Friday, September 16, 2011

Ten Items or Less....

My friend Julie (who posts here infrequently, though she should post here more... ) gave me this idea for a blog post. It's from a movie starring Morgan Freeman and one of those kids who have been in movies recently (Superbad?) ...anyway. here is what it's about.

List 10 things.

  • List 10 things that you want to keep.
  • List 10 things that you want to lose.

(Don't list the obvious, like your family, we all know that's a given. )

Here are mine.... And i have to say i am going into this knowing i already don't know what i might say beyond #1 and #2..

What i Want to Keep:

1. My belief about standing up for what i believe in, even when i know someone, maybe many people, might think i am wrong.

2. My ability to run. i know this is related to health, but it's something i've done for more than half my life (31+ years) and when that day comes that i can no longer run, i know that will be a hard day.

3. I want to keep all things that are in my trunk. My trunk is filled with letters, thank you cards, emails from my nieces Kylee, Ashley, and Brian and Josh, writings from when i was in high school, letters from my dad when he was on military leave in Japan away from us, homework from my civics class where i gave my opinions about politics at the age of 17.

4. I really want to keep my books. Even the ones in storage.

5. And my iTunes library. All 5400+ tunes.

6. I have a pasta bowl i really really love. I hate to think that it might break one day. And i hate to think that someone other than myself would break it cause i don't want to hold it against them. (That's why i always choose to wash it)  It's stupid i know, but i love that bowl.

7. I am not a jewelry person at all whatsovever. But my first husband bought me a set of Mikimoto pearls that are the best piece of jewelry i own. I don't wear them. But i like that they are somewhat of a heirloom. And i want them because i want to leave them to my niece Ashley . She doesn't even have to wear them. (Or maybe she could as a bracelet).) I just want to leave her an heirloom. One oldest daughter to another.

8. My husband said i should say i would love to keep my journals. But the truth is i am not sure, I wrote those in a past life that i don't really care to revisit and i would rather not lose the stuff i wrote here on my blog more than what i wrote in my journals from decades ago.

So i think i only have 8 thinks i want to keep.

Here are 7 things i want to lose: (I tried to do 10, but i can't)

1. I want to lose  this feeling of not knowing what my future will bring.

2. I wouldn't mind losing this iMac computer right now because it's becoming apparent to me that it's not all that after all until i learn it.

3. I want to lost that attitude that i don't like learning things.

4. I wouldn't mind losing one of our three vehicles. Not mine, of course. But i wish my husband would get rid of one of his two cars and make a decision soon about buying a  new one. This has gone on for over a year and a half now.

5. I would like to lose my Facebook account. I wouldn't miss it at all. i think.

6. I would hate to lose my eyesight. Shoot me now because it means i can't read.

7. i would hate to lose the money i have been saving for so long by whatever reason. The stock market, unemployment, posting bail for murder. i love having money in savings.

I don't think i can do a number 8,

Ten is obviously too many for me. Maybe it is for you too. Try to do 5 things if you can't do 10.


Swiss said...

You always make me think.

I started the 10's and at 3 starting thinking and it IS hard to do.

Man I want to see that pasta bowl!

I am keeping this short as I am testing this Googlegoop thing again. LOL wish I could tell you my password!


louielouie said...

Two of your things you want to lose are really things you would hate to lose. LOL

What I want to Keep:

1. My sense of humor. I want to be able to laugh and make people laugh my whole life

2. My mind, although I think I’m losing it now, I know I’m forgetting more and more things.

3. My eyesight, such as its, going blind is a real fear of mine.

4. My retirement; I don’t even know how much I have but I’m sure it’s not enough. I want to consider what I would do if I had to be poor when I am old. Not having money when you’re young (I don’t mean really poor-poor) isn’t so bad because no one else has money either but it would be so tough as you get older.

5. I want to keep my health insurance too

6. I can’t think of that much that I want to keep. I have great first-husband-pearls too. I would be sad if I lost them, but not devastated. I do want to keep my wedding ring. Actually more than wanting to keep the ring, I just don’t want to lose it.

7. I want to remember days like yesterday that I spent with my son, driving, walking on the beach, talking, laughing, just being together

What I want to Lose:

1. My current habit of placing blame, or needing someone else to be the bad guy.

2. I don’t want to lose weight but I would like to lose some of my belly, but not bad enough to go on a diet.

3. My insomnia

4. Half the stuff in my house, sometimes I don’t even care which half, I just want fewer things.

5. 90% of the stuff in the garage- but it’s not mine to lose.

This is way hard. I don’t know if it’s ‘cause nothing seems that important or I can’t bear the thought of losing things. Maybe I just can’t think and I've lost my mind already.

jojo cucina cucina said...

Charr, it worked!!! Did it work because you clicked of staying signed in with your google account? Yay.

louie, you always make me laugh. In cleaning out my office i found a card that Jackie wrote me in 1991. Apparently we had all gone out for what i think was an early bird discount dinner at either the Lobster Shop or Shenanigans. In the card she is telling me that she thought it was so funny how i was trying to explain that we needed to leave more tip because of the discounted meal, but that she didn't think that 'G' followed me. Then she said something about you being funny and that she hopes that she could go out with us when you and I are in our 60's.

