Sunday, May 1, 2011

Donald Trump and other stuff on the menu that you would never order....

Menu of the Day:

iTuning to : Violin by Amos Lee. I have got to quit listening to this song because i will wear it out very soon if i don't. This is an amazing song. 

Book: I am reading, and i can't believe it myself, but i am reading  John Grisham 's stories of Ford County. It was loaned to me. I haven't liked Grisham's books since "The Client" when it seemed he was only writing for money. (Same thing happened to Jodi Picoult). But i like this one. So far.

Disclaimer: If i ever get to be a published novelist i will never write for the money. 

Title of my novel, if i ever write one: Slamming on the Brakes.

Reason for the title: It would be a memoir about my family. My family has always been about slamming: be it slamming people, slamming drinks, or in most important slamming of all, the case of my mom ...when she had her accident in 1967 (i was in the back seat at the age of 11) she slammed on the brakes literally and nearly killed herself in the process and lived in hospitals for over a year and half but came out of it (really a miracle),  but has lived with a slight sort of brain damage that ever since that has affected us all.

The Best thing that happened this week: It's an absolutely beautiful Sunday. Super gorgeous. the kind that makes you totally forget the other 11 months of shitty grayness. Kylee and Brian went out and did a photo shoot today with the camera he bought her for her college graduation last winter so he could teach her some of what he knows since he was a digital photography teacher. Then we all met up for drinks together on the outside deck of Jake's over looking the Puget Sound.

Why this photo: I LOVE that Donald Trump is running for President. I also hope that Michelle Bachmann is running ... You know why? I won't have to work so hard as i have the past two elections. I can finally take a break.

What you should not order:  I just realized that my subject line is about what not to order and i didn't include anything. I would say you should not order: house wine in a Chinese or Mexican restaurant; actually, house wine ANYWHERE; Lady Gaga off iTunes; In fact most of the iTunes Top Songs; whatever the latest new Estee Lauder face stuff that promises to make you younger (doesn't work); a glass of wine while bowling. (Bowling is strictly a beer game.); don't order jeans online; and speaking of online never...ever....ever.... order anything online while under the influence.

What I am looking forward to: Getting the remodel done and painting. Going on a 5 day trip to the ocean with my husband in late June, the condo pool opening up in four weeks, being off of work in July.

What i am going to quit procrastinating about: Getting that freaking will. I told my husband what i want for my birthday is an appointment with the lawyer to get the will finalized. I can't stand not having my ducks in a row. And if we died tomorrow in a plane crash, our families are screwed trying to figure out what we want. 

OK, c'mon yall. tell me your random stuff.


jojo cucina cucina said...

I write this, not because i think it's true, but to make it a historical moment in my blog in case it IS true. Comcast news just reported that Osama bin Ladin is dead. I'm going to check news now.

louielouie said...

1. Jo is right; it is an absolutely gorgeous day.

2. I heard Obama’s long birth certificate was photo-shopped. Must be true I saw it on TV.

3. Emma made some pj pants yesterday for her room mate’s birthday. It was fun. I didn’t do anything except surge the crotch and a little pressing.

4. I think that’s the wrong surge but I like it better than serge.

5. Word sucks. It keeps trying to indent and number this list in bizarre ways I don’t want. I swear every new update is worse then the one before.

6. We missed a benefit auction/dinner last night because Ron was (is) sick. So Julie and I did not get to bid on a girlz-getaway. We’ll need to use my free Cannon Beach nights this October.

7. I can’t sleep in past about 6:30 anymore. What a waste to be up at 6:30 on Saturday and Sunday.

8. I do not want to do any of my schoolwork today so I will go in tomorrow already behind for the week.

9. Life goes on.

10. I’m going to take a crack at the Sunday crossword.

11. Maybe with an adult beverage

jojo cucina cucina said...

He is dead. It's true. This could be a very scary time now, even more so than when he was alive.

Sarah, what girls getaway are you talking about that i would not be invited to? I am going to complete the Hurt Feelings Report that Julie sent me a few years ago for these very type of things! lol.

BTW...."Surging the crotch" sounds nasty.

Anyway, i'm glad getting Osama was on Obama's watch. but it scares me for what might happen.

amulbunny's random thoughts said...

1. I'm glad he's dead. I am also glad that no country wanted to claim him and bury him. Let the fishes feed off his remains.

2. It's hot here. In the 80's already. Low humidity so the sinuses are crying in pain.

3. My husband is leaving for Indianapolis for an over night business trip. He's adding 2 more airports to his list.

4. I'm listening to the hymn Jerusalem. It's touching. I loved when they sang it at the wedding on Friday.

5. We're making progress in sorting and decluttering the garage. We can actually see the back from the front.

6. The landlord threatened to sue us and I told the realtor I'd have a counter suit so fast his head would spin. And since we're moving it's moot. The house has offers and what ever the bank does will take some time since it's a "short" sale.

7. Peace to all!

jojo cucina cucina said...

I'm glad he is dead too, HOWEVER, i don't think we need to be celebrating in the streets.

