Thursday, February 2, 2012

Good stuff going on.

#1.....Same Sex marriage passed the Senate in our state of Washington 28:21. (And the House already has the votes they know.) Tonight i wrote all four of the Republicans who crossed party lines to vote yes. I sent them an email through the site. I think we actually had three Democrats who voted no. fuckers.)

#2...My running game is coming along and without any aches and pains (so far)! I've been paying attention to running down the middle of the roads (when possible) to avoid the slants and that seems to be working. Come May i hope to be able to say at age 55 I completed a 13.1 mile run.

#3 Wine.....A pretty nice red blend in my glass.

#4 Two sunny days in a row. It's very rare in our state to have two sunny days in a row where you actually need sunglasses. The bad thing is i don't have sunglasses. This year my prescription ones don't work because my eyes changed (seemingly overnight almost!). But i don't care. It's SUNNY!

#5 My employer sent me a bonus check for $1000 for retiring. I was NOT expecting this at all. It arrived in the mail last night.  I am still trying to figure out how i want to splurge. Cause i think i need to NOT save this money.

#6 Planned Parenthood... Let's talk about this. The bad news first about Susan B. Komen cutting them off,  but the good news is that Planned Parenthood raised lots of donations since this happened. I send money regularly to them. (Because without PP, i might have a 37 year old daughter, named Harmony, running around causing trouble, probably in rehab, or on the Hoarder's reality show (because she might take after my mom!) or would be in jail for whatever since i would not known how to raise a child. (PP set me up with  the morning after pill the day after the very first time i had sex.)

 So i sent them another check yesterday, and in the memo part i wrote: "In lieu of Susan B. Komen" ...which i also support....but not anymore until they retract.

Notes to Self: 
All time history page views: 24,580
Page views today: 11
Page views last month: 1261
Sunset tonight: 5:14 pm... (this is the coolest! I love measure how much lighter it's getting. I think last time i put this up it was 4:47.

OK, so what's YOU'RE good stuff this week?


amulbunny's random thoughts said...

1. I have the mother/father/brother of all head colds.
2. I've decided to take an extended learning program and become a paralegal. I love research and there must be some gov't entity that would hire a 60ish *by the time I'm done* woman to dig around files and such. If not, I'll have some good learning done.
3. I just put Lion on as my OS, and I'm not used to the autocorrect yet.
4. If WA can get same sex marriages, why can't we? Oh yeah, the Mormons don't want us to have it. How come they didn't spend money in WA to defeat it?
5. My SIL died yesterday. She was my eldest brother's wife, in her early 80's. Quite the lady. Has one estranged son and had never met her grandkids whom she put in her will. (My dad had a son that was year older than my mom....go figure). I've lost 2 of my writing pals in the last 3 months.
6. Glad this week is almost over.

jojo cucina cucina said...

Good for you amulbunny on the paralegal learning. I like the idea of doing something totally different career wise in a second job, but i just don't know what that would involve. My only other hobbies are wine, books and running and those aren't very lucrative.

I am not watching the Super Bowl but i did put on Madonna's halftime show. She used to be such a good dancer but she looked like she moved like her clothes were confining her. Then i read online she was dealing with a hamstring injury and some other issues that she gets physical therapy for.

Speaking of, i overdid my run yesterday and am paying for it today. I might not be able to run tomorrow. I went an hour and 16 minutes and my thigh muscles feel all twisted in my right leg. My breathing capacity is so good that i forget that the jarring of 54 yer old muscles and bones joints might not be able to keep up.

jojo cucina cucina said...