Saturday, April 2, 2011

Slow News Day...updated with yet another photo....

Menu of the Day:

Definition of Woop Woop

1. Australian term: used to describe the middle of nowhere.
2. similar to the American term for the "boonies".
3. Used to describe a place not usually inhabited and out of one's normal travel. A hole
"yeah, he lives out in woop woop" 
In my glass: Woop Woop Shiraz (it's from Australia) (second glass). LOVE this wine. Love the title!

Listening to: Citizen Cope's "Healing Hands' (LOVE this song so much that i have two copies of it in my iTunes library

Movie Rec: I want eveyone to watch "It's Kind of a Funny Story". I LOVED this movie. It's got the Zac (burly bearded dude carrying the baby from The Hangover) and this wonderful new young actor. Troy recommended this to me. It's such a good movie.

The Best Thing : I'm moving forward and finalizing everything for our remodel. I liked the bid i got for the tiling and sheetrock. I liked the bid I got for the Corian for our kitchen and bathroom. I'm ready to roll. Can't wait.

The Next Best Thing: i got to see my favorite friends in the world this week. Sarah/louie and i had a nice dinner at Marzanos and then to a place that had 'wine on tap'. Then Modern Hippie/Kylee and Julie came over for my famous Marcella Italian lasagne and wine so Kylee could help us out with remodel/interior design stuff. (Julie's remodeling too).

OK, on with the randomness. As usual i have no idea what's on my mind or what i will write.

1. Sometimes you have to splurge on good stuff. Just yesterday i bought a very nice extra virgin olive oil at my favorite H & L Produce place. I usually use my usual Costco Kirkland kind, which is okay, but this Sotte Voce EVO makes dishes pop. 

2. I also bought flowers for myself. Splurging is important. Especially when it has been raining five days in a row. 

3. Yesterday it rained with these misty hard little prickly raindrops. When i went running it almost hurt because it blew right into my face. And when i came back and looked in the mirror my mascara had run down my face and i looked like a barfly who had been crying in her beer all night. 

4. I can only hope that this make-up mishap happened AFTER the cute guy asked me for directions to the Oakbrook Country Club. 

5. The thing about running where i live is that i am not lying when i say i get asked for directions at least once or twice a month. Everyone gets lost in Oakbrook. In fact when i moved here i was lost running for an hour before i found my way home after dark. And ironically when that happened i had a car stop and ask me for directions. 

6. I recently discovered The Decemberists. I love their song, "Down by the Water".  Can't hear it enough. I need to buy more of them, but i just checked and i only have $2.86 in my account. 

7. I have had a great lazy day. I watched the HG channel for most of it. I wish Holmes from Holmes on Home and the Brian guy from DIY Disaster were in my family. 

8. Oh yeah...Wine on tap....i was skeptical ...but it was good!

9. Slow News Days are good. After Japan's disaster i think we can all use the reprieve. 

come and tell us about your slow news. (Or fast news too...that works.) I don't have a photo to put up right now, but maybe later.


jojo cucina cucina said...

Did anyone play April Fool's Jokes yesterday? Brian said he was going to tell me that he got laid off (from his Marketing and Communications job at Pierce College) but that might not be funny because it is too possible. And he's right.

I didn't have any April Fool's jokes happen around me.

jojo cucina cucina said...

I think when i retire i am going to move to Woop Woop.

susieatl said...

Woop Woop sounds more exciting than Boonies. I grew up in the Boonies - it has it's charm.

No April Fool's Jokes either. I'm glad..not a big fan.

It is BEAUTIFUL in Georgia today. I say that after days and days of rain and more to come. I planted gardenias, roses and another bush I can't remember the name. I'm thinking of getting rid of all my grass and landscaping the whole dang yard. The grass is dying out anyway.

Watched Black Swan. The movie is hard to watch for several reasons but one was the relationship between the mom and daughter.

Amanda and I are at a stage right now where we push each other away and then pull each other back. She wants to be independent (she is financially) but she wants my advice on so much. I've decided to pull back on that. My mom passed when I was 22 and I think that it helped me grow up a lot. I made a lot of mistakes but I learned so much on my own.

louielouie said...

Ooh just finished a wedding day body-buster workout with em. Neither of us is getting married but we were looking for something new that would be easier on our wrists. It was hard, but if we keep with it, we will have sculpted backs in 30 days, and I think honeymoon worthy buns. LOL

Eque, don’t be too impressed with my Jillian Michaels; she has a number of workout plans and easier and hard versions of most. I am just now doing the all the actual moves required in level 1; I modified a bunch after my foot surgery. Em just humors me by doing my workouts with me. Plus she owes me; we spent about 6 hours yesterday looking for rain boots for her, ended up ordering a pair. Waaaay too much shopping and mall parking lot traffic for me.

Em asks for my opinion a lot too, Susieatl. I say give them the advice as long as they ask for it, then hold off once they quit. I have more regrets not giving input to my son’s decisions than I do giving too much. Neither of them thinks I was/am too pushy with the advice and I figure that’s the standard. (Although I DID ruin their high school years by being sooooo strict). Sorry you lost your mom so young, I still call mine for things like, “how can you tell if this chicken is safe to eat?” or “do I need to block my scarf after knitting?” Mostly for things already know, just want a reassuring opinion on.

