Monday, May 14, 2012

On the eve of my 55th birthday. 1 minute video added from my friend Julie/JJ (her students)

May 16 - JJ/Julie is my very good friend,  the elementary music teacher who posts here sometime and this is the second year that she shot a video of her kids doing a birthday tribute in between their fancy dancing. I love the part at the end where they do the Farmer's Insurance jingle. They are all cute but the kid in plaid really cracks me up! I love her subtitles too.

Thanks Julie!!!!

1. This is a big week for me! I turn 55 tomorrow. I meet with those writers who invited me to join them for their monthly get togethers on Saturday and I run my half-marathon on Sunday.

2. I don't like to celebrate my birthday, but i do like celebrating running this race. Assuming i finish and all that. Which i'm pretty sure that i will. I have no idea how long it will take me. (I'm hoping not more than 2 and half hours. I'm going to try and shoot for 2 hours 15 minutes .)

3. I don't mind turning 55 years old. I never minded turning 40 or turning 50 either. However, i do have to say i don't think i will like turning 60 at all.

4. I remember when i was 11 years old my grandfather Pop from Morgan City died. He was 61 years old. I remember thinking that it was his time to go because he was old!

5. I am reading John Irving's new book. It just occurred to me why i can never keep a spreadsheet list of the books i read. I LOVE Excel spreadsheets but i just can't seem to keep one going for books and the reason is i can never remember the damn titles of the books, even as i might remember the author.

6. I just went and looked at it, it's called In One Person.

7. When i write a book i'm going to make sure it has an unforgettable title.

8. I'll think of one next time i'm drinking wine. It's hard for me to be creative when i am not.

9. I got to meet Amanda who posts here often and Amy (who just started posting) last Friday at Brian's work event!.... it was so great to meet with them in person!  (I don't count meeting Amanda before our blogging years because it was so brief.) Brian took a photo of Amanda and me. When he sends it to me i'll put it up on my blog.

9. It was 81 degrees today which is so amazing for us! Last year we didn't get into the 80 degree mark until mid-July. So this is very fun. I got my patio all planted and i've already sat outside. The chickadee baby birds are born and it's fun to watch the parents bring them little worms. When they do the little baby birds sound so twinkly, like tiny little bells ringing.

10. I love our annual chickadee family. They used to get upset with us when we sat outside so Brian moved the bird house they love into the tree. They never inhabited it that summer. So we moved it back and moved it to the opposite end and they are back and don't even mind when i am sitting outside.

11. Ok, now i sound like an old lady, talking about her birds. It's already happening! Yikes. On that note i'll sign off. I need to go switch out my summer and winter clothes. It's been on my list for weeks!

(I just realized i numbered these wrong which reminds me of a beloved yaya from the old Gumbo message board. For ummagumma, i always think of you when i think of number 9. )


amulbunny's random thoughts said...

Happy Birthday! 55 means you can order off the senior menu at iHop and Denny's. Wheeeeee.

I'm 13 months from 60. I don't fear 60. I will embrace it. 59, eh not so much. It's like being 20, in that in-between stage.

louielouie said...

Happy Birthday Jo!!

This is as close as you’ll get to a birthday card from me this year.

I used to be a great birthday rememberer and card sender but now I’ve lost it. I would like to blame the fact that there is no Hallmark store any where near my house any more (no book store either for that matter) but I really think it’s because my mind is going. I can’t remember anything and even if I do, I don’t follow through. I did think about it being your birthday a couple of times today though.

My daughter is a good card writer and rememberer so maybe I just passed it on to her.

I will be 58 this year. This is the first birthday that sounds old to me. I don’t think I look old (thank you Gene Juarez) or feel that old but I am TIRED and crabby. I know part of it is that it is May, and May is always tough when you work in the schools. But this year feels different. Worse.

We are going to Chelan for the weekend – Ron’s work –so maybe that will help. I am having a massage on Friday. Heck, we just got back from Hawaii so I have no real excuse. Maybe I’m turning into a mean and grabby old lady. The kind that yells at the neighbor kids. I figure that means I’ll get skinny because all the real nasty old ladies are skinny.

Can’t believe you are running that far, pretty danged amazing; that’s worth celebrating for sure.

jojo cucina cucina said...

amulbunny! hahahaha...for real? I thought that i was now eligible for senior citizen movie tickets. But i didn't know about iHop and Denny's. What a hoot!

Sarah/louie, i got your call yesterday. Thanks for remembering. To me, birthday calls are just as good as cards, it's the remembering that is important.

ARe the mean old ladies really skinny? I'll have to start paying attention!

