Wednesday, September 7, 2011

I think i could be a flight attendant if i didn't hate to fly! PLUS my new favorite commercial!

The reason i say this is because i have been hanging out in a hotel room suite (with a full kitchen) on this assignment this week and it's kind of cool. (EXCEPT i really miss my fabulous high thread count sheets!...and my down pillow too.)

I am working a little bit longer hours. Today i got back here after 7:00 and turned on the TV to Friends marathon on Nickelodeon and just poured a glass of wine. And before i go to bed i'll email Brian and maybe read. No chores whatsoever.... I think i could like doing this every once in awhile, but not too much or i would miss my husband. But temporary hotel living  goes along with my lazybones self. Last night i got Red Lobster takeout cause it was a walk down the street. I expected it to be a lame meal on par with Olive Garden, but it was actually a pretty nice shrimp and lobster half size order of pasta. I might go back there tomorrow.

I keep trying to keep reusing my towels by folding them all nicely but the maid won't let me. She keeps taking them and replacing them. I wonder maybe if i didn't tip her every day if she would let me be more environmental! lol. (Don't tell Al! I always tell my husband i'm telling Al when he throws tin cans in the garbage instead of the recycle.)

About the commercial video: I LOVE Dean Winters from the Mayhem like Me commercials and my new TV obsession of Rescue Me where he plays the Irish cop brother Johnny Gavin to firefighter Denis Leary's deeply flawed character Tommy Gavin.

OK on with the regular randomness (no Menu of the Day today)....

1. I am watching Anderson Cooper right now. Isn't it weird that it was 10 whole years ago since 9-11? Have i mentioned on here that i think Dr. Sanjay is kind of hot?

2. Having said that i don't really want to commemorate this day. I don't like thinking of the dates when loved ones died either. And when i see those shrines on fences or the side of the road where people died in car accidents i don't get it. I would rather leave flowers where they were born. or better yet where they were conceived! ;)

3. I am reading Hotel at the Corner of Bitter and Sweet right now. Is anyone else reading this? Did you like it if you did? I just am getting into it. If i haven't already said, i read A LOT of books this summer. And i would pick Cutting for Stone as my very favorite of all.

4. I still don't know much about what my union is doing and i'm still in a state of unknown. They are still bargaining. It's surprising me how i am not obsessing about this and just waiting for whatever happens. The date may get extended to Sept. 19th i hear. i still haven't heard from the school district on the school secretary job that I applied for.  

5. Is Amanda Knox guilty? They just showed her on CNN because she's back in court.  I don't know. I think i would like to read the book and decide. If she wasn't so pretty and this wasn't a sex murder, would this even be on CNN?

6. That's a jury i would NOT want to be on. Or maybe i would be. Is it in Italy right? I could just get my Xanax filled so i could get on the plane and then get myself sequestered in a HOTEL! And maybe later get myself interviewed by Anderson Cooper and write a book!

7. It was 96 degrees here today! The hottest day all year that i've had. I was inside writing newsletters and working on a database for the union i'm helping right now so i never really felt it. But i did decide not to run, which was my plan.

8. I am rather happy that it's fall and back to school now. I wish the autumn season just lasted longer and winter was about 8 weeks shorter. That would be just about perfect. I could never live where it's always warm and sunny.

9. I'm going to sign off cause this is boring. I'll post when i know more about my future. I'm trying not to let it weigh on my mind, but i think it is and it's kind of messing with my mojo.


jojo cucina cucina said...

Here's a big reason why i don't really like this place - not the hotel, but the city. i've been here three days and only today saw the first minority person in the city. EVERYBODY is white here. It sort of creeps me out. I'm only two hours away from home but i feel like i'm in another country.

amulbunny's random thoughts said...

I love Dean Winters. Way back to when he was on OZ. But the raccoon Mayhem has to be one of my favorites. LOL.

It was hotter than blazes here, no ocean breeze to cut the heat either. I have been ready for fall since June though.

Our retail clerks are talking with the management of 3 large grocery chains. I talked to a union rep today and she said even though the vote was to go out, they are still talking. No one can really afford the strike and the main bitch is healthcare.

I don't feel too guilty about towels at large hotels. I am so looking forward to going on our anniversary trip in December. A suite for a change. 700 sq feet. That's bigger than the place we lived when we got married. And it has 1 1/2 bathrooms with TV's! Hog heaven for $69 a night. Talk about deals. Whoa.

Anonymous said...

like your idea of putting flowers where a person was conceived, it always creeps me out too when you drive by those highway memorials...did you see the one on Vashon where they have the carved wooden statue of as young man who was hit by a car? When you see those it is hard not to think of the scene of how they died.

