Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Enough of the positive shit. Edited to add hair fix photos and ready to put the hair drama to rest!

Feb. 20, 2012 - The top two photos are un-retouched taken in my bathroom with the skylight where the previous one was taken. Also added is the EXACT same photo i brought in with Drew Barrymore's reddish hair. So how Celeste can argue that she gave me exactly what i was asking for makes no sense. Also she claimed never to have seen the Drew Barrymore photo, though it was the largest of all and the girl at the desk said that she had seen that very same one. 

In addition to Drew's photo I also had a couple of photos from the actress who played the oldest daughter of George Clooney in The Descendants. The photos taken today don't look a whole lot different from the others, but they really are lighter. (and you have to remember the earlier ones I had already tried washing out the color), You almost had to see the other hair in person to understand how flat and lifeless it was. 

It is still too long and that is my next appointment. To cut off a few inches. But not short. I don't think i can handle much more change! 

I'll change this blog very soon but i didn't want to put a new hair one. Thanks y'all for weighing in! 

Ok, i tried to do the rainbows and the Good Stuff and the very magical snowy village photos from our historical Ice Storm of 2012....but i realize that when i turn things positive nobody posts.

Let's be honest. When we all say we hate negative political ads, we are lying. Because the truth is we listen to them And we vote by them too. Well probably nobody who posts here falls for that shit, because we are too smart. But there are far too many Americans do vote for candidates based on negative ads.

It's just way more fun to listen and respond and relate to stuff that pisses you off. So here we go, forget the Menu of The Day. What's your gripe? Here are mine:

1. When i FINALLY have some money in my iTunes account ($15.19) i seem to never be unable to find music i want to buy. And for gawd's sake, because i buy one stupid Graham Nash song, every single time that David Crosby/Graham Nash collaboration "Wind on the Water" keeps showing up over and over in my Recs. I do NOT want that music but yet it shows up every time i log on.

2. (The song i bought was "Be Yourself" which came out in 1971.)

3. When i have only .02 cents in my account is when i want to buy lots of music! And so i find myself in my sweatpants and slippers, no make-up and my hair in a twisted mess in the Albertson's store at 10:30 at night buying a $25 gift card cause i was hanging out on iTunes on a night home alone and ran out of money and just had to buy some more. ITune Crack Whore. That's what i am.

4. The good news is when i actually did do that one time i did not run into anyone i knew.

5. This is going to sound like a mean one: When the city i live in a couple of years ago lost four police officers in a Forza coffee shop because they were shot down by a crazed gunman, it made even Anderson Cooper news. Because of that, the donations for the family started pouring in big time. Really big time. Millions of dollars.

I never donated and never wanted to donate (and i may have even mentioned this in the blog somewhere at the time why). For one thing the pension would cover their families better than many pensions because they were on the job when they died. That makes the pension even more in the union. Also the kids were immediately offered free college tuition at more than one place. But i kept thinking about the soldiers in our area being killed who didn't get this outpouring of money for the officers. So i didn't donate.

And today the Breaking News was that one of their very own officers has embezzled at least $120,000 of that donated money. (Gambling is listed as one of the reasons, not hard to believe.) Because so much of the donations were in cash they can't even be sure about how much cash was stolen. I will never donate money as an emotional response to causes like this unless it is something like Red Cross and i would caution others to do so. Those obituaries written with requests of donations to the immediate family in 'lieu of flowers' should also be avoided, at least be wary of them. I have personal experience with the turmoil and fights that causes families when that happens. (Who gets to be in charge? How to spend the money? etc. etc.) Grief brings out opportunities. Not always good ones. Sometimes it's better to give flowers and the family will actually be better off.

6. Ok, so now we have Santorum Rising. Seriously?  (This is actually the most fun i've ever had watching the Republican bid for the White House!) If Obama can't beat any of these clowns, we really have a problem and i might want to lobby Gingrich to get that Moon Colony ready.

