Thursday, April 8, 2010

jojo sedona: part 2 - five more photos from Brian's camera


jojo cucina cucina said...

I have a very good camera. the Ashton Kutcher advertised Nikon D90. And i have a good Nikon lens but it is a zoom 24-85 and has it's limitations. So when i shoot photos i take the odd shot that might have a story behind the photo or just because i like the colors.

These don't necessarily make a great photos for framing, but i do believe they capture the spirit and the culture of the place (and what i want to remember about it). I leave the scenery and wide angle shots for Brian (who is better skilled for those shots).

Anyway, here are some of my favorites:

1. This first one cracked me up. We visited the old ghost mining town of Jerome which is sort of hippie/artsy. The houses look like the kind of homes that would inhabit folks with dreadlocks who play the guitar on the streets for money.

This one caught my eye because the address 446 was listed THREE times. I wondered what the story was.

Was someone hoping for a special delivery really wanted to make sure the mail carrier did not miss that house?

2. I took many shots of the parts of buildings because i wanted to capture the blue sky. Our sky in Washington State is what i have called for years The Semen Colored Sky. I get very excited when i see a vibrant blue sky. I want to take pictures of it all the time.

3. Of course, the requisite shot of my feet on vacation. This one in front of our fire in the cabin. (this one is morning fire because there is no glass of wine in sight.)

4. We did not eat at this Cucina place, but of course we had to take photos of it.

5. Brian sleeping (he said "I look DEAD!" when he saw it. But i like how it makes the cabin look.

6. Those are the grounds at dusk, right outside our Robin cabin at the Briar Patch Inn. Where we stayed was in the canyon, about 3 or 4 miles outside of the touristy downtown. This place is on about 11 acres with 17 cabins in all.

7. More feet, but this time WITH wine!

8. Some hiking photos and another of Brian that i liked.

3. The other shots of buildings in between the ones mentioned above are taken in the hippie town of Jerome. We spent the day there walking around.

We didn't buy a lot, just took photos and visited a couple of wineries. (Arizona has great wines!).

This is also the place where i bought the ash tray for my nephew Brian (who is supposed to be quitting smoking). It is a picture of Jesus on the bottom and around the edge is inscripted: "Jesus Hates it When you Smoke". It's hysterical. (He loved it.)

jojo cucina cucina said...

oops.i just realized i got the feet shots mixed up. The first one was morning. The second one with wine, obviously would be evening.

Modern Hippie said...

what is that little bed that brian is napping on? hopefully not the bed you had to sleep in, it looks like a twin! and i know you cant even sleep in a double together!

jojo cucina cucina said...

LOL!!!!GAWD NO, that is not our bed. I never book a place anymore that doesn't have a KINGsize bed. We are so spoiled. That's the daybed in the front room. the king bed was fabulous and the sheets were up to my standards too.

carolyn said...

Interesting photos. You have a very unique POV.

I've always wanted to go to Sedona.

Welcome back!

Modern Hippie said...

hahahah I know you so well to know you would never sleep in anything that wasnt a Queen, did you at least bring your own sheets and not need to use them? lol

equeyaya said...

Very nice shots, jo! I've never been to Sedona, but the impression I have has always been of the mountains and hiking. I love the hippie town views! I also love the silhouette of the hikers on the big rock.

I love to see those crystal blue skies, but also those clouds are fascinating. I'm especially drawn to the ones behind you in you earlier post from Sedona.

Do you think you'll go back?

I'm in Ft. Lauderdale this week with a few cowgirls. We're going to see a polo match today and another on Wednesday. It's so nice to get away...

~grits~ said...

great pics - I want to stay at that cabin!!

jojo cucina cucina said...

Hey eque and grits!
We are already talking about going back just for the fishing and the hiking and the wonderful dinner we had at Elote Cafe. I'm thinking we would go in the fall around October. And i would definitely love to go back to the Briar Patch Inn. It really was our perfect kind of place. Rustic, but private and very comfortable.

That's good to hear you are with your cowgirl friends! You need that!

jojo cucina cucina said...

I just added 5 more photos from Brian's Facebook. The first one is with the Elote Cafe owner/chef, Jeff Smedstad.

I bought his cookbook so he came out to sign in. (Having my photo taken with him was the most touristy thing we did! But i didn't care because i was enamored with him.)

