Sunday, May 22, 2011

Random Sunday Shooting the Breezes

1. My dad always uses the phrase 'shooting the breeze' which means you're just casually talking about shit that has nothing to do with anything really. And that's what this blog has mostly been about.

2. I'm almost done with the bathroom/partial kitchen remodel. It's about time. My OCD is in overdrive. The place is a mess and nothing is where it should be.  I cannot find my toenail clippers and i had to FILE my toenails because they were starting to look like one of those men from India who grow them out really long until they curl up. (Ok, slight exaggeration.) But i HATE filing my nails because of the noise.

3. I have been hiding out in my bedroom when i get home to get away from the mess. In one week i have read THREE books. I read the new Rob Lowe book and the new Chelsea Handly book that Brian got me as part of my bday presents. I also finished another Chelsea book (the "are you there vodka, it's me Chelsea") I haven't laughed out loud at a book since i read Mash.

4. Thank GAWD my partial kitchen remodel didn't make me lose my corkscrew. (Though if it did i could always google that video Julie sent me that showed how you could open a bottle of wine with an Italian loafer. Not that my husband owns any Italian loafers,but i'm sure we could find something that would work besides bowling shoes.)

5. Lately i've noticed that i really like those screwcap wines. I'm getting too lazy i think. McManus makes an awesome chardonnay (I just poured a glass) and i was so happy not to have to open it up. I'm exhausted from all the touchup painting that i had to do today.

6. I think i should work in a paint store when i retire. I can at least get a discount. Because i realize now that my tile is up that my new blue paint in my bathroom (that i painted and repainted last year) is not going to work after all. I dread painting a bathroom, yet again. This will be the fourth time i painted a bathroom within 12 months.

7. Yesterday Brian went out and finished up my bicycle accessories. I wanted a basket and one of those little cheesy bells like little girls have on their bikes. AND fenders. And he got me all that. Plus a Kryptonite bike lock. I wanted the basket and the bells because i don't want anyone to get the idea that i am riding this bike for exercise.

8. I look like a Ninja Turtle in my bike helmet. i hate it alot. it's hard to look cute in a bike helmet. Even if i do have a cute little head.

9. Yesterday i went to our state capitol to help lobby our legislator in our district. His name is T r o y           K e l l e y . I like his name because it is my brother and my sister's name. However i am not sure i like the politician. He says all the right stuff when we see him. But he's a bit of a namby pamby Democrat. And just in case he likes to Google his name i put spaces in between because he knows who i am. Anyway we're doing what we can to be pro-active so that our state doesn't become a Wisconsin and Michigan, and Idaho, and all those others. Anyway, what was really cool was the state capitol! for all my political stuff i have never been inside and in the balcony to see the action. It's a beautiful and amazing building. It was quite a nice day.

10. The legislative session is supposed to be done on Wednesday, the same day as my remodel.

11. Hey, how about that Non-Rapture???? Maybe May 21st really is the true day of the Rapture and God is pissed off enough at all of us so he's keeping us all down here. I guess we all better start worrying about Oct. 15, if that's the case.

12. If i were God. That's what i would do. Say to hell with all of you.

13. I was only a teeny tiny bit afraid that i would be Raptured up. I'm a nice person even though i am not the best  Christian, but i would hope i would get Raptured up before Ted Bundy or Tammy Faye Baker. (I might even be nicer than that Kirk Cameron. I know it might not always seem like it from this blog, but God knows what is in my heart...) But the truth is, I do NOT want to go where those born again Jesus freaks go or any of those people who paid big bucks to put up those billboards, so i was never worried at all about having to be left behind.

14. Besides.....i don't like traveling. Jesus and God know this.

15. Brian told me he put up some photos of me on my new bike where i look like a Ninja turtle but i didn't find them on Facebook. When i do find them, i'll add it here.


amulbunny's random thoughts said...

Oh I think Tammy Faye might be up there already. She turned out to be a friend to a lot of gay people and told them that she believed that a loving God loved everyone. If you've not seen The Eyes of Tammy Faye, watch it. It's really good.

The kerfluffle continued on at our message board. I am glad I have a sense of humor. :::: pokey pokey pokey:::::

Our new furniture came and before it got here it was a clusterfuck of astronomical proportions. This man who I married turns into a raging nutcase when it comes to doing things. This too shall pass.

I'm going to drink some yellow tail tonight. Probably fall asleep and miss Law and Order CI.

jojo cucina cucina said...

I found the photos. Brian emailed them to me. I DO look like a Ninja Turtle and that helmet is not a good color for my skin.

jojo cucina cucina said...

amulbunny. you are FAST. does my blog alert you or something? that would be cool if it did. I posted on your blog about that lydia chick. I wondered if she was a yaya. Thanks for the explanation.

jojo cucina cucina said...

By the way y'all. They Rob Lowe books is really pretty good. I like that guy. and West Wing was never really the same without him and Aaron Sorkin.

louielouie said...

dang I knew I shouldn't post on a Sunday.

just when I do, you put up a new topic.

I like your bike. Where will you ride it? A bike is great transportation.

We biked everywhere as kids, would be gone all day. I just don't like hills. Going down is worse than going up; speed scares me.

I got a nice scar above my lip to illustrate what happens when you go to fast and fall in gravel

louielouie said...

I was a member of "The Blue and White Bike Hike Club" along with my sister and three sister-friends. The youngest got a new bike with handbrakes. We were in awe.

My sister rode down the boat launch ramp into Spanaway Lake, madly pedaling backwards because she forgot about the hand brakes.

jojo cucina cucina said...

my two brothers live a 5 min. bike ride away. Brian and i rode over to Scott's on Friday to have wine with them at their Bayou Bar for a happy hour treat. Then we rode back home. Julie lives very close too. And i may ride it to work in the summertime when i can wear shorts. Also Brian and i will just take a spin around Oakbrook and the part. Plus we go to Pacific Beach at the end of June for 5 days so we will ride there. And there is always Vashon Island, though i told Brian (louie and eque know this hill) that we have to drive the bikes up the hill because no way am i doing that.

i'll go look for your comment louie on the last post.

jojo cucina cucina said...

i mean the PARK. not the part.

jojo cucina cucina said...

Blogger isn't working, this is a test

jojo cucina cucina said...

i seem to be unable to post unless i am posting from Brian's Mac. I just tried to log in four times and it kept bouncing me back to sign in. I can even get to my profile but once i comment it doesn't work. I'm trying this on a pc at work using Mozilla this time. I think this is an Internet Explorer issue. I HATE MICROSOFT SO MUCH. Can't wait until we buy our Mac. I think this will work this time because i can see it's not asking me to comment as Google it shows jojo cucina and that didn't happen before.

I was writing to say that i hate that bike helmet because it makes my face look fat and it makes my butt look fat too.

jojo cucina cucina said...

Yay! it worked. It was an Internet Explorer thing i believe. If y'all have trouble try using Mozilla Firefox. Some things i don't like about Firefox but there are many i don't like about Internet Explorer either.

Amanda said...

The new bike is adorable! Thank goodness the rapture didn't come; it would be a shame to lose out on such a cute bike.

Now, if we could only get the sun to come out...

The goober on the radio this morning said he was looking at the long-range forecast and maybe, by this time next week, we might have a few nice days. BS. Thank goodness for vitamin D pills.

Are you and Brian doing anything special for Memorial Day weekend?