Wednesday, March 2, 2011

God is mad; lies we tell ourselves; & 10 things i wish would happen

Topics I'm considering:

1. What Pisses off God

2. Lies I tell Myself

3. What God Would Say in my Evaluation

4. Ten Best Things Right Now

5. Ten Things I Wish Would Happen


jojo cucina cucina said...

I'll probably get to this by Friday.

amulbunny's random thoughts said...

1. What Pisses off God
People who pervert the Gospel to their own ends, taking the Bible out of context to suit their own means.

2. Lies I tell Myself
I can lose that 30 lbs by my birthday.
I don't mind it when my husband blasts Frank Zappa when I'm trying to do something quiet.

3. What God Would Say in my Evaluation
Well done good and faithful servant. You do tend to cuss a bit now and again.

4. Ten Best Things Right Now
1. I'm getting disability
2. I'm going to Santa Monica for jury duty.
3. I've got a stack of good books to read.
4. I've got lots of neat music on my Itunes.
5. My daughter gets to go to Chicago for the weekend.
6. My son didn't bitch as much as I thought he would when he found out we have to leave at 815 to get to Santa Monica.
7. Tomorrow is my husband's payday.
8. My dog loves me.
9. Pizza tastes good.
10. Sam Adams White Ale is great.

5. Ten Things I Wish Would Happen
1. Win the lottery
2. Buy a good hybrid car.
3. Buy a house that was built green
4. Move to a house with a nice tub and more than 1 bathroom.
5. Go to Vegas and go high on the hog...and not feel guilty about it.
6. Get to go to Northern Wisconsin to my friends cottage this summer for a girls week.
7. My son getting a good job.
8. Find a choir to join.
9. Have lots of money to spend on books and room to store them
10. Never having to listen to Charlie Sheen pollute the airways.

jojo cucina cucina said...

amulbunny! GREAT IDEA. Let's do them all. I'm on my way to work. I'll be back later tonight.

jojo cucina cucina said...

Great job, amulbunny! BTW, have you ever been on jury duty before? It's fun! I wish i could be a professional juror as a job. It would be cheaper than going to law school to be a judge, i guess.

Also, what is in your stack of good books?

jojo cucina cucina said...

Here are mine:
1. What Pisses off God:

I think God gets mad at politicians who try to use Him as their campaign manager.

2. Lies I tell Myself:

This time i am going to keep my opinion to myself.

3. What God Would Say in my Evaluation:

You could have been less judgmental with other humans.

4. Ten Best Things Right Now
1) I am drinking Boomtown Syrah
2. I have $25.02 in my iTunes account
3) I am getting ready to buy the new Amos Lee on iTunes
4) I have two new books: Youth in Revolt & Townie (by the author who wrote House of Sand and Fog)
5) I have the weekend to myself
6) Brian bought us a HEPA air filter for our bedroom. I like sound of it, but it has a sort of odd, but not unpleasant, chalk or charcoal-y smell
7) I ran my neighborhood route 3 minutes faster tonight, mainly because i was trying to get done before it got dark
8) I bowled a 148 Tuesday. (Also a 121 and a 122, and my average is only 115)
9) My Letter to the Editor is in the News Tribune. It's against Bill Gates. (it's already linked Facebook.) It's about his stupid ass comment about class size not mattering. The link:

10) I am on a new blood pressure medicine along with a water pill & I dropped those extra 3 or 4 pounds of water weight that were making my jeans uncomfortable. AND the pills are finally getting the bp down to normal.

5. Ten Things I Wish Would Happen:

1) i wish i could find the perfect house for us. But i don't believe it exists anymore. I have quit looking.
2) I wish the Wisconsin governor went to Libya in exile.
3) Governor Walker should take Rob McKenna with him as a buddy because if that dude gets to be governor of our state next go-round, then i might be out of work too.
4) I wish fellow Democrats were smarter and more savvy and energetic about organizing as the Republicans and Tea Party folks.
5) I wish that Glenn Beck, Michelle Bachmann, Bill O'Reilly, and all of the Fox folks, would open up their own little think tank far away from America, like in Libya.
6) I wish Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber and Lindsey Lohan and Charlie Sheen would move to Libya too. And take any news person who reports on these stupid celebrities with them. (Only not Anderson Cooper, he's with us.)
7) I wish i had a million dollars. Not more than that though.
8) I wish Anderson Cooper ran for political office.
9) I wish all those 1-800 and 1-888 numbers would quit calling me. It makes me want to quit donating to political parties and charities, because that's what they are.
10) I wish everyone i cared about stayed healthy, employed and happy.

amulbunny's random thoughts said...