I just got back from a web design refresher course. After last week's training and this one, my brain is tofu. Then to really be mean to myself i went to mall afterwards to buy mother's day presents.

amulbunny why would your landlord be suing YOU?

I am still laughing at 'surging the crotch'!

sam said...

Well, I wrote out a whole comment but it's gone.

Maybe another time.

louielouie said...

1. Don't worry Jo, no Girlz-Getaway without you.

2. Still sorry my son was injured; still glad he did not become a Navy SEAL

3. It is trying to be sunny, just can't quite make it

4. em was so proud of those PJ pants she wore them around the house before giving them to her roommate.

5. Wonder if he was impressed with the matched-plaids

6. Can't believe my husband bought a grow light

7. Although it's not déjà vu all over again

8. My son is fed-exing a package to himself here from his vacation. Think it another souvenir Xmas present for me

jojo cucina cucina said...

louie, you said: "So Julie and I did not get to bid on a girlz-getaway." I just figured this is in relation to the time we were at the Chamber auction and were across the room at our assigned tables and ended up bidding against each other for the same girlz getaway for you, Julie and me, right? (See? You left off my name...that's why i thought you meant you and Julie were going alone, without me! ...hence, the hurt feelings! lol).

Yeah, i didn't know the Navy Seals did such dangerous work. I guess i don't know what Navy Seals do. But i would be glad that Nick isn't one of them.

Today was a beautiful day by the end. I bought fuschias and other stuff for outside because i'm having some of my family over for Mother's Day.

LOL, i wish i could leave Mom at home. Here's how the conversation went when i called her to invite her over:

Me: Hey mom, I'm calling about Mother's Day to invite you and Dad for a brunch on Sunday.

Mom: mmmmm....we'll let me ask Bruce.

Me: You don't need to ask Bruce, it's YOUR mother's day. Scott and Marie and Kylee will be here too and I'm inviting Marie's mom also.

Mom: What are we eating?

Me: I'm going to make a few salads and have fruit and we'll do mimosas or bloody marys too.

Mom: Not breakfast?

Me: No, it'll be closer to lunch anyway. Come over at 11:30.

Mom: Well we go to church at 10 o'clock Mass, so it would have to be after church.

Me: That's just fine. Come straight from church.

Mom: Well we usually have breakfast after church.

Me: MOOOOMMMM, i'm NOT making breakfast. It will be lunchtime anyway by the time you get here.

Mom: Welll..... i guess i can have a piece of toast before church.

Me: Yeah, mom you do that.

Then the dogs start barking like crazy in the background and she starts yelling at them. So before i rip my own ears off in frustration i tell her i gotta go and I hang up. And people wonder why i don't like to celebrate Mother's Day with my mom.

equeyaya said...

hahaha! I just wrote my cards to send for Mother's Day. Just going to put them in the mail and hang at home like every other Sunday.

Is that true or were you joking about brain damage? I never knew that.

LOVE surging the crotch! Need to figure out ways to work that into conversations. :)

Song: Cathedrals by Joan Osborne
Book: The Dive from Clausen's Pier by Ann Packer
Disclaimer: I've got nothing else to write!

Amanda said...

Your conversation with your mom is fantastic! Happy Mother's Day indeed!

Oh, and it's true about the cell phone (I ain't got one) and the tiara (I wore one on royal wedding day). Priorities. I've gotten far more mileage out of the tiara than I ever would a cell phone. I like to be off the grid.

I'm looking forward to more Donald Trump posts. I still laugh when I think about how he was roasted at the the White House press dinner. I laugh even harder when I think about how mad he got. So presidential.

jojo cucina cucina said...

It IS true about my mom's brain damage. Back in the Gumbo days when i got in trouble for Trache boy during American Idol i mentioned my mom had a tracheotomy too from her car accident (she went through the windshield and was in the hospital for over a year) - anyway i wasn't making that up.

She's VERY forgetful and has been for as long as i remember, always losing credit cards, repeating herself, not remembering that she called me three times for the same thing, she's super super messy, like a hoarder, that sort of thing. But it's not super noticeable when you see her because she's such a yaya and kind of flamboyant and prone to outbursts and quite think the world should revolve around her. It's almost like she's pre-alzheimer.

However, the truth is she always was a pain in the ass (according to my grandmother and her sisters) even before the accident.

My poor dad has to put up with a lot because she doesn't let him do anything without any grief. She can be fun. But then she has that other side.

Amanda, i love that i know someone else who wants to be off the grid. I swear i am getting so many Democratic and charitable phone calls these days that i truly am thinking about getting rid of our land line too OR getting an unlisted number. As a lifetime secretary, i HATE the phone.

Yes, i hope we have more conversations about Donald Trump.


jojo cucina cucina said...

OOps, not sure why i signed off as Amanda. I think i started a new paragraph and re-edited! LOL.

jojo cucina cucina said...


!. do not put up a new post when the old post still has new comments. (aS I HAVE JUST DONE)....I have gotten so used to folks not posting much in a week that i changed the last one before i put this one up.

