Wednesday, May 5, 2010

My American Idol pick.

Menu of the Day:

on iTunes: "Jesus" by Wilco. This might be my favorite Wilco song. I keep trying to get my husband to play some Wilco in his Disclaimers Band. But they are kind of stuck in the 1960's.

The Best Thing that Happened: Two things happened this week that i am very proud of being a part of. First, the very reason i joined Facebook was because i wanted to help get my union president out of office. We found out Monday that we were successful. We have a new president! This means a lot to me.

the other thing has been more emotional for me. I was on the team to interview candidates for our new UniServ Director. We found a good one today. And it was unanimous out of 9 people on the team. but i am sad to lose the retiring director. She and i came to the office in the same month in 1988. I was talking today that only Sarah/louielouie here has a longer relationship with me as one of my very best friends (other than family). I have been married three times and they don't add up to the time i have worked with Toni. So we cried together today afterwards because now it is real.

What i am NOT forgetting. They have not even told me i need a new driver license. but i happen to know that it expires this month after having it for what 10 years? Why do they not remind you? It's a fluke that i even noticed. What i don't like is that i sort of like having that 10 year old photo of me on my license.

OK. that's enough for the Menu. On with the randomness.

Disclaimer: I have had some wine, because the crying was after work at Toni's house with wine. Because if i am going to cry (which is rare) it usually involves wine.


1. I learned at a retirement workshop last weekend that i am going to take social security at age 62 because it would be stupid not to. (I just have to make sure that my huz keeps working for that health insurance for us both until i am 65.)

2. It might be worth it me to fake an illness to retire and keep him working. I think i would be a most excellent retired person.

3. What would i do?....keep tutoring in the schools, maybe two days a week. Read lots of books. Watch all seasons of Lost in a row. Watch all kinds of tv shows on DVDs, take a cooking class. Take some kind of creative class. Join a flyfishing group. Blog. Buy stuff on iTunes. Facebook. Nap. Write Letters to the Editor. Paint a wall. (I think i would have a full day doing just these things.)

4. I am afraid to go back to the paint store to buy a different version of the stucco-y yellow that i wanted because i think the paint dude will think i am hitting on him, that i am pretending my colors aren't what i want. And this is not true. I think he keeps talking to me too much and i get distracted and make bad choices about colors. Because normally i get it right. But i have to say i do NOT like this new color that i posted about earlier here. And i will go crazy if i don't change it soon.

5. Julie tells me he doesn't work Mondays. So i think i will check it out then.

6. I am starting to think that Facebook is taking over blogs. I resisted Facebook for this very reason because i like the blogging because it has more depth. But now i can see how this might happen. Already i find myself not being able to keep up with everyone as much now. So while i find myself liking (but not loving) Facebook, i am wondering if this is the end of our blogging.

7. I watched Lost since i posted this. I am sad. Still confused, but sad.

8. I got my driver's license today after an hour and a half wait! I haven't had a new photo for 8 years (since i got married). My new photo looks better than my old one. That's cool.


jojo cucina cucina said...

I forgot to mention about the video!....It's Lee Dewyze. It was Sinatra night last night and most of them bombed. But i liked what he did. I still think Crytal Bowersox is head and shoulders above the others, but he is more mainstream and fits the Idol formula.

Casey James, the blonde long haired guy who sang Jealous Guy is still a favorite but i feel like he won't mind not losing because maybe someone has already been in contact with him about a record deal. He's still a favorite too and i hope he doesn't go home tonight (I haven't been watching yet to see what happens) but if he does he will be okay. like Chris Daughtry.

Lee Dewyze has a kind of heart and soul that makes you want him to succeed. He's humble and should be more confident than he is but that's the endearing part about him. He's the guy who sang "The Boxer".

So yeah. I hope he wins. But i love Casey and Crytal too.

~grits~ said...

lol- that is funny about the paint store guy.

FB wont be the end of my blog because mine is private and sometimes I post stuff I dont want everybody to know. LOL - that sorta sounds worse than it ever is.

My FB is not private and I have too many family people and folks like parents of my daughter's friends to want to put it all 'out there' on there.

For me, FB is good for short updates on people.

There is still alot of blogging going on. I read on lots of them out there. If there is a subject Im interested in, somebody out there most likely has a blog about it.

equeyaya said...

you could try a different paint store, lol!

i watched some of the sinatra. it's not casey's style, so he wasn't that great. i thought crystal was good. and i like lee but he has to do something about that facial hair.

i'm glad to know the union pres thing worked out. and also that you have a good new director. funny how you have been there since 1988, that's when i started my job too. transition is hard, but you and toni will keep in touch.

on iTunes: Going Down to Cuba - Jackson Browne

The Best Thing that Happened: Bought tickets this week to see Jackson Browne on September 11 with 6 friends.

the other thing: wine with Vera and Sally tonight.

What i am NOT forgetting: made GYN appointments for myself and the girls. still have to remember to make an oil change appointment.

disclaimer: i was drinking wine tonight too.

Brian said...

OK...I see I must, yes must, defend band is not stuck in the 60's!!!....sometimes we even play 50's music.

Also being catagorized as just 1/3rd of the husband group....hmphf But what really get's me is....retiring at 65? Guys should always retire first, since they don't live as long. I see we need to talk.

