Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Just Your Regular Weekday Menu

I had to change that Oscar Post. I would go mad if i only watched the Oscars. They are so boring. But live blogging always helps me get through it. I think next year I'll focus on the Golden Globes. It's always more fun with alcohol. And the Academy Awards take themselves wayyyyy to seriously.

Menu of the Day:

In my glass: 1/2 of a pint of IPA. Brian already drank the other half with his dinner. It's called Bitch something. Not bad, though I'm not an IPA drinker. But i didn't get home from work until after 7 pm and a beer sounds good.

Beer vs wine: For me one beer is always good for me. But i rarely ever want to turn down a second glass (or third) of wine. Which is why i try to keep the wine for the weekend.  I actually sleep pretty good with a beer. But i never sleep good with wine.

The Best Thing that Happened this Week: I'm actually having to think about this one. It's not been a bad week, i just can't think of anything super cool right now. I'll come back to this.

What I'm procrastinating about: Probably what most of us are....TAXES. I need to try and get these done this weekend.

Funny thing about my husband: He is on this health kick lately. I sort of hate it when he gets into these phases. We have lots of food in the house now. But it's WEIRD food. And nothing good to eat. I don't care for figs and prunes and all these root vegetables. some i don't even recognize. And today he was putting his soaked overnight beans into a slow cooker and throwing all kinds of shit from the refrigerator into it for his soup, for which i don't think he had a recipe.

And as i watched he started throwing in the spring salad mix. "Uh....Brian, that's LETTUCE you are adding to your soup, not spinach!"  I told him. "Well, it's all greens", he replied. (I did not eat that soup.)

The weirdest thing about the Oscars this year: How Angelina posed with her high slit dress, going to great lengths to show off her leg. I meant to make mention of it in my live blogging and didn't get around to it. Was she just messing with us?

Besides: her leg is too skinny anyway.

The Cutest thing about the Oscars: I liked the presentation by Emma Stone.

OH, i just remember the Best Thing This Week: Last night when i got off work i was able to run and finish a 50 minute run before it got too dark. That's the first time I've been able to do that. I don't have to run the condo circle for a dozen times, i can do my route and even go longer. Winter is waning away!

What's irritating me: This is for the locals who blog here. If you read The News Tribune there is the most obnoxious advertisement for crawl spaces in every gawddamn paper every damn day. It's got a big ugly rat in the photo that is designed to scare the beejeezus out of anyone who has to wonder what is living underneath their floors or in their attics now. Personally, having been in our crawl spaces (my husband, not me actually) many times in the past year we have no worries, nor have we ever. And i suspect most other folks don't either. But if you don't check them out, these ads could make you anxious. Amanda and louielouie will know what i'm talking about.

Notes to Self:
Longest run this week: 56 minutes.
Sunset: 5:54 pm
All time blog views: 25,673
Popular blog post this week: "Velvet Sledgehammer - My New Favorite Wine and My New Favorite Commercial" from Oct. 15, 2011 got 167 page views this week. People must be looking for this wine through Google. (The commercial was that little girl driving the car and her Dad warning her. Only she's not really a little girl.)

So what's on your menu this week, y'all?


louielouie said...

. . . weirdest thing about the Oscars this year: How Angelina posed with her high slit dress, going to great lengths to show off her leg. I meant to make mention of it in my live blogging and didn't get around to it. Was she just messing with us?

Besides: her leg is too skinny anyway. . .

that's what I was trying to say about her knee.

The best thing was when Jim Rash came up with the two other dudes and stuck his knee/leg out just like Angelina did. It was hilarious I tried to link the U Tube but it's all copy-right blocked. He is saying it was a tribute, but he was so mocking her.

jojo cucina cucina said...

I remember your comment about the knees but i didn't know whose knees you were talking about. They could have been about Penelope Cruz's.

jojo cucina cucina said...

Who's Jim Rash?

amulbunny's random thoughts said...

People are photo bombing with Angelina's leg. Popping up in odd places all over the 'net. I thought her arms looked emaciated. What's with these women? Looking like a skeleton is now the rage?

I'm in a mood. Just found out a kid who was in my daughter's posse from middle school through high school is now the person of interest in a double murder about a mile from here. I guess you just never know do you how people are going to turn out? He's wanted for questioning in the murder of a mom and her daughter (according to FB, she was his girlfriend). I'm just shaking my head.

jojo cucina cucina said...

Her leg seemed weird to me, but after i saw photos later it REALLY seemed weird. I did Google Jim Rash after louie's post. I guess he is one of the Descendants producers or something like that. Then he tried to say he wasn't making fun? Why? Of course he was. That's what i mean about the Academy Awards being too hoity toity. Don't lie about it. It was funny!

Anonymous said...

Post by equeyaya:

I can do one beer. Preferably a microbrew or dark beer. But anytime I drink beer, it goes RIGHT through me, and it seems like a lot more going out than coming in.

We had two bottles of wine last night between the two of us (bad day). One was italian and one was french. Both decent but I don't remember the names. The french was Barbe something. :)

Taxes are in the accountant's hands. Got everything organized for her last week, so that's a relief. Will get something back thanks to buying a house and an investment loss. Almost had enough medical expenses to claim the deduction, which is pretty depressing.

I need to eat healthier and exercise more. Maybe Brian can come over and cook for me. :)

I didn't watch the oscars. The only movies I saw were The Help and War Horse. I started watching the Brad Pitt one on the plane but I fell asleep.

We went to the Star Wars 3D movie last weekend.

I'm glad about the longer days, too. In another week we can turn the clocks ahead!

Amanda said...

I was wondering what your husband had in the office microwave the other day. Liquid lettuce! He's the best.

jojo cucina cucina said...

Oh, equeyaya/Anonymous. LOVE seeing you around. Is it really ONLY one more week. That makes me super excited. Now i can really get my runs in.

Amanda, isn't he a hoot? Truthfully, i think you and Linda inspired him to eat this weird stuff! LOL.... I'm happy to see you here too. I keep checking your blog but it's been awhile.

He's cooking again tonight and he bought some kale. I think Linda told him how to cook it. I thought it was cute when he pronounced it like "calley"....

P.S. Amy - shout out to you! ;)

Are amulbunny and I the only bloggers left?

louielouie said...

In my cup super fantastic coffee my sister made in an new plunger contraption sort of like a French press only with no mess.

About to have some of her special steel cut oatmeal with dried cherries and almonds.

Listening to Jason Mraz and the PACIFIC OCEAN.

Enjoyed a great red last night (after some great martinis) that sister in-law #2 brought, Tormaresca 2009. Not much sleep last night but no headache this morning.

It is rainy and blowy; had two not wet beach walks and one in the driving rain – perfect!!

We are having a great time. Walking, watching movies, playing Password, cooking, eating, drinking and doing not much. Three nights is the right amount of time; leaves you wanting more! These are good women and it would be fun to do again. Would not replace my Jo/Julie needs.

Truly has been a relaxing get away. I'll worry about getting my tax stuff together later.

Looking forward to Cataract surgery on the 21st.

Signing off now, time for the crossword.

jojo cucina cucina said...

Who looks forward to cataract surgery????? And aren't you too young for that anyway?

You trip sounds so great. Is the Tormaresca wine Italy? Is it a blend? I want to know more about the French press that doesn't have the mess. I would love to make french press coffee - especially on the weekends, but i hate the mess with the grounds. Please find out where she got it and the brand name!

furline said...

I just updated mah blog, JoJo...iffen ya have time to read...since yer dying yer hairs and running and everything.