I've been on jury duty a couple of times. This week I was scheduled at one courthouse, basically down the street and then I got sent to Santa Monica. It was a medical malpractice suit and it was down to 3 challenges and I got kicked off. I'm glad, the guy was in really bad shape and you have to wonder what caused it. It would have been 3 weeks of bus riding, and sitting.

I had a real bad experience yesterday after I walked back to the courthouse, my bp went up, I was flushed from head to toe, I think it was stress.

My friend in Wi is making lists of what to cut back now that she's going to have to pay 5.8% more off her school district check. At least her district is in good shape, their infrastructure has heldup and they have a superintendent who knew how to make the right decisions.

jojo cucina cucina said...

I'll tell you WHAT really pisses off God. It's the Westboro Baptist Church and everyone involved with it.

amulbunny.... is your stress because of jury duty? Re: your friend in Wisconsin. Have you seen all that great stuff Jon Stewart has been doing this week to defend teachers? It's been great. He had Diane Ravitch on last night.

Obama should kick out Arne Duncan and make Diane Ravitch the Secretary of Education with Jon Stewart as deputy.

louielouie said...

4. Ten Best Things Right Now

1. The workweek is over and I did not quit my job.

2. I have just had some soft poached eggs on English muffins, a couple strips of bacon and a nice fresh fruit cup.

3. Am now enjoying a good cup of coffee in my posh suite overlooking Hood’s Canal.

4. The sun is out and the day is beautiful.

5. Am off for a hot stone massage at 10:00. Don’t know if it will be Ursula or Sven. Don’t care.

6. Have only a little school stuff to do while I’m here this weekend and it’s not complicated or ugly work.

7. Took my secretary and a couple of other folks out for lunch yesterday. Best hour and $35 I’ve spent in a long time.

8. Am half-back on to my exercise routine; getting home after 7:00 every night and not being able to jump are holding me back some, but I’m sticking with it.

9. My daughter was offered a paying grad-student TA position for next quarter even though she hasn’t graduated yet.

10. It’s only 14 days before we all go to Oahu to visit Nick.

I may think later about the things I wish were different. There are so many political issues that stress out me right now, and will have a huge impact on my life. I can’t seem to find the energy to contact lawmakers about anything but the proposed cuts in poverty based medical services.

To think about that right now would, to quote my nephew, “harsh my mellow” so I refuse to do it.

jojo cucina cucina said...

wow, louie, you've been going on lots of trips. Is Hood Canal work or play? Sounds like play.

I love "Harsh to Mellow", was it Adam who said it?

Brian is gone just in time to have a mental patient who calls himself "Son of Satan" escape from Western State Mental Hospital, which is about a mile from our place. Though i'm sure he must be a little bit farther by now since he walked off the grounds Friday.

More Best Things:

1. I went to Ace Hardware and bought primroses and planted them in my planters on the patio. They look so nice. Then i hosed off everything to make it even better.

2. I painted spots in my ceiling in the dining room that needed it because of the leak last December when they redid our garage roof.

3. I cleaned out my stove big time, the pans and underneath the burners. Also replaced the filter in the fan. All clean!

4. Shark mopped my kitchen tile. It was SO dirty!

I know it seems weird that best things would include cleaning. But i like clean things and i don't mind making them that way.

jojo cucina cucina said...

Just in time, i find out they captured Son of Satan. so i don't have to be scared tonight.

BTW, congrats to Emma, louie for her TA position. PAID even!

louielouie said...

We are at Alderbrook for a continuing ed thing for Ron, the rooms are cheap when you have a group rate. The weather is good and the view is beautiful.

Had lobster bisque for lunch

My mom gave me the massage for my birthday, yes last August. It was fantastic. I want one very day

I read a novel today, Mrs Kimble. The first one in I can't remember when. It was good.

Don't Harsh My Mellow was Adam. It was probably 10 years ago but I love it and use it when ever I can.

I say no pay, no TA

jojo cucina cucina said...

Because i can't stand having a naked post, i decided to put up this YouTube that i kept seeing advertised on Comcast. I didn't open it until just now and it got me laughing so hard that i thought why not put it up. It has over 8 million hits.

jojo cucina cucina said...

Also this is cool, not only did they put my Letter online, they printed it in today's Sunday paper. I went running today and parked my car where i always fave for years in front of this retired teacher's home i know. When i finished i had post-it notes taped to my window thanking me for writing it. That was cool.

Then just this evening i had a call from one of the folks from our condo board. Her husband is the one that made us mad because he offered no help on our roof problem that we had to pay for ourselves. When i saw her name on caller ID i was expecting something negative.

But she called to tell me she had seen my letter too and wanted to say how much she liked it and how clever it was. Which totally surprised me because her husband and i and Brian have had words with her husband about all this stuff that happened with our condo.

