Saturday, October 10, 2009

High School Year Favorites (70's) : Cat Stevens, Ali MacGraw, American Pie, Serpico, Catcher in the Rye and more...

Menu for the Day:

Listening to: Faithfully Remain by Ben Harper (Thank you eque for this beautiful song!)

In my glass: La Crema chardonnay

Last music purchased: I actually bought 3 cds from Amazon: Van Morrison's Astral Weeks, the new Brandi Carlile and the new David Gray. They haven't arrived yet.

Reading: David Ellis is the prosecutor who nailed Blagojevich. AND he's a pretty good writer too. I'm reading The Hidden Man. (I love courtoom dramas.)

Last good Netflix movie: I just finished "The Groomsmen" which is written and directed and stars Ed Burns. I loved this movie! So did Brian. Ed Burns has interested me since he directed The Brothers McMullen in the 90's. He does such a good job making New York movies filled with great characters that you care about. This is just a really good story.


Troy wrote me an email recently about listening to Cat Steven's Foreigner Suite cd and it got me to thinking about Cat Stevens and how much i LOVED him when i was in high school. I still have most all of his vinyl records which i play on my patio stereo in the summertime. Only this year the stereo seems to be broken and i didn't get to play them. I purposely didn't want to buy them on cd before because i liked the special-ness of listening to them in the summer. But now I might have to break down and replace them with cds. Because the truth is 40 years later, i still love Cat Stevens. (My favorite songs were Wild World and Father and Son, Hardheaded Woman.) To me he was THE most handsome man. (I bet equeyaya will like him because he's a little bit like Sayid on Lost.)

Anyway, i was trying to come up with a new blog idea. And it got me to thinking about the 70's and all the stuff i had passion for back then.

So here is my list:

1. I had a total girl crush on Ali MacGraw from Love Story and wanted to look exactly like her. (The closest i got is that i have catepillar eyebrows very similar to hers. )

2. I probably fell in love with Al Pacino as Serpico for the obvious reason that he reminded me of Cat Stevens. To this day i do love a man who knows how to look good in a beard. (I probably married my second ex husband for this stupid reason.) Kris Kristofferson is another man who comes to mind. The Serpico movie was very good though too. Still a favorite movie.

3. Don McLean's American Pie. I knew every word to this song. I might still. I wore that song out on my reel to reel. (Remember those???)

4. Catcher in the Rye was my favorite book. I discovered it around the time our English teacher was making us read A Separate Peace, Cry the Beloved Country, and My Antonia. I HATED those books.

5. I also loved Valley of the Dolls and Peyton Place.

6. I am embarrassed to admit that i read Rod McKuen poetry. (But mostly for the sexual references. I remember a line: "I plunged my life deep into hers...." He was really bad. How did he get to be published?

7. I also pretended to like Kahil Gibran's The Prophet. But really i didn't. I just read it because everyone else seemed to be.

8. Truth be known, i don't much care for poetry at all unless it's funny and rhyming. I like to read what is clear to me without metaphors and symbolism. I don't have much patience for trying to read between the meanings.

9. I also loved football back then and was a big fan of Joe Namath, Larry Csonka, Roman Gabriel (I loved quarterbacks. Gabriel played for the LA Rams and also acted in a movie The Undefeated with John Wayne and Rock Hudson. Roman Gabriel played an Indian and i thought he was so cute!)

10. I also had many albums by Grand Funk Railroad. I loved Mark Farner. (I have always liked long hair on men, but not the combination of a beard AND long hair, just one or the other. ) My favorite Grand Funk song was "Mean Mistreater".

11. I used to fantasize about being married and having kids. And as mentioned earlier somewhere on this blog, i was going to name my daughter Harmony.

12. Somewhere out there Harmony is very happy with a different mom.

13. My favorite food back then was french fries with gravy.

14. I remember when i got my first little cassette player. I was so proud of it! My brother Scott and I used to record our voices on it. Sometimes singing to records! We were so terrible.

Ok, i had to add Roman Gabriel from that movie, The Undefeated. (Now that i think about it, i seem to remember thinking if Harmony was ever to have a baby brother, i might name him Roman.)

So what are your favorite things from your high school years?


louielouie said...

I worked really hard to get my awesome post under 4096 characters and it still won't take it.

will try again

louielouie said...

I’m old so I LOVE this topic - more about the 70s than high school; mostly the same.

I feel sorry for Modern Hippie high school was too recent
Here it is in two parts

I was talking to my daughter about different ways I skipped school my senior year and how clueless my dad was. The staff didn’t care because I had been so good the first 3 ½ years. I could do a whole post on accounts of various events and my explanations that mostly weren't lies, but just didn’t add up. Throw in clueless dads and it may be a novel. My daughter was pissed that she hadn’t broken more rules LOL.

70s deniers
At dinner with friends, my daughter was talking about her work with lab rats, supervised by a PHD student Ben. I brought up the song “Ben” because I thought it was a funny connection. None of the adults admitted to having ever heard it. Wouldn’t believe that it was a Michael Jackson love song to a rat until I Googled it and made them watch the video. Almost cried it was so touching.

Of course the Beatles - In one group of friends, one had a dad named Paul, one a dad, George, one Richard (Ringo's real name) my dad was John - how great was that, we were so connected.

I was all about Simon and Garfunkel, I think mostly Garfunkel because he was sensitive and misunderstood, I loved all their early stuff (actually the 60s) probably because my older brother listened to them. Plus I could remember the words and sing along. I love to sing along

My first record-a 45- was Day Dream Believer by the Monkees, that was junior high. My boyfriend was into Blood Sweat and Tears and Chicago, I was more of a Bread and Seals & Croft gal. Probably what I listened to most was James Taylor (still have it bad for him) and Crosby Stills and Nash.

I lost custody of all the music in the d i v or c e

I only read Catcher In The Rye because years earlier a group tried to have it banned from our school library. My dad -a minister was on the committee to review it – I’m sure they thought he would vote it out. It stayed in, but we had a copy at the house with all the DIRTY words underlined. That’s why I read it.

From my junior Modern Novels class I only remember Lord of the Flies, 1984 and Animal farm, didn’t like any of them and all the discussion of deep meaning; high school kids are still assigned to read them.

Read Walden’s Pond, which for some reason was all the rage, pretended to get it and care. Hated Jonathan Livingston Seagull; didn’t even try to get it – not sure there was anything to get.

louielouie said...

because I'm so sure you want to read more about my youth....

Was never going to have kids.
Did a research paper on “The Pill” and had to get permission from my mom because it was a controversial topic.
Planned to be some sort of a proud professional woman. My guidance counselor told me I could be a nurse or a home ec teacher, didn't like sick people so the rest is history. I knew I couldn't be an architect, my first career interest, because when I tried to take mechanical drawing I wasn't allowed; it was only for boys.

Did sew some child sized PJ’s with feet in home ec; making a garment for a child was a requirement - what's with that? I called them Andrew’s Pajamas for my some-day son Andrew. Still have the little jammies. But no Andrew.

I remember when pantyhose were invented so we could quit with the garters. Skirts got so SHORT. In high school, my skirts were too short to sit on, just touched the chair in the back, so I had to be careful when I leaned forward because there would be a gap between the hem of my skirt and the chair. We could not wear pants the rules changed my senior year; then they had to be dress pants no jeans.

