Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Just Stuff. Not much really.

Menu of the Day:
I took this photo to show off two things. My new slippers that Modern Hippie/Kylee referred to in a comment recently. I bought these so i can walk around sweeping up my hardwood while brushing my teeth. When they get dirty you just throw them in the wash. I don't know why everyone thinks they are hysterical. I think they are soberly practical.
Listening to: Jason Mraz's "I'm Yours". I think i am wearing this song out.
Last itunes purchase: I bought some music last night. I already forgot their titles. I'll be back.....OH yeah, State Radio's "Right Me Up" and at Kylee's request, Citizen Cope's "Left for Dead"
Book: Today, I just bought the Jon Krakauer's book about Pat Tillman's service in Afghanistan and Iraq. So far i like it. I backed off on the Teddy Kennedy autobiography. I might buy it when it comes in paperback. But after looking through it i was afraid it would be another thick book in my stack (like the Bill Clinton book) that I never wanted to finish and now it takes up too much room.
OOps: i forgot to say the second thing about my photo. The second thing is louie/louie/Sarah, my longest best friend i've ever had sewed these pajama bottoms. And as i mentioned earlier, they even have pockets!
The Best thing that happened today: I got my hair highlighted today and it looks good. I wish i could blow dry my hair like my stylist does.
1. I am thinking that i can't be working too much longer at the union job i'm doing now. Maybe one more year at the most. It might be temporary. but i don't know. I don't like the feeling.
2. the problem is it pays too well to casually leave it behind and the benefits are too awesome.
3. the other thing is i don't know how to do anything else but work in education. And i'm not sure it's better anywhere else.
4. I wish i could take a sabbatical.
5. But i don't think they would give sabbaticals to someone who just wants to lay around all day watching the HG channel or reading books.
6. I should have gone into editing for a major publisher. Wouldn't that be so cool to read for a living? LOL.
7. I think i want the job at iTunes who decides about the Just for You section. That if you like Joe Cocker, well then i bet i can find some Tom Petty songs that you might like too. Same with books. I could do that too. If you like Ciderhouse Rules, chances are you will like Prince of Tides. that sort of thing.
8. Better yet, i can come up with names for new wines. If there already is a Fat Bastard then there should be a Skinny Bitch; If there is a Working Girl Red, there should be a Streetwise Chick Shiraz; how about Freefall, or Overtime or Reminisce (did i spell that correctly?)
i'll think of more later,
9. Please add your own ideas for wines!
10. Ok, that's all i got for tonight.


IslandPearl said...

Love your slippers! I've seen them in catalogues, but feared I'd bust my generous ass if I tried them!!

Be careful!

Can't come up with a good wine name...14 hour v. stressful day today. Brain is just numb.

Wait - here's one: if there's a Turning Leaf, couldn't there be a Spinning Petal?

IslandPearl said...

Oh -- I forgot. The down side (isn't' there always a down side...?) of being an editor is like the down side of being a food or movie critic: for every transcendant experience there are many craptastic ones. I don't think I could read dreck if you paid me.

Modern Hippie said...

i bet if you worked in publishing you wouldnt love reading as much as you do.

although i dont think i couuld have the same argument for wine. lol.

thats like the sam adams commercial when they bring samples of beer around and the one guy sitting in his office at his desk is like "i love my job!" haha dad had an interview way back when he left coke for a beer company someone that knew Arlo, he didnt get it (obviously) but i always thought it would have been a good job for him, maybe take him off that nasty coors light. although one thing i will say about coors light is that it is refreshing lol

im sick of my job too though, but thats because the job i am doing is not what i signed up for, its not what i interviewed for and its not even the pay i initally thought i was getting. i am mad the job is ending and i cant stay on year-round but at the same time i'm thinking THANK GOD.

and because of this god-awful job i dont even get a break, i never have a day off and when i actually go on break for school i get 4 days (only because i actually took a saturday off) with no work or school. a 4 day vacation!? sitting in my apartment. woo hoo.



