Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Menu of the Day, even though i am not even eating dinner.


In my glass: That wonderful Darby blend. Even though this drizzly day means it is truly more of a red wine day. (BY God, i am forcing summer to get here by drinking white wine and wearing open toed shoes, even if it is only 62 degrees!)

Music: I had to make a playlist for Toni's retirement party which i am in charge of and right now it's John Hiatt's Master of Disaster.

What i am procrastinating about: i am the first speech of the night for this party on June 19th. I have been making notes on post-it notes (and sometimes napkins) for MONTHS. (Probably since the holidays). And i finally put them all in one place, rubber-banded them together and now they are lost. I keep thinking they will turn up, but it's been over a week.

Why i am not totally worried: Now that i sorta believe i have some tendencies to Aspbergers (earlier blog post) i think just making the list means i already have a memory for what i have written.

The coolest thing this week: i turned my blog post about the students i tutor into a Letter to the Editor. It wasn't easy making it 250 words but i did it. And they put it up online this afternoon so i think it's printed in the paper tomorrow too. and so far the Comments are good. (Usually the people who post online are assholes and hateful.)

About this Photo: i had no photo for this post so i put this one up. louielouie is a very good seamstress. (Is that not the correct term? Cause it sounds like "stewardess". So maybe "Seam attendant" is what i am looking for? "Seam steward?" Anyway before she took over as Director of Voc Ed (is that your title, louie?) she was a Home and Family Life teacher and we used to get together and sew on Saturdays at each other's house back in the 1980s before our divorces. She made this apron i am modeling and many other things including my favorite pajama bottoms (which have been posted here earlier). Sp when she asked me to email her photos of her work so she could keep a file on them, i had Brian take out the camera so i could pose wearing them. (You Facebookers will know that i added that my pearls are real Mikimotos.)

About those Mikimoto pearls: my first of the two ex-husbands bought those for me in 1983 or so when we had no money but we had a loan to build a house. he used the draw for the house to buy them and the check bounced. I found out they cost over $1000. Which was weird to me that i would own such jewelry because if you added ALL of my clothes in the closet during that time it wouldn't cost that much money. (I was NOT the type to wear expensive pearls, but to this day i love having them even if i don't wear them, because they are an heirloom that i will hand down to my niece Ashely, (Ms. Hippie's sister) who was also my goddaughter and Maid of Honor when i married Brian.

What just occurred to me: Kylee/ms hippie, you have to make sure that Ashley doesn't pawn them. LOL.

Something that made me laugh today: I was at Barnes and Noble at lunch which is near a playground to an elementary school. As i got out of my car there was a huge clap of thunder. and the kids out in the playground all in unison let out this giant high pitched scream.

Another cool thing! My HTML Dreamweaver class was cancelled. So i am now learning Joomla web design and i am loving it. A communications guy yesterday spent the day training me one-on-one yesterday and i think web design is going to be the challenge i have been looking for to keep me interested in my job.

Ok, y'all....what's on YOUR menu?


jojo cucina cucina said...

i have to laugh at myself about how bad i am about parenthesis!. it's a signature of mine that i rarely close them and i put them in the middle of others.

louielouie said...

fantastic apron!! although the photo doesn't do it justice

just for the record, I am the Director of Career and College Readiness

that includes Career and Technical (vocational) Education, 6-12 guidance, graduation requirements, advisory, senior project, course approvals and every other skunky job no one wants to do, knows how to do or even knows needs to be done.

I am taking a vacation day today

Amanda Haines said...

I love the apron. I'm in an orange phase myself. I want everything to be orange.

Your story about the kids screaming about the thunder made me laugh because when our power went out at the office for a few seconds, everyone screamed like they were 10-year-olds on a playground. It was awesome.

It's okay to be parenthetically challenged. It keeps the reader guessing.

We have semen-colored skies again today, Jo. If those weather assbags are wrong about this weekend being nice, we may have to riot in the streets.

I have the most gorgeous string of pearls that I never wear. I worked at a jewelry store after college and they were in the repair bin. The owner never came to pick them up. They'd been there three years. I asked my boss if I could pay for the repair and have them. He said yes. I think the repair was about $60, which was a lot for me back then. But, they are really expensive, real, antique pearls. Score! I love them. I wish the strand was a bit longer, though. I'm not a small girl. I need longer necklaces.

So, that's about it. This day is going too slowly.

I loved your post about your nephew.

equeyaya said...


