Monday, May 10, 2010

Anderson Cooper gets pissed on 360 at "Birther" LTC Lakin & his dumbass lawyer.

Y'all probably have heard this but I hadn't yet since my TV has been happily limited to watching American Idol and Lost. But my husband DVRed this today because he knew i would like seeing it.

The story is that LTC Terry Lakin (who is an army doctor) is being court martialed because he refuses to be deployed for his tour of duty in Afghanistan. Why?

Here's why: because LTC Lakin doesn't believe President Obama was really born in the U.S. Lakin brought his attorney to 360 last Friday to talk to Anderson. (Only he didn't do much talking at all.) I thought we were done with this Birther nonsense!

I don't believe i have ever seen Anderson Cooper get pissed before and it's something to watch.
(He reminded me of how Jon Stewart handles the uber conservative's ideology when they spout it off on his show.) Anderson produces evidence about Obama's birth certificate but the attorney (who does most ALL of the talking), thereby frustrating the hell out of Anderson Cooper, refuses to budge.

At one point an exasperated Anderson interrupts the asshole attorney saying, "Again, can't the lieutenant not talk for himself, he IS an adult."

I also like how Cooper asks the questions with the emphasis on "Colonel" so that he can try and get a word out of Lakin.

What's very interesting is The American Patriot Foundation/Safeguard our Constitution is trying to raise $500,000 for the defense of this Lieutenant Lakin. $500,000?

Anyway, if you like Anderson Cooper, it is worth watching all the way through.

I cannot for the life of me believe these Birther Bastards. OMG. I don't know what makes me more crazy: Sarah Palin , The Tea Party, or the Birthers. I blame them all for my high blood pressure. I love CNN because of Anderson Cooper, but i think American Idol is better for my health.

I also believe the Birther shit is a smokescreen against Obama because the people that believe this can't admit they are racist and instead invent their own reason for being against him. It's so freaking ridiculous.


jojo cucina cucina said...

Here's the request from the Safeguard our Constitution website:

American Patriot Foundation's Legal Defense Fund will pay for all of LTC Lakin's attorneys fees and costs, and so we urgently need your tax deductible contribution. A noted civilian California trial lawyer has now been hired to be LTC Lakin's lead counsel. It is expected these fees and costs will exceed $500,000 and therefore it is essential that LTC Lakin's supporters come to his aid NOW.


Amanda Haines said...

This clip only shows how ridiculous these people are. I'm so angry having watched it. I hope this man gets a court martial and, even more, I hope he sees that he's being used by this phony "patriot" group to raise money to promote their racist, homophobic, right wing agenda. Agh! I'm so mad!

But I love Anderson Cooper. I've had enough of the non-interview interviews on the news. Anderson kicks ass.

~grits~ said...

I love that! Cooper rocks!! That lawyer and his client are fukwits and they themselves show that here. I dont watch much tv so Im really glad Brian dvr'd it for you.

IslandPearl said...

What I don't get is how is it such a big deal for Obama to turn over his birth certificate in the first place. Wouldn't that have put an end to that whole debate? And if that is the case, why hasn't he just done it.

People were able to get their hands on W's military file and his college transcripts for crying out loud. What's so sacred about Obama's birth certificate?

And I'm very frightened by the realization of a fear I've always had: any opposition to Obama is immediatedly and irrevokably attributed to racism.

Is it no longer possible to freely criticize a sitting president? That is positively terrifying to me.

(I've been trying to reply to your earlier blogs, jo...but I've been on the road with a broken laptop, and when I try to post via my android, blogspot eats the whole post. Another reason I prefer FB these lets me do stuff away from my computer.)

Modern Hippie said...

I havent read through all the comments yet and I cant watch the video - well I can but it rebuffers every 5 seconds which drives me so crazy I cant watch it so i'll try again later when the system isnt so busy I guess.

anyways, I hadnt heard about this yet but from hearign what you said about I think its COMPLETE bullshit I think the freaking LTC just doesnt even want to go back to Iraqstan -- he's just using this as a bullshit excuse because regardless of who our president is, this is still america, this war would still be fighting (and we got in the war without Obama) hes not fighting for Obama - he's fighting for America

i need to watch the video before I say anytime more (i keep going to say statements but i think it might be addressed in the video) so standby for my commentary! haha

Modern Hippie said...

oh p.s. Pearl I just read your comment; he has turned over his birth cetificate -- people don't believe its real -- which is why the "birthers" are SO ridiculous

however, if i was to believe the president of the united states was not born in the USA and somehow smuggled his way into the oval office, i guess i would believe they could come up with a fake B.C. as well... but still. c'mon. don't just get a brain, grow some balls (not you pearl! hahaha the birthers!) haha

jojo cucina cucina said...

pearl says this:
And I'm very frightened by the realization of a fear I've always had: any opposition to Obama is immediatedly and irrevokably attributed to racism.