It's always cool to know when someone appreciates your opinion.

And speaking of, by the way, i was watching Joan Rivers on Fashion Police this morning and just as i had said in my Academy Awards realtime blogging taht Cate Blanchette's dress made it look like she had boils all over the upper part of her body and i wondered what Joan Rivers would say. Joan said it looked like she had a skin disease and no one should touch her!

Some people, like Simon from Idol, and Joan, get paid $20 million dollars for saying the exact same stuff that makes me at times almost feel guilty.

equeyaya said...

posting before i read everyone's.

1. What Pisses off God

people doing unkind things in his name.

2. Lies I tell Myself

i can't
i forgive
i'm not okay

3. What God Would Say in my Evaluation

i know you tried your best most of the time.

4. Ten Best Things Right Now

1. my daughter is home on spring break
2. looking forward to riding tomorrow and seeing friends.
3. just made white pizza and it was yummy.
4. spring is coming.
5. into season 4 of my LOST rewatch (miles and daniel faraday!!! and keamy!!! lol!)
6. fun plans to anticipate
7. my life is pretty much a blank slate right now.
8. health
9. two beautiful daughters
10. great friends

5. Ten Things I Wish Would Happen

1. charlie sheen would go away
2. jackie greene would tour in philadelphia
3. the economy would pick up faster
4. i'd win an all expense paid trip to tuscany
5. i'd figure out how to take better pictures with my new camera.
6. it would get warmer quicker
7. everybody would just get along
8. gas prices would go down
9. either that or i'd win a hybrid vehicle
10. i lived closer to jojo

jojo cucina cucina said...

Barbara, i have not forgotten about the Nikon D90 video. Bob still has not returned it. which is so not like Bob, who is more anal than i am. So i might have to ask for it back ....again.

I cannot believe the gas prices. For the first time i hit nearly $60 to fill up. I remember not long ago when i was shocked that it cost over $40. I don't know how some of y'all who commute do it. I only have to travel 2 miles to work one way.

I wish you lived closer to me too eque. You would over already. And we would be drinking some Bogle cabernet together.

I hope more of y'all post here. I'm starting to lost interest in this blog because i can see from stats that it's not read that much. I think i might just switch to another format. But i don't know what that would be. Maybe an online story that i just keep adding to, just so i keep writing, which is what i have always wanted to do. More than flyfishing, more than running, more than reading.

LOST. i loved the seasons when Miles and Faraday came on board with the second watching. I was irritated the first time because it was to me: "OMG, MORE new characters?" so i had an attitude about them right away. But i really liked them so much when i saw it again.

Ok, that's all i got.

equeyaya said...

The girls use something called Tumblr. I don't know anything about it because they want me to stay away. But it is a different sort of blogging format that I believe is more interactive.

I remember how irritated you were with Faraday, Miles, LOL! The thing I thought was so cute, and such good acting, was the scene when he had kind of just arrived on the island, and Lapidus (love him!) and Jack were there and Faraday was doing an experiment and had someone on the boat send a flare, and he got all excited because it took so long to get there (the time warp thing), he started running over to Lapidus and Jack, and almost ran into a tree branch and did this awkward little shuffle to avoid it. It created the perfect image of the absent minded professor, and I just thought it made his character so adorable.

I wish I lived closer to you, too, jojo. :(

jojo cucina cucina said...

I also loved Lapidus (who i always though of as Jimmy Buffet) in the second viewing. He's really handsome but who would notice since we're so busy drooling over Sawyer and Jack.

Did i ever mention here that i was one summer hooked on Party of Five reruns on the AMC channel? Every morning at 9:30, 5 days a week. It's was such an angsty family drama and kind of cheesy really with Jennifer Love Hewitt and Neve Campbell (both characters i hated of course!) but Jack was the one of the main characters, the older brother keeping them all together as the parent (since both parents had died). He played a similar character as he does in Lost.

he's gotten better looking with age, once i got through the shock of him looking older since I had not seen him in awhile.

Miles was adorable. So funny with his snark.

Today i got inspired AGAIN watching the HG channel so i rearranged my photo wall in the living room, getting rid of some of them and making things again uncluttered. I'm liking it alot. I had to spackle and do some painting but i like it better.

I don't understand folks who put up art and just leave it in the exact same place for dozens of years. When you switch them up, it's almost like you bought new art.

I also don't understand people who wallpaper their wall with family photos. Really unless you never see these folks in your family do you really need 25 pictures of your grandbaby in frames?

I think if i was a young woman today my new career wouldn't even be close to working in education and unions. Like Kylee, i would want to be in design.