Wednesday, April 7, 2010

We interrupt jojo Sedona for this special American Idol YouTube


jojo cucina cucina said...

I will put up some more Sedona photos later but need to get them organized first. In the meantime, here is something for y'all to enjoy. It's only 2:27 long. Turn up your volume!

It's the only Idol song I have bought from iTunes this year.

Last night was Lennon/McCartney theme songs and Casey James performed "Jealous Guy". This made me swoon. (And i am not one to use the word 'swoon' by nature.)

jojo cucina cucina said...

I have thought often that he looks alittle like Brad Pitt. He's also VERY tall.

I like how he ends the song and then just takes a step back from the mic. I think i have watched this video about 10 times now. I showed it to all the women at work and we all swooned together.

louielouie said...

this made you swoon?

I declare, those were some of the longest 2:27 minutes I can remember


jojo cucina cucina said...

oh Yeah? and what's on YOUR iPod? Glen Yarborough? Kingston Trio? LOL.

equeyaya said...

I love that cover better than when Lennon did it! What did the judges say? I've heard them get on him for not being animated enough, but his reserve really worked for him in that one.

Thank you for pulling out the Idol gems so I don't have to sit through the crappy stuff!!

And welcome back!

jojo cucina cucina said...

Barbara, that's what i told Brian. That i liked it better than how Lennon did it and that seems sacriligeous to say to Beatle fans (but then i've never been a Beatle fan either).

this is my favorite performance of all the Idol contestants this year. Maybe even for other seasons too. I think i've watched this now about 25 times!

Modern Hippie said...

I dont know why I have this need to not like him, I think because you pushed him on me so much at first (haha) but I did love this song, I still dont find him that attractive, the long hair is just such a turn off to me - he has better hair than me! and thats disturbing, you know those curls arent 100% natrual and even though im sure a hairstylist for AI did the hair styling, the fact that his hair either had curling product or had a curling iron or rollers in his hair, not sexy. haha.

i prefer short dark hair. hes a little too pretty for me. I dont see the Brad Pitt resembelance though, not in the face anyways...

I havent heard the lennon version but lennon isnt really a voice man so im sure this version is better

i dont think its the best performance of all the idol contestants of ALL the years, I think your just enamoured by it right now and cant remember some of the past performances

you just have a crush on him. haha.

i did like the song though, i might actually buy it on itunes.

~grits~ said...

it must be a cougar thing lol - I think he is yummy to look at!

I still dont like the warble in his voice - he needs more grit!!