Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Metoprolol Musings.

Menu of the Day:

iTunes: Berry's Dream by The Old Silver Band. (Also my most recent purchase)

Drinking: Fresca and orange juice.

Book: Bad Girls. louie, did you give me this book to read about a woman in prison because she killed her kids? I just finished it. Weird.

Photo: Today we office girls went to the union headquarters for Toni's last day to have cake with the other staff. On the way i saw this truck.(I wasn't driving.) It cracked me up because I always say Toni taught me to cuss. I sent it to her in an email.

What i am procrastinating about: Rehearsing my speech for Saturday. I need to figure out how long it is.

The worst thing that happened. Toni's last day in the office was yesterday. It was a sad and emotional day for all of us.

Video: In honor of Father's Day - a really cool Jackie Greene song.


1. I like this beta blocker for making me very calm. It will help on Saturday. I was 'practicing' today to make sure it's not too much and it isn't.

2. It's not as much fun as Xanax, though. I really wish that stuff was a vitamin.

3. I am pretty sure i bought too much wine for this party on Saturday. I figured 3 glasses per person and did the math from there.

4. My new favorite cd: John Butler Trio's new one. (Thank you, eque. I just love it!)

5. I have this habit of when i get something new i wear it out. Like a new blouse, or new shoes, and a new cd, new way of wearing my hair. Then i get sick of it all, the blouse goes to the back of my closet, i get sick of the cd and i can't be bothered with my hair. Are y'all like that?

6. Is it my aspbergers? LOLOLOL....

7. Forget wrinkles, we all expect to get them as we age - I think the worst thing about getting older is eyebrows. Mine make me crazy and they would take up quite a bit of acreage on my face if i didn't tweeze them not once, but twice a day.

8. I don't have a book to read.

9. I should say, i don't have a book i WANT to read. I have books. I just like buying new ones and reading those instead of what is in my stacks.

10. I hate when i don't have a book to read.

11. My husband LOVES to watch Modern Marvels on TV and for some reason this makes me smile.

12. I got nothing else. When blog postings don't move, i like moving the blog. Even if i don't have anything to say.


louielouie said...

Jo did you like the book? I can’t believe I even bought it, much less liked it.

I would write more but I need to go upstairs to get away from Ron's cowboy movie, and for some reason I can't get the internet in my bedroom.

love the truck

jojo cucina cucina said...

I like that i am in the other room and don't have to listen to Brian's Modern Marvels.

That book didn't seem like a book at all that you would have bought. I was interested and did find myself being sympathetic to the main character. (Though not the psychiatrist so much.)

I was waiting for a twist where we find that the main character and the psychiatrist were one and the same.It was very odd and i was glad to be done with it.

I still feel like i am missing something in it. There were many characters and i don't think i felt a true connection to any of them really.

jojo cucina cucina said...

By the way, the book isn't called Bad Girls. It's called The Big Girls. i knew it didn't seem quite right so i just went and looked.

Modern Hippie said...

haha jo the way you worded your question to louie about bad girls and "weird" makes it seem like "did you give me this book to read because you are in prision for killing your kids?" which of course i know is not true.

i love that! my friend fanny was over today and i had one of those jesus pictures that brian gave us sitting out and her and i share alot of the same beliefs although she is an aetheist and i as telling her "yeah my cousin hid them all over the house" and she goes "you know i really dont like it when people force their views on others" and i started laughing at the thought if brian wasnt joking and he was trying to "push his thoughts" on us by hiding this pictures all over the house LOL

3. wine doesnt go bad. your good. actually i just got lectured about how that statement is wrong by a friend who works for the state liqour board. it will get drank. dont worry.

5. i do that but you know whats best when you abandon something? when you find it again! like when you hear that song again its like yo heard it the first time

6. i was at barnes and noble today i could spend a million dollars in there especially on architecture/design books

9. you always have books. you have stacks of books i know you've never read. but i know what you mean i have books i've yet to read.

Modern Hippie said...

p.s. i just realized why is "jesus is lord" on a semi truck? what on earth could they be transporting for what kind of company? giant crosses for chuches?

jojo cucina cucina said...

The words underneath say:

"Is not a swear word"

One of the pieces of my speech is what Toni has taught me. Swearing is #1.

Wine never goes bad in our house because we rarely not finish a bottle in a day or the day after.

I forgot about Brian L.'s Jesus phase and how he put all those Jesus pictures up at your place after you moved in. (To be clear this is my nephew and not my husband!)

I bought two books today. So i am no longer bookless! I feel so much better.

Today was the first real day without Toni. It was very very weird and sad this morning. I don't like making half a pot of coffee. It never tastes as good as when you make a full pot. And every morning i made the coffee and brought both of our cups to her office to see what was going on for the day.

You know i am starting to think that summer will never get here? Summer only winks at us and flirts with us and it's like we're the dude and she is behaving like she will let us get in her pants but she never does.

Summer is a prick teaser in these parts. And i am ready to knock that bitch on her ass.

Modern Hippie said...

oh i know thats what it says underneath but it still doesnt make it clear why its on a semi truck haha

only you Jo would say that about summer. my summer has stared but mine only lasts 3 weeks and not 3 months so dont feel jealous.

equeyaya said...

iTunes: U2 - Pride. On itunes brit pop genius mix

Drinking: just finished some bushmills on the rocks.

Book: almost finished 10 north frederick

Photo: funny!

What i am procrastinating about: packing

The worst thing that happened. Grace and her boyfriend broke up. I really liked that kid, too. :(

Video: I love that Jackie Greene song.


4. My new favorite cd: John Butler Trio's new one. (Thank you, eque. I just love it!) - you are welcome! i love it too. i also love the new grace potter one, and it looks like i'm going to love the new jackie greene too!

12. I got nothing else... me neither. it's been a rough week, but it's getting better. i am going to a conference for work next week, and my goal is to have fun.

louielouie said...

It HAS been a rough week!!

Good luck tonight jo, you will be great

Retirement celebrations are odd. I’m not sure anyone really remembers what you say, just if your remarks are from the heart or not.

At a recent board meeting to honor retirees, you could tell when the remarks were forced or were made up of only any accounting of the career. Sometimes they were more about the presenter than the retiree (kind of like my mom’s remarks for her sister’s service) or just after some laughs. The presentations where you could tell there was a connection or genuine affection between the speaker and the retiree were the only ones worth listening too.

I also think folks go on too long when they really don’t know or like the person. It’s sort of like when I run into my ex-sister in-law. Because I don’t want to talk to her but don’t want her to know I don’t want to talk to her, I converse longer than I would with someone I am glad to see. Plus with someone you like, you can just say gotta go and not think they are thinking bad about you. I worry too much about what people think, plus I never have been good at disengaging. Maybe it’s my Asbergers.

Got to pay some bills, get some school work done and make my fathers’ day pie.

~grits~ said...

Same thing on a book for me Jo. Stacks and stacks but cant decide what next. Oh, I got the book 'Crazy Heart' and it sucks compared to the movie. I also got the soundtrak cd and it is awesome good!!

Modern Hippie said...

i think anytime you see the movie first or read the book first whatever you experience first is always best because you're biased when you experience the second version -- anyone agree?