Friday, April 16, 2010

Very Random Stuff Because It's Friday & I'm too Lazy to be Organized

Menu of the Day:

In my glass: Concannon Chardonnay. VERY nice.

Music: Brian is BBQing and is playing some weird Cajun music that i do not recognize. (Nor do i like it.)

Book: I am in the middle of a couple of books i am not crazy about. Brian is reading the Matterhorn book which I bought for him to take to Sedona. It's about Vietnam and in one page i was hooked. I want to read that book but i am waiting for him to finish. Probably it will be around Christmas.

Last iTunes purchase: Natalie Merchant's new two cd set.(equeyaya, there is a song on there for you! It's called Equestrienne.) The cd may take some time getting used to. It's very blue grassy. Not my favorite...yet, but i do like the horse song.

Re: American Idol - still loving Casey James. I hoped y'all watched my Jealous Guy video from a couple of posts ago. He did a great Elvis theme night too. I also hope he doesn't win. I think it will ruin his talent.

OK, on with the random stuff

1. Photos: I started this post with the subject Stuff i Like, (hence, the photos) but decided i wasn't in the mood to talk about only stuff i like & i didn't feel like looking for new photos.

The first one is of my nieces and nephews (though my sister's daughter, my oldest niece, Jessica is missing from the photo.) I took this photo...i believe in 1994. Kylee/Modern Hippie is the one up front looking perturbed. Josh is in the background wearing Kylee's sister's glasses (he looks so happy!) ; Kylee's sister Ashley is second from left; Josh's brother Brian in on the far right. (i've posted about him here before too. ) My sister's son Chris is on the far left. This photo hangs framed in my bedroom. Next photo: i like our little condo abode with it's hardwood floors; Wine label: Oh, this Darby wine is a wonderful viognier/rousanne blend. (I traveled all the way to the north end to Metro Market to buy a bottle for tonight, only to find that it's on order.); Last photo: I love snow and i love the peace symbol - (kills two birds)

2. I am still watching Lost. and i am still not convinced I will get it when it's done. I think what i might do this summer is watch all seasons on Netflix in a row and then i think it will make sense to me . I did this with West Wing once in the mornings when i woke up and it was so much fun.

3. Just once i would like someone on Lost to say something like this:
"Is today Wednesday or Thursday?"

4. It occurred to me that the MOST redeeming characters on Lost are the characters who in real life might be discriminated against : Hurley (for being obese AND being committed for mental illness); Nerdy (Benjamin and Daniel); Sayid (for being Iraqi); Rose (for being black); John Locke (the REAL Locke, for being disabled at one time), Jin & Sun (Asian); Sawyer (criminal). this came to me one night when i couldn't sleep and my mind was racing. And i did think i might be on to something until i tried to think ...was there a gay character? .... and i don't believe there is one. So there you go. theory dismissed.

5. This is why i can't view Lost intellectually. I can't think or search that deep. I am a 'what you see is what you get' kind of person. ( Lost is Lotsa work. )

6. After my really good games & my 127 average I bowled a 73 last week. I think my idea of having a bowling career is over.

7. I wish my blood pressure was the same as my bowling score.

8. We started getting the newspaper again. (It's too hard to read online. Plus the obituaries don't show the photos and that's what i look at first.) Anyway lately i've noticed what seems to be an increase in litigious people. First, i read about the families of the four police officers who were murdered in the coffee shop. The families were suing our county for nearly 200 million dollars because the jails weren't monitoring phone calls where threats were made. (You heard about this murder last Thanksgiving season if you watch CNN and Anderson Cooper - the suits have since been dropped with three families. ) It made me crazy. The person responsible who should be sued is the dude who KILLED them (but he's dead now). But that's not the only lawsuit. Another lawsuit is a family from Russia who is suing for the murder of their daughter. And there are others too. Is it the economy? Or did i just not notice before?

9. The backlash for the police officer lawsuit was so great when it was filed because the community had supported those families big time, including more than $2 million in donations. ( I thought the best argument against this lawsuit was that every family of every soldier who died in Afghanistan and Ft. Lewis should sue the government.)

