Saturday, October 3, 2009

Let's do the Saturday Shuffle...

Menu of the Day:
What I'm doing right now: making a cd mix for my nephew Brian.

What I should be doing: Actually...nothing. My house is clean and my laundry is done.

What I'm thinking about doing: Putting on some shoes and a bra and heading out to Albertson's to buy another iTunes card cause i'm down to 79 cents.

My new favorite song: thanks to equeyaya, it's Long Grey Mare by Fleetwood Mac. It makes me want to go dancing. What a great song. I love harmonica.

What i'm reading: The Doctor's Wife, it's a psychological thriller. So i'm told. I like it so far. I am also reading about three other books. I forget their titles.

What i'm drinking: Some red Gatorade.

What I'm thinking about drinking: There is a bottle of Toasted Head Chardonnay that i'm thinking about opening up.

My last favorite thing i bought: I was at Costco the day before yesterday and they had these super soft tank tops for $12.99.

What I'm putting on my nephew's cd mix: That Black Crowes song The last place that love lives and the Long Grey Mare and some John Hiatt and Delbert McClinton because he is taking guitar lessons from my Brian's friend and wants to start playing the blues.

If i had a hammer: I would NOT hammer in the morning, I would beat in the heads of some of the union members who voted back in the incumbent president. I might also use it on Glenn Beck and Kanye West.

My new favorite commercial: Actually used to be my least favorite commercial. It's the "Cell Phone Minute Mom"... Not being hot on cell phones, i totally forget what the ad is for, but i think you know what i mean. Anyway, it's grown on me for some weird reason. It is the one with the mom and her kids in the back seat of the car and the cell phone minutes. I love when she stares down her son and he looks away. Great acting in such a short commercial.

What i am procrastinating about: I do want to fix that red shoe photo in Photoshop and take it to the printer and have it framed. The photo on my blog shows up dark so it's hard to tell why it might be frameable, but it is. At least i think so. I am also proscrastinating about doing some touch up painting around the house.

Song playing right this very minute: Sister Hazel Fortress. I just discovered this band from iTunes. I really like this song. It's on the cd mix i just made.

Looking forward to: John Irving's new book, Brandi Carlile's new cd.

Biggest Disappointment Lately: Pat Conroy's new book South of Broad.

Guilty Pleasure: I blame louielouie. Both of us keep up with that wretched awful lame-o Mary Worth comic strip. EVEN after our local newspaper dumped it. it was her fault. I wrote a Letter to the Editor years ago protesting the dumping of Boondocks and listed Mary Worth as a strip worth dumping more. louielouie said i couldn't speak of such things unless i actually read mary and knew what i was talking about. So i started reading it. And got hooked. it's so stupid, you can't stop making fun of it. We share many emails about the characters in this strip as if they were friends of ours in real life.

If ever i was to karaoke: I would sing Summer Wine. And my husband Brian could sing the guy part of it. Hint: if you ever need to do a song, try one that Nancy Sinatra once did. These Boots are Made for Walking is a good one to try too.

What i wish would go away: Kate and Jon Gosselin tabloid news. I knew them when they were happy. those poor kids.

What I'm going to do right now after posting this: Pour myself a glass of Toasted Head. And get my Doctor's Wife book.

OK y'all know the 'rules'....


Modern Hippie said...

what i'm doing right now: eating "dinner" which consits of one italian sausage and orange juice. which i just ran out of it. so as soon as i finish typing this sentence i am going to get more. i will be right back.

okay, i am back. i know its silly to say "brb" when you're typing like this because as you're reading this you wouldnt have known that I left -- but i think its fun. lol

what i should be doing: exactly what I am doing – relaxing!! Much need R&R

what im thinking about doing: hm maybe finding something worth while on TV to watch, right now its seinfeld, which i always enjoy but maybe i'll find a movie.

my new favorite song: well its an old favorite but Jack Johnson - good people. i'm on such a kick about good people, and being nice and being rude and karma lately. and it has tremenoudly showed in my work. (i go out of my way for nice people and i actually get stone-like to people who are rude and start to yell at me.) so far so good.

