Friday, April 20, 2012

What the hell?

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What the hell? that i mean Blogger design has been changed up. I hate surprise changes!

What's going on:  A glass of a really great Washington Airfield reserve chardonnay. First glass.

The best thing this week: i bowled a 173 yesterday! My highest game ever. Our team is in first place. I've never gotten first place in anything my whole life! We only have one more week.

What I'm looking forward to: running that race and being done with it.

What I'm not looking forward to: my long long run this weekend. I have a goal to get do 1 hour 45 minutes this weekend.

Book: I am reading Lifeboat. It's new and i think i'm going to like it.

Latest iTunes Purchase: The new song Ooh La La by Counting Crows. I think i'll buy the whole cd.

I have no idea what's on my mind to talk about, so as usual, i am just going to wing it.


1. i know the photo doesn't match 'what the hell', but what the hell, cause i don't have a good photo for that.

2. What the hell is going on when someone can access your checking account with just your checking account and router number which is on your check. I had to close my account (after 30 years) because someone was able to access it three times before i was found out.

Lucky for me, i am the kind of person who ALWAYS opens my statements the moment i get them. They were small withdrawals - $120 each time, but i know that many people never look at their statements. So let this be a lesson. Even if you are not like louie and me, (who get our jollies out of balancing our accounts), do at least look at them.

(The biggest hassle is changing all of the stuff that automatically comes out of it. The good news is the fraud expenses were all reversed. It took me half a day to get this all fixed. In the end I sent a thank you card to Melissa who was the bank employee who helped me. She was great!

3. What the hell? Our Catholic churches are circulating Referendum petitions to gather signatures to reverse the same sex marriage law that just passed this last session (thank you Governor Gregoire et al!)    

4. What the hell is wrong with us when we get stingy with our kudos? Recently I've been thinking how easy it is to let someone know when they do a good thing.( i.e. like Melissa at my bank), and how far a little gesture can go into making someone feel proud about the work they do. It seems like we've gotten too busy to thank people or let them know when they do a good job. I am going to keep trying to get better at this.

Example at bowling: The waitress for these past two months who waits on us was very pregnant but one of the best waitresses we have ever had in the 5 years i've been on the team. (She was so pregnant that her last week was earlier this month.)

Last night I went around and asked if people wanted to sign a card to her and give a couple of dollars for a baby gift. I ended up getting $108 ! Everybody was so ready to do this for her. She was that good. And people wrote so many nice things to her on the card.

And i was thinking how if i were a waitress and a bowling team sent me a card and money how i would take so much pride in being the best damn waitress ever and how it would motivate me to keep it going. It's such a honor to be recognized. It's too bad we seem to forget to do it and actually have to make a conscience effort to do so. (At least where i work.)

I'll add more later, maybe when i've had more wine. This is boring, but i really needed to change the blog.

What the hell??? i can't even see how to Publish this with the new blogger design screen!!!!!!!!! shit. OOps, i found it.


jojo cucina cucina said...

Dammit, i can't figure out with this new design how to even EDIT my blog. Crap. I HATE changes like this. At least Facebook had the decency to warn me about their damn Timeline view. (which i still hate).

I guess it doesn't matter. I already forgot what i wanted to edit.

JJ said...

1. Good lord - what is it about numbered lists that I love? I had a "What the Hell" photo for you on Friday - if I had had my camera. One of my favorite students decided to squeeze his milk carton. Why? Asking would be your first mistake. It erupted all over him and the gym floor. Never knew milk could fly in so many directions at once. Great science experiment.

2. Thank gawd someone else balances their check book to the penny. People make fun of me.

3. Catholics. Aren't they angry at some feisty nuns for something too? What the Hell? although I do like that my aunt has holy water on top of her refrigerator and uses it generously. Not sure what makes it holy. Maybe it's vodka. Heyyyyyyyyy.......

4. I think that is what makes your brothers and their friends awesome (and you). They see things that most people would ignore. They get when someone is being an ass, but also get when someone is being exceptionally cool.

5. OK - I've had wine and I am still boring. Someone else's turn.

PS - WOW!!!! 173???? Did you ever take those lessons?

jojo cucina cucina said...

jj/julie! good to see you here! Hey I used my camera and videotaped Brian making the coffee yesterday and it actually would have been so hysterical if on the fourth tape i didn't hit the wrong button as he was doing the cleanup. Instead it took a photo. But the video of Brian showing how easy it was do do the cleanup would have been the best part. When he tapped in on the edge of the garbage can the coffee grounds went EVERYWHERE All over the floor, everywhere but in the garbage can... and we were laughing so hard i'm sure if i had been rolling it it would have been too shaky anyway.

I'll see if Brian can put it up on YouTube and i'll link it here though.

I have to warn you. Do not have two cups of coffee made that way. Two is way too much caffeine.

I did not take my bowling lessons yet. Oddly enough i am not scheduled until a week from Tuesday when the season is over. I'm actually worried that taking lessons will mess up my better bowling. My average isn't that great somewhere around the 120s, but i seem to pull out a good game each week and i'm afraid i'll go back to being a sub-100 bowler after lessons. We'll see!

I'm going to change this blog soon. Lately, it's hard to think of stuff. Work is messing up all my creative fun thoughts.

jojo cucina cucina said...

Yesterday i finally turned off our heat for the first time. I can't say i won't be turning it back on, you never know with the Pacific Northwest, but i haven't turned it on yet. So we'll see.

Yesterday i ran my longest time - i hour and 45 minutes. I have to do this at least one more time before the May 20th race. Then i get to cut back. I have to say i felt very good and not in pain or with aches today at all after that run. And in fact i ran 43 min. tonight. So i think i'm ready. I won't be running it fast, but i well complete it without killing myself off.

This Friday is my 10th wedding anniversary and we don't normally celebrate it but we are going to go out for dinner and then watch our video of the wedding from 10 years ago. We're going to have my brother Troy come over with his girlfriend to watch because Troy married us and never got to see the video and what a great job he did.

It was an absolutely beautiful weekend and a beautiful Monday. It's rare when we get three wonderful sunny blue sky days in a row. Especially this time of year.

HOpe everyone is doing well and having good weather too. I did hear, did i not? ...that Pennsylvania has snow in some parts of the state? How can that be?