10. Then i wondered.... where does it stop - suing for what you don't feel is right, suing for entitlement from the wrong source? Shoot, maybe we should sue our parents for stuff we don't like about ourselves because of their DNA! Yeah!

11. And i thought, i would like to sue my mom for having large pores. And my allergies and high blood pressure.

12. I think that is worth about 15 million dollars.

13. Maybe i should sue God instead. He must have deeper pockets than my parents, right?

13. Ok, i think i'm done. What are your random unorganized thoughts?


Modern Hippie said...

omg im pissed i just wrote like a freaking novel and it didnt post. i write it again later. grrrr.

IslandPearl said...

Gotta go cook dinner...More later.

But HEY! have you finally joined facebook or is somebody posting with your picture?

jojo cucina cucina said...

That is indeed me. (I used my real name because oddly enough there was already someone with my name from another country).

I had to get on Facebook because of my union work. However i screwed up setting it up and used my home email by mistake and within minutes i was creeped out because before i was even done i had all these requests to be friends (some folks i don't even know and some i don't want to keep in contact with).

Since i don't understand how people find you on Facebook i immediately deactivated it and then changed it to my work email thinking that would do the trick but somehow but it didn't. Somehow i was added to Brian's Facebook without requesting (I think because i look at his account with his permission) and he added me on with my request and it just went from there. Since then i had him take me off until i can figure this out better.

What i feared about Facebook is exactly what bothered me today. I don't want to make anyone feel bad because i don't add them and i don't want to be in THAT much contact with lots of people.

I don't want to spend that much time. this blog is difficult enough. And here today i find that i have spent already about THREE hours trying to figure this Facebook thing out. Adding photos, notes, etc. So that i know what i am doing when we use this for union organizing.

and now i am not sure how to go about the FRIENDS thing at all.

I'm afraid if i add any Friends i will actually be adding all YOUR friends at the same time. Is there a way to set it so you don't get viewed by every friend of the friend you added???

Cause then i could add you all.

I think i need a Xanax. Cause i'm making more of this than it should be.

jojo cucina cucina said...

Things i DON'T like:
Are any of y'all using Mozilla Firefox? We were told at work this is the browser to use because you will get less viruses so i added it at home too.

But it's a pain in the ass. I close it out. Then when i try to go back in it tells me that i can't get in because it's open, only it's not open and there is nothing to click on on your desktop to close it. I don't get it at all.

I do NOT like Microsoft either but at least Internet Explorer doesn't do that to me all the time.

What i DO like about Firefox is that if you get ready to go to a site in researching stuff it will give you a warning if you are getting ready to click on something that might be risky. I don't know if there is a setting for that in Explorer.

the other thing i don't like is trying to disconnect my external drives. I usually have to do this about three or four times to get the okay. and even though i always make sure i ONLY disconnect when i get the prompt the damn thing constantly tells me i did an improper disconnect and data may be lost. (It never is thought).

I like warnings. I hate stupid warnings.

IslandPearl said...

On litigiousness:
Our society has becopme so litigious that we can no longer stoop to taking responsibility for anything we do ourselves. We MUST lay blame...then capitalize on it wherever possible. It will be our achilles heel...and our ultimate demise as a society. For the Romans, it was lead in the water.

On Lost:
Lost is probably one of the most amazing TV shows every crafted. Can you imagine any other fictional series inspiring people to read Kirkegaard and Pascal?

From philosophy to mythology to physics...this show has dabbled in it all. I've been absolutely gobsmacked with the culture it has inspired.

I participate in no less than 3 Lost-related websites and several email discussion chains. My husband - who generally dislikes commercial TV -- and I thoroughly enjoy our discussions of the latest plot points ... not to mention the fun we have identifying filming locations (they were doing some shots at the Y across the street from my office yesterday. Didn't see anyone though.)

I will be sad to see it end, but happy that they are going for a grab-the-peak finale instead of allowing it to drag on ad nauseam like my late lamented X-Files.

On Facebook:

No one can be your "friend" unless you add them as friend.

I've found that there are email hacks that say that someone "...wants to be my friend on facebook." That info is usually being pulled from email accounts, not from facebook, because many of the emails I've gotten like that were either from people that I KNOW aren't on facebook to begin with, or people I'm already FB friends with.