I say this: I am more frightened by the racism. The truth is there are people who are racist and hate that we have a black president. We know that. But i haven't heard anyone yet actually come out and say THAT is the reason. And so yes, i do believe that they hide behind other reasons. And I don't believe that any opposition to Obama i immediately attributed to his color of skin because not all people are that ignorant.

But the Birthers are ignorant.

Amanda! I know! That's how i felt when i watched it. I was so mad i don't know how Anderson Cooper controlled himself on that ass. And the LTC should totally be embarrassed by that interview. I have a hard time even picturing him in any leadership role in the the military. He looks like a pawn.

Anderson Cooper and Jon Stewart. I don't know what we would do without them.

This Birther nonsense is about as ridiculous as the folks who believe that George W. Bush set up Sept. 11 himself. It deserves no credence.

IslandPearl said...

I'm bothered by the birthers because they are a noisy distraction that are 'fun' for the liberal media to cover and poke fun at.

As long as they are out there, attention is being diverted from really Big Scary Things that are being done by this administration that will cause long term and far reaching damage...and that you will never hear about from the likes of Cooper or Stewart.

IslandPearl said...

And don't get me wrong -- Cooper and Stewart are clever and cute to look at. But they are no less biased than Hannity or Beck. Just the other way, and they substitute snark for strident.

~grits~ said...

I have heard the racist remarks about Obama. I've gotten racist cartoon emails and racist emails in general regarding him as well. It may not be why he is so disliked everywhere, but its a huge reason in my area. Even in my own family. It's very sad and very ignorant.

equeyaya said...

if his birth certificate were fake, i believe someone would have proven that by now. the formerly all-powerful right wing political machine could do anything 5 years ago, so why are they reduced to screeching about birth certificates and tea bags? because they have nothing substantive to screech about.

i still hold bush responsible for the bad economy and the proliferation of terrorism in our world. It's going to take more than a few years to turn around the mess his administration created.

Modern Hippie said...

i agree with you equeyaya and now that i have watched the video I think the LTC and that attorney are the biggest assholes - not only are they disrespecting obama but they are disrespecting Hawaii by saying that Hawaii is lying about their documents and its so shady because they just say "there is evidence" what the hell is the evidence that says he was not born in the US?

and again, i come to the question -- why the hell do you think it even matters? he was OBVIOUSLY raised in Hawaii you can NOT dispute that - so you think he was born in the middle east and within 1 year he was somehow brainwashed to seek political control when he was old enough, become president and then destroy our country? yeah...thats what happened.

that attorney should go to hell because hes a sleezeball and the LTC should be ashamed of himself and come out with the real reason why he doesnt want to fight in the war - which may not even have ANYTHING to do with Obama - maybe he just doesnt want to go back and this was his loophole.

i love anderson cooper.

equeyaya said...

"so you think he was born in the middle east and within 1 year he was somehow brainwashed to seek political control when he was old enough, become president and then destroy our country? yeah...thats what happened."

hahahahaha, kyleeeee!!!

IslandPearl said...

No kylee. That has nothing to do with it.

They are just looking for a reason to impeach him and aren't patient enough to wait for legitimate ones to emerge. If they could prove that he isn't American-born, his presidency would be declared unconstitutional. And, so far, the Constitution still seems to matter.

You'll all be happy to know that Hawaii's esteemed (and almost exclusively Democrat)legislature has now passed a bill (Act 100 - the "birther bill") that will make it even more difficult to obtain a copy of His birth certificate.

AND our Republican governor (who initiated the introduction of the bill this session) has signed it into law.

equeyaya said...

I love this woman:

jojo cucina cucina said...

If i were Barack Obama i would not entertain the birthers either with providing a copy of my original birth certificate. Because it gives legitimacy to their claim.

Kylee after i read equeyaya quoting you i had to read your quote out loud to Brian. LOL. How come you're not MY daughter instead of my brother's?

I have had a great birthday. It's probably one of the BEST days in 2010 in our state this year. Beautiful. I had to wear sunscreen to sit outside and i had on shorts.

We started out my day watching the HBO production of The Election of Barack Obama. I loved it. Kylee, if you haven't seen it you need to netflix it. And anyone who watches it needs to watch it ALL through the credits. There are some very moving photographs at the end while Springsteen is singing "This Land is Your Land". I was choked up through many parts.

It makes me think that i should retire to work on campaigns. I'm such a task oriented person that this may be the perfect job for me outside of retirement. I can't get over those young kids working on that campaign.

and like the Shake-N-Bake little girl said on that commercial way back in the 1960's...."and i helped".

Happy Birthday to me!

louielouie said...

happy birthday jo!!

it's a beautiful day in the neighborhood and I'm it's assuming a fantastic day at your island getaway

enjoy your day

louielouie said...

oops i meant enjoy your day yesterday, you can enjoy today too