Saturday, March 19, 2011

Steve Martin isn't funny anymore....and other things that have changed.


iTunes: Lay Me Down by Forest Sun. If you don't know Forest Sun. Check him out on his release For the Story . . . every song is so good. 

Book: I am loving Ahab's Wife and have abandoned the other three books that i was reading at the same time. (My brother Troy and I always like the same kinds of books and he wasn't wrong about this one either.)

The Best Thing that Happened:  I think Brian and and I are coming to a solid agreement about where we are going to live in our future. 

The Other Best Thing: i had to work today at a big training for nearly 200 educators. It was so awesomely organized i was proud to be a part of it.  And then the good folks i work with afterwards went out to a cool new wine bar. (I always love finding a new wine bar!) What was also cool was that when we left the bar after 7:00 pm. it was still light outside.
What I am envious about: louielouie/sarah this week called me on what was probably THE VERY worst rainy day these past few months. She called to remind me she was leaving for Hawaii the next day (her son Nick lives there - he's an officer in the Navy). What's notable about this is the last two times louie went to Hawaii, BOTH times it was snowing (and rather late in the wintertime too) the day before she left. 

Ok, on to the list of the Stuff That Has Changed....


1. Excuuuusssseee Me! .... The reason i even thought of this subject was the other day Brian and I turned on David Letterman. Steve Martin was on that night and it was the most boring of interviews i have seen on Dave's show in a very long time.  This is not the first time i've seen that Steve Martin has lost his edge and zip. I used to love him so much back in the day. (Did anyone else see how bad this Letterman show was?)

2. so it got me thinking ...what do we all observe about what's going on today that has changed? I think i've mentioned this before because it's so unsettling to me!....I forgot that i was going to get old. For so long and in every single job i have ever held, i was THE YOUNGEST person in the department. And now i am the oldest person in my office. So yeah, i forgot that i was getting older. (But i am reminded every day when i look in the mirror.)

3. Some things have changed for the better. 

4. I just wrote that above and a full minute later i am still thinking about what to write. If i don't come back to it at the end, remind me later. Or at least come up with your own.

5. Music and bookstores. iPods. Pandora. No more going to the music store.  I CANNOT believe that one of my favorite stores  has closed its doors here.  Borders Books & Music is gone in Tacoma. When Kylee/modern hippie was a little girl I used to take her to Borders. It was fairly new then and such a hot spot when it opened up. I used to buy all my books and music there. 

6. I am partly to blame. I quit going to Borders when I got my iTunes account.
7. My eyebrows. My eyebrows have changed. In a really freaky funky wild hair out of this world way. They would take over my whole face if i let them, like a caterpillar on steroids.

8. Politics and Hope have changed:  I thought Obama could get our country back on a more even keel after Bush and stop the polarization of the two right wing/left wing attitudes. But i was wrong because i underestimated the tenacity of the right wing to amp it up BECAUSE Obama was President. And now we have the Tea Party and worse.

9. I still have hope. And i hope Obama doesn't decide to say, 'f*ck it, i will not seek or accept the nomination for re-election." (but if Obama was/were (still don't know the proper word there)  my brother, i might give him the advice to do this very thing, even as i wouldn't want him to really follow it...)

9. For ummagumma. 

10. The country is going to hell in a handbasket when it comes to public schools and unions. And i worry about the future of how this country will change without unions and collective bargaining.

And i am most worried about is how the media has adopted this conception that public workers are the evils about who is to blame for our economy and i am incredulous that they would go after public workers in a way that bankers and corporate CEOS were never attacked. Including oil companies who have destroyed our environment. how did we come to a place where teachers are bigger villians and get more negative media attention from Fox News than the BP oil company who nearly destroyed Lousiana's coast?

Who will be left to tell the truth in the news?   How long before Rachel Maddow is gone?

11. Thank-yous. I have mentioned this before too. It's a huge pet peeve.

Nobody thanks anyone anymore. Last summer I gave a $100 check (which was indeed cashed) for a wedding present to the daughter of Troy's best friend. I never got a thank you. ( Kylee's mom also said she didn't get one .) This bride is both our Facebook friends. How hard could it be to drop an email thankyou? This kind of thing seems to happening more often even as technology has made it easier to do so.
That's all i have for now. I'll be back with more later.


amulbunny's random thoughts said...