If you have all of your privacy settings set to "Only Friends" then only people that you have actively added as friends can see your stuff.

For instance, if you went into facebook without using Brian's login, you couldn't see pretty much anything on my page but my name and avatar.

I keep everything set to "only friends" and I have some information that I've set up to even block my "Gumbo" friends list because, frankly, I don't consider everybody I met on Gumbo to be privy to some aspects of my personal life. Didn't while I was on gumbo, don't now. Even if I liekd them enough to "friend" them on FB

In fact, I've ignored a number of "friend requests" from folks from gumbo that I really intensely disliked. They just go away. That's fine with me.

The amount of time you spend on facebook, like the people that you interact with there, is entirely within your control.

I just like the way it's enabled me to stay in touch with people I don't otherwise cross paths with that often, but still enjoy keeping up with. (Crap sentence construction, but you get my drift.)

That said, I'm still careful about what I put out there. Just like anywhere else on the internet.

One thing I scrupulously avoid is the games and apps -- for three reasons:
1)they're huge time vacuums
2 they're boring/annoying as hell
3)they pull in "friends" info. I don't like that.

But with those cautions in place, I've been on there for a couple of years and so far, so fun.

If I may be candid...if you didn't think about things so hard, you might enjoy things a lot more (not to mention a lot more things...) Give it a try.

IslandPearl said...

aka: Trust, but verify.

Jennifer said...

I just saw you as a friend suggestion, Jo, on FB and if it's okay, I will add you. Totally agree with Pearl about apps, though I admit to having more on there than I should. FB has some good privacy settings, which I just tweaked this AM as a matter of fact.

Lost: I'm more confused now than ever, but I'm enjoying it as much as always, just going with the flow. I agree with you Jo about who I like and perhaps it is for the same reasons as you mentioned.

Other random stuff: I don't nearly the wide range of music on my iPod as you do, Jo, with respect to various artists. I do have a lot of variety with respect to style, though. I enjoy having my iPod on shuffle so I can be surprised at what comes up next.

I need more coffee. Back later!


IslandPearl said...

I haven't mentioned anything about you being on FB to any of the yayas.

You can view the friends lists of friends, so you can pick from there. That's the whole networking thing...I've located some old childhood friends that way.

One note of caution: don't make your birth year or grad year public. The date's okay, but most online security sites warn against putting the year out there. Anywhere...not just facebook.

Other than that...just enjoy it.

jojo cucina cucina said...

pearl. thanks for the FB info. I went in and took my year off. I should have known not to add that. While i was at it i took off the whole high school link which i didn't really add my high school anyway (don't want to connect with any high schools folks) but it did have my graduation year. So i took that off too.

Jennifer did i add you? I am not sure of folks
names. I added people i definitely knew first and last names. But i don't know yours!

I disabled the Chat. I HATE instant messaging. and i did turn off all the emails except for if someone tags me in a photo. I want to know if someone puts up an ugly ass photo of me so i can yell at them.

I think i'm getting the hang of it.

When i am not Facebooking today here is what i am doing. I am painting my bathroom....AGAIN. I like this color better. It's a more blue/gray/green. Soothing. No more comet colored green. I am waiting for the first coat to dry.

And here's what i'm going to do when it's all over. I'm going to put ALL four cans of the colorful bathroom paint grouped together (as i did with that other photo) and take a photo and then frame it in a colorful mat and hang it in a black frame in my bathroom when i am done.

I will put it up here if i get a good shot.

equeyaya said...

In my glass: nothing yet... i'll be cooking risotto soon, and i have a beringer sauvignon blanc that i'll be cooking it with and drinking.

Music: itunes genius adult alternative mix - currently Matchbox 20's Kody.

Book: I only have 50 pages left of The Historian! I DO like it, I am just having a really hard time finishing it, dammit. Next one will be Ten North Frederick, by John O'Hara.

Last iTunes purchase: Jo, I just added Natalie Merchant's Equestrienne to my wish list. I saw her on GMA last week. She was dressed in a ruffled blouse and, like a dirndl skirt or something. It looked like it had been in the back of her closet since the 1970s. She said this is her first release since she had her child 7 years ago and she wanted to do something mature and dignified. All of the songs are based on 18th or 19th century poetry. Then she proceeded to perform "Calico Pie" and skip around the stage like a hillbilly. It was kind of odd. But I like the itunes preview I heard of Equestrienne.