I don't like this photo of me because we had been hiking and my hair looks like it, but i liked very much having one with the chef. He is very charismatic and i was so impressed with how he came out and served himself.

the other two are more proof that i actually went on a hike!

the fourth one we asked someone to take our photo. It's the only one we have together. We have those self-timers on our camera but we rarely ever use them.

the fifth one is just another hiking shot.

thanks for looking. I'll probably change the blog early this week.

jojo cucina cucina said...

i added one more. this one i took if a little girl sitting by herself outside a restaurant in Sedona. Brian cleaned it up in PhotoShop by getting rid of a vehicle's bumper that was in the background.

IslandPearl said...

Love B's facebook album. So beautiful and that place looked so romantic! I loved the little 'balcony ' over the stream. Reminded me of the place in Denali that Bud and I stayed at a couple years back.

Sedona is breathtaking.

So what was YOUR vortex experience? Did you feel it?

equeyaya said...

Great photo of the two of you!

jojo cucina cucina said...

pearl, that water below the balcony is Oak Creek, that's the water i want to fish in the fall when it slows down. I've seen other photos of it and it looks like great flywater!

I had NO vortex experience at all. I am just not the type at all!

I did mention to that Elote Chef that we had just been hiking and didn't feel the vortex thing but that the wild caught Mexican shrimp dish in his special sauce got me close. He laughed and said he thought it was a bunch of bunk anyway (even though he is married to a yoga instructor).

I had heard about people who went on those hiking trips with spirit guides and they felt it so much they cried and shook like the Holy Spirit had entered them. (I just felt sort of like Burt Reynolds in that movie "Semi-Tough" when he went on that retreat with Kris Kristofferson but didn't get what the others were feeling so he pretended.)

However, I think my real vortex experience was my Xanax Experience! Because i was sort of out of my normal mind:

We got back to SEA-TAC airport about 7:00 pm Monday night after a very smooth flight. I was still feeling pretty good with my Xanax and one Tanquery and tonic. We are standing around waiting for our luggage at baggage claim.

One bag comes down the other doesn't.

We keep waiting.

and we wait some more.

Pretty soon we are the only people waiting for luggage anymore and the carousel comes to a halt.

I look at Brian and he looks at me and i'm VERY unnaturally calm as i say, "I guess they lost our other bag of luggage."

And as he leaves to go over to report it at the desk where you report such things, i am thinking to myself, 'oh well, at least they didn't lose it on the way OVER'. And then i start to wonder what might be in there. but i'm not even worried that it might be about 12 pair of my brand new underpants and or my new Cole Hahn mules.

Then Brian comes walking back with the other bag (for some reason it came down on the carousel next to us and he saw it come down the shoot on his way over to report it.) I was feeling so calm that i wasn't even relieved. I was happy, though!

That is so unlike me.

I wish i could take that stuff every day.

Modern Hippie said...

what is this vortex thing you guys are talking about?

that is amazing Jo! maybe they have something like Xanax that you CAN take everyday LOL I wonder if you would be as good at all the things your good at though

it'd be like when Monk takes his medicine that completely relieves all his OCD tendencies - but hes a HORRIBLE detective when he takes the medicine and doesnt care about anything

IslandPearl said...

I don't worry so much about luggage on the return home. It'll get there when it gets there.

Outbound is a different matter entirely...

Modern Hippie said...

yeah we always learn in school that when we start working and traveling to NEVER check your portfolio or material boards you carry them with you and check your luggage; if you have to buy new clothes when you get there, you buy new clothes.

its like how you always include some spare clothes in your carry on bag incase you land without luggage your not completely lost; as kids we always had to pack our swimsuits so we didnt cry about not being able to swim or play when they lost our luggage haha

jojo cucina cucina said...

if i took Xanax every day, Kylee, i would be a laid back slacker for sure. Something i would actually like to be a little better at being because Type A anal retentive verbose people aren't darlings. And slackers can be. and so i would get things done. But that is so nice of you to point out!

Yeah it was a relief to know it was not on the way over. I did pack new underpants and tank tops in my carry on since they don't take up much room! Because the truth is the last thing i really want to do on a vacation is shop for clothes. I hate shopping for clothes.

Ok, this blog is over tomorrow. It's depressing me to look at these photos and then look outside at our semen colored skies all these days home. (Though i have to admit today it did have some sun.)

jojo cucina cucina said...

oops. i mean i would NOT get things done.

Modern Hippie said...

the weather in seattle has been gorgeous lately!! not down in lakewood? how odd... maybe its coming for you, you guys usually tend to get our weather right after we have it..