Totally had the long straight hair and grooved on the no bra look in college. With no boobs it worked out fine. I remember being disgusted when straight leg pants came out and my friends and I were sure we would never give up our bell-bottoms. Of course we did, went pipe legged, then straight (remember zippers in the ankles?), then flared and now...

Never did quite buy into the whole free love stuff; too much up-bringing I guess. Married my high school boyfriend to have guiltless sex.

Looking back, the wedding wasn’t bad considering it was planned by a 19 year old, however, the groom did wear a baby blue ruffled shirt. Actually he turned out to be an excellent exhusband and I am the BEST exwife EVER.

jojo cucina cucina said...

1. I have to confess that i did like the song "Ben".

2. I was never a Beatles fan, but if i had to choose a favorite, it was ALWAYS George.

3. I never ever skipped school. Not even once.

4. louie, i can't believe you still have Andrew pajamas. Did Nick never get to wear them?

5. I had the long straight hair too. My friend Colette and I used to iron each other's hair.

6. I remember i cut up a pair of jeans and sewed denim patches in the middle of the legs on the front and back to make a maxi skirt. Then i embroidered all over them. I was actually pretty good at embroidering. I used to do words like " peace and life and such" or something stupid that i thought was profound and with my nice calligraphy handwriting they looked pretty cool.

7. I used to LOVE Mary Tyler Moore. Mostly i loved Rhoda.

8. And once in 1976 when i had a bad perm that made me look like Barbra Streisand from "A Star is Born" i wore scarves to cover it up, just like Rhoda did on the show.

9. I do remember the struggle with the bell bottoms vs. straight leg and how with each new trend of width (or lack thereof) we would vow NEVER to wear what was deemed popular. I do remember that we used to sew what we called 'braid' at the bottom of our jeans. this was especially handy when they got to short in the dryer after many washes.

10. I DO remember garter belts. And when pantyhose came out, skirts did get short. Mine were hemmed to the very length of my middle finger when i held my arm straight next to my body.

11. I also loved songs by Carole King. (Who alive in the 70's didn't own the "Tapestry" album?) I wasn't into Carly Simon as much, but i did love James Taylor's "Fire and Rain". Nowadays his voice is a little too whiney for me.

12. We missed a lot of tv because we lived in Japan for nearly 5 years during that time, but i do remember The Monkees were shown on Japanese TV. the music was the regular Monkees but they dubbed in the language, but we didn't care. My favorite Monkee was Micky Dolenz.

louielouie said...

One time. just one time, my dad told me he thought my skirt was too short

All my skirts were too short.

But this dress I had made in class. My teacher, Mrs. Fix, had pinned it up for me and I hemmed it where she pinned it, short. I told my dad that Mrs. Fix pinned it so it must be fine; that was the first and last time he said anything about my skirts.

I would have changed it if my Dad had told me to: I don't think he knew he could overrule Mrs. Fix. poor guy

I embroidered on my overalls and my denim shirt, but not my jeans

IslandPearl said...

I'm older than you guys and the 70s for me were a time of becoming an adult, and not liking it so much.

But it was still miles better than the hell that was highschool.

I graduated college '72, and married and divorced by 1975. Started teaching in '72 and ended in '76.

Music -- Loved CSNY, Led Zepplin and Rod Stewart. Also Rare Earth (the song Get Ready marks a ...ahem...special moment in my young life).

And YES, the Tapestry album was in my stack. As was GFRR.

Went to see concerts in college by 3 Dog Night, Chicago, and BB King the last which was the genesis of my lifelong love of blues.

My hair looked like a bad perm au naturel, so I never had long straight hair. In fact, any attempt at long was dismal and short lived for me.

I did rock the mini skirts back in the day. Great legs if I do say so myself.

Jeans too, though I didn't embroider mine. I did do the iron on patches, though. Remember a gold and purple magic mushroom on one knee of my beloved hiphugger bellbottoms.

For a while I was a vegetarian, garden growing, bread baking, communal farm living hippie even. I have pictures.

That was with ex #1 and there were - miraculously - no drugs were involved. Not even pot. I was at my core still a card carrying capitalist, convinced that the first time I lit up, the cops would roar up the driveway, sirens blasting and my life would forever lie in ruin. Thanks Mom and Dad.

BUT I still baked a mean 7-grain farmer's loaf and cooked a fabu curried cauliflower over couscous.

Read voraciously. Would buy books when the choice was eat or read. Remember none of them except the dreadful Rod McKuen, Daniel Berrigan and a bunch of gestalt crap (Fritz Perls and his ilk - Ex#1 was a would-be shrink) and Our Bodies Our Selves - for the budding feminist within.

Loved football -- especially the Dolphins and the Raiders. Crushed on Roman Gabriel...bad choice as it turned out. Thought Joe Namath was a jerk.

Favorite TV show was MTM too -- and Rhoda was my favorite character, except for when she got her own show and got tiresome.

I persisted in my crush on Richard Chamberlain (Dr Kildare, Father Ralph, Blackthorne all) even when it was obvious that all hope was lost. I did get his autograph a couple of years back, when he was flacking his 'coming out' book. He lives here, and he's still gorgeous in that angelic way that I now know marks the unattainable.

Thanks, jo, for this little trip down memory lane...and I love Cat Stevens too. In fact I recently downloaded a bunch (again -- too lazy to rip and burn from my albums!) Favorites: Where Do The Children Play and On The Road to Find Out.

Hope Barbara is having a fantastic time -- miss her!!

IslandPearl said...

I'm an idiot. Just realized that what you were looking for was highschool, not 70s.

I was a frizzy headed band geek with a genius IQ (not a marketable combo in anybody's HS yearbook.)

Loved, even then, show tunes (add another black mark). Also loved Simon & Garfunkle and the Doors. Preferred Beatles to Stones and Dr Kildare to Ben Casey.

Biggest crush: Richard Chamberlain followed by Dustin Hoffman (he was SO hot in The Graduate, which I saw 1,000 times beore I bought the DVD.)

Was a total bookworm (another black mark) and loved Michael Chriton and Ian Fleming.

IslandPearl said...

Oh...and to add insult to injury: the teachers went on strike my sr year and we almost weren't able to graduate on time.

susieatl said...

I hated my high school was so much cooler. In high school it was disco, polyester and the Carter Administration. During college it was jeans and punk rock. I dyed my hair with blue streaks and lusted after bad boys with tatoos. I was torn about Reagan..I knew alot of his policies were wrong but he inspired such hope that the country seemed to bloom again.

High school had platform shoes which nearly killed me several times. College had Bass Weejuns which were so comfortable.

Richard Chamberlain was the bomb...and yes..most of the truly beautiful men are unattainable.

However, I did love Queen during high school...that was a highlight and most of the music stll takes me back to riding around Hannibal at night with friends with the windows down.

But then My Sharona was college and I still adore that song. As twisted as it is.

Yep..the early 80's ruled...