We have a Vashon writer who is a family friend of the Knox's who is always writing articles in our local Loop, about why she is nor guilty and how she was framed. She talks about the Italian Prosecuting Attorney, Giuliano; who has a history of framing people, how the one guy (Rudy Guede) already confesed a couple times and on and on- some of it does sound plausable- there is a web site I found that goes over all the witnesses etc if you are interested. I agree it is as you said- sex and pretty girl but this is also why the Prosecutor took his turn on all of it (and being an American) the thing that got to me in the beginning is how she looked so guilty- odd at least. Their argument is that she did not really know they were REALLY accusing her of murder because she did not speak good enough Italian.

I watched a few episodes of Rescue Me when it was on late and I got up early- (so it was hard to keep it up) now I only have basic cable- I will have to check and see if I can find it else where. I did like it...a guilty pleasure like Californication.

Ever watch the Big C? Good kinda along the lines of "Six Feet Under" good. (Not as good tho) I do like it.

Or the multipersonality woman...(forgetting the name of that show). The actress is interesting and plays several diff. personalities.

Anonymous said...

And ooops the last name of Giuliano is Migini!

and Charr (forgot to sign)

Anonymous said...

I meant to say he is obseessed that all murders have to do with Satonic rituals.....

jojo cucina cucina said...

Charr. it's you posting as Anonymous, right? if you do Google log in and click OFF the box that says stay logged in i think it works where you can put your google name in. If that doesn't work, just keep posting as anonymous and add your name to the bottom.

i haven't seen the Vashon shrine that you talk about. It's probably on the Vashon Highway?

And like you, i have heard from people who also know Amanda Knox and who swear she is NOT guilty and a victim of the justice system that is not American. I am incline to believe them and to believe that she is innocent too. But i also know i don't have enough information. But i hear what you are hearing since she is from these parts.

I have not watched the Big C. There is SO much good TV on these days that i really think i could make an 8 hour day of just hanging out and watching.

Hey amulbunny! i love that you love Dean Winters too. I also thought the Raccoon one was great. Though my all time favorite is the "OMG" he's a teenage girl driving in the parking lot finding out that Johnny (i think it was Johnny) likes her best friend so while she listens in to this bit of crisis news while listening on her pink cell phone crashes into a parked car at the mall...." Dean Winters is a sexy beast.

Amanda said...

Amanda Knox creeps me out. I think she's guilty. Something is seriously wrong with her. Nothing she did made sense or was reasonable. She's either the stupidest girl in the world or she's guilty. Either way, she gives me the heebie jeebies.

This is another reason I don't do foreign travel. Bathrooms, food, and wonky judicial systems. I require too many guarantees.

One of my first jobs was as a hotel housekeeper in my hometown. It was such a bizarre job. I saw my first naked man ever. The front desk got a call for more towels for the jacuzzi suite, but they wanted them left in front of the door. I was right across the hall, so I put the towels at the door and went back to my cart. Then, a naked guy opened the door, saw me, and just casually picked up the towels and went inside. It was horrifying! I was too young and impressionable to see that. Thankfully, it scarred me from even looking at boys until after college.

I miss Six Feet Under!

Dean Winters was in an early season of Law and Order: SVU. He couldn't hack it and slept with Benson (those two things are unrelated in the series, even though I put them in the same sentence). He's adorable. The raccoon one is my new favorite, too. I also like the one where he's jogging.

Anonymous said...

EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEKKKKKKKKKKKKK I ijust did all the damn steps Google asked again- all I wrote is gone -


Anonymous said...

AND this time I got brave and did what I NEVER do and even put my damn cell number then it said charrj2@gmail is not authoried to view, Let me Tell You What I Think- grrrrrr google!


jojo cucina cucina said...

Charr, one of the things that worked before was when you sign in with your google account to click OFF the box that says stay signed in. It's a pain because then you have to sign in again. It worked when i posted from the PC but i don't seem to have the same problem on a Mac. Not sure why, but it might explain why some people can get in and some can't. Try clicking off the box when you sign in and see what happens.

Amanda, you're right. There is something kind of creepy about her. I see that a journalist has already written a book. I wonder if it's any good.

OMG with the naked guy. But maybe it did keep you out for trouble in college! LOL....

I am home from Vancouver WA. Got home yesterday. It's sooo nice to sleep in my own bed. My husband got up at 5 am for his triathalon in Woodinville and he got THIRD place in his division this time. That's pretty cool. It was the same route as the one i went to with him last spring when it was sooo cold. He took a lot off his time this go round. He has a really cool medal to go with it.