Modern Hippie said...

and the slipppers are hilarious. they are so very Jo. but i love the line "soberly practical"

did i mention that i can listen to above the bones perfectly fine, but "im yours" i cant really listen to right now.

although left for dead & dont wanna cry are both hard to hear as well, but in a good way.

amulbunny said...

May I be so bold as to ask you what kind of slippers you bought? They look neat. I broke my foot when I was wearing slippers so now I am more particular, the dear foams didn't do their job.

And by the way,
Cat's Pee on a Gooseberry Bush is a real wine name, so why don't they have Dog Poop on a Strawberry Vine?

(This classic description was chosen as the name for a New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc which has been one of the biggest selling wine in Britain.)

susieatl said...

Skinny Bitch is a wine! It's made here in Georgia and it's from blueberries I believe. I had a bottle. It's really skinny so you only get a few glasses but it's ok.

I tried to post a link but this site won't let me ...now I'm thinking about visiting the winery...maybe this weekend...

Modern Hippie said...

I'm so the opposite of a vino you guys, i just drink whatever jojo gives me usually, and i always like it. but couldnt tell you the difference between a chardonay and a riesling. at least i know most names of the wines (well types like chardonay and pinot grigo)

i definitley dont really know names, i did work in a "wine bar" for a year though. but i was 16 and it wasnt really a wine bar, so it made no impression. except for the wine that had a rooster on it. dale & something? iunno. haha.

Modern Hippie said...

oh p.s. jojo's slippers are dusters! litterally they are made to dust your floors while you wear them! lol

thats why they are such a crack-up, i dont think she explained them that well lol

or if you know jojo well enough you will know that she is totally OCD and her house, although it doesnt feel OCD and neat and tidy and uncomfortable, it totally is that way underneath (OCD & Tidy) lol

and shes borderline obsessive about those GORGEOUS hardwoods of hers. for good reasons of course.

louielouie said...

Jobs - can’t quit because:

1. I’m the only one working
2. I’m too young to retire
3. I’ve never worked in the real world.
4. Can’t give up “back to school” shoes
5. Have no friends outside of work (except Jo)
6. Have no hobbies/interests outside of wwork (except making pj pants)
7. Would have no excuse for a dirty house
8. I really need my good prescription drug plan
9. My mom would send those inspirational emails to my home email address

I think maybe Jo and I should switch jobs, I could be the Union Goon and she could be the education middle manager with responsibility and no power. It’s kind of cool though because no one really knows what my job is so no one really knows if I’m doing it right, or even doing it most of the time. That’s why I don’t work hard haha.

I would like to drink:
“I Don’t Give A Shit Gin”
Or Pretentious Pinot Noir
Or a box of “Whatever White”
Or “Gut-Bustin’ Beer” (doesn’t come in a lite variety)

Best thing that happened to me today:

I visited a couple of teachers today who were really glad to see me and said so. Made my day.

louielouie said...

OK so I am posting again because I have a ton of school work I should be doing but don't want to so her goes about jobs:

1. I wanted to be a fashion designer once I got to college. I loved my textiles and tailoring classes, but have no artistic or creative talent - I can follow directions well is all

2. I still want to work in the linen department at the Bon Marche, I love sheets and comforters and towels and tablecloths; even china. But I don’t really want to work nights and weekends and the Bon is gone and I haven't forgiven Macy's for Martha Stewert

3. I fantasize about going back to checking groceries. When I did it I had to reach down into the cart with my left hand, grab the can, read the price out loud off the label and touch-key the price with my right hand entering with the correct department key. Also had to memorize the code for each produce type there weren’t as many kinds of fruits and vegetable back then though. Seems like t would be easier now -no scanners then. Not sure I could stand for 8 hours any more. . .

4. I still think about being a junior high principal. And I did do it and I did like it and was good at it too. But it took just too much of me so I switched positions. I do miss the kids. Actually I liked being an assistant principal better; I like the naughty kids best; just not the naughty parents and teachers.

5. Still looking to marry money and then take voice lessons and read books and muddle about but not garden or volunteer.

mostly I do like the job I have though; I just need to feel more like I'm accomplishing something worthwhile

Modern Hippie said...

