Friday, May 6, 2011

Hodge Podge Blog updated w/ more mom conversations

1. I can finally break up with this house by Point Defiance Park but it sorta makes me sad, like a divorce can, even when you don't want to be married to that man anymore. This house finally sold. But i am so very mad at our realtor. This is the house we made 3 offers on last Feb. It's 50% bigger than where we live now and in a better location, plus it's newer and not a condo, but in a place that takes care of your yard, etc. so much like where we live, only better.

But we walked away on the last offer when they didn't accept it because we felt our offer was solid and good without contingency and we were pre-approved. But our realtor failed to make that deal. So we decided to quit looking and remodel and move on.

But Lisa, (who shall be named The Very Bad Realtor/VBR) called Brian yesterday to tell him this house sold. (It has been on the market since last August) AND 'VBR 'thinks it went for about the same amount that we offered, maybe even less. But here's the kicker.....THEN she told Brian that the listing agent of that house had called her last month and said they would drop the price again if we were interested.

ONLY SHE NEVER CALLED US because she thought we would not be interested even though i told her that if they ever called her to let us know we may counter once more. I am still not sure why she called in the first place except that she thinks we might still be interested in looking and having her be our contact. NO WAY.

What makes me really mad is last month i got a call from a different realtor who used to live here who said he heard from our neighbor we might sell our place and he had a cash buyer who has been wanting to move in to our condo community. He said that he knew our place was much nicer than the listing he had. But i told him we had quit looking and were now remodeling. But the truth is if this couple wanted to buy our place especially with the remodel in place at our cost, karma might have worked and it would have worked out so much better for us if that happened in terms of remodeling the new place and the house payment.

But we never got that chance.

I am so pissed. Even though i am really going to like what we are doing to this place and have made room by renting storage. I really liked that house by Point Defiance. Point Defiance is one of the most beautiful parks ever.

2. Ok, thanks for letting me vent. I needed that because i was going to contact her and blast her a new one and then decided it would get me nowhere. So i'm writing it here. 

3. We got a recommendation for this gal too.  It was from my friend Julie's ex-husband who i actually trust. I should probably tell him not to recommend her anymore.

3. Brian says everything happens for a reason and this house was not meant to be. But you know, i still look sometimes online at homes, and i can't find one that i like as much as that one. And probably that couple who wants to move here might not have been interested either.

4. I do think i will love my bathrooms. The drywall is done today in the bathrooms and i hired a good guy. (I call him Drywall Paul.) After this remodel i  think that Brian and i might be able to build someday - something exactly like we want, nothing too big,  and maybe that's what supposed to happen. I now know a good roofer, drywaller, tile guy, hardwood floor company, and my brother Troy is a framer and turnkey home builder and has all kinds of connections to electricians and plumbers. 

5. OMG, like the last post, once again Violin by Amos Lee has come on the cds playing. I really do have to make myself stop listening to this before i ruin it. But i'm addicted to him right now. 

6. I am glad that Obama didn't release the Osama photos. I am also glad that Osama was killed on Obama's watch. I haven't been watching much of the news at all to see how Fox is going to twist this because i am getting very tired of all the talking political heads, EXCEPT for Jon Stewart. I seriously think he might be The Most Trusted Man In News, replacing Walter Conkrite.

7. I just bought the book Faith at Costco tonight. Along with about $150 worth of stuff i didn't plan to shop for when i went there only for seafood. Is anyone else reading this book? I think it sounds like it might be something like that Meryl Streep movie Doubt, a movie i really liked.

8. I watched The Office ending where Steve Carrell left the show. I almost, but not quite, cried. I don't think they were even acting in that last episode. Especially that scene where Jim goes into Michael's office to tell him what a great boss he was. I think they were seriously sad. 

9. I hope that they hire the original Office Michael, Ricky Gervais. He's my pick. 

Ok, that's all i got.What's on YOUR mind? What are your vents?


jojo cucina cucina said...

Chapter Two of Conversations with Mom:

(you will have to read the previous blog post to know what i mean.)

So Mom called today about Mimosa Mother's Day that i am having at my house tomorrow.

Me: What's up?

Mom: Do you want me to bring some wine tomorrow?

Me: No, that's okay, i've got champagne for mimosas, remember?

Mom: Ohh... okay. You WILL have some coffee too, right?