My recent purchases: White Rabbit covered by Grace Potter, John Butler Trio's April Uprising CD, Hey Soul Sister by Train, Letters from the Sky by Civil Twilight, Brick by Ben Folds, Left to Lie by Bobby Long, Wheels by Jamie Cullum, Helping Hands and Off the Ground by Citizen Cope, and Running to Stand Still by Elbow. I was pretty excited to have all that new music, but sad that my traveling friends don't share my passion for it.

Re: American Idol - I enjoyed the Elvis covers and Casey James (even though I can't remember which one he did, now - it was a lesser known song, wasn't it?) I usually only watch on Tuesdays with Barb.

OK, I am going to drag my butt away from this computer now and feed my poor hungry dog and make risotto. Maybe I'll sit down to eat by 9:00, lol. I have the house to myself for a while, which is nice.

oops, spoke too soon. :(

jojo cucina cucina said...

eque, now it makes sense why i am not loving the new Natalie Merchant. I do not normally like poetry. And i'm not a big blue grass fan either. I bought the cd without listening to it. And i tried to listen to it while running. The only song i like so far is the horse song.

Grace Potter does a cover of White Rabbit? Soon as Brian gets off the desktop computer i'm buying it. I am finding that i love covers of songs from my younger years. One of my favorites is Serena Ryder's Heart of Gold.

I just finished my second coat and poured a glass of Boomtown viognier that Brian just opened up. I have to wait and see if i need a third coat. It looks pretty good and i didn't make any big misses. Course if i have a second glass of wine and decide it needs a third coat, that might change!

The song that Casey James did of Elvis night was indeed a lesser known song and that is the reason i liked it because the others did obvious songs. Crystal did one that wasn't one of his main songs. I hate songs like All Shook Up and That Wise Man one really bores me.

Because I have to confess. i do NOT like Elvis at all. I did like Adam Lambert helping them out. If i had to pick a Elvis favorite song, i would pick Suspicious Minds. Years ago Chris Daughtry killed on that song. He was so awesome. I think i YouTubed it about 50 times. But this weird chick, Sioban killed that song in the way that was bad, like dead and buried bad.

When we ever get together eque, we are making risotto!

What's everybody else doing tonight? Or do i have to go look at Facebook to find out?

equeyaya said...

Lol I think I've finally perfected it, but that may just be because I put about a pins of cheese in it. Bout I finally have a confidence level about knowing when the rice is done.

I did really like crystal b's performance, too!

equeyaya said...

hmmmm.... too much wing tonight. that's a POUND of cheese, and BUT I finally have confidence.

equeyaya said...

heyyyyyy... you can also post your blog updates on facebook.

jojo cucina cucina said...

NOoooooooooooo.. i DO NOT want the world to see my blog. For one thing some of my work folks are on the Facebook (which is the reason i started Facebook in the first place because i had to for organizing). and i have said some things about not liking my union very much at all and wanting to get out. That would not be cool.

What is good is that i am working on a campaign to get the radical president out of office so that i might find a way to stick around in my job longer. And i really like the guy running against her so i feel good about working on his campaign.

I bought the White Rabbit song and a few others that iTunes recommended but i forget already what they are.

I'm going to bed now. It takes wayyyyy too long to paint a stupid bathroom. ESPECIALLY one as small as mine. (They don't make them smaller.) i think that is what makes it so hard to paint. i will be sore tomorrow night.

Modern Hippie said...


im boycotting.

Modern Hippie said...

and of course, after i always write a whole novel, i can always easily post about how it wouldnt let me post my novel. bullshit!

jojo cucina cucina said...

What are you boycotting? My blog?!
Kylee, it's because you are limited on how much you can write. So if you are writing a lot you should copy and paste it into Word or something. Your vebosity rivals even mine. And i thought i was bad!

I didn't sleep well last night, (but when i slept at all i was dreaming about Facebook. lol)

Now i am watching The Shark Steam Pocket mop informercial and wondering if i need this for my real hardwood floors cause i think i really really want this!

equeyaya said...

