Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Stuff I like

I thought it might be nice to focus on something positive... so here is my list.

1. I know this might not sound like me, but i actually like it when waitresses call me 'sweetie', 'honey', or 'doll'. Today I got a take out lunch order at Moonrise Cafe and the friendly waitress with a sleeve tattoo, who was about 15 years younger than I, called me 'Doll' and it made me happy.

2. I love watching old Bob Newhart shows on the ME TV network.

3. Sometimes when I am reading, i like to do so when there is complete silence. No background noise whatsoever.

4. Speaking of background noise, i love the sound of our new dishwasher when it's running through a cycle.

5. I really like a nap in the afternoon on my day off.

6. I hate running in the morning. but i really really like how i feel when i'm done.

7. I like rainbows. Today there was an amazing one just as i was leaving the house. I went back in to take a photo of it. It's kind of late tonight to format it for this blog, but i'll try and put it up tomorrow.

8. I like a good restaurant hamburger.

9. I like when i think i don't know how to spell a word but then i wing it and find out later that i got it right.

10. I like putting stuff back where it belongs. Sometimes i wish i didn't need to have things in order, but when i'm doing it, i realize i just like doing it. It feels good.

11. I like cooking the most when i am trying a new recipe.

12. I like to tweeze my eyebrows. It actually might be more of an obsession. But lately i've been trying to grow them out so i'm trying to hold back. It goes along with my love of tasks which show results fairly quickly. Painting and vacuuming being other tasks i like (though i don't have rugs to vacuum anymore.)

13. Back to spelling for a sec: I like that i always know how to spell 'vacuum'. Many great spellers still miss this one. Also 'nausea'.

14. A new pair of pajamas is just as exciting to me as a new pair of boots. I LOVE pajamas.

15. I like when people ask provocative and daring questions.

16. I like making Excel spreadsheets.


jojo cucina cucina said...

where is everybody?

jojo cucina cucina said...

I forgot to say was actually a double rainbow, which is really cool.But you can barely see the one on the right.

sam said...

I just like it when someone brings me a meal. My almost-14-year-old son cooked dinner last night and brought me a bowl to my room (supper in bed) because I didn't feel well.

I like when my terrier, Maggie Mae, snuggles against my leg after I've fallen asleep.

I like it when my husband calls me from work and asks me to figure out percents for him. I've shown him how a dozen times but he always calls so I can, at least, check his work.

I like rainbows, too. The Bible says there's a rainbow in the very throne room of God. I want to see that one.

I like doing housework that stays done for awhile. Most of it doesn't but laundry is a once or twice a week chore so I don't mind doing it.

I like seeing my kids enjoy and understand their lessons. Lately, it's only been math they enjoy but it's nice to watch them work on it without complaint.

And I really like this blog. I've begun writing in mine more often and I will be visiting yours - and replying - more often also.

jojo cucina cucina said...

OMG.... Sam, my husband does the same thing about calling me about percents or an Excel question! How funny. And i love it that he does.

Thank you for posting on my blog. It's really starting to die.

I keep thinking i should probably just give it up and focus on real writing on my own off the web. I was actually considering signing up as a guest columnist for our newspaper because each January they ask people to apply. But i just haven't had the energy to put something together that would have to be somewhat censored.

I did think of sending them my What Would Jesus Blog About blog post to see if they would be interested maybe not in the Jesus blogging (it is a fairly conservative newspaper) but maybe something along the lines of the offbeat stuff.

If this year letmetellyouwhatithink really breathes it's last blog breath, i might decide to make that a goal for next January, enter an article to write for the paper. It would look good on a resume when i start applying for jobs again.

louielouie said...

I like to cook for people who like to eat.

I like to meet with angry parents and work out solutions/compromises. I’m good at it.

I like listening to the rain on the roof at night.

I like to do my Jillian Michaels with no sound while listening to This American Life on Saturday. - - - Like might too positive, but I like this American Life and I like it when I’m done with my work out.

I like commas and semi colons.

I like it when I am right about a grammar thing that the smarty-pants-folks at work mess up.

I like the ocean when it’s stormy – I love me a room with a view.

I like having enough money that I can give some away. I always write some extra checks in December to organizations that I don’t regularly give to – this year it was Amnesty International and a Pierce County Neighborhood Clinic that provides cheap/free health care.