what im reading: currently articles on wikipedia. haha. I am not allowed to "read" at work so instead I cheat and i find articles on wikipedia that interest me. today i read about Angelina Jolie (she is actually very odd when you look back at her history, her first "wedding" dress was black skin tight pants, a white blouse that she wrote her fiancees name on in her own blood. seriously.)
what i will soon be reading (hopefully) biographies on Howard Hughes, Andy Warhol and Edie Sedgwick. I became obsessed with Howard Hughes today actually.

what im drinking: Orange Juice

what im thinking about drinking: more orange juice.

my last favorite thing i bought: i bought it today actually its this really pretty scarf from express thats black and green with shiny black threads in it, i love scarfs but you have to find just the right one so that its not too big around your neck and you choke, so it doesnt itch you and that it can match with several outfits.

if i had a hammer: i would have no current use for it. however i do have a hammer. every good designer does.

my new favorite commercial: its kind of old i havent seen it in awhile but its one of my absolutle favorites (after the gap commercials featuring audrey doing her funny face dance.) its the lotto commercial where they are putting penguins in hang gliders and they play a really cool song and then it says "every bird should get the chance to fly" i actually almost cried the first time i saw it LOL!

what i am procrasting about: going through all my clothes - getting rid of what i dont need and donating it (i have a few bags/piles but they have sat there for weeks) i also have not put away any clothes, they are in a big mound of clothes in the closet.

song playing right this very minute: an old counting crows song -- jojo i cant believe you've had sister hazel until now! im emailing some songs you must have!

looking forward to: moving. at the same time i dont want to because i LOVE my view and i LOVE how close I am too school (1-3 blocks depending on which campus) anyways the view is amazing i get the best sunsets and right now its a spectacular one the entire sky is hot pink and orange that blends into a soft dull blue - its almost majestic.

guilty pleasure: blogging. its almost a secret guilty pleasure.

if ever i was to karaoke: rolling stones - beast of burden. best song ever! hands down.

what i wish would go away: WORK. Definitely work. I am so done with this.

what im going to do right now after posting this: finish checking emails and such.

Modern Hippie said...

okay guys im embarrased to say i actually had to edit my last post because i wrote too much!! there is a limit of 4,059 characters and i exceeded it!! :x

so quick second post for pearl: what day were you going to be at the sheraton again?? I'm there from 8am-4:30 our desk is on the lobby level of the pike tower over by the lounge and the daily grill by the 6th & pike entrance. we just have a little desk off to the side. or just ask someone for the gray-line desk : )

jojo cucina cucina said...

Kylee, i bet you have a hard time twittering! LOL.

I once had that problem on writing on your blog about trying to answer your White Liberal Post.

jojo cucina cucina said...

Kylee, are you sure it's Sister Hazel who does Leaving on a Jet Plane? I can only find it by Slightly Stoopid.

amulbunny said...

What I'm doing right now: Watching COPS. Geez these people are stupid.

What I should be doing: The dishes.

What I'm thinking about doing: Getting some water and shutting down this thing.

My new favorite song: Boogie, by Black Joe and the Honeybears. Got it on the free ITunes ACL download and love it.

What i'm reading: The System of the World, the 3rd book in the Baroque Cycle by Neal Stephenson.

What i'm drinking: Ice Water

What I'm thinking about drinking: Jack and Coke

My last favorite thing i bought: Dan Brown's new novel.

What I'm putting on my nephew's cd mix: I let the social butterfly make my cds'now.She's got a lot more music than I do.

If i had a hammer: I'd use it on the idiots who restricted parking without a permit on my street and the city for charging 10$ for the permit.

My new favorite commercial: The golden human award that KNBC uses for local places.

What i am procrastinating about: I need to get another set of curtains for my bedroom. But it's only got 3 windows so I'll be stuck with one extra.

Song playing right this very minute: Koop Island Blues. Heard it on SYTYCD and loved it.

Looking forward to: the new season of House. So far it's promising.

Biggest Disappointment Lately: Any team that is beat by USC.

Guilty Pleasure: Buying Yankee Candles at a discount price at Ross and TJ Maxx. They are discontinued from previous years and I get them at a song.

If ever i was to karaoke: I'd sing White Rabbit and feel god that I don't even have to look at the words.