I think I have some form of facebook induced ADD. I forced myself to do nothing this morning until I finished the last 50 pages of the book I've been reading for four months. It took me ALLL morning and now I feel like I need a nap.

But, instead, I'm going to take a long walk with my dog and try to burn off some risotto calories.

Modern Hippie said...

usually when its too much verbage it says "character limitation" and lets you go back and revise - this said "error" somethign blah blah and wouldnt let me get back to what i wrote

i know i write alot, esepcially on the blog because i pull up the 2 windows and respond to everything lol

i love infomericals. i want things i dont even have neccesity for.

Modern Hippie said...

p.s. im boycotting this blog post in the form of really responding to the blog

~grits~ said...

I was gonna go over and see if I could find you on FB but dont want to add to your stress right now - lol.

I havent been using it much lately - just havent been very interested in it.

I like internet explorer over firefox.

I have never watched Lost (eek!!). Not that Im not interested - I may watch them from netflix someday. I rarely watch anything when it comes on these days and my dvr list is already full of stuff I am behind on. I recently got hooked on Nurse Betty and the United States of Tara.

I hope your new bathroom paint job turns out - you sure put alot of work into it!

I love infomercials too. Just saw one awhile ago on some for some window cleaner gadget. 'But wait! Order now and we will send you 2'!! They crack me up. But if I do order anything, I do it online as the phone thing is wayyy to lengthy and keeps wanting you to try something else to add to your bill. I'd hate to have that job - taking infomercial orders. You must have to keep asking people if they want more stuff and they keep saying no- or worse - they keep saying yes and you know they are hordaholics and you are just feeding their addictions.

Currently reading 'Shoot the Moon'by Billie Lets and 'God said Ha!' by Julia Sweeney. My car book is really good too but I cant remember the exact name and dont want to walk out there to get it.

Best thing I've watched on telly lately is 'Letting go of God' - another Julia Sweeney thing. Really good!!

However her titles are a put off-putting and intimidating. I mean, who normally goes out and gets a book or movie with those titles?? I love her style and her humor though. 'letting go' brought out alot of pent-up emotions - and brought in some new ones too.

OK Im writing too much and will blog more about all that sometime in the near future.

Love the peace sign in the snow!

~grits~ said...

ps LOVE the nieces and nephs pic!!

Amanda Haines said...

Hey, Jo!

I'm getting sour on Facebook, as well, mostly because it feels like another way to be snubbed by the half-dozen or so people I really, really want to be friends with. Does that make sense? Plus, it's just an excuse for people not to call or send cards on holidays. I get almost no birthday cards anymore because a stupid "happy birthday" wall posting on Facebook is all the effort anyone can muster. It's sad. I'm on the verge of quitting.

Except, it will be hard to give up on the stalking :) I do enjoy that very much. I'm so nosey, but I don't like anyone to know that.

I share your love of infomercials. I never buy anything, but I really, really want to sometimes. I wanted a NuWave Infrared Oven so badly, it's all I thought about for weeks. I also love home shopping. I watch all the skincare and makeup shows, and anything that involves fake hair. I also love being horrified by really hideous jewelry. Home shopping, infomercials, and baseball are the three things I watch when I need to turn my brain off and have a zen experience.

~grits~ said...

lol - my late father-in-law was an infomercial addict. And if he found something really good, he would buy all his kids one. That's how we got the Infrared oven. And I love it!

and I have to say, those shamwow towels are pretty good too - lol!

But I dont let myself watch them if Im up and drinking wine....nooooo not a good thing unless I want to wake up the next day and recall buying a bunch of silly stuff.

~grits~ said...

p.s. Happy Birthday Amanda Haines!

equeyaya said...

hahahaha, grits!!

jojo cucina cucina said...

I told Brian i want that Shark steam pocket mop for my birthday. I can't believe i watched the whole thing! Then i researched every review i could find on it.

Grits, i want those Shamwows too!

Don't hate me Amanda but i'm going over to your blog to wish you happy birthday! At least it's not Facebook!

louielouie said...

Happy birthday Amanda. (never did get downtown to see Mr. Safeway)

Although I have about had it with birthdays. I used to be a fantastic card picker-outer and sender. I have fallen.