I like clean sheets and crisp pillowcases.

I like Sunday mornings after church with my brothers. I like my brothers. I swear they may be more than half the reason I go to church.

I like myself.

louielouie said...

I like Lemon Pledge

jojo cucina cucina said...

1. louie, I like Lemon Pledge too (just used it today!) But i disagree with you on commas. I don't like commas and believe most people overuse them. (I don't care what English teachers say.)

2. I love Dr. Gregory House on Fox. I've been watching the House marathon on Oxygen.

3. I love my brothers too. They are handsome and so funny and very easy to get along with. And if i ever needed something I know they would both be there if i called. You can take them anywhere and they fit right in. (I wish i was more like them.)

4. I liked clever commercials.

5. I like recommending a book to someone because i believe they will connect with it and finding out they did.

6. I like when girls are given boy names. (If i ever had a daughter i would have wanted to name her Ray, only i would spell it 'Rae'.)

7. I like my name.

EoDE said...

Starting a new calendar at the beginning of the year.

Marking off stuff on my to-do list.

Telling a story or listening to one.

In winter, turning on the heated mattress pad before I get in bed so that it’s cozy when I climb in.

In summer, the sound of the ceiling fan.

Clean sheets.

Terms of endearment, given or received.

A good hug, given or received.

Looking at Christmas lights.

Our little dog sneaking up on the bed when he thinks my husband doesn’t know it and snuggling up against me.

Laughing till I cry.

Tossing or giving away stuff I don’t want or need any more, then reorganizing what’s left.

Reading, especially right before bed.

Chocolate, Dr Pepper, burgers.

Reading your blog.

susieatl said...

I like my cable to work. That's it. I'm obsessed. Comcast sucks.

Ok, I like massages and the smells at the spa. Very clean.

I like Chopped. I just watched another marathon. Although the judges take themselves way too seriously. They did a special with lunch ladies with Michelle Obama's childhood obesity advisor as a judge. He and another judge were very sweet to the four ladies but the third had comments like "The chicken needs more seasoning". Jeez.

I like my Nook.

I like couch upstairs in my mini loft. It is really deep and soft and perfect for reading in the winter.

Oh, did I say I hate Comcast? I might need therapy when this is all done.

jojo cucina cucina said...

I would like the sound of a ceiling fan too EoDe...only if the fan was not directly over my bed. In Louisiana when i was a little kid everyone had a ceiling fan in their bedroom and the one we had wiggled a lot! .... And i often worried it would fall and the blades would cut me up in my sleep.

I don't think i could have a ceiling fan to this day because of that stupid worry.

And thank you for liking my blog EoDe. :)

I like looking at Christmas lights too. It's like staring into a campfire. YOu can get good ideas doing nothing but staring into light.

susieatl, i wish i had a loft that could be just for reading and being on the computer. I would probably never need any more square footage than that. Except for the bedroom.

I have never watched Chopped, but i think louie does.

I hope your comcast stuff gets fixed soon. It makes me wonder if Comcast is better in some areas than others. And if so...why.

jojo cucina cucina said...

OK, and the kitchen too. I need square footage for a kitchen too. I forgot i like to cook. But i don't need a giant size kitchen. A galley one like i have does me just fine. I just wish i didn't have to put most of my pots and pans in the garage cupboards.

Amanda said...

I like this topic!

• I like when my smallest dog, Dougal, snuggles me like a baby. He's a snuggle-bum!

• I like that my older dog, Barley, really likes only me. He tolerates others, but he likes me best.

• Roasted vegetables

• Massages

• TV marathons (such as the House marathon, which I also watched last weekend)

• Being lazy on weekends

• Being lazy on weeknights

• Visiting my grandparents

• Being outside

• Montana (I want to move someday)

This list is getting too long and I like brevity. Haha!

jojo cucina cucina said...

Amanda, yay! good seeing you here. I should have known you love to watch House too. I was ridiculous the past two weekends watching this marathon. Then i started looking up quotes online to put them on Facebook. He cracks me up and i love him! I know he's not for everyone, but he totally turns me on.

Where in Montana do you want to live? We went flyfishing there three summers in a row but after the big fires in 2000 where Brian and i were evacuated at 1 am in the morning i never wanted to go back.

jojo cucina cucina said...