I thought of another thing i would hate to lose:

#8. Brian and i do not exchange anniversary presents. Instead we write about the year in each other's journals. We only write in them once a year and read them once a year. It has been a nice record of our life and i glue down things like emails we exchanged when he was in Prague etc. I would hate to lose THOSE journals. But not the ones i wrote when i was unhappily married to that other guy.

I also thought of another one too:

#9. My camera and my passport that includes all the digital photos that i took. I can't believe i forgot that.

jojo cucina cucina said...

LOL Charr, re: the pasta bowl. The reason i would hate to lose it is because i haven't been able to find one like it since i bought it. I got it at Nordstrom YEARS ago and it's the perfect bowl for most of the meals i cook.

jojo cucina cucina said...

BTW, good catch louie, yeah i messed up about wanting to lose but adding HATE to lose. I'm still trying to think of things i want to lose. So i'm starting with a new #6.

Why is that so hard? I want to lose ....

#6. I want to lose my stupid fears? I'm going with that one. I want to lose my fear of flying and unfamiliar places. (Easier said than done)....

Hey," Easier said than done" might be my next blog post. I'm still working on getting 52 posts in before the end of the year.

#7. I want to lose judgement about people. But at the same time i like keeping my instinct. And i like keeping honest. So i'm not sure if i can still be me. But these are sort of like wishes too, i think.

#8. I want to lose some width on my fat size 6 feet. How about that one?

#9. I want to lose some of my OCD-ness. But at the same time i like being around neatness.

#10. I want to lose my carbohydrate addiction. I would probably have more energy if i did.

There i did it.

Swiss said...

I should have posted mine they are a lot like Louie Louie's....btw I have a cousin we call Legs Louie!

Yes I did click off that stay signed on and now this time it said I don't have access again.

My number one do not lose was sense of humor....lets make sure Google, that happens!!!

Swiss said...

It only took two times- I will get on my list soon.

jojo cucina cucina said...

yayayay! It's a stupid thing thought and blogger or Google should fix it. because i hate having to sign in when i could STAY signed in. Somewhere that got changed. It didn't used to be that way.

I was thinking about this list today as i was driving and i was thinking

I wouldn't mind losing my mind if i didn't know i lost it.

JJ said...

The movie is called "10 items or less" because the female lead (Paz Vega) works in a grocery store and in that lane. So I think you can have less then 10 items - although in the movie she gets mad a Morgan Freeman because he has more than 10 and she says he's just like all the other people who try and cheat and go through her lane. OK

1. Me liking kids and them liking me back - mostly.
2. My Memory Foam mattress (jo what about your sheets?)
3. The feeling/memory of a great day on Mt. Rainier and how the light hits in early evening.
4. The feeling of getting my first paycheck (I'M free) and also my first vehicle (I'm free and I can drive - um - maybe escape?)
5. The taste of a great cup of coffee first thing in the morning.
6. Taking a bath
7. Being awake and seeing a sunrise almost anywhere - but bonus if it is over Mt. Rainier (my portable at school has an unobstructed view).
8. When you just hit it right and you hear a great concert: Michael Franti or John Butler Trio or Marc Cohn (2 of which I saw with Jo) or McCoy Tyner or even Lakes High School.
9. Better tasting food at Farmer's Markets in the summer.
10. Really really good conversations when you leave feeling connected.

Stuff I'd like to Lose:

1. Doubting myself
2. The moss on my roof
3. My coffee table in the living room
4. The feeling of anxiousness that I have to do more/better all the time
5. My huge lawn - mowing and watering and watching it turn brown anyway. And while we're at it weeding.
6. Uncertainty
7. Only having two seasons and having the grey wet one last too long some years.
8. Really bad traffic and really bad drivers.
9. Online dating
10. Staff meetings

jojo cucina cucina said...

i like you lists Julie! And you're right about my sheets! Your #1 and #6 on what you want to lose are sort of the same. i TOTALLY agree with your #7. As one who is interested in YOUR home and can't wait to see your kitchen remodel, i agree about your coffee table too! LOL.

jojo cucina cucina said...

I need to add another thing i would want to keep.

Barnes and Noble. It's bad enough we lost Borders. but if we lose Barnes and Noble, i will be most upset.

louielouie said...

I forgot about the movie, it was quirky but I liked it.

Based on that premise, fewer than 10 is fine, just don't try to sneak in 12 or 15 on your lists.

Maybe I could add this sort of compulsion to my "like to lose" list

maybe not, I love that kind of stuff

louielouie said...

I am sitting in Cannon Beach drinking a good cup of coffee with real cream, watching, smelling, and hearing the stormy ocean. Ron went out to get a paper, the kids are still in bed and I have time to contemplate how wonderful my life is.