Modern Hippie said...

i am bummed that i missed the whole 70s era and i do feel somewhat lost in the conversation because i cant really reminisce back on the silly things my parents did - either they arent doing them or i dont see them now. my parents have always been for the most part, pretty free with us. i was always the kid who was allowed to ride my bike further than the other kids. i was so cool. haha.

i hate simon and garfunkel the music drives me crazy - i would never have been a S&G fan i hate the movie the 'Graduate' because of it.

one time my skirt was so short in middle school they called my aunt jojo and she called my papa bruce to come pick me up and take me home to change; he stayed and had a beer and didnt understand why i was ready to leave so soon LOL i will always remember that, i remember somethign about rope sausage too - mayeb i offered him some? i dont really remember lol

i ALWAYS got in trouble for my clothes, my shirts were too short my skirts were too short - usually my shirts but only because i had a long torso, it was never like i walked out the house with a belly button, it was when i raised my arms - my stomache would show, which is a totally stupid thing, who walks around with their arms in the air? and even so - what the hell does it matter if my stomache shows? everyone has belly buttons - yes it may make a boy think nicer things about you - but its not like all of a sudden you started making out lol

they actually banned hugging in our school once, it lasted a week. i remember i had a boyfriend at that time and he wouldnt hug me, until he realized we only ever saw each other at school and finally didnt care and then the school gave up, hugging was too friendly to ban.

in 6th grade i thought a good look for me was to hairspray my hair flat against my head into a bun parted right down the middle - this is always when i had a weird thing against taking pictures and always had an awkward smile; you will not find a good picture of me at this time either due to the hair or the smile.

i do remember some amazing times in my old green mustang convertible; it was originally my moms new convertible in 1993 then my sisters car which she compeltely tore apart, i remember specifically dressing up in weird outfits and driving around with the music blasting with the top down - there were some great memories with that car for me and my friends; usually involving the car breaking down. and with the Weezer song - Holiday Boulevard

jojo cucina cucina said...

pearl, my teachers also went on strike during my senior year. and i had just moved here!

Also, i have to say there are better songs to lose your virginity to than Rare Earth. LOL....

louie, i SO love your dad's gullibility. I bet it was the reason you became a home ec teacher. Because she saved you from the short skirt skebuttle. (i just made up that word.)

pearl and susie, i SO forgot The Thorn Birds. How could i forget? I loved that movie so much. I also wanted to look like Rachel Ward. But i wasn't in love with Richard Chamberlain as y'all were. Maybe it's my Catholic upbringing. Back then my tv lovemate was Adam from Bonanza. (Every time i think about my crushes they are with dark haired people.)

Roman Gabriel was one of the hottest quarterbacks. I should go find a photo of him from that movie and post it. I read the book Broadway Joe Namath wrote (probably with a ghost writer, but i can't recall). It was called "I can't wait for tomorrow" and the subtitle was "because i get better looking evey day." I thought it was hilarious.

susie back in the day when you were in high school boy with tattoos WERE more rare than now and they were BAD boys. LOL.

I loved the movie Reality Bites, which is not 70's, but included the song "My Sharona" and a very hot angsty tortured Ethan Hawke. Another handsome unattainable man.

Ms. Hippie, i also had to pick you up for your clothes when Ms. Turner called. The one time i couldn't i had to get my dad to get you! I remember you changed into something just as bad as you had on. Bare stomachs are only to be seen at the beach. Trust me on that one. Too many people take license with the fashion otherwise. And at least at the beach it is season and less frequent.

Next time you come over Ms. Hippie i am going to play some Paul Simon that i think you will like.

IslandPearl said...

Driving beat. 21+ minute long song. Title. Name me a better song.


(and the capcha on this one: sulty. Just an r short of a good time)

jojo cucina cucina said...

bawahahahaha... i had NO IDEA the song was that long. You must have been dating an older man. Cause i have to say i never met a man in their 20's who could go that long! LOL.... At least it's better than Inagaddadavida. (how do we spell that anyway? I was never was a fan of that song.)

Hey, remember that song that every high school band played in the 70's? "All Right Now" (by Free).

Brian said...

My favorite band also used to be Rare Earth, so it just seems right my wife would have lost her virginity to it. :)

In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida had the ultimate drum solo that all Junior High wannabe drummers had to learn if they were ever to be considered even remotely cool. They say the name of the song was originally 'In The Garden of Eden' until they got high and slurred the words.

The woman of my dreams was definately Joey Heatherton.

They say each high school class tends to celebrate the era that was popular 20 years before it. That was the case with us. I got totally hooked on the movie, American Graffiti. When it was followed by the TV show 'Happy Days', half a dozen of us would get together every Tuesday night to watch it.

The summer after I graduated...the ultimate movie came out. I read the book and was waiting with baited breath for months to watch......Jaws!!!! I jumped twice during each scary scene. Once when it happened and again a half second later when my girlfriend would grab my knee in fright!

Modern Hippie said...

haha BUT i never wore shirts that showed my belly button as a normal outfit - it was when i raised my arms which was silly and it really wasnt my fault

the only way to get a shirt long enough for my torso was to wear shirts in large - which isnt fair! and actually it ended up becoming like a target on me, there were SO many girls wearing the exact same thing as me but they didnt get as noticed - the teachers actually would think of me and wonder if i was wearing something approrpoate; which i totally get, i would do that too i'm sure.

i remeber my boyfriend at the time used to get pissed because we could never hang out at lunch because i was always wearing short shirts and getting detention and all these other girls werent even getting in trouble.

hahahah i remember you always told me to never have sex in high school Jo because it wouldnt be good - for some reason i recall you telling me this at work when i worked with you for a month and i recall dick saying something like "hey!" as if he was insulted and it followed up with some short of joke about his own name, dick. haha.

Modern Hippie said...

p.s. roman that indian "thing" you added on the bottom - gross.

but i did want to comment on an older comment about sayid from lost. my response is "mhmmm"

IslandPearl said...

Wasn't Joey Harrington the wife of Roman Gabriel when he got busted for exposing himself *to someone other then JH, of course* ?

I loved (still love ) Inna Gada Da Vida. And yes, it did start out In The Garden of Eden (according to VH1, anyway.)

capcha: caraola. cool, yes?
Jo -- if you would just get on Facebook and 'friend' me, you could see my latest jewelry creations. I finally re-located my muse!!

IslandPearl said...

No, wait...that was Joey Heatherton and Lance Rentzle.

IslandPearl said...

Gawd I'm old

~grits~ said...

damn! I was typing up a storm of 80's memories and it disappeared!! I'll try again later.

jojo cucina cucina said...

Ms. Hippie, i do remember often talking about never having sex in high school to you and Ashley. I think i remember i said even college boys won't get better! LOL. I forgot about Dick being there once. Hey, are you feeling better? You must be.

i totally remember Joey Heatherton. She was so cute and had super long legs.

OOOH i wiki-ed Roman but couldn't find any dirt on him, only that he worked for some good charities for MS and Muscular Dystrophy.

(Baybee, it was not ME who was playing Rare Earth!)

Grits, come back with your 80's high school memories. The 80's had some really good stuff to talk about too!

pearl, can't you link your photos to your blog so i can see your art?

jojo cucina cucina said...

in thinking about "American Grafitti", i remember my boyfriend at the time and i were going to movies and American Grafitti was one movie playing and the other movie was "Romeo and Juliet" (with Olivia Hussey version) which i had already seen when it was out years before and i actually talked my boyfriend into seeing "Romeo and Juliet". LOL.