1. I love Steve's new gig with the Steep Mountain Rangers and I have the album Rare Bird Alert. If you like even the smallest amount of Bluegrass this is a good listen. Puts King tut back in the grave.

2. Since I'm not working i get a kick out of being called Ma'am by the young kids who think they are saving the world one water bottle and nail clipper at a time. And so far I've missed being pawed but I'll raise holy hell if I get a close pat down.

3. The more things change, the more they stay the same.
Les choses changent plus elles restent les mêmes.

4. Some idiots never grow up.

5. Most of our Borders are going bye too. But there are some nice Barnes and Nobles still. I do most of my shopping at AMazon now. Get recs from sites and magazines and get them. I don't want a kindle or nook, I need the feel of real books.

6. I love Itunes. I like being able to buy 1 song.

7. When did these grey things start growing out of my chin and why are they so coarse? Eyebrows? I don't like pain so I only get them done when I have to go somewhere and be presentable.

8. The tea party is the party of those who would prey on the fears and fantasies of the already frightened masses, i.e. the people who are afraid of "Those People!!!".

9. For ummagumma and for Lynn.

10. Courtesy needs to be relearned. Period.

11. America needs to wake up and come out of it's pathetic lethargy.

Jury duty was 1 day. I didn't get chosen, I had to go to Santa Monica and it was a nice day thankfully since I had to use public transportation to get home. It was a medical malpractice case and it was going to go at least 3 weeks. I didn't want to be on it but I didn't get cut until the last round. Chronic pain and all that.

I'm putting this on my blog as well.

susieatl said...

We are a polarized nation but I believe there are many who are more in line with Obama's thinking than the right. I just don't think we are as loud or have the money that the right has. Much is being controlled by big business and if you haven't already - you need to read up on the Koch brothers. They have an agenda and they have lots of money.

Wisconsin gives me least in that state I think the people are waking up..I hope it continues. And you are right- Rachel may be the only voice on mainstream media who is speaking to us.

I'm off to run errands..I'll be back to post more.

louielouie said...

The best thing that happened:

My kids and Ron and I had the best dinner ever last night. The food was fantastic and so were the beverages. I had two Blue Hawaiians. They are the only fruity-fancy drink I like and only here at the Hilton. They use vodka not rum, makes all the difference. The food was great too and of course the view. We had a great server too; we laughed and laughed and lingered at the table. After dinner the kids and I went to the pool.

The next best thing:

We shopped for groceries and did a little work at Nick's house before checking into the condo yesterday. Nick mixed beverages before we went to dinner. By the end of dinner, Ron was tipsy (he drank my before dinner drink and had two mango Mai Tais), probably why he didn’t go to the pool with us. After Em and I worked out and we all went for a quick swim, Nick made us French toast for breakfast.

I may be the luckiest person in the world

What Has Changed:

Everything; it always has –

Why do we expect Steve Martin to be funny anymore? He recently got booed at an event because he didn’t tell jokes (or walk like an Egyptian) but talked about art. I think he has moved on in his career and is all about art or something. I say let him change; we all do.

I’m just not sure about anything anymore. I can’t believe we’re bombing Libya. Part of me is just sick to my stomach about it; another part of me can’t believe we waited until after so many had already been killed by their own government.

I don't even want to think about the ugly mess that is my job/career and education in general.

The world is too complex for me; I guess that isn’t a change

equeyaya said...

I'm sorry I haven't responded to this yet! I've been too busy to spend much time online. Going riding tonight and then out to dinner. I'll catch up with y'all later!

jojo cucina cucina said...

I've been busy too. Just got back from bowling.

favorite things said:

1. amulbunny: "America needs to wake up and come out of it's pathetic lethargy".

(my note: Though we don't need the Tea Partiers ramped up anymore, just the liberals!)

2. susieatl: "I just don't think we are as loud or have the money that the right has."

(my note: We might not be loud, but we are vocal. it's been my experience that Democrats take way too much time believing everyone and every idea needs to be heard. NOT TRUE. )

3. louie says: ("I can’t believe we’re bombing Libya. Part of me is just sick to my stomach about it; another part of me can’t believe we waited until after so many had already been killed by their own government.")

