Monday, April 9, 2012

I can't think of a subject line...

This is a photo i took from Vashon Island from our spring break vacation. We had really good weather, barely any rain, some great wine. I ran 11 miles total (over two days); read three books (Zeitoun, CeeCee's something or other and Conversations with Tom Petty); and I lost two games of gin rummy ($7 total) .

I don't really have anything to say, but it's been awhile since I changed this blog so here i am.

Here's the first gin game i lost. The wine pictured was given to us by Rita and was very good, it's a Malbec by Adagio Reserve - i've only recently been discovering Malbecs. I like venturing out from the regular Cabernets and Syrahs. We also had a great roussane viognier blend one day, but it was a splurge at $30 so i don't even think i want to remember it.

This photo is of a sign that has been in the Vashon cabin since we've been going. I think since around 2006, but i really cannot remember. I just know that we have seen many remodels and changes over the years, mostly all done by Rita's husband Carl, who really seems to know how to do anything.... and i like that they still kept this sign.

Hope everyone is having a great spring! Stop by sometime and tell us what you're up to.

Notes to myself:

Longest run this week: 1 hour, 38 minutes
Sunset: 7:52 pm
Latest iTunes purchase: a band called Alabama Shakes. They're new and very good...especially the lead woman's voice. It sounds a little bit like Janis Joplin. My nephew Brian sent me a YouTube a couple of weeks ago and i really liked them. They have a rather unique sound, though not unlike Black Keys.
Best book I've read lately: Zeitoun was written by Dave Eggers. It's a true story about an American Muslim who rescues dogs and people during Katrina in his canoe only to find himself arrested as a suspect of being Taliban. What happens to him is an outrage that this was only a few years ago.
All time blog views: 27, 145
Page views today: 16
Big deal this week: Today i wore my new open toed shoes that i bought from Garnet Hill. (I am so sick of boots!)


jojo cucina cucina said...

I think that cloud looks a little bit like a penis. But i only just noticed that.

amulbunny's random thoughts said...

I thought the clouds looked like Jesus clouds, with the bright sun behind them.
My vacation is in 9 days. Not nearly soon enough but I am patient knowing I will be going away.

susieatl said...

I thought the cloud looked like a turkey.

Ramdon thought...our QA manager who is a character has a wife who collects animals. She gets them but won't take care of he has to. Today he tells us she got some quail eggs and one hatched. And apparently it thinks John is his mom and follows him around the house. So they have this quail (named Dan btw) who makes a loud noise and loves John. I thought it was a joke but one of the other managers who is close to him confirmed that it was true. Very weird.

Other than that..I have nothing...I have to go to Las Vegas in two weeks. I'd rather stay home and watch paint dry. In fact I volunteered to have my senior CSR go in my stead but they approved him to go but I have to go as well. Sigh...

jojo cucina cucina said...

hey amulbunny.... i love anticipating a vacation when it's getting closer! Good for you.
susieatl. i am like you. I do NOT like Vegas. I am glad i went once to see what it was all about but i never want to go back. It's too much stimulation and i hate the sounds of the slot machines.

That is funny about the quail. I love that they named him Dan!!! LOL.... Dan Quayle was about as dumb as a turkey too!

louielouie said...


Jo glad your time at Vashon turned out well – I can’t believe the luck you had with the weather.

The weather here is great. It is really, really windy though, so the sunburn sneaks up on you because you don’t feel hot. Our resort is lovely. It is not on the water and doesn’t have an ocean view so I was initially disappointed, but got over it very quickly. The sky is gorgeous and the lava terrain so different.

Read novels by the pool
Watched the sun set from the hot tub
Participated in water Aerobics in the pool – Ron too
Ate Sashimi and much other delicious food including table side Teppanyaki
Visited a Kona Coffee roaster place and bought coffee
Started the day with Yoga in the courtyard (with a “real” yoga-master leader) with Em and Nick
Snorkeled at night and say 24 giant Mata Rays feeding up close (I mean 6 inches from your face close) Em and Nick dove so they were on the bottom of the ocean for this. Nick will probably post face book photos.
Enjoyed a number of delicious Hawaiian beverages

Visit the Volcano Park
Hit a beach
Eat more fantastic food
Enjoy more tropical adult beverages

jojo cucina cucina said...

Nick did yoga?

jojo cucina cucina said...

I hope you weren't reading one of my novels in the hot tub!

JJ said...

My vacation:
1. Zion National Park is beautiful in the way deserts (did I spell that right?) are beautiful. More subtle than the PNW. It did remind me in a weird way of the North Cascades above the tree line.
2. Going on vacation with family is not necessarily the most fun thing in the world.
3. One time I dropped one of Jo's books in my sister's pool. I bought her the same book - because they ARE her family - but should have bought a gift card so she could decide if it was a keeper or she wanted to trade up.
4. Louie I love Hawaii - I love Sushi in Hawaii. Nicks pictures are cool.

jojo cucina cucina said...

Julie, i think the best Jo Book story is the one where you spilled tequila all over it. I think you were in Hawaii. I don't remember the pool book!

That book is in rehab now.

jojo cucina cucina said...

What happened to my post. Damn that netbook. anyway i said, Julie...i remember the book where you spilled a bunch of tequila on it (i think you were in Hawaii). That was pretty funny. But i don't remember a book in your sister's pool. Maybe you never told me cause you were afraid i would never loan you another one from the Jojo Library!!!!!!! hahahaha....

jojo cucina cucina said...

OK, there it is. Now i should delete it. It was NOt there a moment ago.