P.S. Olivia Hussey was another actress in the 1970s that i wish i looked like!

IslandPearl said...

No. You have to join Facebook.


Modern Hippie said...

there was so much that you guys talked about but im completely in the wrong generation because i dont even have any response.

and no jo, still not doing better : ( this pink eye is haunting me!! it wont go away! and the sore throat is ninja powerful. its horrible. it always feels better around nighttime though - no idea why - so hopefully i can go to class without looking like a diseased creepster.

louielouie said...

Modern Hippie,

You are so lucky you did not go to MY junior high; long torso indeed.

I have hear all the rationale for not enough clothes: I have long legs; short arms (finger tip length skirts); my boobs are too high - can’t help flashing all that cleavage; this hole in my jeans wasn’t in the crotch when I left home; borrowed this from my mother/sister/aunt jo; whatever.

I swear, it is not to be mean. 8th grade boys simply cannot read or do Algebra if there is too much thigh or cleavage in the room. They have enough trouble as it is. Us girls got to cut them some slack.

My former partner assistant principal had two of my most favorite quotes about clothing violations “ two tank tops don’t equal one shirt” and “save that outfit for church, just don’t wear it to school again” beats telling them they looked like sluts.

My favorite was explaining to them, because I’m sure they didn’t understand, what message they were sending when they wore the baby-tee with “69” or “do me” on the front. I just knew they wouldn't want others to get the wrong idea.

Actually that was my second favorite. My favorite was quoting the kid EXACTLY when the mom came to complain. No way their kid would have been rude. I would read from my notes, and then jo said “ Ms louie/louie you are a #$%#@!”

Got to use the kids OWN dirty words in my defense

louielouie said...

When the sex is good you hear music, sweet, sweet music; don’t need no radio.

When I was younger (and singing “ I am sixteen going on seventeen” to myself) I still sort of believed I would know my own true love because he would be outside my bedroom window singing “On The Street Where You Live”

Oh and I had a centerfold of Burt Reynolds on a bearskin rug from Cosmo on my dorm room wall. What a stud. – had the porn-stash but before the hair plugs and the rehab

Didn’t he do a parody movie about self-actualizing retreats where they were locked in a room all day and he rigged up some special plumbing?

jojo cucina cucina said...

I know louie, i wasn't buying Ms. Hippie's "long torso" sorrowful story either!

I had the Burt Reynolds fold out with his very big....hand...Cosmo fold too.

I love the "two tank tops do not equal one shirt"!

How did you explain the '69' t-shirt exactly? Can you write it out in dialogue form here just like we might read it in a novel with quote marks and everything. I really want to know how you did that.

jojo cucina cucina said...

PS we have to keep this blog post going because i don't want to change it until equeyaya gets back from Turkey because i know she'll have good high school passions to talk about. So keep thinking of more and posting them!!!!!

equeyaya, we miss you!

louielouie said...

Well Jo, when a man and a woman REALLY love each other...

When there are no condoms in sight..

One of them wears a "virginity bracelet"..

No wait, when a boy is a real sweet talker and the girl is a gymnast.

I really have talked specifics about mouths and "private" parts to girls who I believe truly had no idea and those who of course knew, or sort of knew, and just wanted to see how far I would go in my explanation. Usually I went a little farther than they wanted to watch them squirm.

I may have an evil streak

louielouie said...

I did love Bart Simpson's In The Garden Of Eden rendition with the church choir.

I think that groovy-stonedout- busdriver-dude played guitar and the church organist rocked it

trying my best Jo, plus once more I'm avoiding my homework :-)

Modern Hippie said...

hey in my defense - for the very most part i didnt disobey other dress codes, i didnt show off cleavage or often wear short skirts (i only did the short skirts a couple of times) but i honestly didnt have a shirt - that was cute - that would cover my tummy if i raised my arms.

it wouldnt have been fair that everyone else could wear abercrombie & fitch and i had to wear something from mervyns LOL

but i do love the girls who wore playboy and 69 you know they had no idea - even when they did know it was sexual and they didnt really think about it.

i love that you explain it in such depth!!

and i LOVE "save it for church dont wear it to school" hahaha

jojo you should at least be able to vouch for me on the fact that i didnt dress like a little slut! i agree short skirts and cleavage and if the shirt shows tummy when your arms are down... i think thats all inappropriate but i still dont get the raising arms i can see your tummy rule. i never will.

although i know it must be a different situation now, the style is very different and long shirts are in.

louielouie said...

Modern Hippie

we know you are not a slut. your mother didn't raise no sluts.

I never showed cleavage in high school either, but mostly because I didn't have any. I so would have showed some if I could have.

Another bit of high school lore:

My sister claimed you could tell which couples in high school were having sex by which ones were trying to sneak a smooch or cop a feel in the halls or behind the doors.

The ones NOT doing that were the ones who didn't need to because they were doing "It" after school and on the weekends. They could play it cool at school 'cause they were satisfied.

Think back do you think it was true for couples in your high school? I think it might be accurate for the ones I knew. The couples groping in the grandstands at the football game were not getting any.

what do ya think

~grits~ said...

I graduated HS in 1982 and I still love 80's rock but at the time, it was stuff like Electric Light Orchestra, Steve Miller Band and always the Eagles. Also liked J. Geils, The Cars, Van Halen & Survivor. Country-wise, popular picks were Alabama, Sylvia, Charly McClain, Eddie Rabbitt & Mickey Gilley.

Izod & Ralph Lauren polo shirts were in for the kids from more affluent families, which excluded me. I did love my Jordache jeans!

I was on the Drill Team for 3 yrs. I did love friday night football games and the fun we all had together at the dances after the games and on saturday nights. Dances were not school-sponsored.

We snuck beer and hoped not to get busted by the LCB (liquor control board) now known as ABC (alcohol beverage commission). My dad was a cop, so I would have gotten busted twice had I gotten caught!

I had the playgirl magazine that had Christopher
Reeves in the centerfold!! Sadly, I no longer have it.

It had its fun times, but I wouldn't want to repeat them for nuthin!!!!! Well, I guess I will when I go thru it again with my daughter but I'm NOT looking forward to it.

~grits~ said...

I love all these posts, but louielouie is really cracking me up!!

Modern Hippie said...

hahaha well i can see that being true for your generation however, at least for my generation it was quite the opposite. the kids that werent doing it - werent doing anything and the kids that were although they may not have been all over each other they were the more "coupley" hand holding, lap sitting, kisses in between class kinds.

we always knew who was having sex by how long they were together and whether or not they broke up ever. although there were alot of kids in my HS who waited till marriage. funny enough so they got married as soon as graduation was over. haha.

do they still have playgirls? i've definitley never seen one. although i've never actually seen a playboy either.

i think, no matter how much funny anyone had in high school, i dont think anyone would want to relive it -- agree??

Brian said...