Also. do not change your post too often or too infrequently. There is an art to it. If you are a blogger but don't change your blog but every other month i will likely quit checking it. But if you are a blogger who changes it up every day i can't keep up and if i post i know no one will see it i will likely pass it by. (why bother if no one is reading?) Folks are busy and don't have time to keep up.

I think i might make this my next subject....

equeyaya said...

I won't be updating mine for a while because my computer died. I'm getting a new one from work, but I'm not sure when. Probably in a couple of weeks. Anyway, it's too time-consuming to write a whole new post at work, so it'll have to wait a bit.

I knew about your mom's accident, but didn't realize about the permanent effects. But she uses it to work her yaya-ness, which is cool. Even as she drives you nuts which is also very Vivi! :)

jojo cucina cucina said...

p.s. Amanda, i realize you are on a mission to do a different post every day.

Josh Holloway was on 'Community' yesterday. I saw only part of the scene. Pretty funny.

Yeah eque, my mom is like Vivi, one of the reasons i wrote Rebecca Wells after reading the book. Right down to the bloody marys and the two girls and two boys. And like Siddalee i'm the oldest, though i would hate to compare myself to Siddalee cause i didn't much like her and her self pity and whining in the second book. She was a high maintenance as Vivi.

We are also going to be getting a computer. And we are buying a MAC!!!!! i cannot stand our pc at home anymore. It's revs up and takes forever to boot up and it's not even four years old. I hate the Microsoft empire and wish the schools would all switch out, given how Bill Gates thinks he knows all about how to fix them.

amulbunny's random thoughts said...

JoJo he threatened to sue us because in November he called us and said stop paying rent. He was letting the house go to foreclosure and we could stay or go whenever. So we stayed and saved some money because here a deposit can be 2000 or more + 1st months rent.

Fast forward 6 months. He calls in a panic, he should have never let us stay here, he didn't pay his property taxes or homeowners insurance. Can we pay the 1st half of his property tax for the lost rent? I paid it because after talking to the realtor it was sensible.

Then he comes back and wants us to pay the 2nd half plus all the back rent at a raised rate. I told the realtor hell will freeze over first. We finally found a place to move to and we had to have our savings for that. And we didn't save all of it, we had some bills to pay as well. He thinks we were rolling in money. Asshole.

So then he threatens to sue us for unlawful detainer. I talked to an attorney and he said we could sue him for loss of the right of quiet enjoyment which is in the CA Civil Code as well as lack of maintenance and a few other things.

As it is, we'll be gone by 5pm on June 2nd and I may just leave the place as it is. The bank can spruce it up if it wants to. He'll never be back.

jojo cucina cucina said...

Good for you amulbunny. The foreclosure stuff is really bad. This happened to my niece and nephew Jessica and Christopher (my sister's kids) who rented a house and the landlord foreclosed and they were thinking they had to move. Though i've heard lately that either the bank or someone who bought the place at auction is letting then stay and rent. I've never seen anything like these foreclosures.

If you are a young professional couple just getting married it's such a great time for them to find a super house. some of the homes i've seen on short sale were pretty cool. (though they were way too big for what we were looking for.)

Modern Hippie said...

I really want Donald Trump to run too, It would be so ridiculous all the republicans would have to look at him like "are you serious?" he is the bad name of all republicans.

BUT after papa and grandma said the most political ignorant things possible "obama is an idiot all he does is talk" "what do you want him to do that he hasnt done?" "well lets get rid of the WTO for one." SERIOUSLY. I almost died when he said that, and Grandma thinking that osama isnt really dead. c'mon.

it really made me think, and I think this should be a real petition. you should have to pass a test to vote. not on intellect or anything but whether or not you actually know or follow politics! People like papa and grandma seriously are voting, on ignorant Fox news stereotypes, people like donald trump should not be allowed to vote (although i'll allow him run just so obama will have a guaranteed second term)

ah now i'm so mad thinking about the conversation i'm pissed off again.

if you have something negative to say about obama, thats fine, different politics, different views, thats gonna happen regardless. but do NOT tell me that Obama is unintelligent and is an idiot he is not only one of the most articulate presidents we've ever had, he's one of the most articulate men on our planet. hands down and his two (three now?) NY best selling books can prove to that. end of story.

okay im done. haha.

jojo cucina cucina said...

Well finally you come back and comment on my blog but it's one post behind and so nobody much revisits the old one when a new one is up.

I know though about how stupid mom and dad are about Obama these days and i want to WTF, what happened to them? They have been Democrats all my life. Though i have to say not very well informed usually. Though i don't believe having best selling books make you a good president....there are many best selling books who don't even have good authors: The Shack author, Twilight, etc.

Yeah, anyway, mom and dar can be pretty ignorant. The could have their own sitcom. They remind me so much of the Costanzas....amazing that your dad, Troy and I grew up with a brain at all sometimes.

Did you read my conversations with mom? aren't they classic Elodie?