We have had a great time this weekend, the four of us. It's too bad em's school schedule caused her to come later and leave early, She needs to be back in Seattle by early evening. Nick's trying to stay for every second he can so he and I will be here until evening. He's on a plane to Hawaii Monday morning; then off to Guam. I wish he weren't so far away, but it's been great to spend some solid time with him this trip.

He is great. Emma is great. I have the best family of anyone, ever, and am the luckiest mom there is.

jojo cucina cucina said...

very cool post, louie.

JJ said...

I know louie - cause when it comes right down to it that HAS to be the best keeper of all. And Nick actually posted at least one picture of Cannon Beach on facebook. They are lucky to have a place that is beautiful where you all connected as a family so many times. I bet they bring their own kids there.

equeyaya said...

1. sense of humor
2. being in love
3. pasta bowl from italy! also my grandmother's antique bowl....
4. all my photo albums
5. all the things the girls made for me over the years.
6. other grandmother's engagement ring
7. riding
8. appreciation of the beauty in the world - sunrises, sunsets, mountains, oceans, forest
9. physical fitness and health
10. wine

1. M's ED
2. bitterness over the past (getting there!)
3. pettiness and triviality
4. toxic people
5. also addiction to carbs
6. attachment and aversion (buddhist thing)
7. house chores and yard work
8. my stupid gas guzzling durango
9. debt
10. anxiety

jojo cucina cucina said...

Thank GOD i'm not the only one with the pasta bowl on the list. Thank you, eque!

you might need to explain your #1 losting. ED means erectile dysfunction.

jojo cucina cucina said...

POSTING... NOT Losting.

jojo cucina cucina said...

Speaking of Morgan Freeman. Brian and i just finished watched The Shawshank Redemption. I think this is about the 14th time that we have watched this movie. And it still gets to me every time. I don't think there is an actor working now with a more wonderful face and voice than Morgan Freeman. I wish i had HOURS of tapes of him just reading books. I think i would sleep better every night of the week if i could play them after i go to bed.

jojo cucina cucina said...

I got home this evening and the school district where i applied for that job left me two messages. One from the HR dept and one from the school where the job is. They want to do the keyboarding clerical skills test at HR and the school called for an interview!

My union votes on Sunday and i was hoping the district wouldn't call until next week so i could pull the application myself instead of coming off like i'm flakey and said i changed my mind, i'm not retiring.

Because if my union votes yes for the new contract it could mean so much more for my pension each month because i can plan better. If they vote it down, i don't want to hang on any longer and would want to get that job.

Assuming i would even get it if they interviewed me. WOOWOO.... choices choices choices..... I'll call them back tomorrow (it was too late when i got the message.) and hopefully they won't want to set anything up until Monday.

equeyaya said...

Did you get it set up for Monday? I would see it out if I were you until you know for sure where your current job is going.

I was deliberately vague with the ED, but it does NOT refer to erectile dysfunction, lol. Almost wish it did. :\

Currently listening to Ryan Adams New York New York. :)

susieatl said...

Things to keep:

1.Saturday mornings. No matter the weather, no matter if I have to get up early. I just love Saturday mornings.
2. My bed. I have it made up just the way I like it. I have a foam mattress topper and nice crisp but soft white sheets.
3. My Lucy beagle. She is the sweetest dog.
4. My Nook. I can now take all my books with me. And I agree about B & N. I would be lost without that store.
5. My Saturn. 9 years old and still on the original battery. Paid for too.
6. My compassion. I see it ebbing away. When I was younger and more naive..I gave everyone the benefit of the doubt. I miss that sometimes.
7. My hammock. See #4..they go together.
8. Coffee
9. My clothes. I love my sweaters and jackets and all my stuff in my closet.
10. My job. It's been the most stable relationship I've had in my life. In four years I'll have been at it longer than I was married. It's never cheated on me, lied to me and it's always there when I need it. Retiring will be hard.

To lose:

1. My weight. I've let it get out of hand because I had a lot of stress for several years ..most of that is gone but the bad habits remain.
2. My kitchen. It has great light and is the perfect size but the cabinets and appliances are cheap and ugly. And Lucy ate a hole in the floor when she was a puppy.
3. My Saturn. I really want a convertible But see above.
4. The mess in my garage.
5. The need to control EVERYTHING. I'm doing better but it is still there.
6. The chair at work. It hurts my back.
7. My fear of water. Dad threw me in a lake when I was little to teach me to swim..I would have drowned if my BIL hadn't jumped in to get me.
8. My anger at my dad
9. My anger at my mom
10. Something I wish I hadn't lost was my wonderful memory. I'm better than most of the women at work but I've noticed since I hit my late 40's I ain't what I used to be.

louielouie said...

I figured out what I don't like about Gin and Tonics.

It's the Tonic

At first I though it was the lime, but now I know it's not.

My brother John makes tasty G&Ts; they are one part Gin to one part Tonic.

I tried that today but it tasted funny so I doubled up the gin. My drink was two Gin to one Tonic.


No tonic at all is better yet.

I think they should be G&ts, or maybe just Gs.

The lime is a waste.