I'd like to relive high school for a day if I could bring a bunch of money with me. Just think of all the deals you could get? Brand new car $3,000, invest in Microsoft, even though it wasn't invented yet. Then I'd go hit on my classmates mothers....just to see their reactions.-ha I'd have a real long visit with my grandpa. He was so cool and it'd be fun to have an adult conversation with him. Would get to talk with my Dad again. I'd dump my girlfriend so she couldn't dump me first, then I'd gather people around me and predict the future so everyone could say years how did he know? It'd be a real busy day. :)

equeyaya said...

i'm just going to do random stream of consciousness about 70s and high school, because that's all i have the energy for right now. loved reading all of yours.

a star is born, stephen king's carrie, salem's lot and the stand, harold robbins and jacqueline susann, the amityville horror, learning to drive on dad's red honda accord stickshift, ted nugent, jackson browne, the outlaws molly hatchet, cheap trick, yes, (all concerts i saw), joe walsh's life's been good, hanging out in the woods and trying cigarettes, goofy platform shoes i had no business wearing at my height, bus drivers and janitors striking my senior year (still had class, but it was dirty and no food and we drove to school in my friend kathleen's car and stopped at the general store that no longer exists for sodas), and lots of drama about things that seem so insignificant now.

~grits~ said...

welcome home equeyaya!

louielouie said...

Does this mean we're done with highschool?

I'm movin' on

What’s in my glass: Milk

What I would like in my glass: A nice Syrah, but hey I’m eating chili so maybe I made the better choice.

What I’m listening to: The USC Notre Dame game

What I wish I were listening too: My new Brandi Carlile CD

What I’m doing: Messing around with this blog

What I should be doing: Finishing changing the bed or getting ready for a two-day curriculum-writing spree I’m facilitating on Monday.

The most favorite thing I cooked lately: This chili; it’s perfect for a rainy Saturday.

The least favorite thing I cooked lately: The hot and sour soup I made last Sunday. I forgot to buy tofu so that was missing plus it wasn’t hot enough. Just wasn’t right this time.

What I’m reading: MAXIUM, a magazine we get two copies of every month in my son’s name. He swears he never subscribed to.
The Cover teaser “Auto Erotica; 5 Cars You’ll Never Have” and “ Our Usual Erotica; 5 Girls You’ll Never Have” It’s a fantastic read.

What I should be reading: The rest of my “Crucial Conversations” self-help book. I know what I should say; can even practice “active listening”, just can’t keep the foot out of my mount or the snotty look off of my face.

The most favorite thing I bought lately: Some sweet new fabric for Christmas sewing. I’m addicted to Amy Butler prints and her bag patterns.

Really Jo wish were still into those jean's skirts cause a fabric bag would go with her previous hippie-ish look. She might have to start ironing her hair again though

louielouie said...

the foot is in my mouth. don't own a horse

jojo cucina cucina said...

Oh,i was coming here to add to the blog not expecting new posts!

We really do need an EDIT button on these, don't we?

1. i am drinking a Shiraz. (same as syrah) It's Piper Shrike (or something like that) and it is REALLY good. Who drinks milk on a Saturday night? Maybe one of the Golden Girls.

2. Sarah, if i were you, i would change my spelling of my name to Syrah.

3. Welcome home, equeyaya! OMG, i totally totally forgot about the Harold Robbins novels. that's where i learned about blow jobs! I had no idea before. and learning to drive a stick shift in high school was HUGE.

4. I wish i was making chili tonight. That is a good thing to make on a rainy day like today. I have not even walked outside once today. Not even to check my mail.

5. My husband Brian would probably like to live out his high school years because he was President of his senior class AND dated Doris, The Homecoming Queen.

6. You can't leave out tofu on the hot and sour soup. I LOVE tofu. Brian uses it alot in his Weight Watchers Core cooking recipes.

7. pearl, i just finished a historical novel called Molokai'i about the leper colony in Hawaii during the past century. it was very good. Have you heard of it?

8. I am also listening to Brandi Carlile.

9. Does anyone watch The Office? if you do, don't you want Jim for your own husband? and if not don't you want your daughter to marry him? I DVR this show and like to save them and watch 3 episodes in a row. The Wedding one nearly made me cry it was so poignant. It's what a marriage should be. I watch that show and want the actors who play Pam and Jim to be married in real life.

10. I got nothing else to say but i wanted to end with #10

jojo cucina cucina said...

i really like the song Dying Day on the new Brandi Carlile cd.

sometimes when i come across a new young singer like Brandi Carlile, i really wish they were my kid.

jojo cucina cucina said...

oh, i am bad about only reading the last few comments so I missed the part TxGrits where Christopher Reeves was in Playgirl. he was really in Playgirl????? Does he show anything?

I also remember Eddie Rabbit. I had his album with "I love a rainy night". he died so young.

louielouie said...

Dang wish I would have known about Syrah when I was in junior high or college; so would have changed my name. Do you think it's too late? Maybe for my next career?

Wouldn't have liked Syrah in college though. Everyone was drinking Annie Greensprings then, not me though I was drinking Rainer beer, later Mateus.

My sister and I drank a bottle of Mateus about 10 in the morning in 1975 when she failed the oral exam for her masters. We closed the curtains and downed that puppy.

I think we mostly liked it because the bottle was a cool shape.

Akitayahoo said...

Serpico = GREAT movie

I even like most of John Wayne's Westerns...even if some of them are a bit cheesy. Loved Rooster Cogburn.

I'm with you on most poetry, but I like a good limerick...the raunchier, the better.

Never read Catcher in the Rye, but Mel Gibson owns a whole bookshelf full of them.

I remember reel-to-reel, and 8-track tapes.

Mostly popped in just to say hello and wish you well.

jojo cucina cucina said...

when we were in high school the wine was chablis, French Columbard, Blue Nun, which was mosel wine, right? There were no Syrahs that i remember.

Akitayahoo...... you have to visit more often!!! it's great to see you here.

i was actually hoping that this post would call out some of the people who might just be checking in but not adding. Everyone has something to say about their high school years.

Where is Donna/T-sam, MHS, Charrdonnay, amulbunny? Anyway. And i was thinking that actually Furline should post here too.

It's not about your high school years being good or anything, it's just about what was the culture during that time that you related to.

equeyaya said...

I remember Blue Nun, and also Southern Comfort, the movie (and theme song from) Shaft, Saturday Night Fever and the Bee Gees, Eddie Money and Meat Loaf. Oh, and Pet Rocks.

When I was in my first year of college, my hair was very long, and I wore these swede boots with a sherpa lining. I remember visiting my phys ed teacher in his office one day and he told me I reminded him of Ali McGraw.

louielouie said...

ooo equeyaya,

your phys ed teacher was so hitting on you.
With that long hair and those sexy boots, I’m guessing you were just too much for you. I hope you didn’t visit his office often. Unless it got you an undeserved A.

My first husband introduced my mom to Southern Comfort on one of her college visits to us. It really helped with their relationship.

~grits~ said...

oh yes, Christopher Reeves showed IT ALL in that issue!! He looked like a god!!!!!

~grits~ said...

you dont get to see him in the centerfold, but here is a link about it. damn I wish I still had that issue!!!

jojo cucina cucina said...

louie is right, eque. Your PE teacher was hitting on you! creepy.

