lets see what she says lol

btw louielouie is your blog name supposed to be from that old motown song "louie louie oooh ohhh" and then they mumble a bunch of words that no one knwos about? hahaha

Modern Hippie said...

i thought i would also add this funny fact i've noticed about my blogging style.

when there are several new posts or a long posts i want to reply too, i pull up two windows and i shrink them in half so i can put them side by side and i HAVE to have the "reading" window on the left and the window that i'm replying on, on the right.


jojo cucina cucina said...

Kylee/Hippie, you so guess right...I DOOOOO like louie/louie's kids ALOT. Mostly i like how from day one she raised them to be independent and smart and interesting and the kind of people who will make a difference in the world. (Kind of like you Kylee.) I never made a rule about bragging about kids on the blog. Now if you are pregnant and want to go on and on about being pregnant and how wonderful it is, i might make a rule about that. (Pregnant women talking mostly about being pregnant bore the crap out of me. Like Brides-to-Be do too. )

and you know, i was just thinking that i was getting redundant with my blog because i remembered last night that we DID do the famous thing before. I guess i just wanted to add this time that i wanted to meet Obama's daughters, which is different from whoever i wanted to meet before. (And Tyler made something really good the other day on Food Network, so he was on my mind to meet too.)

Kylee. LOL. i do the same thing with blogs side by side sometimes, it's because of my terrible retention disorder.

Also, the "louie louie" song is not Motown. but it IS the slurry word song you are thinking of, by the Kingsmen. Oh yeah, and Jon Stewart IS married. But that's only cause he doesn't know about all of us who are so in love with him.

louielouie said...

Well I’m back because I’m waiting for ron to get the email on his pc upstairs with the pdf attachment I sent from my mac downstairs. He is scan/pdf impaired. Good thing he has me.

I don’t want to marry Jon Stewart, just bask in his presence. Plus I fantasize that we will find ME witty and attractive.

Besides, my rule is to have a baby with every man I marry and I am so done with that. Anyway, I would want to discuss my pregnancy at length and post birth photos on this blog. Too bad I don’t have any from before when I forgot to ask Jo to be my birth coach. Twice.

Louie/louie has nothing to do with the Kinsmen song but is from a childhood nickname my brothers gave me, adapted to sarah-louie in high school sort of moved on from there. Had a dog named louie too.

My brothers also called me Weiser and some other names I won’t mention here in polite company.

By the way Louie-louie is only our fake state song our REAL state song is Washington My Home. Be careful or I’ll sing it

Modern Hippie said...

haha Jo youre the one who told me all about the Louie Louie song but everytime i read Louie Louie, i read it in that tone

i would shoot anyone who went on and on about being pregnant too but i guess they have to trick themselves constantly that they like being pregnant. i've never been pregnant but i NEVER want to be, you could NEVER talk me into it. plus i would be a horrible pregnant person i would eat SO much food cause i was eating for two, i wouldnt be able to avoid bad cravings, i would be the kind of person who wouldnt even want to walk down the street, and i deffinitley wouldnt want to any kind of excercise and then i would be eternally fat and then i would blame my kid and hate them forever. okay i wouldnt hate them and i wouldnt really ever show any kind of "upset" but i would secretly blame them for my weight gain. LOL.

the only thing i get annoyed about brides-to-be are when they are complaining. its such a contradicting point. they are supposed to be so happy basking in their engagement and planning their most special day of their life and they're sitting their bitching because they couldnt white roses they had to have red roses - LOL i mean i can understand it, you can be upset, but dont be pissy about it. these are how bridezillas are formed.

i've never been one to fantasize about my wedding i guess i figure my wedding would have to be a relfection of me AND my husband and since I dont know him, i dont know the wedding.

i could totally be a wedding planner, i've even designed a few weddings for projects in school but i could not deal with brides, i hear they constantly change their minds and that would drive me crazy but everything else i could do so well and have so much fun doing - the puzzle of the seating chart, the taste and style of the decor. maybe i'll do it on the side... haha

okay im at work and its only 7:30am and i only have two tours ALL day and its going to be as slow as forrest gump soooo comment on here! please! :)

jojo cucina cucina said...

it's lunchtime and i'm eating and looking at my blog. I just realized how much darker the red shoe photo looks on my computer. It's a much better print than this.

Kylee you crack me up about pregnancy.