Me: Well i could. But you probably won't like my strong coffee.

Mom: Well you know i HAVE to have coffee. (emphasis on 'HAVE')

Me: Ok, you can put some hot water in it.

Mom: Is it decaf?

Me: Mom, if you HAVE to have coffee, why would it need to be decaf?

Mom: Ok okay. Who's going to be there?

(I had already told her last call and she forgot that Marie's mom is going to be there.)

Happy Mother's Day everybody.

I hope they don't stay too long!

jojo cucina cucina said...

Oh yeah i almost forgot this part of the conversation, but it's also classic Elodie.

My mom has never worked and outside the home and barely works inside the home either. (You should see what a mess her house is, as i said earlier, she is almost like one of those hoarders on tv.)

Anyway it gets old listening to her always telling me how busy she is when her house is a mess and she doesn't have a job. She can make grocery shopping at the commissary sound like back breaking work...And she never considers that you too might have a lot to do. Here's how this part went:


Mom: I was soooo busy today, I have so much to do.

Me: Well you couldn't be busier than I was. I have been primering and painting for the past 6 hours.

Mom: No i've been busier. I had to go to the mall and now I'm making dinner and....

Me: Mom, I was busier. Going to the mall is not harder than primering and painting bathrooms.

Mom. Well... you didn't just have surgery.

Me: Ok, you win. You were busier.

(Her surgery was a minor outpatient ear thing and if she just had surgery that was a big deal, why would she be at the mall?)

jojo cucina cucina said...

i swear i am not embellishing these conversations. if Kylee still posted here she would have a few of her own.

Amanda said...

Sorry to hear about the house. The real estate agent sounds like a flake. Real estate agents, car salesmen, and (I added one more but went back and deleted it to avoid offending anyone) are made of different stuff. You can always pick them out of a crowd. There's something a bit off. She should get disbarred or whatever happens to bad real estate agents.

The remodel sounds fantastic, though. You have great style, Jo.

I'm glad about the bin Laden pictures, too. That's not who we are as a nation. At least not under Obama's watch. The worst part of this whole thing is that the right wing nuts are using this to justify torture. That makes me sick. Stay classy, America. Damnit.

Anchorman needs to be added to my favorite movies list ;)

If it makes you feel any better, my dad once spent 45 minutes on the phone explaining, in alarming detail, the plot of Fast and Furious 2: Tokyo Drift. That's 45 minutes I'll never get back.

louielouie said...

Well let me start out with I’m no fan of realtors.

Seems like if you’re buying or selling you sort of feel like you were ripped off. Plus there’s all that paperwork you need to initial and you have no idea what it says.

But, come on now Jo, Brian did not want the house. I do not believe that $2500 or whatever it was really kept you from purchasing the house of your dreams. It was not the house of your dreams.

Maybe your realtor sensed that and kept you from making a bad decision. Maybe not, but at least don’t make this be a big mistake that is all her fault.

Just sayin'

louielouie said...

happy birthday to my baby, born 28 years ago today

where does the time go?

jojo cucina cucina said...

Nope. i blame her. I was mad at Brian too for awhile, but she really was terrible. My brother Troy met her when he looked the house over and said she was way to timid to be a realtor. The woman had no personality, no sense of humor and no energy. I don't see her name anywhere on realtor ads in the paper or on the Internet and i've seen hundreds of houses. When i would point something out to her she wouldn't respond, but would go "hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm". It made me crazy. Plus i did all the work looking for the comparables. So yes, i blame her.

If she could have gotten the seller to go for $240,000 we would be laying hardwood floors right now instead of remodeling bathrooms.

I told her from the beginning that Brian would need to be brought around because he doesn't make the decisions the same way, and this is a biggie. (it's why it took him 10 years to decide to get married and how come he still hasn't bought that new vehicle he's been talking about for over a year now.)

Brian went back and forth with that house, loving it and then worrying about buying it, but in the end once we got it the way we wanted it he would have been okay and he would have been happy. That's just how he is.

When we made the third and final $240,000 offer i don't believe she communicated that we would probably walk if they came back with yet another counter.

And she should have called us when they called her to see if we were interested. At least give us the choice to turn it down.

the good thing in all this is thank god we didn't list our condo with her. It would be on the market forever. (or at least until the contract ran out.)