Grits, i just plugged in your URL to see Chrisopher Reeves but i don't care about the interview. i wanted to see his stuff. I bet if you still had that issue you could see it on ebay for hundreds of dollars. I used to have the Playboy magazine that had the famous Jimmy Carter interview where he admitted he lusted in his heart. (Jimmy Carter was my first active presidential election - i was 18 years old and wrote my very first Letter to the Editor about Carter).

Anyway, i am going to change this blog as soon as my brain gets to thinking of something but i also like hitting more than 50 comments so i was also not in a hurry to get creative because i was so close. If anyone has any ideas, let me know.

jojo cucina cucina said...

oops i meant you could SELL it on ebay, Grit. Not see it. I hate hate hate that we don't have an edit button.

IslandPearl said...

If I waited for 50 comments, I'd never change my blog. Wait...I don't. Bwahahahah

EoDE said...

Hey, JoJo...just popped by and saw the topic and thought of a thing or two (or ten):

1. I had caterpillar brows like Ali McGraw’s and straight hair, but the actress I most wanted to look like was Katherine Ross.
2. Maybe that’s because I fell in love with Robert Redford after seeing Butch Cassidy, which was one of the few movies in which he wore a mustache. I still have a thing for a man with a mustache and beard. Every now and then my husband talks about shaving his beard off, and I always tell him it’s so not a good idea.
3. Our high school had the same mascot and fight song as the University of Texas. When I hear the Texas fight song, I remember our own Friday night lights. Our team won district my senior year and played in the Cotton Bowl, which was the largest stadium in the area at that time.
4. After the games we all cruised the local drag, which drew teens not only from our school but every school within a 25-mile radius. My first car was a 1970 red Chevy Malibu convertible with a 396 engine. It didn’t get many miles to the gallon, but boy did it get a lot of attention, LOL.
5. Of course when we were cruising we played the car stereo at full tilt. My high school soundtrack includes “Everybody Get Together” (The Youngbloods), “Ohio” and “Teach Your Children” (Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young), “Turn Turn Turn” (The Byrds), “I Heard It Through the Grapevine” (Marvin Gaye), “Maggie May” (Rod Stewart), “Bad Moon Rising” and “Born on the Bayou” (Creedence Clearwater Revival), and “Scarborough Faire” (Simon and Garfunkel).
6. I still have the soundtrack to The Graduate, which was my favorite movie from that time.
7. I was a bit of a geek and loved my English classes, but I didn’t always like the books we had to read. A Separate Peace was required reading for us too, and the only thing I remember about it was that I didn’t like it. Happily, most of the required reading in my college classes was more to my liking.
8. One of my favorite books that wasn’t required reading was Five Smooth Stones.
9. I rotated between wearing miniskirts and granny gowns, and I still love big dangly earrings.
10. I used to fantasize about getting married in a purple granny gown.
11. Gotta love The Office wedding. Jim and Pam are so well suited to each other onscreen it’s hard to imagine them not being together in real life. I think that episode should be required viewing for anyone thinking about getting married because it shows how a relationship should be.

Modern Hippie said...

i am so bummed i missed all these posts!! okay here i go on catch-up!!

what im drinking: diet cherry coke. yes they make it, its quite awesome.

what im eating: a banana nut muffin from the bakery down the street i actually bought a few with some foaccaica bread : )

what im listening to: gilmore girls

what im doing: finishing up going through my internet stuff, email, facebook etc.

what i should be doing: homework, which im starting as soon as i get off.

the most favorite thing i cooked lately: well its not really cooking but i had the BEST sandwich ever last night, it was honey roasted chicken breast, italian foaccaica bread, honey mustard, mayo, swiss cheese it was SO good.

what im reading: this biography on howard hughes its fascinating!! from the time he was born, his parents are soo intriguing. did you know his first invention was at 11 years old?? i highly recommend it - theres a few so ask me for the authors later (im to lazy to get up and look right now)

i hate chili.

haha thats so funny about Brian, it seems weird, but its not, i guess cause nowadays the class president and the guy who dated the homecoming queen was an asshole but in your guys' era it was the genuinely cool guy - which is totally Brian haha

Pearl - Molokai'i was also read by my mother, grandmother and my aunt (who is Hawaiian) and they all loved it - so there is a good concensus of it being a good book

i missed the office wedding!! : ( aw man we thought it didnt come on yet : ( we watch it all the time though its so nice because they play reruns on TBS and channel 11 - and my office is TOTALLY that office. i love jim. i would marry jim.

whats so great about the office, is that everyone seems so real, i love how most of the actors have their real names and i bet a ton of the episodes are improv - one of the best shows ever. i love steve carrell - did you know he bought a little mom and pop grocery store back in like connecticut or some place like that - when i read the article it was kind of obvious he bought it to help out a friend but he was actually behind the register checking groceries!! how funny!

equeyaya said...

love your soundtrack EoDE!

louielouie said...

1. equeyaya said...
love your soundtrack EoDE!

me too!! maybe jo will make me a cd...

2. my high school's mascot was the Braves, so still, every time I sign the national anthem, anywhere, I still want to shout out the last line "and the HOME OF THE BRAVES" guess I miss those pep assemblies

3. still love dangly earrings too except for a while in the 80s I went for the super huge bright colored posts, you could see them through my stack perm.

4. I've missed the last few seasons of The Office so will need to rent dvds and catch up. Just did that with "How I met Your Mother" I love that show

5. Best thing I cooked lately was a gingerbread torte, really just gingerbread in 3 round cake pans with cream cheese/lemon frosting between the layers, made it for a work pot-luck, it was pretty and tasted good - all the other desserts were store-bought.

6. hate work pot-lucks

7. I voted for Gerald Ford when Jimmy Carter won - got to be the first group of 18 year olds to vote for president; later voted for Jimmy Carter when Ronald Reagan won.

8. Howard Hughes freaks me out

9. I'm reading Julie and Julia - not a literary masterpiece but I am enjoying it. loved the movie too.

10. Am looking forward to a new post

jojo cucina cucina said...

Empress of Divine Expression/EoDE...GOOD ONE. I'm so glad you're here. All your songs listed i love too. Maggie May was my #1 favorite for a very long time and would still be in the top 20.

My first husband had a beautiful 1968 Camaro with a 327 engine and four-speed. I think it got about 11 or 12 miles to the gallon but it too got a lot of attention, especially when i drove it. And when i did it was so hard to shift i had to use two hands. (This was in the late 70's and early 80's.)

I said the same thing about Pam and Jim's wedding. I got teary eyed watching it. Modern Hippie, i SO want you to marry someone exactly like Jim! He is all of my nieces prototype for a husband, (and Emma too, louielouie). I think that episode should be required viewing. They do seem like they are in love in real life, though i know they aren't. But they should be. Kylee/MH, i may still have the Office Wedding DVRd. I think i had Brian save it.

Ok, i was going to change this tonight, but now i want to hit 60!!!!! So i'll come back tomorrow with a new post - in the spirit of Halloween. sorta.

