Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Coming Soon. A new post. Edited to add: Instructions that do work on how to post here.

Too much happening and no time. I'll get to it soon. in the meantime if someone wants to start a topic, go ahead and i'll add it to the subject line at the top later.

See second comment below for instructions.

Charr, and anyone else having trouble, I just tested these instructions and they do really work. The secret is being sure that you sign in to your google account BEFORE posting. then you must UNCHECK the box that says STAY SIGNED IN. I just did a test by trying to see if i could sign in and click ON that box, but it doesn't let me post. So if you follow those instructions it does work. I think only pc users have this issue. I don't know why blogger doesn't fix this. It used to not be a problem until the last few months.


jojo cucina cucina said...

I am neglecting this blog and even if only two people read and post on it i don't want to do that. But it got very busy lately. And today was the day i thought i might sit down and do something but i cooked Swedish meatballs instead and now i'm going to watch a DVD on Neil Young. this weekend is busy: Lupus Walk on Saturday and my Dad's Birthday watching the Seahawks at Rollie's Tavern on Sunday.

Update if anyone is interested: i am retired now. But i am working as a 'retired/rehired' kind of status unless something goes sideways with the vote on the other side this weekend. This means i get to collect a pension and work for a salary in my same job for at least two more years. It's an amazing opportunity for me and not one i was expecting. I am only one of a few people who are senior enough to be beneficiary of this option.

I sent thank you cards to the folks in Franklin Pierce for the opportunity to interview in case in two years i want to go back and apply. I really think i would like it there.

I was hoping somebody could give me an idea of what they want to talk about. So if you have one, put it up please!

jojo cucina cucina said...

How to post on this blog: If you can read this, here is how you do it.

1. FIRST sign in with your Google Account BEFORE you start posting a comment.

2. Do NOT click on the box that says Stay Signed In.

3. Start typing your comment. Underneath the comment box you should be able to see your google username. if you don't, your post will likely disappear after you type and hit Post Comment.

4. Post comment.

If you are reading this, it means it works. For some reason Mac users don't have this problem i don't believe. Earlier i made a post that disappeared because i am on my netbook. this doesn't happen when i'm on the iMac.

jojo cucina cucina said...

Charr! There you go. Try it and see if it works!

BY the way everyone, i just got word that our Board of Directors voted to ratify on the contract that my union ratified last Sunday. I am retired but for two years get to be retired and work fulltime emeritus status for two years! Celebrating my career!

Swiss said...

Ok I am going to try! Thanks for going the extra mile to help. Charr

sam said...

Retired AND working in your old job! That's got to be about as perfect as it gets.

jojo cucina cucina said...

Yay! it worked for you!

Yeah, it's pretty cool, Sam! It's changed the direction of my retirement future in a very good way. I'm glad for the difficult bargain for getting me to a different plan.

I guess i lied about a new topic. It's been a busy weekend and i actually did want to keep up the directions so folks can see it if they check in. But maybe what I'll do is cut and paste them and make them the first comment behind every new post in case others are having trouble and want to post.

susieatl said...

Yea! You are youngest retired person I know. I'm thrilled for you..the best of both worlds.

I came here to see what you think about the Occupy Wall Street demonstrations. Not sure if it is going to do anything but it's cool to see people rise out of their apathy. I hope it continues to grow.

jojo cucina cucina said...

susie, i saw that video of the police officer and the pepper spray and just read about them in today's paper. I didn't know it had been going on for more than a week and I don't know much about it from one article except i thought this when i read it: good, it's time we shed some light and put into perspective that it wasn't teachers and unions who got us into this economic mess. Where was the outrage with banks and Wall Street? I hope they remain peaceful.

Big news today about Amanda Knox's acquittal! What do y'all feel about that? I want to read a book and decide. I figure she must be innocent, but i still want to hear more. I wonder what happens to her boyfriend now?

jojo cucina cucina said...

OK, so i heard the boyfriend is acquitted too? Were there two trials ?

jojo cucina cucina said...

I lied about putting up a new post. I worked two back to back 12 hour days Monday and Tuesday and tonight came home to cook French onion soup and BLTAs for my baybee.

I'm thinking about doing a blog about What We Lie About. So if you are by some chance reading this, come back and post about it when i put it up (hopefully this weekend).

jojo cucina cucina said...

I can't leave without saying this: the real breaking news this week was NOT Amanda Knox getting out of prison. The real breaking news was that Steve Jobs died today. He was only 56 years old, wow. So rich and so intelligent, changing the whole world's technology and he died... and was only two years older than I am.