Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Would you order this soup?

Menu of the Day:
I haven't done this in awhile. So let's order up:

Music: Shawn Mullins "Can't Remember Summer"

In my glass: I know, i know, it's Wednesday and i've been pretty good during the weekdays with all this running, but today i poured an Evodia Spanish red blend. It's so good.

The reason i'm drinking on Wednesday: This special legislative session is taking over my whole work day. I get to the office this morning with stuff to do and i get an email from Communications asking if i can write a Letter to the Editor about health care. Plus i had to meet with veteran union members during my lunch-time taking notes on my laptop for another communication. I didn't start my run this evening until 7 pm cause i was tweaking my letter after i got some Communications feedback late in the day.

Who am i kidding?: it's not the first time i've been drinking wine on Wednesday.

The best news this week: I got a letter from the IRS. It told me that i missed a 1099-B form when i filed my taxes last year and we owe $4000. I freaked out. (I cannot stand those capital loss/gains new reporting requirements.) So i called the tax guy we use at work. Not only do we NOT owe $4000, we are getting back $760. So then i sent him the 2011 taxes i had already done on Turbo Tax. And he found me another $300. (Though part of that was carryover loss from the amended 2010 taxes.)

What we're going to do with that money: I am going to get my Xanax prescription filled and next year we are going to Hawaii for two whole weeks. That's our plan.

Funny thing my husband did this past week: See that photo above? That's his new soup recipe. (No, this one doesn't have lettuce in it.) I honestly have no idea what's all in it, but i do remember raw cashews. But isn't it ugly? It does taste better than it looks. (Linda and Amanda, if you are reading, i blame this on both of you!) 

Good thing about my husband's cooking: My jeans are fitting better. I am not sure if it is the healthy recipes he is cooking or the fact that i don't want seconds. (I can say that because i don't think he's been reading my blog lately!)

What i am procrastinating about: I bought a pair of $79 yoga pants one night from Garnet Hill while Facebooking and drinking wine when i should have gone out for a run. (This time it was on a Tuesday, not a Wednesday.).I don't even do yoga. I am not even sure they look good on me. I need a true friend who will tell me the truth about the VPL...

Notes for me:

Longest run this week: 1 hour: 27 minutes 

Sunset: 7:26 pm (since daylight savings kicked in) however we have rain/snow mix in the forecast tonight and tomorrow for our area. 

All time blog views: 26,384 (not counting my own views)

Popular blog topic views this month: Interestingly enough, it was the last post about Keen Observations with 133 views. People are reading, just not posting.


jojo cucina cucina said...

In case some of y'all never saw the movie Annie Hall: VPL means Visible Panty Line. (I feel like everybody should know that already.)

louielouie said...

Would your order this soup:
No, but did order some Thai soup and calamari for lunch today.

In my glass:
Nothing yet, but with tomorrow off too I’ll be drinking tonight.

The reason i'm home on Thursday:
Had cataract surgery yesterday afternoon. So far my biggest concerns have been going without eating until 2:20 yesterday afternoon (I survived) and making sure I have the right sunglasses when we go to Hawaii in April. Em just brought me back from the post op, things are reportedly on track. She is off to a job fair at the Tacoma Dome. She looks so professional.

Who am i kidding?:
guess I’m not that great at proofreading - can’t believe I had to revise her resume, get it printed at Kinko’s and drive it to the T-dome. I was way more upset than she was about the typo.

The best news this week:
I got my stuff to the accountant last week. What we owe, or get back, is always a total surprise to me.

What we're going to do with that money:
Probably aren’t getting any money, but will go to Hawaii anyway.

Funny thing my husband did this past week:
It’s not funny, it’s sweet. He is doing a stretch-yoga thing with me. I do not watch him. My plan is for both of us to become more limber and me to become more centered.

Good thing about my husband's cooking: Oh my, ron made tostados last night; I made the guacamole and he did the Old El Paso seasoned meat and micro waved the refried beans. Lucky for us we had a bag of pre-shredded cheese. They were actually pretty good, the painful part was watching him clean up and “take care” of the leftovers. Who else would put a crisp tostado shell in with the beef and beans and then in the fridge?

What i am procrastinating about:
Reading the State proposed discipline policies for school districts. Just can’t seem to make myself do it. I have carried the papers back and forth to school for weeks. Now that I had my eye surgery, I have a good reason to put it off some more.

33 of those views were me

louielouie said...

Why I can’t retire:

Stayed home today recovering from eye surgery, but am not really sick
It’s 1:30 and so far today I:

Got up and had coffee and an English muffin around 6:30
Got dressed around 9:30
Watched 5 episodes of Tabatha Salon Make Over
Completed one load of laundry
Did the LA Crossword
Watched 3 episodes of Restaurant Impossible
Ate a pear, some cottage cheese and ½ bag of BBQ Potato chips
Thought about taking a walk
And am now drinking a martini

susieatl said...

I'm not listening to any music this morning. Ok..I lied..have my Itunes on random so right now I'm listening to Adam Lambert...ooopps now Stevie Nicks...

I'm not drinking anything this a.m. Had some stomach is a little queasy. Everyone has the flu at work so I'm crossing my fingers that I won't come down with it.

Best news this week: Amanda has had some serious issues with the government and her student loans. I had to help out at one point but this week, she finally got a hold of a live person and things are worked out..I hope.

I don't have a husband and my ex is not all that funny. His crazy wife (the one who he cheated on me with) has to have her thyroid removed, then she is having open surgery to remove a cancerous (slow growing) mass from her colon. Then she finally is going to have the Hep C treatment she has avoided for years. No matter what she has done in her life..I would never wish all that on anyone!

What I'm procastinating about: I'm going to Germany for work this year and I don't have my passport. The trip is in June and I have time but I don't want to wait till the last minute. I did wait to the last minute to figure out how I'm dealing with my yard. I ordered a battery mower which will be in this week. Not a minute too soon. Ok..I'be better go get dressed. I need to clean up the yard and plant some irises.

jojo cucina cucina said...

louielouie, You didn't watch "Snapped"? That's another guilty pleasure.

Hey susieatl! How long will you be in Germany???

it's a beautiful day today.( I guess God saw my Facebook post. ) I just got in from a run but now my throat has that itchy feeling that makes me make noises like Felix from The Odd Couple. It's the tree season.

Tonight a whole bunch of us are going to see my husband's band play. This is their first time headlining for the evening. My brother organized all these people to come. I'm the band photographer so i'll be taking my camera. It should be a fun night. It's at The Dock on the water which is a pretty cool place cause it's a friendly, open and casual atmosphere and not too many young twenty-somethings take it over. I hate hanging around places where you see young folks drinking just to get drunk. I never did understand why anyone would ever do shots.

susieatl said...

I'll be there a week. We are going to be at the office Sun-Wed and then going to Munich till Saturday as a mini-vacation. My boss is from Munich so she is our tour guide. I was hoping to fly Amanda over but tickets are outrageous so it will just be me, my boss and two other co-workers. I like all of them so it should be a good time.