I will not see the Black Swan; I can’t handle those mental torture types of movies. Am going to see the Jake Gyllenhaal one with Ron today though. Not my kind of movie either, but Ron loves all movies and Jake did a great interview with Jon Stewart last week. I mean really, how could it have been bad, Jon and Jake together?!

No time to edit; I need to hit the shower before the movie, we're on our way to Lakewood

jojo cucina cucina said...

i have Black Swan on my queue. but i'm not sure i want to watch it. For one thing while i LOVED Natalie Portman when she was a kid in Beautiful Girls.... i have not liked her so much recently.

I just added a photo from tonight (Sunday, 4/3) because my niece Ashley (Kylee/Ms Hippie's older sister and my maid of honor when i got married to Brian) came over with her boyfriend who i think is so wonderful for her. They are so great together and i love being around them.

Ashley is a way more easy going gal than her sister Ms. Hippie (and me too) and gets in more trouble becaue of her free spirit, but she has special gifts too and a keen instinct also.And i just love her guy Eddie. They are moving tomorrow into their own place after living with four other guys for the past few months.

i like what you said here, louie/sarah:

"Em asks for my opinion a lot too, Susieatl. I say give them the advice as long as they ask for it, then hold off once they quit. I have more regrets not giving input to my son’s decisions than I do giving too much."

jojo cucina cucina said...

It has been raining all damn day. A steady icky bone cold concrete rain. Why bother even blow drying my stupid hair kind of rain? A 'why the hell did we move here kind of rain when i could have stayed in Colorado?'

...That kind of rain.

A rain that makes you say, 'yeah, i know other places have it worse with their earthquakes, and tsunamis and their record snowfall and tornados, but today i don't give a shit about all that right this minute, i just hate our rain right, leave me alone and let me bitch about it for awhile'.

A rain that makes you so desperate to eat white foods that i will even eat a piece of frozen Wonder Bread right out of the freezer without thawing it out.

It's that kind of rain.

I am sick of having skin the color of a mushroom. I am sick of still wearing coats and boots. I need to go running in this and i have all my running clothes and i sit here and procrastinate. But here i go.....

damn shitty cocksucking rain.

jojo cucina cucina said...

....but first i better go check Facebook since i posted more photos last night.

Amanda said...

I love the picture of your niece and her boyfriend. They're the cutest. I miss being young. And in love. And not soaked by nonstop rain. Now, I'm depressed again.

If it makes you feel any better, Jo, my brother lives in Colorado and they just had another big snowstorm. (He lives in the part of Colorado that isn't currently on fire.) Where did you live? Have you ever seen the movie "Catch and Release?" It's an awful movie, but I watch it every time it's on. It's a sickness. It takes place in Boulder and I always want to move there afterwards. Plus, one of the characters is my dream guy. He owns a guide service and his name is Dennis. He's beautiful. But, Jennifer Garner picks the other guy, who is an asshole. I hate the movie, but I love Boulder and I love Dennis.

equeyaya said...

In my glass: water

Listening to: Ryan Montbleau - "Eggs" from his Patience on Friday CD. I'm going to see him perform in Philadelphia next Sunday

Movie Rec: I finally saw Religulous on DVR over the weekend, and liked it.

PS - When I post here from work, I have to hit preview three times before it will post. So weird.

The Best Thing: Ya-Ya weekend in Old City Philadelphia this weekend with Chelle, Wing Nut, Tallulah Jen, and CanDSam. I'm excited to meet Jen for the first time and to see Candy for the second time, and the first time since she moved east from LA.

The Next Best Thing: I'm starting to get excited about moving. And I'm going to New York City for the weekend with the Cowgirls right before that.

LOL @ jo about frozen white bread out of the freezer! hahaha! i'm sick of the winter weather too. it's been raining hard all day here.

I agree with Louie's advice on advice, too. And I'm pretty good about following it and biting my tongue.

I love that photo of Ashley and her boyfriend. They make a great looking couple.

louielouie said...

The Best Thing: I'm home, alone, in my flannel pj pants with a short Red Breast on the rocks watching Stephen Colbert.

The Next Best Thing: I’m one of Jo’s favorite folks. :) She's right we had a nice dinner, but both agreed we could have cooked something better.

NOT The Next Best Thing: This rain; I have to weigh in on it. It is just too much. I am not a sun person like Jo (I’m always the color of a manila file folder) and normally the grey weather doesn’t get to me, but this has been going on too dang long. It makes me a real believer in global warming. The climate is so different than it was 10 or so years ago. Em claims there is not hope for the polar ice caps.

jojo cucina cucina said...

eque, did you take photos of your yaya night? I'll go look on your blog after this.

louie. I hear you on the rain. This week it seems that many people (besides me) have hit a wall finally with the rain and they are fed up. No wonder so many people shoot each other around these parts.