Sarah, i totally thought you named yourself after the Kingsmen song. also isn't Weiser the name of Shirley McClain's awfully grumpy character in Steel Magnolia's?

i could NEVER be a wedding planner. All that waste of money that goes into weddings would make me barf. And there is nothing more nauseating than a self-centered bride and her overbearing mother. Not to mention the bitching you have to hear from the bridesmaids who have to wear the ugly dresses the bride picks out.

having said that, i have to admit that i love watching "Say Yes to the Dress" on TLC. I have no idea why.

louielouie said...

Again waiting for a scanned document to reach my husband's pc i don't get it, he's like 5 feet from me.

It's all about my middle name, Louise; both the louielouie and the Weiser, plus there was a Weiser(sp) Idaho near where I was born.

Don't know what was with my family and middle names. My brother's is Ludwig and he threatened to beat us up if we told his friends.

I love Say Yes To The Dress. Next time I get married I want a big-o-white creation with tiers and a train; 'cept Im not getting married again and I refuse to buy one like that for my daughter.

Do love the show though and the gals working there. I'd like to go and try them on and not buy but that would be mean.

so much for our early start on the road..

jojo cucina cucina said...

It is still early for a Ron&Sarah early start. Remember that time you arrived at midnight in Port Townsend?

Ouiser is i think the Steel Magnolia character i was thinking of.

I always feel sorry for the kecia gal and the tall thin gal with the short haircut. The guy always comes in and swoops to the rescue underminding her efforts.

Modern Hippie said...

yano, its a shame that weddings are such a horrible thing to plan and everyone is so bitchy - because it really it SHOULD be super fun and relaxed cause its all about the love.

i like to think that a couples wedding reflects on how their marriage will end up - big extravnagt weddings will fail and bitchy brides and ugly bridesmaids dresses - these marriages will fail too. what do you think? of all the weddings im thinking of; i'm right. but you guys have probably seen a few more than me.

which Ludwig was he named after - beehtoven or mies van der rohe?

louielouie said...

haha Modern Hippe, now you'll be sorry you asked.

louie/louie on Middle Names

sorry if I hurt anyone's feelings about their middle names....

I think they’re very interesting. My brother’s middle name is Ludwig after great-grandpapa-born in Germany. Actually it was sort of a contest race between John (my brother) and cousin Eric. Who ever was born first got to have the blessed family middle name Ludwig. So Eric’s dad (my dad’s brother) was bummed when my brother was born just before Eric and scored the prized name. John hated it; I think he kinda grooves on it now though.

So why can’t two cousins have the same middle name?

I think some girl middle names are throw-away-names, like Ann, Marie and Louise, just nice fillers.

Some folks overdo it like they can't make up their minds, my grandma was Leona Sophia Dorthia Maria Luisa, what's with that. And Jo, if you have lyn tacked on to you name do you get a middle name too? Is JoAnn cheating?

Also middle names are lots of time family names, which I get when you want to honor some great aunt; my mom’s middle name is Hulda, now that’s just cruel. My husband wanted to give our daughter the middle name of Mae after an aunt, his sister and a cousin, but I though Emma Mae sounded like white trash.

I also don’t get the juniors and the IIIs. My brother John Ludwig is sort of a junior because my dad was John Leonard so they had all the, “which one do you want” stuff, which was confusing. Although a few time John signed my excuses from school with his own name so it wasn’t forgery and I wasn’t counted as skipping; that was good. Still, when people ask me if I’m related to John, I have to ask which one. Every one in my family is important but me, so lots of folks know them both.

But what’s with George Foreman naming all his sons George Foreman?

Both my kids have the same middle name, which is my last name. They have different last names from different dads so it keeps us all tied together and I like it. I went back to my maiden name after my first divorce and couldn’t see changing it again when I got married the second time (which was only like 5 days later). Besides now I can still make fun of Jo with her 17 last names because I’ve only had two.

So having the connecting middle name for the kids I think is nice. I remember when my son was little he thought everyone had their mom’s last name as a middle name because all his cousins did. Poor boy, bunch of women-libbers in his life.

I sort of wish sometimes though that my daughter had a pretty middle name, some throw-away-nice one like Louise LOL

jojo cucina cucina said...