What i wish would go away: The incessant ads on the local NBC news for the Jay Leno show. Yes we know it's on and you don't have to keep reminding us.

What I'm going to do right now after posting this: Finish watching COPS, go out to josh's house and talk to him, and then come back in.

Modern Hippie said...

hey now, i am actually against Twitter. I have it for Obama and "twitter" will text me updates so i am a member but i do NOT use it and it creeps me out because random people i dont know start following me (i get emails saying "so and so is now following you on twitter) however i do use facebook and i update my status often but i keep it short and sweet

yupp its definitley sister hazel, i have it. i also have the slightly stoopid one as well though haha

i love house but i am very weird and i never want to watch it when its just on cable - i used to DVR it but I dont have DVR and i dont think its on ondemand, i need to be in a certain kind of mood for house

however the last (sniff sniff) season of Monk is going wonderfully! its really good. as is always. im going to be so sad when its over.

louielouie said...

What I’m Reading: Finally read Little Bee, that Jo loaned me months ago. Liked it a lot but sorry to say I dropped it in the hotel hot tub.

Also Finished Julia Child’s My Life in France so am moving on to Julie and Julia. I loved the movie

My favorite Commercial: I really like the Miller High Life ads where the delivery guy goes to exclusive venues and takes away their beer. I love the cell phone mom ones too; in the latest one it looks like she’s about to crack up and the kid’s so deadpan.

What I’m drinking: A nonfat Latte

What I’m thinking about drinking: The emergency Bushmill’s in my travel makeup case

My last favorite thing I bought: A new wine opener, the kind with the two narrow blades that go down the sides of the cork. You sort of rock the cork out and it comes out easy and without holes so you can put it back in the bottle – great for those of us who can’t finish a bottle in one sitting.

Playing right now: Old Brandi Carlile, all I have with me is my IPod shuffle.

Looking Forward to my daughter making me a new mix with newer Brandi Carlile

If ever I were to Karaoke: Bob Dylan’s It Ain’t Me Babe

If I had a hammer: I would hammer in the morning. I’d hammer in the evening, and maybe I’d sing that on Karaoke too

Guilty Pleasure: CSI Miami

What I wish would go away: Guilt trips by folks holier and purer than I am

What I am procrastinating about: getting into a regular walking routine. Could be walking right now…..

What I'm wondering about: How come I can't get bold or italics to show when I type but Jo can? not even going to ask about color

jojo cucina cucina said...

very funny, louielouie...
of course i am referring to:

"Liked it a lot but sorry to say I dropped it in the hotel hot tub".

P.S. Comment section doesn't allow for all the fancy formatting. You have the blogger making a NEW POST .

IslandPearl said...

Drinking diet Sprite but will follow up with a Super Orange EmerGenC...I'm flying 3 out of the next 4 weeks and trying v. hard to stay healthy.

Last week was trying but ended up actually spectacularly -- all my plans went like clockwork (the result of a combination of planning and har work!) Only wee glitch was a dsmal dinner at on e of my favorite local restaurants. I know everyone's entitled to a bad night -- but not when I'm entertaining the president of my division and our CEO fergawdsake!

Favorite commercial: the talking pothole Geico commercial -- 'she' sounds just like Brittany Spears and the first time I saw it I just cracked up.

If I had a hammer, I'd hand it to Bud and tell him what I want done. I'm fully capable, but why risk a manicure when there's a compitent man around to do my bidding?

Don't be knocking the karaoke! I totally rock Linda Ronstadt and Patsy Cline...and did a v. respectable "Bohemian Rhapsody" with my friends Mark and Lori. So THERE.

Looking forward to my last trip of the month... Florida. It's a division mtg, and being a field person, I don't get many chances to see my work friends face to face. Was in China during the last meeting, so it's been about 8 months.

Bought The Host to read when I finish The Geography of Bliss. The main (okay, only) reason I would like to have a kindle is so I could carry multiple books on a trip with less weight. I usually blow through one each way and unless it's a real loser, can't bear to leave them behind. So my bag usually hold the book I'm finishing up, the one I want to start next and a back up in case one really sux (or I get delayed along the journey).

Guilty pleasure: vampire books (TrueBlood and Twilight)...don't judge me.