What pisses me off is how it seems to behoove our weather to go one whole day with sun. I got excited this morning because it was pretty outside and i saw blue sky. But by noon it was already starting to change and then later it hailed big time. And again, here i am running in the rain. I'm sick of running in the rain.

I cannot imagine having four days in a row of just sunshine, can you?

I used to say that in the union office i was going to chart the statistics on how much less the phone rang with complaints when we had more than three sunny days in a row. But i can't even make that chart anymore if i wanted to. I cannot remember when we last had three sunny days in a row.

I'm signing off and laying deposits tomorrow with all my remodeling. I'm very excited and hope i picked good stuff. I'm getting a custom built vanity in both bathrooms by the guys who made my built in hutch a dozen years ago. AND i'm excited that i might be getting undermount sinks everywhere! I'll take before and after pictures.

This all makes not moving much easier. And having a project this time of year helps.

OH by the way....did y'all see the new Vanity Fair????? I'll go look and see if i can post the cover...

jojo cucina cucina said...

New husband for Kylee!!!!!!!!!!!!

jojo cucina cucina said...

Rob Lowe just gets better and better. When i brought my mail in this evening and saw the cover i exclaimed, "Oh MY God!" and i guess i must have sounded alarmed because Brian shouts from the other room. "What's wrong? What? What?"

I had to tell him i was only looking at Rob Lowe.

jojo cucina cucina said...

I put this up on Facebook and Kylee (not knowing i wrote it here) responded that it was a new husband for her!

jojo cucina cucina said...

where y'all be? How about that Rob Lowe?

jojo cucina cucina said...

It's a Friday. And it's a sunny day. And what am i doing here checking my blog anyway? I think i am going to pour myself a glass of Lightning which is a wonderful blend of viognier, roussanne and chardonnay that is perfect for the sun. Then i'm going to cook some dinner for my Baybee.

jojo cucina cucina said...

I just cut my thumb slicing red peppers for my salad. I forgot that Brian just sharpened our knives on the really cool super duper expensive knife sharpener that he bought me for Christmas. I don't normally have to be so careful because my Cutco knives were getting pretty dull until he fixed them...

But now i am on my 6th bandaid because it won't stop bleeding. I sliced a nice little piece of the top off. And then i remembered that like most old people, i've been taking a baby aspirin and it's a natural blood thinner.

I just wanted to put this up because i crack up and make fun of the people who do this on Facebook. Now i'm cracking myself up. Posting about cutting my thumb.

Swiss said...

I always love reading your blog. I am not much of a fan of Facebook, it seems like it is just a necessity these days though. I like seeing some relatives I do not hear from, some ya-yas and some friends but don't like the mundane postings either. I am on Twitter and almost everyone I follow posts interesting stuff that leads me to other interesting stuff.

I was so excited you wrote all that on my BD.

It will be fun following your remodel; I live in a dumpy old place, nice yard and area though. I do not have the money to remodel now and if I did not sure I would do that or tear it up- Ok now I am gonna go look at Rob Lowe.

susieatl said...

Rob has me speechless.

louielouie said...

louielouie’s update

My Rob Lowe Vanity Fair came too, I have been too busy to even open it up, and it’s currently just improving the ambience in my family room.

Been so busy I haven’t even read Mary Worth since Tuesday.

Am making plans to attend “Can Seattle Change The World” in a couple of weeks. Looks like an interesting event.

Am making a new apron for the daughter of a good friend of mine. Just found out the shower is in 2 weeks so I better get started. It’s a pattern I’ve only made once and it’s more complicated than Jo’s so I have to pay attention to the directions.

Yesterday was beuuuutiful here. I even considered (didn’t do it, but considered) taking a walk.

Watched “The Romantics” last night. What a dumb movie, Em put it on our queue. So I’m blaming her. There wasn’t a single likeable character in the whole movie.

Ron’s having some dental surgery this afternoon so I made him some instant chocolate pudding. Will get some smoothie stuff this afternoon. Trying for the Wife-Of-The-Year -Award. Mostly I’m hoping he doesn’t feel good enough to go to church in the morning so I can stay home and sew.

So is Brian doing al the cooking due to your injury Jo?

Do you need Guinness?

Be sure to take before and after shots of your bathrooms

jojo cucina cucina said...

hey yall. Louie, my apron already looked pretty complicated with it's special iPod holder pocket. You're making one that's more difficult?

Swiss if you watch the HG channel you can get lots of ideas that don't cost much at all.

I will be taking photos of before and after. i just hoped i hired good guys and picked good stuff.

My thumb was a little worse than i thought. By the end of the night after about 15 bandaids Brian helped me gauze it and we put on duct tape so i wouldn't bleed on the sheets and that did the trick. My husband is so cute he went to Rite Aid and came back with a bunch of first aid supplies,including a metal splint to i don't bump the top of it cause that would hurt, but it is overkill cause it's not like i'm playing handball or anything.

I think i do need some Guiness and so does Ron ! LOL.

So yeah if you're looking for a good knife sharpener product, let me know.

I've been soooo lazy all day. I've watched every show on the HG channel since about 10 am this morning.