7. I keep posting on Facebook even as i want to deactivate my account. Now i have so much stupid stuff on my newsfeed that i feel like i must restart it all over. These people who post about their kids as if they were a life source in the way that not talking about them deprives them of oxygen is totally pissing me off. One 'friend' posts about her son and it's oogy to me. Almost like he is her quasi-husband since she doesn't have one. I'm telling you, some of those FB mothers need to get a life outside their kids.

8. The reason i will never buy Facebook stock is because those very MOMs are going to bring Facebook down. There i said it. I will most likely be wrong about Facebook just as i was about Rick Perry being the nominee (THANK GOD i was wrong on that one!) but if the moms are taking it over with their kids' sniffles, and awards, and , it's dead.

9. Speaking of moms. How about those One Million Moms who are upset with Ellen because she is a JC Penny's spokesman? Thank goodness Penny's is sticking by here. At least as of this writing.

9. Having said that, i do like some of the political updates on Facebook and i do like the music links mostly, and some of the quotes (as long as i they aren't the affirmation-y, build youself up pep talk kind of quote), and the photos and the breaking news. I heard about the Josh Powell story blowing up his house with his two kids by checking Facebook on my Kindlefire. I had followed that story so it was shocking to see it appear on my news feed.

10. I know i have more, but this is already too long and i know too long for Smartphone readers. I've been trying to make it shorter, but it's hard for me! What is pissing you off these days? What are your gripes?

Notes to self: 
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amulbunny's random thoughts said...

If I thought I could make a list of what is pissing me off, I'd fill up several pages. But just for the heck of it:

1. Bloggers who lie and won't admit it. They make things up and then lie to have their minions stand up for them, when they are called on it. It's like watching a train wreck and you can't look away.

2. The Republican Party. It seems like they want to dehumanize women by cutting out necessary health care needs and build up their bank balances on our backs. None of the potential nominees are worth anything IMHO.

3. Santorum. The frothy mess. Using the media whore Duggar family to bring out their fans to support him all the while thinking Don't they know he's a Catholic? Worships the Whore of Babylon and the like? Duggars are adherents of a faux religious leader named Bill Gothard who dictates behavior, dress, marital standards, while being in his 70's with badly dyed hair and single. (lived with his mommy)

4. The LAUSD. Taking the entire teaching and support staff out of the elementary school where 2 teachers were arrested on suspicion of child abuse. Tearing all the kids away from what ever sense of stability they had and putting all new staff in? Seems like they are painting the entire school with the paint brush of guilt. The largest teachers union is upset as well they should be. The displaced teachers and staff and now going to be sitting at an unopened high school with full pay and benefits while the district decides what it wants to do.

5. in solidarity with Ellen, I'm going to drive down to Penneys today and see what they have on sale! To hell with the Million Moms. They don't represent a million people, they represent a very small faction of right wing nut jobs.

6. I'm really pissed that our landlords still have not cleaned up our side yard. We've been here 8 months, paid our rent every month on time, fixed things (except plumbing, don't do plumbing) that need fixing, repaired gates and doors on our house, and they have not cleaned the side yard. He'll come over about once every couple of weeks and make a half hearted effort to take some stuff out. Promised someone would have it done and its still not done. If we moved, they would have to clean it up because most people don't want to pay $1900 a month and not be able to use the entire property they are paying for.

7. Husband that whine when their tooth hurt. He had just been to the dentist and they poked around. He comes home the next day groaning and moaning. Call the dentist I said. Get a Rx for some antibiotics and something for the pain. Do I have to think of everything for everyone?

/ rant over.

Why don't you attach your credit card to your iTunes account? That way you wouldn't have to go out and buy cards. I just bought Mahler's 9th Symphony, 9.99$.

I love my Kindle. I get to buy one good book a week. Makes me happy.

I'm going to go back to school in April. After I get my student loan I am most likely getting an iMac. I need a bigger screen than my laptop and I don't want to fuss with crap like attaching monitors and keyboards. Husband thinks I'm nuts. Oh well. (For the computer not for going back to school).

Warm today. 76 and clear. I want winter dammit.

da bunny

jojo cucina cucina said...

hey amulbunny! I just posted on YOUR blog. Good for you to go to Penney's! I didn't think of that.