I did NOT have 17 last names. It just SEEMED like it because Shingledecker was SUCH a long one. But at least i didn't get married again 5 days later.

and you are right, since my real name is Jolyn, (which i immensely hate) i should not have a middle name. If i ever get divorced again (which i won't) i would not change my last name however, i would legally change my first name to Jo just like it says on my driver's license.

Your mother's middle name is indeed cruel. Seems like she would have a mantel full of Hummels with that name. And i know she doesn't.

Also, i didn't know that about George Forman.

I really hate the name Mae. But i love the name Rae for a girl.

~grits~ said...

My daughter's middle name is Mae.

lol - kidding!! While having pregnancy brain I thought I might name her Gracelyn because I'm such an Elvis fan (Graceland) - but I got over it and settled for Grace as the middle name.

jojo cucina cucina said...

Grits!!!!!!!!!!! LOL. You almost got me on that! I am so glad you didn't name her Gracelyn. But i do love the name Grace. I love the word 'grace'.

My mom ad nauseam tells the story to anyone who will listen about how she almost named me Jamie Dean after her favorite actor. My Dad, thankfully, said no. But them i got stuck with Jolyn, which she is also so proud of and i have always hated it because it constantly is misheard or misspelled and one year i was enrolled as a new student as "John" because of how a bad signature can make it look like that.

I got so tired of people thinking i said "Joan" that when i married Mr. Shingledecker in 1978 I decided to shorten it and have never gone back. Most people don't know my real name but i love it when at work i am always alerted that someone asking for Aunt Jolyn or Jolyn is on the phone. So i always know it's Troy's boys or my mom who are the only ones who call me that anymore.

If i had kids i would name a girl Rae. If i had a boy i think i would choose Jackson cause if they shortened it to Jack that would be fine with me. I wouldn't give them middle names.

I have never been pregnant nor have i wanted to be but when i was in my teens i remember writing in my journal that i would name my little girl 'Harmony'. I think i was listening to Elton John's "Goodbye Yellow Brick Road" during that era.

My daughter who was never born and who would be 35 years old now thanks me A LOT.... LOL

~grits~ said...

I really like Jolyn - especially that it is spelled w/one n - but I wont call you that since I only know you as Jo. But it sounds so pretty when said w/a southern accent lol.

Isnt is funny how most people dont like their name? I always wanted to change mine either completely or the spelling to Teri Lyn.

lol - Harmony!! I mean it is a beautiful word, but...eek! That reminds me of Nugget Gold-
a town local here.

What was that girl's name on the Bobby Long movie? Hominy something?

Modern Hippie said...

haha that is quite the story louie/louie!!

the one thing i like about middle names, and i would use this advantage is that if your kid didnt like their first name they could go by their middle name - its like a second chance haha

i have a middle name Marie - but it's not quite so generic because its my mom's first name and my mom's middle name is her mom's first name. so its almost like a mini-tradition although im never having kids so its up to my sister to carry on the tradition.

when you have several middle names - you are offically retarded.

I can understand the juniors, i think its kind of cool and when you get in the traditiion and your the 5th Jon Stewart (dont you wish lol) BUT what i hate, and working in the cruise lines and checking in big families of people i've seen this ALOT you have five generations of Tom Smith - and they ALL have the same freaking middle name. that is the whole point of the middle name! to seperate you and make you more indivual, and they laugh and think its funny and im pissed because i cant keep it straight (and in that situation, the ship had mixed them all up (because its by bdays) and the grandpa actually had the kids card and wasnt allowed to drink and they got pissed at us and i just wanted to say. 'then get freaking creative u dumbass'! hahahaha

i like Jolyn, its a cool idea how you were Jolyn and Kelly was Kelly Lyn - i call you Jolyn sometimes. not often but when we worked together i did. lol.

did you know a driver at my work goes by "Grandpa Don" and it actually says Grandpa on his drivers license? haha!!

i've always joked about naming my daughter Audrey after Audrey Hepburn but its such an old name i dont really like it alone. so when i was talking about getting a girl dog i was going to name it after some of her characters - Holly for Holly Golightly but then i got a boy dog. but if i ever do ADOPT a baby girl i could still maybe go for Holly but i dont know I like the name Olivia. surprise that I named my dog Oliver haha

I never want kids, maybe I could adopt. but i refuse to ever be pregnant. but i like the idea of picking out baby names and buying baby clothes. but it only goes that far haha

i think i would be controlling - well no, i would be extremely free with my kids but I would want them to be a certain kind of person if they were gothic or super cheerleader-preppy i couldnt do it haha

bobby long is an AWESOME movie!