I agree though, Crystal Bowsersocks is the bomb, dude!!!

Modern Hippie said...

i never realized harry connicks accent before! i think when he acts he always hides it, what a shame i love the lousiana accent.

i really like lee dewyze (im not even watching) but i just cant listen to anyone else sing sinatra songs - even michael buble, sinatra is sinatra and you cant mess with it and everytime i hear it im waiting for it to sound just like sinatra and it doesnt and then it disappoints me. some songs you shouldnt mess unless your going to change it drastically. he did a good jo though. i started watching yesterday but i had to turn it off when that stupid gaga got on - she is the most untalented ridiculous thing on our planet. the outfits are one thing but she has no talent to back it up. disgusting.

yay on our new president!! anyone i know? (when i worked with you michelle was the president, right?) Toni is finally retiring?! :( i would cry too.

you can actually reuse the picture on your license jo -- well you can when you are replacing a lost one maybe not after the expiriation. but they should remind you, we had someone come through the cruise line one time and their drivers license was expired by a month and they almost got denied boarding because of it (birth certficate and photo ID is hard eneough to consider valid so she had to wait around a good couple of hours)

2. you WOULD be the most excellent retired person. my mother however, would not. she does NOT know how to just kick back and relax - even on her days off she is busy all day long and she would go crazy if she didnt

4. you hate the yellow? i i still dont remember the walls being white its hard for me to picture what walls your talking about i just remember the many shades of that greenish blue

5. i dont think its the end of our blogging; i think they are two completely different worlds. blogging is for sharing real thoughts, having discussions (long, detailed discussions) facebook is all so general its basic and simple and its for sharing pictures and videos and sentences.

i have to get my new drivers license on my bday (which is kind of annoying it expires right on july 20) so my prednisone cheeks better be gone because im not living with that on my DL for 10 years!

Modern Hippie said...

also dont forget; most of us here in the blogosphere have also been in the facebook world for years (i've had my facebook since 2005-2006ish and ive been blogging since the end of the 2008 (right when i moved out)

Amanda Haines said...

I'm in a 60s music phase myself. I've got "Sunshine Superman" on a continuous loop over here (with a round of "Middle Aged Crazy" by Jerry Lee Lewis thrown in. Damn, that's a fantastic song). Anyway...

Re: Facebook. I've thought about synching my blog to my Facebook page, but haven't for just the reason Grits mentioned. My blog is more intimate than my Facebook page. I wouldn't feel as comfortable talking about my nutty family if I knew they were reading it. Facebook is good for stalking, being nosey, and maintaining a fake farm. But, there's no real connection there. Blogging is more personal.

Congrats on the new president. I hope he/she is a good one.

Also, good luck with the paint. Tell that paint dept. kid to pound sand. He's obviously creating a distraction. Ha!

Modern Hippie said...

im trying to enjoy the sun by doing homework outside on my balcony but the sunshine and my laptop screen doesnt mix so im moving inside to do my homework but i thought i'd bloog firt - anyways - i saw your part about lee being humble and you want him to succeed i did see the snipet when he was "safe" on wednesday and he was talking about how he never thinks he did a great job and he keeps pushing himself further and harder and i think thats really cool. i think you definitley need that discipline and drive to do well in the music industry (which is where i think falls the difference from say carrie underwood (who has become very famous and succesful) and ruben studdard - who has done nothing except get in trouble for smoking weed. haa

man its so nice out there i wish i didnt have to go back inside but i really need to do my homework and i cant see the screen well enough to do my floorplan the dogs are out here with me though (we put our futon on the balcony) and its SUCH a nice day out.

equeyaya said...

Facebook is good for stalking, being nosey, and maintaining a fake farm.

Perfect description, Amanda! lol!!!

susieatl said...

I don't completely agree about Facebook...while it can be all those things I've had tons of support on it. When Lucy was deathly ill and we were snowed in for a few hours I got lots of advice and one person called because their brother was a vet.

I've also reconnected with high school and college buddies. I'm loving that part. When I found out a good friend from college had died several years ago..several of us remembered him and mourned him via facebook.

And when my phone is in my car it is the only way Amanda can get my attention! HA!

Wish me luck...I'm off to Amanda's college graduation. I'm so excited for her..but I know I'll be boohooing at some point. Hopefully, I can avoid seeing Satan. I hear he's been somewhat of an ass about this whole thing and his parents have had to talk sense into him.

So much for any relationship with him for Amanda's sake...I can't be friends with crazy.

At least it is a pretty day. I'll be posting about it on my blog which I so enjoy even though only three people read it (if you don't count the asian girls advertising their porn site).

Modern Hippie said...

its a gorgeous day!! i went to the market to get some stuff for mothers day and then came home and did the homework i scheduled myself to do i finished that around 3 and decided to read out on our balcony -- but our balcony somehow gets ALOT of sun even though there is a big tall building right across the street and it felt soo nice--- until i remember im not really supposed to be in the sun and im so white the 30 minutes in the sun probably already gave me a sunburn and im going to drop dead any minute. okay i really shouldnt joke about that. but my skin is a little red already LOL

JJ said...

Your husbands group is not allowed to do any new songs while I am working on the songs his band is stuck on. With. Whatever.