Friday, May 25, 2012

Friday Night Live!

Menu of the Day: 

The photo: look real hard!.... This is funny in more than one way: My husband, in his health kick with the green soups, made this soup too. Look at the label on the tupperware: He has written Gestapo. What's also funny is he, of course, means gazpacho, a soup i really don't like at all. (Who wants to eat cold soup?) And this soup doesn't even look like gazpacho. It's more like a chili.

My husband and his Nazi soup! hahahaha...... I saw this in the freezer and laughed my ass off, so of course i had to take a photo. My husband is so cute.

The Video: Who saw the finale of Saturday Night Live? I thought it was one of the best ones in a very long time. Mick Jagger hosted and was so funny and awesome. This video is him singing a song he wrote about the presidential election. But the kicker is that Jeff Beck (one of the best guitar players in the world, according to Rolling Stone, is in it.) It's pretty cool.

In my glass: a really cool viognier rousanne blend that my wine friend Tom told me about today. A great summer wine for our 70+ degree day.

Latest iTunes purchase: the new Counting Crows Underwater Sunshine and Bonnie Raitt's Slipstream. I love that Counting Crows is covering that song "Amie", i forget the original artist, Nitty Gritty Dirt Band? I don't think that's right, but it's something like that.  (If eque was posting here she would know. )  I really love the Ooh La La song by Counting Crows.

Book: I'm not getting into Irving's One Person book or whatever the hell it's called. But that happens with him sometime. It might get better.

What I'm happy about: i'm still feeling good about that half marathon because i really surprised myself and i don't often do that. I really do think i'm going to do this again next year because when i look back on it... i love how it got me off my ass during our horrible winter months and this year i never got that seasonal funk. And i am still upping my running. I ran 45 min. yesterday.

Facebook sent a prompt about looking for my photo from the official race photographers. Uggggg. I realize how old i look when i am running. And my arms look muscle-y but not in a cool way. Sort of like when they showed photos of Madonna. I think i'm going to cut back on the weights. Plus i'm scowling. I'll see if i can link it here later.

Gripe: i have little ants in my house ever since the condo management sprayed for ants outside. How do you get rid of these little tiny ants?

Product endorsement: I just discovered Boden catalog! Who else orders online from these folks? dress i ordered from Boden

That's it for today. Only a menu. What's on YOUR menu? What are your Memorial Day plans?


jojo cucina cucina said...

Amie is sung by Pure Prairie League. I always get these bands mixed up.

jojo cucina cucina said...

The pool opens tomorrow. I used to be SO excited by this day. But Dorothy died 5 years ago and we quit taking care of the pool and they got rid of the adult hours from 4:00-6:30, (something about the Fair Housing Act). And now i realize i am relishing this nice evening without the pool being opened because i don't have to hear the kids screaming since my patio faces the pool. I used to not mind it. But now i do. I've officially become Clint Eastwood in Gran Torino.

I hope the kids who made me crazy last year have moved away. We'll see.

I made a batch of homemade pesto tonight. I love having pesto in the freezer. Tonight i am making a shrimp pesto pasta dish. When you have pesto and pasta in your house, you always have dinner. I freeze it in ice cube trays than transfer them to freezer bags.

On listening to my new purchases i love that Bonnie Raitt is also covering songs on her cd. She does a great version of Gerry Rafferty's Right Down the Line. And Counting Crows actually does a Madonna cover of "Borderline", (a Madonna song i actually liked). They also they do a great cover of Dylan's "You Aint Going Nowhere". I can tell i'm going to have to hold myself back and not play this cd to death.

louielouie said...

I make a pretty good Gestapo – maybe because I’m German.

I think Brian’s soup is suspect.

Made an excellent dinner tonight, a salad with left over steak and Shitake mushrooms, whish I could post a picture- looked just like the cookbook. Haven’t cooked in forever so it was fun and way better than the frozen/fast food fare I've has as of late.

Just finished the week from Hell. Took a personal leave day today but ended up working from about 9:00 to 2:30. I did where play clothes to work though (if you can believe it I have a pair of red Not Your Daughter’s jeans) so that helped.

I need a new job sooo bad. Work is a crazy place. Ron says I’m like this every May. He might be right.

Am thinking about what I want in my glass. My head’s been touchy this last week so I’ve been off the sauce, but am thinking about changing that tonight.