(my note: i'm thinking we should just forget about Afghanistan if we're going to Libya now. Can't believe it myself. And it's scary and makes me wonder where everything will be a year from now.)

see you later, eque!

equeyaya said...

itunes: just bought Paolo Nutini's These Streets album

book: biography on Commodore John Barry

best thing: it looks like i'll be moving again soon, but this time for the long term.

other best thing: an unencumbered weekend ahead.... should use it to prepare for the above.

So the topic is stuff that has changed? haha! everything!

I remember being in routines for years and years and complaining about things like taking the kids to lessons week after week, and then when they stop, it seems so sudden and I miss it. Grace's routines change so quickly. We got into one of going grocery shopping together on Thursday nights, then she started going out with friends on Thursday nights, and I miss it. Soon she will be driving and she won't need me to take her places and pick her up as much, and while I will appreciate the extra time, I'll miss it too.

So much of my life has changed in the past year. I feel somewhat unsettled but the changes are all good ones and I feel like I'm growing.

The world is changing too: the economy, global stuff, climate, technology. politics, not so much. i would like to see people lose interest in the political anger. it's so small minded.

jojo cucina cucina said...

eque. that Streets album by Paolo is the one with New Shoes right? It's a few years old now. I was going to buy his new one but i didn't like the sound of it that much.

You are probably going through the most changes of anyone here!

I realize that i like routines a lot, part of my personality with not wanting surprises, liking things in order, not ever wanting to be late for stuff. i call it my Order Disorder. Anyway i realize though when i change it up i get more energized. like buying a house. Or remodeling. Or doing a painting project like i did last year at this time.

So i don't REALLY hate change. I just like being the one to control how it changes. If that makes sense. (actually i think it makes a lot of sense.)

I have a few days off next week that i am really looking forward to! I might do a little painting and probably will get some remodeling decisions made by visiting businesses that do that stuff. But i hope to put a couple of days aside to do nothing but read and watch movies and cook (cause i haven't cooked in a while because it's been so busy.)

Brian did fire our realtor so we are officially done with the house hunting. I'm glad. Now that i read the news about how February was the worst house sales ever around here it makes me think we never would have sold our condo at the time we bought a new place.

I have $14.10 in my iTunes account so i think i'm going to go find some music to buy!

jojo cucina cucina said...

I am buying Jason Isbell "Sirens of the Ditch". (he's from Drive-by Truckers) I love the "Complete my Album"... i had already purchased two songs from it awhile ago.

I love that name for a band: Drive-by Truckers

Amanda said...

Have you seen the movie Shopgirl? It's so darn sweet and it was written by Steve Martin (he's also in the movie), so he gets a pass in my book. It's interesting how people evolve and change in who they are fundamentally over time. It's the people who don't change that we have to worry about ;)

Other things that have changed:

• Christina Aguilera is much wider and crazier. So is Mariah Carey. And Jennifer Lopez. Can all three of them go away now?

• My knee is still lumpy and enormous (manatee face), but it feels lots better. Thanks for asking, Jo!

• There's a new movie version of Arthur and it doesn't look as terrible as I'd imagined. It might actually be funny.

• There's also a new version of Jane Eyre. The movie adaptations may change, but my excitement over seeing each of them never will. In this one, however, Rochester is a bit too young and good looking. I'll try to get over it (nudge nudge, wink, wink).

I'm deliberately not talking politics right now because I've been listening to the progressive talk station out of Seattle (AM 1090) and getting way too fired up lately. I need a chill pill. And a new hairdo. (Does anyone say 'hairdo' anymore? It feels very Mad Men.)

equeyaya said...

Yes, New Shoes and Last Request. And I like almost everything on there. I'm enjoying it a lot! I'm doing laundry and ironing, and I'll do some cleaning later and try my hand at a veggie burger recipe I found with lentils, mushrooms and walnuts in it. I'm going to twist my daughter's arm to color my hair tomorrow. I'm finally getting used to the haircut ("do!") she gave me last week. She told me not to use the straightener on it, but I do. ;)