Louie Louie, i loveeee all your names for alcoholic drinks! lol i would totally buy "whatever white" lol i can already picture the label.

haha all those jobs sound horrible!! stick with what you got! lol

jojo cucina cucina said...

1. re: editor work. Actually i have a very hard time even with the book i've bought of ever finishing them if i don't get into it within 20 pages, so yeah pearl. If it were up to me probably a good many novels that started out slow would not have been published. (Poisonwood Bible comes to mind.)

2. NASTY Coors Lite is right, hippie. I hate even looking at a can of that stuff.

3. amulbunny, LOL Dog poop. They do have a "Three legged dog" shiraz which i think is cute. And i saw a bottle of that "Strong Arms" at Tacoma Boys, which i thought was perfect for me.

4. susieatl, I should have known Skinny Bitch would already be a wine! I have to go search the label for that one. I bet it's cool.(That's another job i want, though it would involve me actually having some talent. I would love to design wine labels.)

5. Hippie, you i think would like viognier. Though what i have made for you was sangria, because it's not 100% wine. You loved that. Yes, i am borderline obsessive about my hardwoods. You and Ashley with those stiletto heels would have torn them up a long time ago without me being so! (Reminds me, your sister still has my very cool running socks! LOL.)

6. Louie/Louie, LOL....you have friends, who if were reading my blog, would have hurt feelings that you don't list them! LOL. (I like "Whatever White" for a wine name!) I don't think you would like grocery checking with the new technology as much as when you worked at the Piggly Wiggly. (I just love saying the name Piggly Wiggly!) You are too much of a multi-tasker!

OK, gotta get my butt in gear. Off i go.

~grits~ said...

hi jo,
I just this on lifetime channel-
a movie about Georgia O'Keefe. It's on saturday 8p (may be different time for you) Lifetime movies are usually laughable but Im gonna watch or dvr this one to see if its any good.

~grits~ said...

p.s. I gotta get me some of those duster shoes!! If they come in different sizes, I'll get some for all of us lol. What a great concept!

Modern Hippie said...

yeah the problem i get stuck in, is that i will try a wine and i end up not liking it but its more the brand of wine rather than the type of wine. and obviously i dont tend to drink expense wines, but i dont like yellowtail (the one that is actually yellow which i think is a chardonay) but i do like some of the local washington wines like chataeu st michelle and columbia crest

shawn actually picks good wine, well wine i like anyways LOL who knows if its good.

haha i know, we would have destroyed the floors. i really want to get hardwood floors in the new apartment because i spill SO much (not like big bowls of soup or anything like that, but things drip every once in a while lol) and i do have oliver, hardwood floors are so much easier to clean and they are so much healthier because they dont attract the dust, BUT i would be a little nervous about my heels. engineered floors would be better for me. cant i be rich already so i can design & build my own penthouse condo? LOL

equeyaya said...

louielouie, i like your #7 under why you don't quit, lol! same for me!

i don't have anything clever to add, just feeling brain dead lately.

although i did fantasize today about quitting my job. what i'd love to do instead is be a travel writer. or a wet nurse - but i guess i wouldn't qualify for that. or muck horse stalls - take out my frustration with a shovel. or walk people's dogs in New York City. or run a villa in Tuscany. yeah, that would be pretty sweet.

jojo cucina cucina said...

TXGrits, thank you for letting me know about the Georgia O'Keefe Lifetime show. We just DVRd it! Grits i got those at Bed Bath and Beyond. Don't know if you have one in Texas. They were $9.95. And they keep your feet warm too! I think i could do the Michael Jackson moonwalk in them if i tried.

Louie, re: #9...your mom does not REALLY send inspirational messages to you at work does she? I cannot picture your mom doing that at all.

Ms. Hippie, you are a spiller, just like my husband. One of the other reasons i got hardwoods. You should look for a vintage place in Seattle with distressed hardwoods and then it wouldn't matter about your dangerous shoes.

eque, you should do a travel blog that becomes so famous that you make a living off of it and get to deduct all your travel with the IRS! LOL...wet nurse.

louielouie said...

Island Pearl I was thinking about the Turning Leaf label and it reminded me of Turning Stomach Chablis

Jo my mom does so send me crap email at work.