Now it seems as if I can only ever get half the equation right. I don’t remember to pick out a card, or pick one out way ahead and forget I bought it. If I buy, I don’t remember to send. Or I send it wrong. I just got my friend Julie’s birthday card back in the mail, undeliverable. Last year I think I sent her card 3 times and then had to hand deliver it in the end.

This year Julie gave me her address, but I must have sent the card to the old one I got last year from stalking her house on Google maps. I knew it was her house because I could see her truck out front. But it was wrong, apparently I used it anyway, again, and it was returned to me today, no such address. I will try again, but the card wasn’t that great, not really worth another $.42.

Should have posted on her wall, but I am not on Face Book. I’m not even sure what a wall is. Julie is a “friend” of my son’s, not sure if one or both of them has low standards. I don’t think I could manage facebook, I can barely post here. Can’t believe jo is face-booking it; she won’t even own a cell phone; guess I’m the last hold out.

Mostly I buy sympathy cards these days. I did, however, forget to buy my uncle one when my mom’s sister (my Godmother no less) died. Last weekend I went to a memorial service empty handed. Actually I wasn’t empty handed for long, they had a hosted bar along with the buffet.

Did buy one really swell card recently (actually I bought it last year but just remembered to mail it); hope it gets there.

Modern Hippie said...

Jo DOES have a cell-phone but its just a pre-paid one.

BUT I am the only one in the family who doesnt have the number! I was sitting around with all the cousins one day (i dont think i ever told you this Jo) I was sitting with Brian and Adrienne and Chris were there and I said "yeah Aunt Jo has a cell but she wont give anyone the number" and everyone said "oh i have the number" LOL

I have found myself wanting to send Jo texts, especially during the campaign - sometimes you just want to send a little piece of info that would be stupid to call about. I text my mom and dad all the time and thats always little information.

but i'm not holding out for jojo to text or ever fully use a cell phone, im happy enough with facebook.

i was never big on cards, giving or recieving, i love getting a card when im sick and in the hospital (cause that shows someone cares) but birthday cards (unless they are just cool pictures/cards) are so silly. the grandmother cards with flower and cursive that say how much they love you LOL

however, i found, when its really something i want to send a card for, i can sometimes say just the perfect thing.

p.s. everyone my last blog post just turned from casual monday night post to soapbox protest about nuclear power plants, so you should all check it out :) --- big shocker: its my FIRST (hopefully only) big bum-out from Obama and im actually admitting it! hahaha.

jojo cucina cucina said...

louie, you are the BEST card buyer and i got the anniversary card you sent to us yesterday. I actually tried to take a photo of it and put it up here, but you can't make out the words.

Yeah it's kind of too bad about the sympathy cards. Someone once told me that when you turn 50 that is what happens. Funerals and sympathy cards. They were right.

Kylee, the cousins are totally joking with you! NONE of them have my cell phone number. The only ones who ever had it were Brian and Troy. And only Troy because i used it once to call him. I don't have it anymore anyway because the cell minutes expired and i didn't appreciate paying money for minutes i never used and ran out before i could use them.

It's too early in the morning for me to be reading about nuclear power plants. Maybe later! LOL.

jojo cucina cucina said...

The card is a couple of really old people sitting on lawn chairs. He's doing the crossword. She's reading a book. He has a cup of coffee. She looks like she might be drinking a screwdriver.

He says, "What's a three-letter word for "on fire".

She's not looking up from her book but replies, "You".

(Our 8th wedding anniversary is next Tuesday. We will be bowling! LOL.)

Modern Hippie said...

well yeah brian had it! and then adrienne had it since brian had it - i guess it was just them 2 but it felt like eveyrone hahaha

louielouie said...

Glad you got it jo. I love that card.

I was secretly hoping you would scan it and post it. I have no idea if that would even work. I am photo-impaired.

I've had it for you for such a long time I was afraid I had shown it to you already. I think i have used up my good card buying quota.

I did find one for Bob in the nick of time. Every year I give him a card that says Bob on it for his birthday.