If i did my credit card on iTunes i would be in BIG trouble. This way at least when i run out i have to actually consider driving in my pjs to get a new card. It would be too easy if i registered. It's bad enough that my Kindle buys a new Amazon book with one touch! yikes!

I'm glad to hear that the Westboro wacks won't be at the funeral in our area for the Powell boys. This is the story of the father who blew himself and his two little boys last Sunday. He was a suspect (though not charged) with his wife's disappearance. There will be a book about this family and when it comes out i'll read it. There are so many twists. And to top it off those asshats from Westboro Church were going to crash the funeral because they are pissed off that same sex marriage was passed in our state this week by the Senate and the House.

It makes no sense at all because the Powell deaths have nothing to do with the issue anyway. They just want attention. What i loved was tho Occupy group had planned to attend to keep peace. I wonder if that would have really happened had they showed.

I posted this on Facebook. Today was my last day of being a blonde. I have an appointment that my stylist and i planned ahead of time to turn me back into a brunette. I can't wait!

Amulbunny how long have you had your Kindle? I was trying to figure out with my sister in law if there was a way to 'loan' each other books on it. Do you know?

susieatl said...

I know on my look there is a lend me feature for some books. You can lend a book to someone else with a Barnes and Noble account for two weeks. I might try that with Amanda.

I hope I'm not one of those moms. I only post stuff when she does something cool like graduate. If she gets into Vet will be blinking lights and shouting from the rooftops but I'll be low key till then.

Josh Powell looks so much like my ex. They have/had the same build. Both were IT and both a little weird. Ok Josh was mega weird but I truly believe Satan would have had me offed if he didn't have Judy in his life. He was that angry that I just would not leave and give him full custoday of Amanda. So watching Dateline last night was not only heartbreaking but a little unnerving.

People getting drunk at work functions and acting out. We have never had an issue with that till last week. We have a bunch of new people that are younger and they all went out and several people apparently are married to abusive drunks. The stories came back to haunt them on Monday. Now everyone is on edge and one of my employees had to visit their shrink they had such bad anxiety. A manager who has been with the company for ages was just nasty to me and others this week and I believe Saturday night was the reason (her boyfriend turned out to be a rascist).

Well, I bought a comforter from Penney's last week before all the flap came out. I like Penney's and Ellen is a great spokesperson.

Santorium is a joke but my office has many who vote on religious issues or just on abortion. So it doesn't suprise me that he is doing well. He does representative the far right religious contingent.

I'm going to look into working on the Obama campaign. We can not become complacent.

jojo cucina cucina said...

Just when i was getting all excited about taking risks. This week i started investing money in stocks and bonds, then i signed up for the half marathon in May so i am committed and finally yesterday i dyed my hair. I thought it was going to be an auburn-y color. Instead i got a color that looks so bad on my it looks like i'm wearing a wig. I have never had hair this dark before. I think my roots will be worse than ever. I am changing it lighter with my next appointment in 6 weeks. I washed it immediately to try and get some of it out. The water did turn color too, so i hope with continued washing it gets lighter.

Rarely when i go out of my comfort zone does it end up being a good thing.

susieatl! good to see you. I wish that Josh Powell would have lived so he could go to maximum security prison and get beat up and raped by all the big guys there who don't tolerate child killers.

That's terrible about the folks getting drunk at functions!
and P.S. You are SO not one of those moms.

jojo cucina cucina said...

Y'all most likely won't think this looks bad because in truth the hair color itself is a really pretty color. But with my face it doesn't work. You can't see that because of the camera. I think it makes me look more drawn and old. And my eyebrows which have always been much darker than my hair are now too light (and ashy looking) for this hair.

jojo cucina cucina said...

Ok, i added the full face. This really makes it look better than it is. It's really a pretty harsh contrast to my skin tone. And i also added my old 1975 senior year ASB card that i brought in to my stylist because she didn't believe i ever had dark hair before. (This is redundant for you Facebookers!)

jojo cucina cucina said...

