Sunday, April 24, 2011

Blog Fog

Just need to update it, so i did.I had time before work to at least witness The Kiss on the Balcony. Kate is beautiful. Though she looks like she lost weight since the footage I had recently been watching of her.


jojo cucina cucina said...

LOL. i just wanted to know what it did if i just put up a new post with no content.

jojo cucina cucina said...

I'll think of something to add later in the form of a subject line and a photo.

Yesterday was the best day of the year. and i have a sunburn to prove it because Brian and i walked around the Chambers golf course and then had a margarita at their outside restaurant.

Today it's back to rain. We didn't do the Easter family holiday. You know, it's just too close to Mother's Day and all the family birthdays and that's too much family-ing for me.

I have $26.78 burning in my iTunes library and damned if i can find one thing i want to buy.

I'm leaning towards the Avett Brothers. In looking at a website trying to find which Avett Brothers cd might be the best one to buy i found a site where people listed their top 3 cds and i agreed with so many of them. It's hard to pick a top 3. But i would go with these:

1. Easy Tiger by Ryan Adams
2. Back on Top by Van Morrison
3. Blue by Joni Mitchell

Next time you ask me it will probably be different.

I'm reading The Hunger Games book which seems to be a popular pick these days and i surprisingly like it alot because i love characters who are survivors. I just love people in general who are survivors.

If i was going to pick my Top 3 Books (to replace my usual ones which are: East of Eden, Lonesome Dove and a Prayer for Owen Meany) I would choose these:

1. The Help
2. Broken for You
3. Toss up between Water for Elephants and Little Bee

I also want to add Pillars of the Earth. It's hard to keep a list to only 3 things.

I haven't upgraded my itunes in think about a year because i heard horror stories of songs being lost. But today i bit the bullet and did it. And it's all good.


amulbunny's random thoughts said...

We did the family thing at my moms. I cooked the ham, scalloped taters and beans and took them over there. I used a balsamic/brown sugar/grainy mustard and touch of Jack Daniels Honey Liquor glaze on it and it was so sweet and tasty. I have a good hambone now so i can make my pea soup.

On the way home we got into a fight over a lockbox that the realtor wants to put on the house. We are moving June 2nd, because the house is in short sale. Saturday we had agents showing people all afternoon. I am not June Cleaver and my house is in the midst of being packed. So there are boxes, bins, and stuff all over. The agent wants 3 keys. The husband pitched a fit and said no way. If I give them a key, then he will change the locks. Can I just hit my head now?

So in a nutshell this is what my life is:
1. No appt no showing.
2. No agent no showing.
3. Do not disturb tenants== deal with it.
4. Bankers boxes are great for hanging files and books.
5. I'm so excited about moving.
6. I can't wait to take a hot bath in my new spa tub.
7. People are astounded that 4 people live here and there's no tub.
8. I stocked up on Passover Coke while it was on sale. Something about sugar that makes it good. Mexican coke has an even better bite.
9. I bought Elton John's Levon for 1.29$ on Itunes. I love Elton.
10. I've got too many books that I love to choose just 3, but in addition to Pillars of the Earth I'd add World Without End and Fall of Giants, and perhaps a Discovery of Witches.
11. My daughter took me out to Acapulco Restaurant last night and I had 2 Pacifico's. They only have Bud Light and Coors Light on Draft. Ugh.
12. Life's too short to have panic attacks. I hate them.
13. I'm going to bed early tonight.


Verification word was sylut....hmm.

sam said...

amulbunny, I'm gonna be moving soon. Don't know where yet but probably Castle Rock. It's a cool upscale town about the same distance from the hero's work as we are now. I'm going to have enough property that, if my dogs bark at a squirrel, nno onw will complain.

I want a drink. I want to drink. I should go buy some tequila and make up a jug of margaritas. Yeah....

We didn't do the family thing. The family was supposed to come over after supper for awhile because they're going to be moving back to Michigan on Saturday. They chose to have dinner with friends instead of us so we went to a movie. Rango. Not what I expected but it was at the cheap theater so it's all good.