Modern Hippie said...

ohhh Howard Hughes is SOOOO interesting. but i am so intrigued by "weird" people - Andy Warhol, Nixon, although Audrey Hepburn and Obama don't fall in this category AH was definitley interesting although I get disappointed in all the biographies i read lately about here (ive got to have like 10 different ones by now) but they are all the same story after reading the biography her son wrote and this really awesome one that jojo got me called "treasures" it has photocpoies (that look so real, down to the crease marks) of real letters with all these famous poeple, pictures, its so cool its like your own personal AH scrapbook interspersed with a great biography... anyways, the point, all others have been the same information it saddens me haha, i guess i know everything there is to know haha

oh i would totally marry Jim, I have a friend that looks just like a Jim just not as tall and i had a crush on him for a while and i think it was solely for that reason because when i realized he was nothing comparable to jim on the dating scheme, i realized the crush was stupid. my friend, although funny as hell, didnt go to college, works at a go-cart place and carrys beer in a backpack when hes going out to parties. LOL definitley not someone jojo would be proud of. haha

IslandPearl said...

This is my 10th response on this post.

If I spent this much time writing on my own blog, I might get more than 5 responses to one of my own posts.

~grits~ said...

EODE needs to have her own blog - she always has great stuff to say!!

I think I would like the Howard Hughes book. "Weird" people interest me too.

I've been running crazy lately and havent changed my blog - it's funner to come here and find all the twists this blog takes - lol!

jojo cucina cucina said...

pearl, no wonder i'm hitting 60! That cracks me up that you counted. But you lamenting about not getting any posts on your own blog is like when i gripe about not winning the lottery, though i never buy a ticket. LOL...

you have to NURTURE your blog after you post on it. That's what Arianna H. says, (though i'm not sure she used the word 'nuture').

oh yeah, Kylee/MH, a guy who looks like Jim but works at a go-cart place with a backpack of beer is EXACTLY the guy for you, MH! LOL.....

That reminds me of how i used to be attracted to enigmatic men, (pobably because they reminded me of a tortured artists or something). But then i found out that enigmatic men are B*O*R*I*N*G* after awhile because, big surprise: THEY DON'T TALK!

EoDE, i meant to mention earlier. Katharine Ross is another gal who was that type of girl i wanted to be. And Robert Redford...mmmmm, he is, to this day, the only blonde man i've really been attracted to. Him, and Brad Pitt in "Meet Joe Black" and i guess you could say Brad was sort of blonde in "Legends of the Fall" and also in "Seven Years in Tibet". Only those two can pull of the blonde for me. (Funny, that they both look alike.)

OK, time for work.

IslandPearl said...

That 'nurturing' thing reminds me too much of people on Gumbo who were always posting on their own threads to keep them at the top of page one.

Plus if I ever start heeding advice from AH, I'm checking into the hospital that isn't a hospital IYKWIM. ;-)

If what I'm putting out there just isn't interesting to other people, then I have to decide who I'm blogging for...them or me.

It's more fun when I'm just posting on someone else's blog anyway. Let them do the heavy lifting...

~grits~ said...

who is Arianna H?

louielouie said...

blondes were never for me either - though i guess I married one, but he was blond/bald so I don't think that counts, plus I didn't mean to go for him. Seems like I can think of a blond or maybe two in jojo's past though

I prefer them on the small side, sort of dark and somewhat nerdy, like a greek Steve Jobs maybe. Never Bill Gates though, he's evil personified

Jo and I never had to fight over the same guy (she'd a-won anyway) cause we never wanted the same one, but then I think I was already married when Brian came along LOL

I was always married

MH never go for a guy who brings his own beer (unless it's at someone's house and it's good stuff to share). I was at a bar recently with a bunch of work colleagues and one brought in his own can of beer because he was (I guess) too cheap to buy one there; now that's class

Got to watch how they tip too, big clue to generosity and good they'll be in bed; I swear

The word "nurture" freaks me out too. Except in the nature vs nurture debate cause I like to say the two words together

EoDE said...

Jojo, my Malibu was an automatic---I could never have driven it if it had been a stick. I think that car was probably faster even when it wasn't moving than any car I've driven since, LOL.

Except for Redford and my college sweetheart, I've always been more attracted to dark-haired men. Brad Pitt looks so much like a younger Redford I used to wonder if he were Redford's lovechild.

louielouie--You and I voted for the same Presidential candidates in '76 and '80!

grits--I think it's easier to post on other people's blogs than to come up with something for my own, lol.

equeyaya said...

"I was always married." ~ louielouie lol! me too, only to the same dude for way too long.

We were at a wedding on Saturday and my daughter was talking about the office wedding (which i haven't seen and will also have to catch up on dvd at some point) and she mentioned pam whispering to jim "this is OUR wedding, what are all these people doing here?" or something to that effect. and she said that when she gets married no one else will be there and she probably won't tell anyone until she gets pregnant.

of course her future husband of choice is someone she hasn't even met IRL yet so it sort of seems appropriate.

i agree on the similarities of pitt and redford. i think it hit me when i watched 7 years in tibet.

Modern Hippie said...

the howard hughes book is "howard hughes the untold story" bypeter harry brown and pet h broeske its red with a black and white photo of him on the cover. its a very awesome cover, i think jo and i have this in common - judge a book by its cover. to me a creative book cover says the book itself is creative because the person who picked the cover is creative and that means the writing should be creative.

however, this is a false theory, it is in no way proven because i've had books with awesome covers that were sucky reads and awesome reads with sucky covers - but the idea is nice.

AH is Arianna Huffington of the huffington post who wrote a book on how to blog. jo owns this book. : ) it has simple rules like timing of when to post (dont post five posts in one day people wont read them all, but also dont post months apart because people will forget to keep up with you. =D

well my friend, his name is ryan, which i dont mind saying because there are SO many ryans in the world he still has his aniomity haha anyways, he is hilarious, we've had some very deep conversations - kind of about nothign, but still interesting haha but...i dont even need to say the butt, we all know what it is.

you know what im finding with my generation and it drives me crazy. you go to a party, people bring beer, liqour, wine etc. they are stingy! they dont share the liqour, the take their beer with them when they leave - its kind of tacky BUT at the same time, this idea of sharing drinks at parties is because your supposed to SHARE, BUT alot of times people come and bring nothing. we used to have parties and we were the only one supplying anything, so one time we were like "you know what, we always spend money on the booze, lets let them bring it." well a ton of people came - ALL empty handed. no joke. they expected us to provide the drinks, which is veryyyy lame. so i understand.

i dont like real blondes who have blonde eyebrows its too close to looking like an albino haha

bill gates = evil personified? really? - i dont agree or disagree i dont really know alot about him, i always had good positive feedback about him though, can you explain for me?

i just always thought it was cool that he actually quit his job at microsoft to run the melinda and bill gates foundation - which is cancer research, its a couple blocks from my house, its making pretty good headway.

paul allen is very popular/positve in seattle, he has done SO much for this city, whenever i read the double decker for work the amount of times his name comes up is insane "paul allen funded this building. paul allen donated this from his private collection. paul allen. paul allen. paul allen." : )

"i am always single" thats my line. haha.

hahahahahah omg i love pam. "what are these people doing here" haha, although i dont want some BIG extravagent wedding, i know i want the people i love there. but im very against thinking about wedding, i dont dream of the dress or anything like that and i figure i shouldnt think about it at all until i know my fiancee because the wedding should revolve around the both of us, not just me.

louielouie said...

Sigh, I know it’s hard to hate Bill Gates since he has become so philanthropic.