I think i will be retired on Wednesday with the way things are going. I called the school district about the job i applied for since i hadn't heard. They told me that they haven't even gone through the apps, so that's good news that i wasn't passed over already. The HR secretary gave me a tip to call the principal. So i wanted a half hour after school got out and called yesterday and the secretary put me right through. I said i just wanted to let her know that i am very interested in the job and that i was hoping she will consider my application. She sounded very cool and told me that she had not had time to even look through everything but that she had received a call from Tim who is a friend of mine from when i worked in schools and who is principal now. So i thought that was cool that she remembered my name without me even mentioning Tim.

So we'll see. At least i've let them know. Now i'll just be patient and wait and see.

Though i'm feeling a little bit less calm this weekend about it all because now it seems pretty real. Just like that i could be done. Leaving a lot of pretty loose ends as i go. It doesn't feel very good. But then strikes never are about feeling good.

louielouie said...

I love hotels too. Right now I am at the Davenport in Spokane. It is a wonderful old restored landmark hotel. This time though we are across the street in the Tower. It’s just as nice, great bed, lots of pillows. I might like this better than the other, it’s got clean cool lines and not all the “fussy” furnishings. Though if you come here for the fist time, you defiantly want to stay in the main hotel. The Tower has a safari theme, there is a stuffed tiger in the bar and elephant and rhino art all over the place. I am typing this while on my leopard print chaise lounge in my room. And the internet is free!! Jo, I would send you one of the free postcards but I already used them, sorry.

I have had a great time here. This was Ron’s gig so I had no responsibility except to look nice and be friendly at one dinner. The Pierce County group of docs is great so that was easy. I maybe shouldn’t have had the second drink while talking to the head of the health department. I might be the only one who thinks I was charming.

I think Spokane is a lovely city. My sister lives here and we had a nice dinner the first night. Yesterday she took me on a walk (over two hours) so today I am sore. Jillian did not prepare me for this. I am better now that I sat in the hot tub this morning and took 4 Advil. I am not looking forward to the drive home or the family get together at my brother’s. If I could take tomorrow off I would be fine. I took off last Friday and am taking next Friday off through so I suppose I can’t always expect a 3-day workweek. I am trying to use my vacation this year.

Next weekend it’s Cannon Beach with Ron and the kids. I am such a traveler; I like a car trip (under 6 hours a day) and don’t mind flying. Maybe I should go on the road as a consultant. I would need to find some area of expertise or write a book or something, so maybe not. Mostly I thought I think I just want to be on vacation.

louielouie said...

I want to be retired on Wednesday

Anonymous said...

JoJo thanks I will work on that....but not yet I just lost 3 paragraphs again


Anonymous said...

Oh I do want to say, I hope things work out for you JoJo and congrats to your hubb too.

AND if nothing else I am going to copy and cut what I write and stick it somewhere while I am trying to post it (just in case).....Google I will not give up on you!!!


jojo cucina cucina said...

Thanks Charr. i hope the Google problems don't keep you away. We;ll just consider that you've changed your name to Anonymous!

jojo cucina cucina said...

Retirement extension: Sept. 26 is the new d-day. I thought my last day was tomorrow. My office is all cleaned up as if it was (except for my pictures on the wall and on my desk.) And even my computer is cleaned up and all personal stuff moved to a passport drive. This is all good and gets me prepared because if my union manages to pull it off without a strike I am still putting in for retirement and my last day would be June 15.

So actually, i'm grateful for this little cog in the wheel of my career cause it made me get off my ass and do something.

Apply for a job and decide to retire earlier than expected. I still won't know for a couple of weeks what i will do, but how amazing to have a choice, right? I'm a lucky person to be in such a position coming from my background.

equeyaya said...

I went for a long drive and a short hike on 9/11. Turned out the trail we wanted to take was closed due to flooding after Hurricane Lee. It was a good day anyway. :)

I'm reading Legal Tender by Lisa Scottoline. She's a Philadelphia area writer. I've never read her stuff before, but it's a nice, easy read.

I'm glad you have choices, too, Jo! You've earned them, and you have an opportunity to still work somewhere else and continue to make a difference. :)

I've been feeling kind of uninspired in my job lately, but today, I got a LinkedIn invitation from someone who did an internship with me when she was in college in the 90s. Here is part of what she wrote to me: Even though it’s been a long time, I think of you often because you’re the reason that I decided to pursue a career in HR, and I have never forgotten how valuable it was to have the opportunity to do the internship with you!

So now I'm feeling a little bit more inspired.

I'm leaving work early in a few minutes so Grace can color my hair. Then I'm meeting my friends to see a movie at a local theater about the original horse whisperer.

And I love that it's starting to feel like Fall!

jojo cucina cucina said...

i'm gonna change this tonight or this weekend.

eque, how cool that your former intern let you know that! Sometimes it's the little things that keep you in your job. And sometimes it's the little things that make you want to leave.