Saturday, January 28, 2012

I had an idea, but i forgot it.

Menu of the Day:

The best thing: I ran 66 minutes today, the longest i have run since 13-14 years ,with no walking. I want to run a half marathon in May, the same one that i ran when i turned 40 years old. This time I will be in a new age group, the 55 and over. (Pushing 60 with my next birthday is my motivation, just as turning 40 was in 1997.)

Music: Mother and Child Reunion by Paul Simon.

Drinking: Ballbuster Red. I think i posted about this before.I cannot tell a lie. I am on my third glass.

On with the random stuff. Cause i think i need to make this short.


1. Gingrich: really? I am not sure if i am happy about this or not. Do i like America better because they would choose him? No. i do not. I would feel better if people  who disagree with my politics chose Romney. Because that tells me they are making an intelligent decision. But maybe I am happy because i think Obama is going to be okay?

2. Let's get off presidential politics. here's what is bugging me lately. I don't like the new E-Trade baby commercial; i am not happy with it is happening with our state politics with charter school legislation and even more than that, especially since i want to go back and work in schools after 2013. I think Brad Pitt should win an Academy Award more than George Clooney.

3. I used to joke, and be semi-serious to to be honest, about working in charter schools, but i also said the same thing about working in an orphanage. It's all about the wacky parents. But truthfully, in jojo terms about what is wack, i do not want to work with helicopter moms, soccer moms, and any parent who over coddles their kids.  That's what i mean. And i didn't realize until recently that charter school moms are going to be EXACTY the kind of moms i am going to want to punch in the face. (I have been reading their blogs.)

4. Which means i will be fired within the first week.With my new workout routine, i think it means they will end up in the hospital.

5. Back to Academy Awards.  here's why i think Brad should win over George. George Clooney is playing himself in The Descendants. I liked that movie alot. dont' get me wrong. I read the book before i saw the movie. George was great, but it was like the character was written for HIM...   Brad Pitt went out of his personality and pulled it off. So there. Brad Pitt.

I think i am going to stop right here.

Notes to myself:

All time Views:  24,388
Run today: 66 minutes, no stopping.
Pageviews last month: 1240

So what is going on with all of y'all?


jojo cucina cucina said...

i have not been sleeping well at all for over a week. (Truth be told, it is more like 10 years.);....But when that happens i usually get good ideas. and i did have one that would be participatory and i knew i should write it down, but i didn't. And i cannot for the life of me remember what it was.

amulbunny's random thoughts said...

1. Brad Pitt needs to win for Moneyball. It's a wonderful rendition of the book and he nails it.

2. George has his Oscar. He needs to sit down and let Brad win, and then kiss him on the mouth.

3. You think charter school moms will be bad, try special ed moms who are barely literate and think they can cure their kids ADHD with sugar. The kid who broke my reinforced glass window on my door was like that. He quit school before he could learn anything. Probably in jail.

4. No wine or spirits tonight. Propel Blueberry Pomegranate for me. Messes up the immunosuppresant. I'm also trying to cut down on the sleep meds but I don't want the itchy to come back,

5. Gingrich is an ass. The evangelicals voted for him because of Romney's Mormonism. The only one I had any interest in was Huntsman, and he is gone. Santorum is a huge joke ( Even if the Duggars of 19 Kids and Counting are traveling with him in their big wrapped bus). I hope nothing will happen to his little one who has Trisomy 18. She's truly lucky she's lived this long.

6. I love my Kindle. It's so much handier than carrying around books right now. Our book club is doing Anna Karenina (why we chose this is beyond me) but I have it and a study guide on my Kindle.

7. I too get great ideas in the middle of the night but never write them down. And I have some pretty racy dreams with a person other than my husband.

That's me this week. I'm behind in blogging a little. My right ring finger has trigger finger and it's even harder to type than normally.

louielouie said...

My opinions:

Brad Pitt in Money Ball all the way, loved him, loved the movie.

Really? Newt? Really?

Loved Michelle’s face while O Bama was telling the lame spilt milk joke.

Family is crazy; my mom “hosted” a “50 years In Spanaway” party last night. When my mom’s been drinking, her varying interactions with her kids become really evident. Some sibling shit never changes.

The last yime I ran 66 minutes without stopping: 1988


I am soooo excited for Project Runway All Stars.

It has a bunch of folks I want to see, Austin, Mondo and Michael Costello. Who else could any one want? I am watching now!!

I may sit and watch all three in a row today. Ron is out side putting his chipper-shredder to work and Nick is playing computer games so I am on my own.

Am taking tomorrow off to spend some time with Nick who is home from Guam. He's going skiing with this dad for a week on Wednesday.

jojo cucina cucina said...

I'm glad y'all want Brad Pitt too. He's overdue and he was so good in this movie. Somehow i think the odds are that George will get it. I liked both movies a lot, but i liked Moneyball better than The Descendants.

louie, i posted on Facebook after watching the SOTU speech that Obama's joke was lame and he shouldn't have told it. I saw Jon Stewart show a clip of Michelle's face, but i don't remember her face when the joke was told, so i wondered if she made that face from a different part of the speech and Jon Stewart was having fun.

I do not watch Project Runway. I have my hands full with Tabatha's Takeover and Property Brothers. I did discover the free movie channels Encore and Turner Movie Classics, Sundance etc that i did not know we had - up in the 500 channels. And i watched Final Destination 2. OMG. Those are freaky movies. Actually sort of funny too. I would have loved them alot as a teenager.

amulbunny, LOL on your dreams. Good thing your husband doesn't read my blog!