My issue is with the Microsoft monopoly machine. I’m in charge of school programs that have to “keep up with industry standard” which means we have to continually upgrade our Microsoft products, our PCs and our textbooks. It’s very expensive for school districts and we don’t get super-good-deals on the Microsoft software. It’s better than what businesses pay but still very expensive for schools when you’re buying site licenses for school labs.

I wish his foundation would give less money to “Gates Schools” where he decides how schools should be run, and give us a break on buying the software and equipment we need to buy to train students to use HIS products. For heaven's sake they could give us the Microsoft Suite to use in our classes and still make a ba-jillion dollars.

That’s all

jojo cucina cucina said...

Bill Gates is evil personified. I hate my computer. I click those SEND ERROR REPORTS 50 times a week and i wish Bill Gates had to personally receive every single one of them on his personal email account. WEA had to pay for Microsoft licenses updates and they aren't cheap, plus we never did end up loading that horrible Vista.

and what are all those updates about anyway? and why do i need SO DAMN MANY of them if Windows is so cool?

And now Microsoft Office 2007 is looking pretty cool to me but try and enter a clip art into Word 2007 and you're hanging out for three minutes while it loads.

I didn't make it here last night to change my blog and now i'm too tired because i just got home. I think Sunday.

and TXGrits, is right, it is fun how this post twists changes subjects and hits 70 comments!


Kylee/hippie. i so hear you on the cheap people. People taking their own booze home after being at a party drive me crazy. Leave it for the host, for heaven's sake if you didn't drink it all!

equeyaya said...

I think I am in love with the MAC guy from the mac vs pc commercials. Maybe I'll make the leap with my next computer purchase.

Modern Hippie said...

ohh yeah i get that point, but i think a business would go under if they didnt update? i hate it too though the programs we use for design are SO exspensive. like CAD i go a 61 month (yeah its like a lease basically) and i got 2010 but they come out with a new version every year - and its like $150 -- on a student discount!! if you buy it for a firm its like thousands of dollars

oh i never heard about the gates schools. thats kinda lame. i think schools should be semi-free. it should be like $10 a program hahaha

JoJo you will love a Mac -- and whats funny is that microsoft is just copying all the features of a mac - in a lame imcomparable way. now MACs dont have as many viruses but thats just because they basically arent as popular ie: not as many people have them and know the system (i dont remember the exact logistics but mac and PC have completely different operating systems mac runs on like a "zero" ..something. haha but as soon as mac gets more and more out there, viruses will come up, but mac, i believe, can deal with them better.

i honestly dont see what error reports honestly do for microsoft it hink they just want you to think they do something with them, i never send them. plus it takes forever to send them.

but jo, brian is right, you will hate learning a mac, especially if you hate vista, is a very cool platform i hate computers that dont have vista -- and all upgrades on programs are better, i LOVE the new outlook my work outlook is the old one and i hate it haha

yeah and the idea of leaving it for the host is that when you host a party they leave it for you -- but thats why i dont really do it now because i know the favor would never be repaid haha -- i am so old. i am not 20. hahaha.

ohhh justin long. i would marry justin long. : )

MACs are OH so worth it - i tried to beg my dad to let me get (for which he was paying lol) a mac when my laptop crashed but no, i couldnt. he doesnt know the magic of a mac. lucky i get my druggie fix at school : )

even the mac mouses are better, haha.

IslandPearl said...

No MAC for moi. But I do actually find myself loving Vista. And the functionality of the 2007 MSOffice is wonderful once you get used to it.

It's like whent they rearrange the grocery store. Drives me nuts for a month, but once I get used to the new layout, I always like it better.

Trying for 100 posts this time, jo?

Modern Hippie said...

yeah thats the one thing, in MOST cases, an upgrade is truly an upgrade. i as well do love the new office and outlook, and although i hate upgrading my cad and photoshop - it just keeps getting better and better. although i have to say i learned cad on 2008, 2009 i HATED i couldnt understand it, it took longer to work it, i bought 2010 and loved it. haha

2009 CAD (which is a drafting program) does the same kind of toolbar as microsoft word, where you have big icons along the top and you change tabs for certain "sections" well on CAD you are working very fast you need to be able to hit the commands in an instant, not shuffle through the sections to find them.

although i dont get why stores always rearrange the store - it drives me crazy too, i never really notice a big difference in the layout, the cereal is still with the cereal the soda is still in the beverage isle, you know? and if they left it the same it wouldnt matter where the peas are because you wouldnt already know. hahaha.

lets try for 100! but as soon as you hit 100 you have to make a new blog.

im bored at work so im going to try and come up with a new blog today - so if you guys get bored that jojo isnt posting a new one come visit mine! :)

i actually have 3 because i'm so weird. haha but thats my main blog (i have a movie critic blog and a blog just for quotes - you can find the link on the main blog if your interested.)

it kinda saddens me that i have more followers on my movie critic blog than any other haha

IslandPearl said...

Kinda saddens me that I don't have 'followers' on either of mine. Motivational fail

IslandPearl said...

Hey, Hippie -- you and I could push this baby over 100 pretty fast and then she'd HAVE to update!


Modern Hippie said...

haha well i know shes tied up all day tonight and tomorrow soooo we have some time : )

and hey all you bloggers, just want to put out the jeaulously note that i will be seeing jojo in just a couple hours :P

...but i probably don't count since i'm family.

furline said...

Ok. I'm here. Whar's the keg?

Hey, I joined Facebook, y'all look me up. I bin postin' hair tips on mah blog. I got lots of followers but they don't talk much.

louielouie said...

been home sewin' trying to decide if I want to go on the haunted-hay-ride in our local park or not.

Only telling you this to try to get 100

I want a new post bad; let's think of a topic for Jo

Halloween based?

I don't really like Halloween but I could come up with ten categories or questions.....

Modern Hippie said...

halloween is lame. dont do a post about halloween jo.

jojo cucina cucina said...

LOL.... i can't believe this is at 80. Ok, i'm putting up a new one now and i have decided against the Halloween theme because it is lame. And before i know it Halloween will be over and my blog post will be OLD.


I think Justin Long is a great prototype for my nieces' husband too.

Modern Hippie said...

Mhmm Justin Long. I like nerdy guys, just not too nerdy but i do love the really smart lanky guys. i honestly hate a guy with muscles hahah.

my husband will have to be a mac lover. so justin long is perfect. haha.

i've never met anyone, who understood a mac, that didnt like it.the only people i know who dont like mac's are people who get confused - we had a graphics class a couple quarters ago and our teacher MADE us use a mac lab, and almost none of us knew how to use a MAC and it was SO hard for some people, i dont know why, but once you learn it. its heaven. =D

jo you can always buy a mac, hate it, give it to me and go back to your PC : ) lol

shazaz21 said...

Dear JOJO, how you hit the nail on the head for me about Roman Gabriel, I was a 9 yr old horse crazy girl when I saw the movie the Undefeated. Immediately I developed a crush on Blue Boy,then my brother told me how I could watch him in football games.Henceforth my introductory to the love of the sport. I always wondered how many other women out there got introduced to the sport in this manner. I still have a crush on Roman Gabriel and would love to meet him.