So anyway, don't look for a "happy administrator's assistant" card from me tomorrow. Not after I had to build my own availability schedule. Sheesh

Besides I used up all my stamps on Julie

equeyaya said...

louielouie, i love the way you think --> good card buying quota, lol!

louielouie said...

hey hippie girl, I have Jo's number but she's got no minutes.

I bought Jo a reallllly nice bday card, I think it has a Helen Steiner Rice poem (in cursive) inside. I plan to underline (twice) the words that have extra special meaning to me.

Some of the flowers on the cover are sparkly.

Jo will cry when she gets it.

Modern Hippie said...

haha Louie you totally get it!! and sadly enough its sooo true. people feel like if they undlerline the words - they wrote them themselves LOL

you should send some kleenex with the card so Jo will have it when she cries lol

jojo cucina cucina said...

y'all are cracking me up. FIRST OF ALL....NOBODY has my cell phone number. So you don't have to feel bad if i didn't give it to you.

Helen Steiner Rice. OOOOH. I only wish it was Rod McKeun instead.

louie, thanks for reminding it was secretary's day tomorrow so i can feel bad when everyone else forgets it. THEY NEED ME to remind them. And honestly i totally forgot until you just did.

Now they will be in trouble. And it's your fault.

IslandPearl said...

If only I had a secretary ... those were the days . I do it all by myself now

So nobody gets a freakin card from moi

Modern Hippie said...

i dont think i would like a secretary. i think i would just want to do everything myself i would be annoyed of someone else making my schedule and taking my calls

they can make my copies for me though. i would have interns; not secretaries. why pay them when a design student would be more than happy? haha

susieatl said...

I have the world's biggest DIVA as my receptionist. She is 72 (still spry) was a world class model - ran with Billy Dee Williams in the day.

So if I don't go all out ...I get the world's biggest pout ever. I have learned from experience.

So I have the roses, the balloon. I pick up a cake and I may even spring for lunch.

It's work keeping her happy.

jojo cucina cucina said...

i actually think of Secretary's Day (I HATE calling it Administrative Assistant's Day) is the same as Valentine's Day. Obligatory calendar dates bug me big time. So i am kidding about anyone being in trouble.

And what happened with the term 'secretary' anyway? My official title at work is Associate Staff of Field Assistant. I don't see why that is better.

~grits~ said...

I think the problem with those days at work, is that it leaves alot of people out and then you have even more grumbling and bad attitude. And I am speaking of my own work when I say, for the most, the people that get this stuff, forget about it and are back to bitchin the next day. Same with paid holidays, bonuses, raises etc.

But I have to say that Susie's lady sounds like a great gal and absolutely should get her rewards if she is still working at 72!

jojo cucina cucina said...

somebody needs to kill me if i am still working at age 72. (And i'm sure there will be many people willing to do the honors.

susieatl said...

She was so happy..the card play You're so Unbelievable" and she played it for everyone. Everyone else just got flowers..she got cake as well.

jojo cucina cucina said...

i did get a hanging fuschia basket today from my friend Irene who is one of the union presidents. It's beautiful and even nicer because it was unexpected. You really went all out, susieatl!

I think instead of being called a secretary, or a field assistant (which always sounds to me like i should be lining the football fields with that white stuff), or an Associate Staff. I think i will refer to myself from now on as Diva.

My union business notepads are actually imprinted "Queen of Soundview" already. (For years as a joke when i ran out I used to write that in where they asked for corrections. And one year whoever took the order decided to have a sense of humor so that is what they say now.

But i think i'll order them as "Soundview Diva" next time.

did anyone watch Idol last night? Crystal Bowersox killed on the song "People Get Ready" and Lee DeWyze did an amazing version of "The Boxer". (I bought it on iTunes).

My favorite guy, Casey James, performed Fleetwood Mac's "Don't Stop" and i HATE that song, so while he was good, it was not the one i wanted to show my friends on YouTube at work this time.

Modern Hippie said...

I think its one of those things, Jo, they rename titles so people cant generalize or stereotype them anymore. they want to impower people. secretary COULD have negative connotations so they give you "assistant" so that you actually "assist" since its actually in your job title LOL

yeah I know how you feel on not caring who sings the song, some songs, i just hate. like that hallejuah song, i used to llike it but i think so many people have sang it on AI that I just hate it now, no matter who sings it. and some songs just shouldnt be remade - like i saw Lee did 'beast of burden' one of my all time favorite songs - but you CANNOT redo a rolling stones song; and he didnt pull it off. (i just listened to the recordings on itunes)

IslandPearl said...

