Thursday, January 19, 2012

I'm too busy saving trees to blog....

I'll just put up the photos i just loaded to Facebook for those of you who don't FB.

This Ice Storm is worse than our December 1996 storm. Right now lots of folks have no power, but somehow our condo area always seems to have it. (Partly because our power is underground).

I remember all the trees lost in that '96 storm so today i've been out with a rake knocking off as much ice from the trees around here. Brian came out later this evening to do it again with me and i took my camera. I took lots of photos, but i'm only putting up a few.

It makes where we live looking like a majestic little village.

The ice on the low lying bushes is totally like breaking up concrete. I can almost feel the rhodadendrons breathe a sigh of relief. (How do you spell those anyway?)

It's been a great week off. I had not cabin fever even though i've not been at work since last Friday and it's Thursday night. I've run most days except today and yesterday. I've been cooking, cleaning and reading (two different books), checking in with family, and cleaning our back room because  our new computer work station was delivered and set up today. It's like having a whole new office. (I'll post photos later.)

Tomorrow if my brothers are still without power i think we'll have a dinner and game night. It's an adventure to go without power for the first day (and they both have woodstoves or gas fireplaces) but after 24 hours it can get old.


jojo cucina cucina said...

King 5 News/Seattle has been covering this Ice Storm 2012 all day long. Their current headline:

State of Emergency Declared in Deadly Ice Storm.

One person died because a tree hit his car. I think calling it a Deadly Ice Storm for only one person is hyperbole when you consider how much worse it could have been with the 2000+ accidents on the road.

But then our news around here can make one inch of snow a big deal around here. And this ice storm is a pretty big deal. I just wouldn't call it 'deadly'.

amulbunny's random thoughts said...

When we got married in '85 and went to Tahoe for our honeymoon, there had been an ice storm raging for a few days. As we drove to Reno to see the sights, we saw trees just hanging low with ice. Beautiful but deadly.
I hope it warms up and things get back to normal.

louielouie said...


Am working from home again today. We now have power in about half of our schools. 300,000 or so were without power in the region yesterday. I have plenty I can do from here. Am trying to decide about some meetings planned for Monday, seems everyone will have plenty of catch up work to do in their buildings. Maybe they’ll move some of the State deadlines I’m trying to prepare for? It is a state of emergency,

Ron had to work so drove my car; that means I’ll got more done too.

Spent a couple of hours this morning knocking ice of some tress and pulling fallen limbs from our yard and sidewalk. Looks as if we lost a Dogwood ½ a fir in addition to our Flaming Maple. Won’t know about some others and the bushes until later.

Big chunks of ice are falling from trees along with branches of various sizes. It’s melting quickly. It got a little dicey outside so I came in, plus wanted to get to work on my school stuff.

We have a big leaf maple that has been dropping limbs ice and snow for a couple of days. It’s freaky when the stuff hits my kitchen window. It’s glass (duh) and sticks out so seems vulnerable. If something big falls from high enough it would get the window or my roof.

We did not lose power, cable or Internet so I’ve been able to be warm and amused.

This may not be that deadly, but it is a huge storm, I’ve never seen the ice so bad. Maybe too much on weather TV but it was so different from place to place just from Everett to DuPont I liked seeing/hearing about it (mostly)

We’re venturing to Seattle (George Town) tonight for my niece’s birthday. God willing and the creek don’t rise.

jojo cucina cucina said...

Louie, we haven't lost power at all either. My brother Scott came over to download a book on his Kindle Fire (they are on their second day but have heat through their gas heat fireplace). I also gave him my backup iPod player that runs on batteries because lord help a Louvrak without their music!

It's still nasty outside but we only lost branches around here that i can tell from within the vicinity of our place. I'll go for a walk later to check out the rest.

That's too bad about your dogwood. I love dogwood trees.

I was going to run today but the way the snow and ice are falling in chunks from the trees don't make much sense. I don't have a route without trees, especially my new favorite one in the park.

Hi amulbunny!!!!!

Who would have though a MLK holiday would turn into 9 days off in a row!

I am officially out of wine. But i still have spaghetti sauce and chili in the freezer.

jojo cucina cucina said...

Well, the worst is over. I've not driven my car since Sunday. Not even when i ran out of wine ythe day before yesterday!

I must be the only weird person on the planet who doesn't get cabin fever after a week! What has helped is i have a book that is a real page turner and i'm also reading that super thick Stephen King novel 11-22-63. And of course TV and the DVR.

Today i try to run. Maybe go look for a chair for our computer area.

I told Brian on Monday at least i'll get to sleep in, because we been up early this whole week, if not at 4 am, then at 6 am. At least on Monday i can sleep in until 6:30!

This was one for the books!

susieatl said...

Yea! I just had windows 7 installed and I can'T access comments. But I can on my new iPhone!

Amanda said...

I love snow days. I don't get cabin fever either. I like being a hermit. My youngest dog was getting a bit wacky, but the older one prefers to sleep most of the time, so he was fine. I got caught up on Project Runway All Stars, watched a couple House marathons, cooked a ton of sweet potatoes, read a was really nice.

But, that was a hell of a storm. I've never seen anything like it. Weird, wild stuff.

jojo cucina cucina said...

Amanda, i watched some more House too! And though i didn't get cabin fever i was happy to go back to work today.

I'm still Maybe Training for a Half Marathon. I'm running 50 minutes minimum now. I have a deal with my boss to take a longer lunch for this (until it starts getting lighter out) and i will work to 5:30 or 6:00 pm to make it up.

So far the running extra hasn't been hard. The last miles are easier than the first ones. My knees are fine so far, i hope they stay that way. I think i'm going to upgrade my New Balance shoes to one that is a bit more cushy for this. But i just bought them so i don't want to buy new just yet.

Swiss said...

Gosh, you look so cute out there knocking the ice off trees.

My sister had a near death tree experience. One of those overly limby cedar trees fell as she walked by and she was right in the middle of it. Luckily and by a miracle actually she ended up between the branches. (This was my developmentally delayed sister who lives with me) She called me on her cell and said for me to call 911...I asked why and she said because a tree fell on our driveway....and I said, "you don't call 911 for a tree down", then she said "how do I get out?" I thought she meant out of the driveway so I calmly stated, “ go around the tree”. Our rat terrier was acting crazy so my son ran out there and there she was in the middle of the tree. My son wondered why she was going through it in the middle and not at the end and she yelled, "this is where it fell"....she was there climbing out - and my son was totally shocked, she was ok....she only got some bruises and scrapes.

We only lost power for about 7 or 8 hours and I have a wood stove but it was my day off and I wanted to cook. I do like lighting all the candles and lanterns though.

Power outages has been better for some people over on our Island, but those farther in have to wait longer. In 1996 I waited 8 days to get power, . My yard looks like we had a tornado instead of an ice storm.

Beautiful pictures, thanks for sharing, it does look like a lighted wonderland.

jojo cucina cucina said...

OMG, what a story, Charr....! I glad to hear she was okay, but i could see how you would think she was calling 911 for a fallen tree, not knowing it had fallen on HER. Good thing she had her cell. I had heard that Vashon fared fairly well.

I'm going to change this blog post tomorrow. There are still slivers of snow around the lawns here, a whole week later!

Swiss said...

I know it is like we are in the Eastern part of Washington!