Not so much inspirational and sappy but mostly “funny”, you know you’re old when… or women are smarter than men because..

Now that I think abut it, they are usually lists, so Jo you might really enjoy them, I’ll post the next one here, as long as there aren’t cute photos attached because I don’t know how to do that.

Today my job was good

I spent the day at a College Entrance seminar and now I want to go to college. They all sounded so interesting and the advisors so helpful and the opportunities limitless. I'm thinking of Seattle Pacific. It's small but in Seattle, the best of both worlds

Too bad you have to pass Algebra II to graduate from high school in Washington now, because we all need it every day in our careers and couldn't be productive citizens without it. We’re changing our grad requirements to match college entrance requirements. To pass the community college entrance exam they recommend pre calculus go figure. (Oops I'm back on my soap box. I did pass Algebra II and liked it, just never use it and wouldn't in any of my dream jobs.)

Finished off the afternoon when our new state superintendent of public instruction stopped in for an incoherent pep talk. I did, however, behave reasonably well - never snickered out-loud once

‘nough of that

Tomorrow I’m back to real work with real people then a meeting with my CTE (vocational) director pals they're the best - and happy hour at my mom's.
She always has the best booze

~grits~ said...

I really like BB&B - I go to them in Austin and always find the coolest stuff. I LOVE my sheets I get from there.

and I really like those pajammy pants!!

~grits~ said...

I cant believe I forgot to dvr that movie after I told you about it. But it's on again tonight.

Lynnie said...

Random thoughts, based on everybody's comments from the whole Summer:

Hi, Folks. I'm sorry that I stayed away so long. I absolutely have to re-bookmark this site. I keep losing it.

Great slippers and jammie bottoms, Jo ~~~ and wonderful hardwood floors. I'm jealous of all your items that I just mentioned.

I used to read all of the time. Now I don't ~~~ except for the stuff that I read online. But if I feel like picking up a good book, I know that I can get great suggestions here.

I worked for Piggly Wiggly when I was in high school ~~~ weekends and summers. It was fun back then. Now I couldn't stand in one place for so many hours.

Because I'm swimming so much, I have to wash my hair too often. The chlorine is killing it.

I made stuffed peppers tonight, and also chili ~~~ using real tomatoes instead of canned ones and red peppers instead of green ones. The chili is for the weekend, because I hope to be taken out tomorrow night.

Our dishwasher broke down again, and I'm big-time proud of myself for finding out the model number, looking it up online, and finding the broken part number and ordering it. Steve says that he can replace the part. It's a total charge of $27.81 and the part should be here by Tuesday. That's better than calling a repairman, waiting a week for him to show up and look at the dishwasher, and then go away because he doesn't have the part and then come back another week later, replace the part, and charge $100+. Of course, Steve could end up breaking the whole thing . . .

Steve has been playing a lot of blues at jams this Summer. Mentioning Blind Faith reminded me of a student that I taught at the junior high level (back in the early '70s) who could really play excellent Stevie Winwood on the piano. Now he and my Steve jam together. Small world ~~~ but fun.

equeyaya said...

Hi Lynnie!

Miss you, jo.

jojo cucina cucina said...

Hi Lynnie - i've wondered where you been! And hi to allofyall! I just came on to tell you that i am not intentionally ignoring my blog or your blogs. I've been slammed at work trying to catch up. And this weekend my husband's family is coming to stay with us for his mom's birthday. I hope to get something going on Sunday evening and to catch up with all of your blog posts too.

Barbara, i am playing to death the one cd that starts with Death Cab for Cutie song. I LOVE that mix you sent. I haven't gotten around to the Paste one yet or the Serena one again after listening to it the first time because i like to get familiar with one at a time.

The song i think i love best is a funny one for me, it's the Beck song about the pillbox hat. LOVE IT!

Ok, i'll be back. Things are good, just busy.

IslandPearl said...

Good to see you!

equeyaya said...

ditto, pearl. :-)

~grits~ said...

ditto equeyaya! :)

r4i said...

Hey ya have a pretty tight menu. The slippers are good. The hair like design looks like the hair on an Iguana.