Latest favorite thing -- sort of. Just had my brows redone. They're tattooed on and fade after 3 years. It doesn't hurt all that much but during the healing period (couple of days) are kind of itchy and require vaseline or antibiotic salve -- not digging the shiny forehead for now but it'll be over soon.

And metalmouth update: my teeth are really shifting nicely. My smile is already showing marked improvement, and my jaw-related headaches have all but vanished. Plus, I've lost about 12 pounds with no additional effort. Yay me!

Modern Hippie -- my email is and I probably will be in too late to see you on Tuesday (flight's in at 5:45PM). Should be back to the hotel by 4:40 on Wed though. Hope to at least get to see you (or buy you a beer?)

Modern Hippie said...

HAHA LOUIE! - dropping the book in the hotel. everyone knows (some of you bloggers that dont get to see jojo face to face, therefore would never have receieved a book on loan from jo may not know this) but jojo is the BIGGEST... iunno the word for it. she will shoot you if you mess up her books, she writes on the inside cover on every book - something along the lines of "dont mess up the book" "you know what not to do" always different little sayings but always something about protecting the book and the only time she was happy about a friend ruining her book was when their dog chewed up Marley & Me (and they actually bought her a new copy but she wanted the chewed up instead lol)

I just ordered a few books on amazon - a biography on howard hughes - the wikipedia article interested me so much - i wanted a biography on warhol and he wrote three himself but they are HORRIBLE amazon lets you preview pages in the books and OH MY GOD. i dont know how it was ever printed. probably because im sure he did it himself.

haha i some friends who go to Cornish College - the other art school in town but they do theatre and everything as well - so I went to a party with a bunch of them and bohemian rhapsody came on - and omg the whole party ran into the same room and EVERYONE started singing and dancing to it on the top of their lungs - suprisingly it was SO fun. lol

island - youre eyebrows are tattooed?? i dont think i've ever seen that! do you have to shave your actual eyebrows then? --weird question, i know lol

metalmouth - ah the best thing about braces is getting them off, i remember i would run my tounge over my braces all the time because i wanted to have an amazing contrast when they came off - i think the glue sticks on your teeth at first cause they are WAY slimy when youre braces come off lol do you have to wear rubberbands? i hated rubberbands. i never wore my retainer when mine came off so my teeth have shifted alot : (

Lynnie said...

Hi everybody!

What I should be doing: paying bills so I can mail them tomorrow morning. I enjoy writing checks ~~ isn't that weird?

What I'm thinking about doing: same as above.

What I'm drinking: a cuppa tea. Probably decaf or white tea, because it's already nearly 10:30 p.m.

What I'm thinking about drinking: I'd prefer the peach-flavored green tea, but it has more caffeine than I should have at this hour.

My last favorite thing I bought: I guess that it would be the tiny bottle of geranium essential oil; a few drops in my bath water smells divine.

If i had a hammer: I would hammer the heads of the Republicans who are going to other countries and telling them about how awful Obama's policies are.

My new favorite commercial: All commercials that feature cats or dogs, puppies or kitties. It's an old one, but I still love the "Beggin' Strips" commericals ~~~ "What's in the bag? I can't read!"

What i am procrastinating about: the previously-mentioned bills. And moving the clothes from the washer to the dryer. And giving away the stuff that no longer fits. I procrastinate a lot.

Song playing right this very minute: No song, watching Rachel Maddow.

Looking forward to: bowling tomorrow morning, swimming tomorrow afternoon, and singing tomorrow night.

Biggest Disappointment Lately: Chicago being the first city to be eliminated from the 2016 Olympic bids, even though Oprah and the Obamas (and Mayor Daley) were all there trying to use their 'star power' on the committee. I really didn't care if Chicago got picked, and I'm glad that Rio got it. But I didn't want Chicago to be the first one to be out of the running.

Guilty Pleasure: I just had a piece of sweet potato pie, with real whipped cream on top. Yum!

If ever I was to karaoke: "The Tide is High" ~~ Blondie-style.

What I wish would go away: the mess on the coffee table in the living room.

What I'm going to do right now after posting this: Pay those bills. Dry those clothes. The coffee table can wait until tomorrow.

