Saturday, March 26, 2011

It's Saturday and time to change the blog. Whether I have anything to say or not

Menu you of the Day

Music: Amos Lee's El Camino

Book: Ahab's Wife. Still loving it. I've just had a busy week and not much time to read.

In my glass: Some Penguin chardonnay. Cheap, but good.

Photos: (If you are on Facebook these will be redundant....) Troy's girlfriend Pam's mom had a 70th birthday party last night and it was a lot of fun. #1 This is my sister's daughter Jessica.(I love this photo of her!)  #2 Jessica's brother Christopher (who is something like 6'7" tall), me, Brian and my nephew Brian. #3, the knuckleheads with Brian (Troy's son) ; #4 Kylee and Brian; #5 (Kylee actually took this one) I liked it so i bumped it in PhotoShop; #6 Troy; #7 My dad with brother Scott; #8 and Mom and Dad (or as i like to call them, Bruce and Elodie)


1. It's been a nice lazy rainy day. I watched Valentine's Day this morning. then it took nearly two hours to load up and resize these photos (over 275 in all that i had to edit) for Facebook.

2. I'm still in my snowflake pajamas. Is it wrong to be drinking wine while still wearing your pajamas all day? I feel like a bad mom in a Made-for-TV movie!

3. I have not watched Anderson Cooper for over a week now. I haven't heard one pundit talk about Libya or Elizabeth Taylor's death or Linday Lohan's father or Charlie Sheen. It's been nice. And i have slept well all week long.

4. Maybe there is something to this apathy stuff.

5. Not only that. I took my blood pressure yesterday and it was 115/80. That's the lowest it's been since i've been checking it. (I'm also on new medication though too.)

6. Last week was the first time i could have worn shorts while running. I love when we start to emerge from the winter doldrums!

7. I don't have much to say today really but i wanted to change the blog. I'm counting on y'all to come up with some ideas to talk about.


amulbunny's random thoughts said...

1. I had a panic attack on Thursday when the LAPD chopper was circling our neighborhood (and we don't have LAPD we have our own PD) looking for a guy in handcuffs who escaped custody. For 3 1/2 hours we were locked down in our tract. If you left you couldn't get back in. And they didn't catch the idiot either.

2. I was concerned about the husband not getting his stuff in gear for his weeklong business trip and that made me more upset.

3. Between puking and sleeping I don't know where Friday went.

4. My agency is cutting me loose since "I can't perform the duties assigned"...lifting 70 lbs etc. They sent me 3 copies of the same letter via 1st class, certified and FEDEX and I still haven't faxed back my copy showing receipt of same.

5. They make it seem like it's my fault I can't be a screener but they don't give any other options i,e, an office position, but at this agency it's who you know not what you know and if your nose isn't brown enough you're screwed.

6. I get the whole bed to myself for a whole week. Whooooo

7. I'm in a crappy mood for a Saturday night.

( This is going on my blog too)>

susieatl said...

Work has been full of ups and downs. My best friend dropped me when she found out I made more than her. How she found I don't know (she knew before I did) She didn't speak a word to me for a week and only started after the company worked a deal with her. Now she is Stepford Wife nice to me but it hurts.

I've been woken up in a rather abrupt manner two nights in a row. Lucy went nuts several times Friday night and since she never barks I pulled a calf muscle running to the front door.

Then we got a really bad hail storm last night. I'm exhausted. Great way to begin the week.

Oh and Amul I understand your panic. We had a cop killer on the loose in my daughter's side of town. Friday evening he took hostages but they wouldn't say who or exactly where. I couldn't reach Amanda for an hour. Finally, he gave up on t.v. and it turned out to be his family he had hostage. I was so worried.

susieatl said...

I forgot to tell you Jo! I'm going to be in Seattle in August. I'm going with a travel group and I'll be there for several days. I have no idea what the schedule will be but even if we could get together for a drink or coffee that would still be awesome!

And I believe apathy can be underrated at times..healthy in fact.

louielouie said...

Whoa amulbunny's and susieatl, what a mess your weeks were!!

I hope the one coming up will be an improvement; almost has to be.

Jo, love your family photos. We have a great tourist one taken of the 4 of us before an ocean floor- sub excursion. Not the highlight of the trip, but at least we got the military rate. Too bad I'm not on Facebook where I could post my vacation pics. We have a ba-jillion from the USS Missouri.

You should see my awesome tan. Actually, the whole family is as “brown as a berry “ as my mom would say. Ha Ha Never really did get that expression; or a tan for that matter. We did have a great time, about the right amount of togetherness for us all and the right amount of tropical drinks for me. Actually, my best drink was a Hendrick’s martini on our last night. Em and I went to a bar with no live music, hardly any patrons and a chatty bartender. It was perfect.

After a day of laundry and catch-up chores, I’m back to work tomorrow. Maybe I’ll end my vacation today with one last martini.

louielouie said...

ooo, ooo

forgot the best part of the trip. Ron got my new novel all wet at the pool. I was going to loan it to Jo, but won't now 'cause I know she can't read damaged books!

Now that the elite 8 are over, the TV is off and I did my Jilian Michael's I can relax with that martini.

jojo cucina cucina said...

Holy cow with the bad news....

amulbunny, are you saying you lost your job?????

susieatl, we should definitely meet up in Seattle for a drink in August. Do we have each other's emails? I'm not sure anymore.

also, the dropping of friends. I have found that when i can't be friends with anyone who won't let me know why they are mad but are just intent on letting it be known they are.

But i have to say having a friend who drops you because they found out about your salary takes the cake.