We’re going to meet with ron’s siblings tomorrow to see his mom’s new tombstone. I guess they don’t call them tombstones do they? Grave marker? What’s the right term? In any case, we will spend the day with my inlaw-family, always a little tense. Maybe I’ll wait until tomorrow night to break out the booze.

Cute dress jo, where will you wear it?

susieatl said...

Loved last week's SNL! I'm a big fan of the musical performances and all of Mick's segments were awesome. I love the Foo Fighters and they killed their part.

And the end where Kristin Wiig danced with everyone was very cool as well.

Jo, I have to say you were one of my inspirations to get back on the fitness trail. I've lost 15 lbs so far. My goal is to do another 5K and improve my time. Which shouldn't be hard as I walked it..hahaha.

I also want to get back into tennis. I used to play three times a week and it made me very happy.

Our pool is still not open. I was going to post a pic of the sign with the chain and padlock on the gate on facebook but I'm friends with some of the HOA board and I don't want them to be made at me and start citing me for dumb things. Which they did when I first moved in and now that we are friends I get away with more.

I love that site for the dress..I might get something off of there.

jojo cucina cucina said...

Susie, did you even have 15 lbs to lose? Good for you! I think tennis is one of the hardest sports of all, next to golf. and what a workout. Why isn't your pool open?

there were lots of people at ours yesterday but i didn't hear the screaming meemies from last year, so i'm hoping they moved away.

Hey louie, i just left you a message after realizing all of our messages were being sent to voice mail instead of our phone's answer machine which is where it's supposed to go first. I should have known something was up when i didn't even have the air duct cleaning service leaving me a message all week last week. We got it fixed so it goes back to our answering machine and the harmonic outgoing message.

By the way, i did look up that gazpacho recipe in Brian's health cookbook and it was the same recipe. Not what i think of when i think of gazpacho though. I don't like his cookbook at all, it doesn't have one photo of the recipes.

I bought that dress to wear to my nephew Brian's wedding on Sept. 1. There wedding will be similar to our wedding, in that it's at the Puyallup center near the park downtown and not in a church. The fabric makes it feel casual, but dressy at the same time. I have flat sandals to wear with it. I also got a black one that is knee length that is similar. Their clothes are very well made, but i would tell everyone to buy one size larger.

I bought the same size i wear from Eddie Bauer and it was too small so i had to return them for a bigger size. (I think Boden is a European company, maybe that's why.)

I was thinking too, that Ron is right. I think you do go through a bad spring at work. Maybe you should look at last year's posts here and see if you were feeling the same way.

Anonymous said...

In my glass: I can't remember my wines anymore. I must be drinking too much. Almost accidentally opened a 2006 Barbaresco that I was saving for "something special" on Saturday (whenever or whatever that may be). Glad I caught it.

itunes: haven't bought anything in ages. got a card for my birthday, though, so i'll check out the counting crows and see what else is calling me.

ants: try pine sol - the original pine scented kind. wipe down your counters with it. apparently they don't like that smell.

song: i knew it was "prairie" something. that song always reminds me of my friend amy.

i hardly ever watch tv anymore, and i haven't been able to stay awake for SNL in years. I was DVRing it but gave up my DVR since I never have time to watch anything. would rather do things outside.

happy summer!


jojo cucina cucina said...

equeyaya!!!!! Good to see you. When is your next trip?
I never remember my wines unless it's the regular staples. I started putting bottles i want to remember under the sink, but then it got too many. I tried soaking off labels, but some of them are stubborn. I could keep a wine note list but i know i would lose it.

Thank God for Tom the wine guy. He just knows what i like and sometimes i will go in to his shop and say, you know that white you sold me last week or so that you thought i would like, do you still have it? It starts with an "s".... and he remembers.

Sarah, i read over my last May's blog post and you didn't complain about your job that i could see. But then maybe you did in April and i didn't check those. By the way, Nick sent his girlfriend flowers. Real pretty ones, 'just because it's Tuesday'. I saw it on Facebook. Maybe it is serious! I didn't figure Nick for a sending flowers for no reason type!

jojo cucina cucina said...

Amanda and Amy, i can't change my blog unless i know you have seen The Nazi soup that Brian made!

jojo cucina cucina said...

Ok, new blog post tonight. Even if Amanda and Amy don't see my Soup Nazi post. But for now i'm out for a run.