Modern Hippie said...

i love writing checks too!! i dont know why its just kinda fun.

i vote seattle for the olympics. - we can totally accomodate - : )

IslandPearl said...

Soooo sorry I missed MH in Seattle yesterday! Missed jo and now missed MH too.

Gorgeous weather though...wish I coulda stayed a little longer, but have to make a quick turn and head for Anchorage on Monday.

I have so precious little eyebrow to begin with that shaving is not necessary. She doesn't use a regular electric tat needle. It's a group of about 20 very tiny needles grouped like an exacto blade. Makes it look like real brows. And feel like a skinned knee for a couple of days.

And yes, I have bands now. Got 'em late last month. I'm hoping it signals that I'm closer to being done with this than I thought.

Lynnie...I kinda feel the same way about Obama's "America Sux" tour. You go around the world apologizing for how awful your country is, then are stunned to find that they don't want to hold the Olympics there. Made perfect sense to me.

I'm glad that Rio got it -- I was surprised to find that it had never been held anywhere in SA. It's about time. My friend Joao is thrilled. His mom called (from Sao Paolo) and woke him up to tell him!

Modern Hippie said...

I know pearl! i was bummed too! pink eye and illness was not my choice : ( don't feel bad though we'll make up for it next time you're in town!

well bands usually are at the "end" i was so bad about mine, i hated wearing them because i hated taking them out in public and i had braces in high school with the big lunches - i actually figured out how to use my tounge to either snap the bands or get them off and then i will discretly get them out of my mouth LOL

well its always a bit weird to me that the olympics gets held in big countries; it should always get held in 3rd world countries; help bring some life in the place and even a little humanitary "see whats going on" could happen.

IslandPearl said...

The problem with emerging nations hosting though is that realistically, the Olympics are a huge capital vacuum. You have to make enormous front end investments in capital improvements, like the arenas and sports venues and in some cases even mass transit, PLUS the housing for the athletes and associated media and what not. It's a huge expense.

Olympics suck money like you would not believe. And the cities rarely even recoup the investment. Some of the cities that have hosted them have even lost big $$$. That would be death to a smaller poor nation.

And there's no realistic sustained boost in business or tourism associated with hosting. Ask anyone from Atlanta.

That's why I thought that whole big Oprabama pilgrammage last week was such a joke. Not to mention a massive display of hubris. Then to get booted in the first round...Karma, yes?

Better to stay home and take care of what's ailing, I'd say. Stop campaigning and lead.

Modern Hippie said...

yeah - i thought of that after i signed off and i do remember seeing a big thing on CNN about how a lot of the hosting countries have lost money; i'm sure china lost money last year; that opening show was ridiculous!! i mean it was really awesome we actually studied the opening show in our lighting class since the whole thing was with LED lights but LEDs arent cheap especially at that extravagant amount -- and they built a whole new arena and everything but then again; everyone was "volunteers" so they didnt have to pay any wages haha and they probably enforced some kind of tax or mandatory "donation" lol

but the concept is nice

susieatl said...

Actually, Atlanta made a $10 mil profit from the Olympics and the growth was tremendous. They had a ton of sponsorships which I believed helped. We went several times and it was so strange being able to walk down streets you would not dare walk down normally. We had a blast..even though it was hotter than hell. It cleaned up some areas of Atlanta and gave us Centennial Park which brings families downtown.

But I think Rio will be a cool choice.

What I'm doing right now: Typing on the computer.

What I should be doing: I need to do laundry.

New favorite song: Don't have any. Haven't been able to listen to music in awhile.

What I'm reading: Still working on the Mark Twain biography. He was quite the rascal. And I love reading about my hometown.

Drinking: Diet Coke

I'm too ADD to keep going.

I AM SICK OF RAIN. It is has been the most dismal fall since forever. My favorite park is closed because it got flooded out...Lucy and I just run out to do her business and run in. Yuck.

Good to see everyone...

IslandPearl said...

I stand corrected. And LA cleared almost a 1/4 million $$ as well, in a privately financed Olympics back in '84. While Montreal LOST over a billion (in US $$) in '76. So it's clearly something of a crapshoot.

And given Chicago's longterm rep for corruption, one has to wonder...but it really doesn't matter. I hope that Rio sparkles plenty.