~grits~ said...

Hippie-girl, I honestly don't know how anybody has more than 1 kid if they don't adopt. That Dugger mom must be insane! It was kinda cool that I had a human being growing inside of me but most of the time I felt like an alien incubator, especially since my butt was twice as big as my belly. I worried for awhile that it was gonna come out that way - LOL!! One time for enough for me!!!!!

~grits~ said...

lololol - Grandpa Don!!

louielouie said...

I liked being pregnant Ok and never had any real problems, but wouldn’t want to make a habit of it. My kids were 5years apart so you could sort of forget the bad stuff in between. Still looking for those pg and birthing photos to post here

What would be worse then being pregnant Dugger-syle is that you end up with all those babies. No way I could care for 18 kids or even care about them all. I have a limited attention span. By kid three I would be drinking and smoking with them on the couch watching daytime TV so with no job, we would be in the poor house and the kids would be on the street. They would be street-schooled not home-schooled.

And I could not decide on names for that many kids. I will mention just a few of my rules about names because I know I have so many, if I go on I'll offend someone for sure.

Mostly when you’ve been in junior highs for 25 years, the name can’t remind you of a certain student; you lose a lot of good names that way

1. The nickname has to have the same first initial as the real name so Robert and Bob don’t work.
2. The name can’t work for both and a girl so teachers don’t get confused.
3. The spelling has to match the name, otherwise that’s too hard for teachers too; some folks take a perfectly lovely name like Grace and ruin it by spelling it Grey-aze or something.
4. The name needs to be OK when your daughter is a toddler and later when she is supreme court justice
5. You want a name that’s not too weird but one that not everyone else has. “I went to school with 27 Jennifers”

I really like Grace and Audrey. They’re both classic and timeless. I can’t think of good middle names for them though I do like Audrey Marie; I was thinking Grace Louise but it might be too much like Grace less. It’s kind of hard with the old fashioned names. I like Jackson too, but all of a sudden there are a bunch of little Jacksons around. Happened after I named both my kids. There are Emmas everywhere now, I blame Jennifer Aniston on Friends. Em didn’t like her name when she was little, wanted to be Tracie, she likes Emma now though. David is my all time most favorite name.

Sometimes you think of a really good name and then some one you know uses it for their dog and it's lost to you forever. How do you tell your kid you named him after Aunt Kylee's dog?

IslandPearl said...

I cam thiiiiiis close to being Lola Louise (middle names of my mom's two sisters). The Lola I could bear. Not so much on the Louise.

I misguidedly used my first name in middle school -- 7th grade year -- marked me for life. So I stick to the middle. Named for my two grandmothers. Mary Carolyn and the other one.

jojo cucina cucina said...

OOOOH, i love these comments about names.

And of course there is a middle name for Kylee's Audrey. 'AUDREY JO' would be a great name.

louie says:
"The name needs to be OK when your daughter is a toddler and later when she is supreme court justice".... SO TRUE. You cannot have a Bambi or a Trixie for a judge's name.

pearl, Lola Louise sounds like a porn queen's name!!! I think of that song "Lola" when i hear it. "I met her in a club down in north Soho, where we drank champagne and it tastes just like cherry cola.... La La La Lola. La La La Lola......"

who did that song anyway? And wasn't it about a transvestite?

Lynnie said...

Ah, something that I can answer: 'Lola' was done by by the Kinks; Ray Davies wrote it and was the lead singer. What a great song, and yes, it was about a transvestite.

Love the photo of the red high heel. Sexy, red heels are sexy. But not when Sarah Palin is wearing them.

I love everybody's comments about names. When I was a kid, I was sure that someday I would have a daughter that I would name "Tammy." Ugh. It's a good thing that I remained childless. Along with Bambi and Trixie, Tammy is not a name for a judge, and not even appropriate for a lawyer!

That Progressive Insurance chick has a really huge head. Is it her hair? She is so annoying, so I wouldn't want to meet her, either (along with Sarah Palin.)

I would really like to meet Rachel Maddow, and of course, Jon Stewart. I think that I've given up on David Duchovny. I wanted to meet the early '90s version of Duchovny.

Did anybody watch "Flash Forward?" People that I know are liking it a lot, but I don't think that it's as good as "Lost."