And thank you, louielouie for telling me truth. Every girl needs a friend who will tell her if her butt looks big in their jeans. It's only hair, so i can probably live with it for 6 weeks. But i'm definitely not staying this way. I like having this all here for the record in case i get bright ideas about drastic changes in my future! :)

louielouie said...

Been thinking about the hair.

Give it a week. It may turn out OK in the end if you give it time. If not, make her redo it. I don’t think you should give up on brown, just not as dark. I always think my hair is too dark the first few days after I get it colored. Sometimes I still think it’s too dark. Maybe it is. My roots get terrible. I can’t go blonde though, never was blonde.

I’m not sure what we’re supposed to do with our hair past 50. Or our skin for that matter, it gets weird and doesn’t look right with the new hair (grey) or old (brown) color. I don’t have the same hair and skin issues as Jo, but different problems. I’m tired of little blue veins that show everywhere, from my legs to my eyelids. At least I found some new foundation, although it may be too dark too ☺

jojo cucina cucina said...

Not to mention eyebrows!!!!

louie, I'm not giving up on giving up the blonde. I don't want to be blonde anymore. I decided i can't wait for 6 weeks - cause i can't stand looking in the mirror even to brush my teeth and putting it in a French braid doesn't help, my bangs look like someone to a black Sharpie to my forehead, they are so dark and flat colored. It's the flatness of it that i hate.

I paid $130 and it looks like it was a shampoo in color. The problem is trying to get in to her. It was hard enough to get an appointment in 6 weeks. I might have to go somewhere else but that's scary too and will cost me another $100 or so dollars. Maybe if i tell her i need someone else to do it she'll get me in, but then i think it will always be awkward going to her after that. I might have to take off work to get this fixed.

Damn, that's what i get for taking a risk. At least it's only hair.

jojo cucina cucina said...

I actually have an appointment for Thursday to get this fixed. I have to take leave to do it, but i don't care. After washing it i think it's gotten worse, sort of a mahogany, burgundy-ish color. If my hair color was a hardwood floor color it would be awesome. Like cherry wood.

I got home late tonight. our Public Speaking class that we are putting on is SO FUN. I love these people taking the class. I helped put the curriculum together and found the video links to use. (For example of what not to do we used Don Knotts giving his speech where he was super nervous -i think it's the movie The Ghost and Mr. Chicken. Our council president is doing a great job leading us. And people already have gotten better. We only have 10 people taking it and it's actually the right number. Everyone feels safe i think.

It's Valentine's Day - we don't celebrate Valentine's Day but i did bring home some leftover red velvet cake from the class and i got Brian one of those dark chocolate/sea salt candy bars he likes so much. I like that we don't make a big deal about the day. Right now he is watching a really gross bloody/slasher type young teen kind of movie that he had on when i got home. HAHA, that's romance.

Thanks for indulging me in my hair woes. Funny on Facebook it got dozens of comments. Maybe everyone got tired of posting about politics (most of my work Facebook friends are all about that).

How did the rest of y'all spend Valentine's Day?

jojo cucina cucina said...

By the way, equeyaya is in PARIS... Not Paris, Texas. Paris, France! She casually wrote on her Facebook page: "Hanging out at the Louvre", LOL......

jojo cucina cucina said...

OK, not only is equeyaya in PARIS FRANCE... She is NOW engaged! I'm so very happy for her. She really deserves this. And he sounds and looks like a great guy, not to mention i really like his face in her photos that i've seen.

In other news. Hair drama is over. Color remover took care of it and it is the color i wanted in the first place. Not blonde, but brown with auburn reddish lights.

Anyway, back to equeyaya..... this came from Facebook and i think she might be on her way home because it was a short (but obviously memorable) trip. Not sure of any other details, but i'm sure she will weigh in later.

louielouie said...

must see new hair photos!!

did she fix it for free?

did see agree it needed to be fixed?

inquiring minds want to know. And see

jojo cucina cucina said...

louie, since i'm in Ellensburg i can't put up a photo just yet. Maybe Brian can later. I like it better.

We argued about it. And i almost walked out.

