Saturday, May 8, 2010

Because i am happily bored, we interrupt this blog for eye candy.


jojo cucina cucina said...

i just realized they all have long hair, except for my husband!

jojo cucina cucina said...

and i already can hear you, Ms. Kylee so don't be so predictable ok?

jojo cucina cucina said...

i just added the black and white photo i took of Brian in 1995 when we were in Port Townsend. I really like this photo even if his mustache know feels 'porn-starrish'.

jojo cucina cucina said...

i should have put this up sooner:

1. of course Johnny Depp.
2. Sayid on Lost (This is more for equeyaya than me. though i like Sayid a lot.)
3. John Corbett from Northern Exposure. I loved his hair, his height, his voice and his walk. I did NOT love that he dated Bo Derek, who politically is not a 10, but more like a 2~!
4. Casey James. He does not deserve to win American Idol this season. But i like his Legend-y Look.
5. Oh. Besides, Sayid, of course we need Sawyer. It's interesting to me i have two blondes here because i do not normally like blonde men.
6. Johnny Depp from Chocolat. He is handsome in every movie, including the one where he wore the ugly glasses and the shapeless sweater in that Stephen King movie - what was that movie? Secret Window? I forget. something like that. Anyway, Johnny Depp was my second avatar on the Gumbo YaYa message board i used to post on. (John Corbett was first.)
7. Because he always seemed like a boy to me (Donnie Darko era) I didn't know Jake Gynllenhall was so hot until recently starting with the movie "Brothers". And especially now, with his character's long hair.
8. I didn't like Colin Farrell until i saw him in Crazy Heart, so he makes the list.
9. Cat Stevens makes the list because he was my childhood poster boy. Yusef, however, would NOT make the list.
10. Brad Pitt gets two photos. for obvious reasons. The first one was a poster that hung on the backside of my office door for about 10 years.
11. And then there is my husband as i said, about 1994 or maybe 1995.
12. And this photo was taken in 2009. I actually like his looks better now. And he still stays in pretty good shape all these years.

~grits~ said...

I was wondering if the 2nd to last pic was also your Brian.

John Corbett is STILL with that bimBO Derek!! You know he had to have been lusting for her since he was a teen and probably had that '10' poster of her in his bedroom - lol!

Johnny is usually always a hottie - except for Willie Wonka & the Alice in Wonderland character recently - ewwww.

equeyaya said...

thank you for the second one! i love them alllll!!!

furline said...

I done 'em all.

Ok..not yer husband. But he does kinda remind me of Dick..silent but deadly.

I don't mess with married men no more. Not after Tipper found out about me and Big Al. Let's just say it's good that she's a lousy shot.

jojo cucina cucina said...

Happy Mother's Day, allofyall who are mothers! Furline, you aren't a mom, are you?

I got up and ran at 8:30 this morning. It's a beautiful day here today! Then i went to brunch at Ms. Hippie's parent's house. After that to paint store again! (thankfully paint boy was not there!)

I had my paint darkened just a tad to repaint over that yellow in my kitchen. Now it's a more buttery white and i like it much better. I have my hallway and around my windows left to do and i think i'm done with the painting project.

I was looking at Comcast and they were talking about the movies they walked out on. And so i thought i might turn the thread into the movies we hated so much that we walked out of the theatre or we turned off the DVD.

Here are mine:

1. Brian and i walked out on Sister Act (either 1 or 2, can't recall) not because we hated it, but because we just started dating didn't want to be in a movie theatre when we could be home in his big funky waterbed!

2. Natural Born Killers. We walked out of that one fairly early on around the time Juliet Lewis and Woody Harrelson killed the bicyclist for no reason. I don't know why we ever went to see that movie in the first place. I remember looking for the exits when we took our seats because the crowd felt dangerous.

3. I took my niece Ashley to see American Pie when she was about 11 or 12. It was shockingly inappropriate so we walked out (but this time i got my money back.)

4. Magnolia was a very weird movie that i turned off. Tom Cruise was in it.

5. I believe i may have turned off Vanilla Sky too which also starred him. But it was directed by Cameron Crow and i really wanted to like it.

That's all i can think of. I've turned off movies before but not because i hated them, just because they were rather boring.

jojo cucina cucina said...

Furline....LOL! You are not my husband's type because you are too tall!

AND he would admit this himself here if he sees this blog post...that his shallowness while dating was that he didn't like dating women who were tall because he is under 6 feet. (I think he's 5'9 or 5'10. I am 5'4" so i passed!)

Grits, i agree about Depp in those two movies. He does play some weird characters. Though i wouldn't include Edward Scissorhands in the group i don't like because that movie is what made me like him so much.

Amanda Haines said...

I love this topic! Movies I had to stop watching:

• The Notebook. Cliched, lame, terrible acting, and the worst dialogue ever. I HATED this movie. I made it maybe a half-hour in before quitting in disgust.

• Bruno. I actually watched this all the way through because Erik wanted to finish it. But, it was such a stupid movie. I hated it. It's unwatchable. I started reading a magazine about halfway through.

• Very Bad Things. Very bad movie with offensive, blatant misogyny. I would like everyone associated with this movie to lose their testicles.

• Baby Mamma. I usually love TIna Fey, but this movie was awful. The dialogue was ridiculous.

• The Holiday. Tired formula, bad story, terrible acting...and Jack Black as a romantic lead? Um, no, thanks. Kate Winslet, you're better than that!

There may be more once I sit and stew on this a while. Ha! Thanks, Jo!