I cooked the ham for dinner tonight. The potatos weren't done in time but I found out that E didn't mind - he wanted fried potatos, not roasted one. More for me.

My iTunes is on the computer I can't get running. I'll take it to someone who can save the files and transfer iTunes to the other hard drive. I would hate to have to start all over.

equeyaya said...

I just posted random thoughts on my blog and I don't think I have any left. I almost missed that you had a new non-post.

It was almost 90 degrees here today. I got out my summer clothes and their wrinkling in the dryer now. I don't think I'll be folding them tonight either.

3 albums:

1. Bright Eyes - I'm Wide Awake It's Morning
2. Grace Potter & the Nocturnals - This is Somewhere.
3. Ryan Montbleau - Heavy on the Vine

I think my books are the same as jo's, except I haven't read Little Bee yet.

I'd like to see the Water for Elephants movie.

jojo cucina cucina said...

90 degrees? I ran in the pouring down 43 degree rain again. I still have to wear long pants and my Moss Brown rain jacket. It's pissing me off.

Sam and amulbunny!...good luck with your move!

Today is Brian's and my 9th wedding anniversary, only he had to work some alumni thing so i ate a peanut butter and banana sandwich for dinner. Not even a glass of wine. (I have to get up at 5:00 am for an Organizing for Power two day seminar tomorrow. Ick.) In my 23 years of union work, this is probably my 5th Organizing for Power workshop -though each time it goes by a different name.

Not only that, i have to work Friday night AND all day Saturday at a retirement seminar too. So boo-hoo.

Speaking of retirement. Today was one of those days where i really felt like packing it in. I'm eligible, all i have to do is write the letter. I was so tired and cranky that I left work at 3:00 pm and came home and went to bed and didn't wake up to run until 6:00 pm. I think it's partly the weather. It's partly some of the union folks, and it's partly that i am not happy about having to put in a 50+ hour work week. Back in my union youth, i worked lots of free overtime. I don't have the heart (or stamina) for it anymore.

Brian and i don't make a big deal out of our aniversary and never have - sort of like Valentine's Day. For one thing it's too close to both of our birthdays. We do try to write in our journal once a year so that we keep track of what goes on in our life. We missed writing last year, but we will do it this year. It's kind of cool to read back what we wrote on past anniversaries.

By the way, I loved the book "The Hunger Games". equeyaya, i was thinking that Grace and Melanie might like them. They are a trilogy and they are somewhat futuristic but in a good way, almost a way i can picture. And the author is a better writer than the "Twilight" author. Now i"m reading Grisham's stories in "Ford County" and i'm surprised that i like it. He actually does a pretty tongue in cheek job on making fun of rednecks.

Ok, that's all i got.

jojo cucina cucina said...

I forgot to add that i am also quite upset that i have to work Friday because I'm going to miss the Royal Wedding!

And speaking of of our Tacoma landmarks, The Point Defiance Pagoda was recently burned down by a 15 year old arsonist.

Now i don't know where Brian and i will renew our vows on our 10th wedding anniversary! lol.

equeyaya said...

Oh, shucks, I meant to wish you a happy anniversary! I remember when you two got married and you posted that gorgeous photo of him holding you "carry her over the threshhold" style.

You are actually watching the royal wedding? i hate hate hate all the hype around it and refuse to watch! i'm sure i'll see the highlights ad nauseum, though.

i'll try to remember to mention the Hunger Games to Mel. Grace isn't really much of a reader. I think Mel is finally going to read Broken For You over the summer.

It rained a lot today and the temperature and humidity came down a smidge. It's still uncomfortable, though. The AC is broken in my car, and I refuse to turn it on in the house. The ceiling fans and open windows are sufficient for now.

Current on itunes: Blind Boys of Alabama's Amazing Grace :)

jojo cucina cucina said...

I like that photo too, eque. you have a great memory.

I am NOT watching the Royal Wedding. And i never set an alarm back in 1981 to watch Princess Diana get married to Charles. But i will not lie. When all the media replays it, i will be watching in the same way i watched the American Idol finale. I want to see her dress. which is weird for me, because normally i hate lavish weddings.