She told me she put in light brown. I said this is NOT light brown.

I told her it didn't look anything like the photos i brought in. She said 'those are not the same photos!' which PROVED that she was distracted and never really looked at them. I was so pissed that she would insinuate that. I told her it was not the right color for me. She told me that she liked it. I said it didn't matter what she liked. I didn't and nobody else did. Our voices are getting loud now and i can tell the rest of the place is listening. I said i knew you worked hard on this that is why i left a big tip ($30) even as i didn't like it. I said i didn't want an argument. She said we've been wasting time talking about how much i hate it when we should be figuring out how to fix it.

I asked can you fix it? She said she couldn't promise that she could. I grabbed my purse and said, well i guess i'll have to find someone who can. She changed her tune and then we both started talking about the options.

all she did was put in a color remover which lightened it and made me more red, which is what i wanted. It was a relief that that was all it took.

Another girl ended up blow drying me. She told me she liked it better and that the other color was too harsh. As i was checking out (leaving ANOTHER tip, one for the other girl), the girl at the des whispered to me that she had seen my photos the week before and knew they were the same ones. I told the girl that is what pissed me off the most. the girl said i knew that was not the color you wanted and this new color is way better for you.

I have another appointment set up in 5 weeks. Celeste (who is my girl) said she might end up putting foils in for contrast. I don't have another place to go nor an idea about any other hairdresser. Otherwise i would not go back. I might go back and see how she is this time. If she is a bitch. I'm done. She never has been like this before. And i've been to her for 10 years.

One thing i have always hated that salons do is when they fuck up your hair they tell you how good it looks. And when Celeste had said she thought it looked good on me. I said that is what salon people always tell me when i've walked out of there with khaki green or pee yellow hair. They say it looks so good. So now i only believe myself and my friends.

Before she started the fix we were probably going back and forth at it for about 10 minutes.

Tabatha would have been appalled at her. Funny, that i was thinking of that the whole time we were arguing.

jojo cucina cucina said...

And yes, she did fix it for free. There was no way i was paying. But i did leave $25. The whole color process last week took four hours. The fix took less than two hours. The only problem is since my new hair color is actually a remover of the old, i'm wondering if it can be matched. I guess we'll see.

I expect when i see her next she will be conciliatory. I've been a good client for 10 years , so she better be. I have never missed or cancelled last minute an appointment, i am never late, and i tip well, I even tipped the shampoo interns too when she has passed me off to them at times.

We'll see how it goes.

jojo cucina cucina said...

By the way, louie. I am going to my cooking class here at the Canyon River Inn in a few hours. We are doing hors' doeuvres! And i think they serve wine with it too. It cost $80 and it's from 5-8 pm. I hope the people are fun cause i'm taking it by myself. The chef is cute!

jojo cucina cucina said...

The cooking class was SO MUCH FUN! I loved every hors d'oeuvres recipe that we made. goat cheese tarts, hummus with baked pita chips, bruchetta, cheest twists, crab cakes - (I am throwing away my old crab cake recipe) and for desert (which i normally don't go for) these graham cracker toffee bars. The people taking it were so fun too. And the wine they poured was the good stuff. We had three different ones. And they poured generously - especially when they knew we weren't driving.

I can't wait to do another. The place here is nice, but lacking in some things...for example the kitchen is ill equipped for doing much more than heating up spaghetti sauce already cooked.

The beds are nice though and so are the linens. the gas fireplace is a wimpy flame. And we had to move one of the twin beds out to the living room so we both had a comfortable place to sit but all in all the fishing would be so fabulous here because it's my favorite part of the Yakima River.

I went for a run on the highway and didn't like that too much since it is out and back and rather hilly, but the traffic isn't bad at all so it's not scary.

I'll change this blog soon and will add my new hair photo along with the photo i brought with me so y'all know i'm not a pain in the ass and can see that Celeste didn't do what i had asked for. I do like this new color and it seems easier to dry and straighten than it used to.

We go home tomorrow. It's been a nice getaway. louie, i think you're at Cannon Beach right?