In my glass: My work friends, Lois, Holly and Michele and I went to a cool New Orleans BYOB called Daddy Mims tonight, and had a bottle San Angelo Pinot Grigio, and a yummy Kendall Jackson Meritage. Then we shopped around the historic and "revitalized" old town and found a great artsy shop and another fabulous book store. I know this goes beyond what's in my glass, but it all kind of flowed together. I had a grouper for dinner topped with crawfish ettouffee.

Music: The dinner was to celebrate my birthday, and Lois gave me a folk CD: Martin Simpson's Prodigal Son. It's very nice.

What i am procrastinating about: packing

Why i am not totally worried: Oh, I am totally worried. About everything. I'm a neurotic basketcase.

The coolest thing this week: dinner tonight

About this Photo: I love your attitude in it.

About those Mikimoto pearls: my future ex-husband bought me a string of pearls (not mikimoto) in 1992 after I lost the baby. He spent a lot on Christmas that year. I don't wear them often either.

I don't really have anything more to add. Going to a yard sale and a graduation party tomorrow. Hoping for a quiet day on Sunday.

louielouie said...

I have great pearls from my first husband too; got them about the same time Jo did I think.

I really like them, they have a pinkish hue. Each individual pearl is a little smaller than the classic ones, but they are longer than most strands and hang at a nice length. I have a HUGE neck so most necklaces out me in a choker hold but these do not.

At various times I have worn them a lot, or not at all. I'm starting to again.

My daughter inherited pearls form her paternal grandmother and she wears them. They are not as nice as mine so she is looking forward to inheriting mine. she's also looking forward to inheriting my diamond ring. In our family we have the "can I have that when you die" thing going on, so we all keep a list.

I'm off to SeaTac soon to pick up my mom, she's returning form Frankfurt. Maybe she's brining me a gift LOL

louielouie said...

still think jo should be wearing nothing but the apron

seamstress is probably wrong, but I don't know what is correct. I used to be a tailor, which sounds more gender neutral, but that is a different set of skills - actually there are, of course, some common attributes; if I had the capability here, I would draw a Venn diagram so you could see where the skill sets overlap and which are unique to each.

those aprons are my new favorite shower gift; I have a new cute one cut out and ready to go

susieatl said...

The apron is very cool. I realize I don't have an apron. My mom always
wore one. I guess I would need to cook to actually need an apron.

I have pearls. They are my moms. However, I think they are real but my dad was caught trying to pass a CZ off as the real thing so who knows.

Amanda just got two pearl necklaces - one as a bridesmaid and one from the GP's as a graduation gift. So there is no pressure to pass on the pearls till I pass on. Which makes me happy. I only have the pearls and her wedding rings left of her.

I admire anyone who can sew. I have zero ability to run a sewing machine and even less with a needle and thread. I sewed a finger to a top in home ec. My teacher told me to marry a rich man because I had no talent as a housewife. (sexism in 1973) I told my mom who commented "with those nails, it's obvious your teacher hasn't cleaned a house in a long time either". I loved my mom.

Well, I buy off the rack, I love my microwave and the show Hoarders has no reason to visit me so I think I'm ok.

jojo cucina cucina said...

Amanda, was my husband one of the screamers when the power went out? LOL. And thank you (about my nephew.)

RE: pearls i keep digging them out but they just don't seem right to wear. I feel like June Cleaver. I'm thinking about wrapping them around my wrist and wearing them as a bracelet. It works.

louie, you really ARE wearing your pearls these days? I totally remember you pearls with their pinkish tone and liked them. We did get them the same year, i think the same Christmas, right?

Pearls would work better on you because you probably wear pencil skirts and blouses to your job and i don't. I just don't have the wardrobe for pearl kind of accessories. (And i never did. I don't know what that Mark Shingledecker was thinking when we bought those, but then again he was always more into status than i was.)

RE: The apron, if you look closely on my right is a nice little pocket and my iPod fits perfectly and secure in that pocket so that i can be cooking listening to music while Brian is watching football in the other room.

(LOL, i think i just made us sound like the sexist marriage ever! Until you know that i love to cook.

susieatl, i totally cringe when i think you sewing your finger.i love your mom too!

by the way....see that green wall behind me in my kitchen? Well it took me two different tries, but i finally and truly got it the color i want on Friday. It's a lighter terra cotta, very light, but nice contrast to the bright white. SO i finally have the Southwestern colors in the right tones now. I am SO happy!