Anonymous said...

I haven't seen any movies in ages and ages, but I did go see War Horse on Saturday night and I LOVED it. I also saw the play, and I think the movie complemented it beautifully.

I haven't watched any TV in ages either. Or bought any music except for one song last week: "A Little Bit of Everything" by Dawes. I love that song. I posted a video on facebook.

I have no stomach for politics these days. at all. I'm completely over it and feel it is a waste of energy. I haven't voted in over a year. Don't judge me.

Congratulations on your 66 minute run and getting into such great shape, jo! I need to get back in shape, too.

My life has changed so much in the past year, I'm just trying to catch up in my own head. But life is so much better and I am so much happier now, and that's what really counts, I think.

Hugs, equeyaya

jojo cucina cucina said...

Good to see you, equeyaya! You know what? i ran all that distance this weekend AND 47 minutes at lunch today and my weight is up over my 'magic' go figure. I guess it doesn't happen overnight. Not that i'm doing it to take off pounds, i am just not trying to put them on.

I didn't see War Horse, but Brian did. I really want to see The Grey. It sounds harrowing. I like movies that keep me on edge, like No Country for Old Men and the movie about the guy whose arm got stuck under a rock. the 'something hours'...i wish i could remember titles better.

I have to go check out your Dawes video. I saw it while looking on my kindle but it's not worth trying to listen to a video on there. My netbook sucks for it too. I can see why folks who mostly use smart phones to read email or blogs aren't able to post much!

As far as politics go. I have to go to Olympia with a group of folks to lobby our legislators 'on the hill' because there is a Senate and House bill that would change and move health care for school employees to the state plan which causes all kinds of questions, distrust and confusion.

I HATE January when our legislative session starts up. I will be so glad to leave this part behind when i am done working at the union. I realize i only really like presidential politics. I can leave the state stuff behind. Seems like we are always on the defense fighting some shit legislation.

And we won't be done after this either. The next fight will be charter schools. And everything is put together so quickly and urgently, the chaos of it messes with my anxiety levels. I came home Friday without having taken a lunch break, and knowing i was stressed from trying to organize this group i took my blood pressure and it was 158/95, and that's with being on medication !

jojo cucina cucina said...

louie, are y'all leaving for Hawaii soon?

Anonymous said...

Ok, I just signed out and now I can see comments. I finally got my computer fixed after my motherboard died. Now I have Windows 7 and I do like it.

I also got an Iphone and it's like crack. I can be on it all the is so easy to use.

Which is good because I've had a viral throat thing for two weeks now. Nothing helps. The doctor says I have to just let it run it's course. I also am not supposed to talk but what can you do when you run a customer service department.

I'm still reading Steve Jobs biography. After I heard what the conditions are like at the Apple plant in China, I do feel guilt over my phone. Even though Steve was a jerk on a personal level, the feeling I got was that he did have strong world wide ethical view..but I guess that only applied to everything but his company.

susieatl said...

That is me - Susieatl up there...

jojo cucina cucina said...

susieatl, i bought Brian the Steve Jobs bio for Christmas. I also got him the huge novel by Stephen King 11-22-63 which i just finished and he's still reading. ARe you liking the Jobs book? (It's a pretty thick one too!) I saw the author on Jon Stewart while back and he seemed to be really moved by Jobs' death. But it also sounded like as much as he cared for Steve Jobs, he still wrote the truthful shit on him too.

Seems like most everyone who gets a new iPhone is obsessive about it in the beginning. I really don't like being around people with their new iPhones. But after awhile they seem to be more able to leave it alone. Or maybe i have gotten more interesting! LOL.....

Hey i like it if folks post anonymously then come back and say who they are. Bumps up my comment numbers!

I'll probably change this tomorrow or Friday. I think i have some down time. And it will be wine night!

susieatl said...

I like biographies, but since many are written years after someone's death, it doesn't have as much relevance to my life. Or it is written while the person is alive and usually has the author's slant on how they want to present the person.

So this is fascinating as you feel the author (who wrote Ben Franklin's bio) really portrayed a real human. warts and all. You see his brilliance but also how cruel and selfish he could be. Our V.P. of Marketing is just like Steve and is very difficult to work with but at the end of the day, his pain in the assness is offset by his value to the company.

I never bring the Iphone out at work but I pull it out at night (especially when I can't sleep) and play. I hope I can get over it.

Anonymous said...

equeyaya back....

I used to have an iphone and it was bothering me a lot. probably because it was two years old and the planned obselesence (sp?) was setting in. It would just kind of time out on me and I wouldn't get calls. I replaced it with an android (HTC inspire) which I like a lot and got one for Melanie for Christmas. I play with it at night when I can't sleep, too, susie!

Jo, your weight is probably up because you are building muscle. Go by how your clothes feel. Unfortunately, I don't have the same excuse!

jojo cucina cucina said...

LOLOL... everyone says that about gaining muscle instead of weight, eque... NO, i'm just a terrible eater this time of year. It's all white food all of the time.

jojo cucina cucina said...

But you are nice to suggest that!

Truth be told: when i can't sleep and i read my book on my KindleFire. I also check Facebook or email. So i'm doing what y'all do when i can't sleep. I just don't do it in front of people! as those who do with an iPhone.