More Stuff i Like:

1. I like getting my new Vanity Fair and Food and Wine magazine in the mail.

2. I like when I ask the waiter/waitress to pick me a good wine or a beer going off my broad description of what i like and they get it perfectly right. (i.e. dark beer that 'looks like coca cola but has a slight molasses-y taste' and 'big red wine that is soft and has a bit of fruit, but not too much'.)

3. I like when my brother Troy calls me up to talk about the book he read that i recommended. (He recently did this with 'The Descendants'. He liked it so much he went to see the movie by himself the next day.)

4. I like when anyone in retail actually looks at you when they tell you to have a nice day or whatever it is they say after they ring you up. (I suppose retail employees are so used to customers NOT looking at them that they forget to do this.)

5. I like when you call a business or a school or a health insurance employee and by their manner you know that you are getting real attention. Again, something that is stands out because it seems rare to me these days.

6. I love personalities like Dr. Gregory House on Fox and Tabatha on Bravo or Simon from American Idol. They are hard asses who are brilliant in their jobs and they take no prisoners and make no apologies.

7. I like when i come home and the voice mail light isn't blinking.

8. I like complaining about stuff that isn't right.


louielouie said...

I like NCIS marathons, or just even NCIS on demand. Just not NCIS Las Angeles.

I like licorice coins that I get at my Top Foods in a little paper-can. Six make a serving and are 140 calories. I can make 6 last a long time.

I like smooth dark chocolate, but not chocolate with pieces of stuff in it like fruit or nuts. I do not like milk chocolate or Snickers or Hershey bars or Kisses or anything like that. The only candy bar I like is a Look Bar. Plus I like sugary-dumb candy like Good and Plentys, Lemon Heads, Red Vines, Hot Tamales; real classy stuff.

I like finding good movies sort of by mistake that I choose from Netflix. Recently saw a great movie called the Station Agent. It was a low budget deal but had interesting characters. Also just watched the Amateurs, it was fun. Had Jeff Bridges too -
I like Jeff Bridges.

I like leaving Jo voice mail messages so her red light blinks. I never really want to leave a message but since Jo screens her calls, I let it ring a long time and stay on the line when the answering machine picks up to say who I am in case she is home and will answer. Then when she doesn’t answer I feel compelled to leave a message.

jojo cucina cucina said...

I always pick up your calls when you ring me, louie!!!!!

jojo cucina cucina said...

BTW, the Station Agent is an excellent movie. I saw it awhile ago and loved it. Have you seen Pieces of April? It has Patricia Clarkson in it too. (And Tom Cruise's wife before she became his wife).... Similar kind of film.

I'm going to go add that to my netflix queue again because i could see it once more.

I told Brian the other day we should make a Jeff Bridges weekend sometime on an icky winter weekend and watch like 3 or 4 movies in a row with him in it. The problem is picking which ones. Remember Starman? And the King Kong, the Dino deLaurentis version? I haven't seen those in years and years.

I don't care that much for chocolate. But i am crazy about gummi bears and one of my Christmas presents from Brian was SIX POUNDS of gummi bears that he bought from Costco. He buys a package of these for every birthday and every Christmas but never has he bought SIX POUNDS. His reasoning was that they cost almost the same.

I sent Troy home with a huge bagfull of them to try and get rid of them because they are so addicting. I probably filled one of those gallon size ziplock bags to the brim and when i talked to Troy two days later he said he ate them up already. That's how addicting they are. Then they make your stomach hurt.

Finally i ate the last few yesterday. I'm so glad. They were the really good soft kind too.

But yeah, chocolate, i could really give a shit about chocolate.

louielouie said...

"marinate" those gummi bears in vodka for 3 days. They will be a little softer and fatter but more delicious. Bunnee served them to us as dessert once.

sounds like it would be a hit with the Louvraks

jojo cucina cucina said...

damn, now i wish i hadn't eaten them all. I would have loved to try the vodka thing. HAHA....To be a Louvrak thing they would have to be marinated in Coors Light!!!!!!!

I think i'll change this blog tonight. Brian has a fundraiser band gig so i'll be home. Just gotta think of a topic. This time of year dulls my senses.