Watching the Royal Wedding is kind of like porn to me. If it's convenient, i'll Watch it. Sort of like how if the Playboy channel accidentally came on my TV. I wouldn't subscribe to the Playboy channel ever, but we once stayed at a cabin that had it on satellite and when we accidentally came upon it changing channels, we watched it.

OK, i am trying to feel sorry for you about your AC in your car. I really am. But the news just 10 minutes ago reported that not since 1955 has it been this cold on this day on April 28.

jojo cucina cucina said...
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jojo cucina cucina said...


Off to work now, but i wanted to add the Royal Wedding Kiss!

equeyaya said...

what i remember about that photo is how happy you both looked. and what i love is how happy you still are.

i care not one whit about that wedding. i tried to put the news on this morning for the weather and that's all that was on. Just film of a dark car driving down the street, presumably with someone important in it. Yesterday I caught a news blip of the bride arriving at a hotel with her family. The commentary, "Oh look! She's carrying her own bag!" It is porn. It's obscene, and it's what I hate about our society.

Don't hate me, but today is a lovely 60 degree low humidity day. Eileen and I began it with a four and a half mile walk. I'm hopping a train to the city in an hour to meet a couple of coworkers for lunch and a meeting, then I'll head home early.

I'm spending tomorrow morning at a yard sale. Wish me luck that it will be worth my time!

Have a great weekend, everyone!

equeyaya said...

Oh, just saw your photo. I heard that she and her mother have been doing some kind of fad crash diet for this.

I wonder what his mother would think. It feels too much like the path she took, even though he's a prince and can't avoid it, I'm sure she would feel some sympathy for Kate.

susieatl said...

I wish Diana could have been there. She and I were the same age and I was so in awe that someone my age could marry a prince (even ugly old Charles). I loved her as a mom and I know she would have been thrilled to have been there.

I didn't get up either but my mom and I did in 81 and it makes me miss her too.

It's been an exhausting week. Lots of work, the night of the deadly tornadoes (if you can donate to the Red Cross please do so..these people lost everything) My town has been collecting water and other supplies to take up to Ringold - a small town that was wiped out north of here.

Anyhoo..I'm reading Hunger Games as well. They are making it into a movie..hope they do it justice. It's a good read.

Ok..I'm off to bed...

louielouie said...

So glad to see a wedding post!!!

Have to admit I spent nearly two hours last night “Royal Wedding” viewing. Em and I switched back and forth between a BBC highlight special and Kathy Gifford wedding review. It was a great mix of irreverence and awe. Saw some shots of the queen nodding off; the service was long.

I think Kate is too thin. Her face especially shows it, she looked better in photos 6 months ago. But then again, I think many people are too thin. Sometime Jo.

Can’t imagine wanting that life, or that life for my daughter. I suppose it’s good that some folks do. Seems like a terrible atmosphere for raising children.

Speaking of children, we are going to a Mariners’ game Friday in honor of Mother’s day. I suppose I will need to do some sort of mother-dinner thing on Sunday. Should start thinking, planning now. It’s sort of hard to cook for my family, as they are gourmet snobs. If it’s going to be warm, maybe I’ll make some of my famous cucumber gin and tonics. I have found that if the booze is good (or plentiful), you can get by with mediocre food.

Need to go shopping with Em today. She needs to get some teacher-school-appropriate clothes now that she's started in middle school. didn't have the heart to tell her that apparently, jeans, sweatshirts and leggings all seem to pass as "professional" attire for many of the teachers I see.

jojo cucina cucina said...

I posted again before reading these so i will go back and refer to the last posts. I never mean to do that.

I probably spent in total about 8 hours watching Biographies, Royal Wedding reruns, and Diana Wedding stuff. I can't help it, sometimes i need this kind of escape. Like Say Yes to the Dress!

Kate is too thin. I don't want her to be Diana with her bulima issues. I think i would like this girl and i want the best for her.

OMG, the drinks over mediocre food. Only you dont' make mediocre food either.