I have one more day to run before the race, cause i rest on Friday and Saturday. The thing i am most worried about is not being able to run with music and how bored i will be!!!! Also hoping i don't feel like i have to go to the bathroom (big or little) while i am running. I rarely ever go two hours with peeing! hahaha....

Julie/JJ sent me this cute video of her kids that i'm going to link. They are sort of wishing me a happy birthday in between their dancing.

jojo cucina cucina said...

I am only going to keep this video linked for a short time (until my next post since it's from school.)

Amanda said...

Good luck on your run! It's a huge accomplishment. Hell, it's a pain in the ass to drive 13 miles. Running it is amazing. I can't wait to hear how it goes.

Let's go, Jo Jo (clap clap clap-clap-clap)! Let's go, Jo Jo!

jojo cucina cucina said...

Thank you Amanda. I checked last year's times of women my age running this race. If i ran it as fast as i did when i was 40 (1:55) i would be number 1 in my age division (55-60). I'm going to try for 2:15 and hope i don't go beyond 2:30. I honestly have no idea at all how fast i am running, i only go for time. I know it's not fast though. But it could be a 10 min. mile, maybe even an 11 min. mile. I hope it's not a 12 min. mile!

Though i was thinking if mean old ladies are skinny i probably should stop running altogether when i turn 60.

JJ said...

A list for your birhtday:

1. You will finish - and it will be good running weather (67 and no rain).

2. Jo and louie - you both look really good and that is why I keep you around. Plus you both cook really really well. - and louie I have about had it with school for the year too. Tired and everyone is whining.

3. Jo you should read "La Lacuna" by Barbara Kingsolver. The main character is a writer and he keeps turning in great titles and his publisher keeps changing them to make them.

4. THIS video isn't spontaneous, but earlier in the year each of these classes just spontaneously started doing something - obviously other than what I was teaching. One class started doing the Tango with each other, another group of 5th grade boys stood up and started what looked like a flash mob and another one did about 7 commercials in a row. Gotta love it.

louielouie said...

Today is finer than fine

Finished a good cup of coffee and bagel with cream cheese (thank you ron).

Sitting in my hotel room trying to get some school work done before my massage at 10:15.

The slider-door is open and cool breezes are wafting in.

Kids are already in the pool (8:30 am) and sweet kid-pool noises are rising.

The sun is shining, trees flowers and birds are out.

They are announcing my change in position at a district leadership team meeting and I'm not there. Am trying to figure the exact time to send the email announcement to my teachers.

My leadership group is giving an award at the meeting to one a member of our own group (not allowed) and I wrote great words to Oh My Darling Clementine for it. Hope their singing goes well without me!

Got the very best mother's day card ever from my daughter (roses from my son) - Jo I'll have to let you read what em wrote.

For this small slice of time, all is right with my world

jojo cucina cucina said...

Hey jj and louie. Your day sounds great, louie. You'll have to share Nick's card. Both of your kids said very nice things to me on Facebook today too after i told Emma if i had a guarantee that if i had a daughter she would turn out like Emma. And Nick told me i would be a great mom. LOL... I told them both that they should be so glad i am not their mom because their names would have been Roman and Harmony....(old blog post reference....) ...

Julie, i have that LaCuna book, right now i think it's in storage. I started it and tried to get into it, i even remember trying to imagine the main character as Brad Pitt....(I seem to do that a lot with books when i struggle with getting into the character or the plot.)...I never finished it. Is it really worth reading?

The commercials were so funny in the video. Brian wanted to know if they just did that on their own.

louielouie said...

Good luck tomorrow Jo

You'll do great!!!

louielouie said...

glad I posted early yesterday

had a fabulous massage

after which I spent the rest of the day on phone and email to work regarding a discipline hearing; what a mess!!
At least I had sunshine and a beautiful view too.

Went to bed with a migraine; had icky dreams and woke up with the headache still. Am recovering now though, and again at least I have sunshine and a beautiful view.

i am committed to a better day today, though i'll skip the wine tasting tour.

i have scheduled another massage for Sunday to make up for yesterday.

louielouie said...

Ever wonder how close your typing of those weird blurry words have to match for it to work? I swear I have to guess at half the characters cause I can't really read them but they always go through.

Am I the only one?

jojo cucina cucina said...

Thanks Sarah. I went and picked up my number this afternoon. Just being around all the hoopla gave me butterflies. I keep imagining that my body is hurting, my foot, my knee, my hip, but it's really psychological and not any worse that it ever is.

I have no idea what you are talking about with blurry words matching????

JJ said...

They did just do it on their own - my video was a reenactment but the first time they just started singing about 5 commercials in a row. Anything to get out of an actual lesson :)