Louie is lying again. She does NOT have a tan that makes her as brown as a berry unless she spread cordovan color shoe polish all over her body.

What was the book you dropped in the pool? since i've started to feng shui my house again (packing up and putting into storage 8 boxes of them) i'm getting a little more lenient about the whole book thing, except for the super really good ones that i must own...books like Little Bee, The Help, Water for Chocolate, Broken for You, East of Eden, etc. etc. etc. Jillian with a martini....If i could run while drinking a glass of wine i think i would like working out better too.

jojo cucina cucina said...

I just realized that for the last few days i have been using what i thought was make-up remover all over my whole face.

It was a little sample i got from Lancome for buying new foundation. It worked pretty good. I thought my whole face was cleaned, but this stuff got off even more.

Today while wearing my reading glasses i saw that it says EYE MAKEUP REMOVER.

I think i'm going to keep using it the way i was.

I am still in the market for a new foundation. yet again. Nobody seems to make the same color as my skin, which is somewhere like a toasted egg white color this time of year. There is no such color. I have 5 different samples and none of them work.

equeyaya said...

Louie, I'm impressed you do Jillian Michaels. My 20 year old daughter does that and she says it kicks her ass. She said I could try it, but she doesn't think my knees could take it, lol!

How cool jojo and susieatle can meet up! I want to get back to Seattle, but I can't do it this year.

This week was a crazy people week. The kind of week when crazy people are constantly wanting to meet with me and have me solve their problems. I hate those weeks. I'm so ready for the weekend.

On Tuesday night I was awakened from a dead sleep by my smoke alarm, which went off just for a second and then stopped. Very unnerving.

I got a book on feng shui, but got stuck on the foreward where there was this questionnaire that asked a bunch of things I don't understand.

I never really got what "brown as a berry" meant either. Although I can picture the type of tan it refers to, just not the corresponding berry.

I'm up to season 5 of rewatching LOST. I really love Miles. I'm going to go put it on now.....

jojo cucina cucina said...


finally a new comment. I don't like coming here and seeing the same number of comments day after day so today it says '8' after a few days of only '7'.

I am laughing equeyaya, at the forward on your feng shui book and how you don't understand it. I never really read a book on feng shui and I doubt i would understand it either ...for example about how if you put the bed in front of the window that's bad because it's robs you of your chi?.....or something like that...what the hell is chi? I don't think i have any chi.

Unclutter your belongings ,your thoughts and your toxic friends and you will naturally feel lighter and happier. That's what feng shui means to me, i don't get into anything spiritual about it.

It's all about freedom and unemcumberance for me.

I can't believe how much i loved Miles too in the Seasons with him on Lost. I really enjoyed watching Lost all in a row way better the second time around.

I watched a most wonderful movie last night. It's called "It's kind of a funny story" And it has the Zac actor who was so good in The Hangover. And it also has Daniel Farady, Julia Robert's niece Emma Roberts, Jim Gaffigan (Sp?) and the Gilmore Girl and Parenthood actress (i forget her name). But the main character (whom i didn't know before) was so great that by the end of the movie i wanted to adopt him.

Really good movie. Troy told me about it. After watching it i understood why.

If you rent it, you have to watch the Outtakes and the Deleted Scenes. They are so funny because of Zac...

jojo cucina cucina said...

it just occurred to me that 'toxic friends' SHOULD be an oxymoron. Like why would anyone be friends with anyone who was toxic????

I meant to say 'toxic people in your life'.

jojo cucina cucina said...

Then again, there are those kinds of folks who are indeed friends with toxic people and actually seek them out. But that would not apply to anyone i am friends with.

equeyaya said...

some times friends don't start out toxic but then turn that way, in which case they should be feng shui'd out of your life.

so where did you get the rule about no fake or dead flowers for feng shui?

i watched Nell last weekend and Daniel Faraday was in that, too. He was a lot younger and played a punk that was teasing Nell in the pool hall and got her to lift up her shirt and show her boobs. Did you ever see that movie? It starred Jodi Foster and Liam Neeson. Good movie.

now louie's got me wanting a martini.

jojo cucina cucina said...

I read it online somewhere. There are lots of feng shui sites. the rules i remember are no dead flowers, now fake trees or plants. In fact i threw out my grapevine wreaths that had dried flowers on them when i started doing the feng shui thing. Silk flowers are okay. Not even sure why. AND if the dead flowers have a special remembrance they too can be okay. (For example, i still have my small wedding bouquet with it's copper ribbon. )

also do not store crap under your bed. I had a box of sympathy cards from when my sister died under the bed and that is a definite no-no. It's like sleeping on top of death. Bad for chi.

Another thing i remember about feng shui is to get rid of constant small irritations. It might not seem like much to do, but fixing a squeaky door, a loose screw on a window sash, making a better unencumbered space in the garage to the house etc etc is also great. Because little irritations add up and taking care of them calms.

But mainly it's about getting rid of clutter. And it does work for me. We figured this out when we put in all our hardwood floors and had to move absolutely everything out of our house. We moved our bed into the dining area on the tile and it was the only furniture in the house for a week and we never slept better.

I have seen the movie Nell. It was okay i remember. But i have never been a Jodie Foster fan. I don't know why i don't like her. I think it's because she just seems so serious all the time. Jodie Foster could lighten up some i think. I also think it's about time she came out. I don't like people who are too secretive and don't divulge the obvious. For example, who is the father of her children. Just say you bought the sperm and shut everyone up already!

amulbunny's random thoughts said...

No I'm just officially on permanent disability unless the Department of Labor can find me a job I can do with my multitude of restrictions. I get the pittance I've been getting and my insurance. But I am no longer T S A.