Job titles are bollocks. Generally speaking.

jojo cucina cucina said...

Job titles ARE bollocks. (I love that word.) I am going to change this weekend after i get done with my second painting project.

I love how those HG channel home shows get inspired by on item in the house and then design around it. I have a Georgia O Keefe print of a Mexican church above our fireplace and i matched the stucco color from the print itself and the frame. This is going to be my new accent wall color to coordinate with my green walls. (Right now they are a pinkish white.

I like painting my house because it gives me an instant lift and because i am a task oriented type of person, painting is fun for me.

IslandPearl said...

Just for the record: I've never been able to get into American Idol, but now I absolutely HATE it.

I have to record Glee (with REAL singers and something approximating a plot, BTW), and inevitably lose the last 5-10 minutes because AI always runs over. (And no I can't cuts off something else.)

What is so wonderful about AI that it can't be contained in an hour like everything else?

Rant over.

And Jo, if you run out of things to paint at your house, my family room and bar could reallly use a refresh...

Modern Hippie said...

Jo I did tell you I went to see David Bromstad today right?? he is ALOT more flamboyant in person and you can tell they sensor him, he would say something and then you coudl tell a mental "shit i wasnt supposed to say that" would flip on and he wouuld cover himself up. like someone asked him abotu his spirtual side (it was a werid question because it is in now way design realted) but he started talkign about how hes a christian and owes everything to the lord and then he had to throw in - but i support any religion, i dont judge what you believe in. he seems like he would be really fun to just hang out with though.

he was talkiing about how he gets inspiried by different clients and what inspires him and sometimes he knows what hes going to paint them the second he meets them and sometimes he doesnt know until an hour before hes going to paint it -- the only thing that annoys me is when you have these really famous talented designers who dont have any formal design education (hes definitley rare because hes so broadly artisitically talented but still) but i want to do commercial design, you could never do commercial without an education. so thats what i keep telling myself. this 20grand a year education better be worth it LOL

pearl, i like AI but i refuse to watch it anymore, for the same reason i refuse to watch any of the shows out becaus ei dont want to be attached to a show (LOST is different because im watching the season disk) but even watching AI its ridiculous how many commercials and "fluff" they put in the show - i know jo fast forwards through most of it on DVR

jojo cucina cucina said...

Oh, that Idol Gives Back show always runs over. and most of the show is so freaking cheesy these past two years. The ONLY part of the show that ever is moving is when Annie Lennox is on. She is the one celebrity who is the most sincere and i have no doubt that the stories haunt her. I think the rest of them go back to their lovely expensive lives and doesn't think a whole lot more about these people they are sharing stories about.

We had it DVRd and it cut off before they announced who was going home. So i went online to see who got kicked off.

So pearl i get you on hating Idol.

We have the first season of Glee but i haven't watched it yet. I love that one actress (forget her name) but she was in Best in Show and the 40 year old Virgin.

Kylee, that is interesting about David Bromstad. He is not that flamboyant on TV. i really like him. I don't love everything he does and sometimes i don't like the paintings either, but he is fun. And so cute!

Modern Hippie said...

the very first year they did Idol Gives Back it was really good, I loved everyone on the show and that year we were so moved we went and donated money that night -- but now it just feels so commercialized. i dont need celebrities to donate money and thats what the whole show is about; the celebrities, its not about the stories.

yeah i think they censor him quite a bit; just think of how many homophobs out there would hate him or stop watching his show if they knew, or if he was as falmboyant (some people are against homosexuals when they are flamboyant) his new show is moving to miami though (right now its in san francisco) so hes getting a whole new team. he announced it in such a bad/good bad. he said "color splash is such a great show, well was a great show....i have some bad news everyone" and everyone got really quite. "color splash san francisco has been cancelled" and everyone like freaked out and gasped. and he let it sit in for awhile. and then he said "color splash has been moved to miami and we signed on for another season!" haha it was pretty good.