Sunday, June 3, 2012

Stuff I like that most other people don't like.

1.  I like Howard Stern. I never watched America's Got Talent until last week by accident. (It was the episode with the guy lifting weight with his eyelids...eewwwww...I couldn't watch.) I was channel surfing (one of my top favorite hobbies) and just started watching. I also liked Don Imus too and even had a Letter to the Editor printed about him that i wrote after he was fired.

2. Disclaimer: I don't like everything they say or do. I just like that they unabashedly put themselves out there saying stuff that many other people are already thinking.  I tend to be attracted to be people who are not that polite. (My husband is the exception, he's a very nice man. But then i need someone to rein me in sometimes so nobody murders me.)

3. I like cleaning stuff. I like putting things in order.... putting stuff back where it belongs. I like dusting and vacuuming. And when i had a lawn, i also like mowing it.

4. Disclaimer: I hate washing my car though. (And putting away clothes.)

5. It's no secret how much i love balancing my checkbook. I post about it often.

6. Disclaimer: I hate writing out the check to pay the bills.

7.  I like cooking. What's weird is i like cooking a new recipe the most. Especially when company is coming over. Why this is weird is because i tend to gravitate towards what is familiar and not embrace new things.

8. Disclaimer: I hate cooking for high maintenance eaters. VEGANS. Doesn't mean i can't be friends with people who are vegans, i can, i just don't like cooking for them.

9. Though i have to admit, i don't think i could be married to a vegan. It might even be a deal breaker for me, like someone who does drugs or smokes. 

9. I can't say that i really love running, cause i don't, and i live for my non-running days. What i love most is the feeling i have when i am done. And how i feel about setting goals and keeping that commitment. (Truth is, for me it's not about the running at all. My goal is to keep it up at least until i am 60 years old.)

8. I like getting things fixed even if it means i have to pay for it. I recently paid a over a couple of hundred dollars to have the cabinet makers come out and put new hinges on my cabinet doors so they could close all the way. Nobody else would notice, but i do. I don't mind spending money to fix things that bug me even if i am the only one who knows.

9. I like raw oysters. And i would never disguise the taste with cocktail sauce. That ruins it!

10. I like anchovies on my pizza too but have yet to meet anyone who will eat a pizza with anchovies. 

11. I like always knowing well ahead of time what i am going to do. And the directions on how to get where i am going. This is because i really hate being lost. (It's  almost a phobia with me, probably has something to do with my childhood.) Probably other people are like this too, but i think most people like more adventure

12. I like staying indoors.

13. I like some Neil Diamond songs. (I'll post which ones later.)

14. I like asking personal and provocative questions.

15. Disclaimer: i wish more people were comfortable with this.

16. I like writing. I loved writing book reports in high school. Mine were probably always longer than anyone else's in class. (I know, probably not hard to believe!)

Maybe i will think of some more.


jojo cucina cucina said...

The Neil Diamond songs i like are:

Solitary Man.
Sweet Caroline (Is there a better sing-along song than this one? i think not!)
I'm a Believer.

jojo cucina cucina said...

I also like Kevin Costner. I know he can be a bad actor in many movies and he gets dissed a lot....But i have to say he was totally awesome in the mini-series Hatfield & McCoys. I loved him in Bull Durham but hated him in The Bodyguard (and quite a few other movies, which escape my memory for now). He's just not always that good of an actor. But he was great in this History Channel show last week.

amulbunny's random thoughts said...

1. I caught a couple of minutes of AGT with Howard and honestly, I thought he was very good on the show. I may watch it again this week, now that all my favorite shows are either gone or in hiatus.

2. I used to be a whiz at ironing. I could do mens shirts by memory when I was in college. That's how I avoided paying rent at home when I was in college. I ironed all my dad's shirts.

3. I only write checks for the rent or at the grocery store. I pay all the other bills online. Print out the receipt and put it in my book. My iPhone has my bank app on it so I can see up to the minute what has come in.

4. Never liked Neil Diamond, though Sweet Caroline is a great bar song. I liked Neil Sedaka. I liked the Monkees version of I'm a believer.

5. Never ignore a bladder infection. I took cranberry pills, drank gallons of water, and it didn't get any better. Went up to my kidney and I get to take Cipro for 10 days. The back ache gave it away.

6. I like staying indoors too. Until the landlords take all of their crap out of the side and back yard, we don't get to use it. They promised it would be done and it's a year later. It makes me mad that we pay a good chunk of rent and the hot tub doesn't work, there's a dead dinghy leaning against the fence, crap that's been there for years just sitting there. They also told us that we would have the double garage instead of the single. Right.

7. I don't like anchovies on pizza. I have used them all smushed and tasteless in several dishes. No one knew what that taste was.

8. I like writing reports as well. It is a skill that can be honed. I loved writing book reports and doing research. I wish I could find a job that entailed research that I could do at home.

9. My ex boss called me the navagatrix because I was excellent at giving directions. When I was little I got to sit in the front seat and read the map. I am a stickler about being on time. I detest being late. I married into a family where if you said 2pm, you'd be lucky if they showed up at 4. Fixed it by telling them an hour earlier and they might get there on time. It bugs the living shit out of me.

10. I used to like Kevin Costner, but it seems he has one expression and he uses it in all the movies he makes.

11. I like Tom Selleck as Jesse Stone, but I don't like his character on Blue Bloods.

jojo cucina cucina said...

amulbunny. I forgot. i kind of like ironing too! i think it has to do with instant gratification.

Of course i also forgot to say i like painting my house. I don't always like painting someone else's though because i don't always like their colors.

i love research too. I have no idea how i lived without Google.

navagatrix! lol.

I should be out running, but i swear when i walked outside to my car after getting off late from work it felt like autumn out. So i am taking my regularly scheduled day off from running. Now i just hope it doesn't rain tomorrow cause this means i must run tomorrow.

susieatl said...

OMG...I was talking to our Warehouse manager about Howard and saying the same thing last Friday. How funny is that?

We also talked about how desperate Demi Moore appears by falling apart over Ashton..but that is another story.

I love oysters..anchovies not so much. Had a boyfriend who like them and I tried it on a pizza.

I like Kevin as well and agree he is much better in some roles than others. But that's ok. The History channel had knockout ratings from the Hatfields & McCoys.

I'm a little down right now and not sure why. Going to Germany in two weeks but it is not exciting me at all. Again, not sure why.

Amanda said...

Solitary Man is fantastic. Sweet Caroline is okay, but I'm more of a Cracklin' Rosie gal. I can belt that out louder and more off-key than just about anyone.

Stuff I like that most people don't:

• Skunk smell (also the smells of gasoline and freshly-lit cigarettes - not together)
• Rotten grapes
• Peanut butter on hot dogs
• Cleaning bathrooms and doing laundry
• Popping zits (gross, I know, but satisfying)
• Peeling sunburns
• Sniffing my dogs' ears and my own dirty socks

This may be revealing too much. This turned out much more personal and provocative than I expected.

jojo cucina cucina said...

ewwwww, Amanda. hahaha.

I have to admit peeling scabs and sunburns can be addicting. I don't sunburn though and i hardly ever every injure myself. (Kind of hard to do that when you laze around reading or watching the HG Channel).

Did you see Brian's Gestapo soup last post?

Susie, would you rather be going somewhere else besides Germany?

That's funny about you talking about Howard Stern too. I think maybe it's the confidence with how he wields his outrageousness. He seems totally unfettered. is that the word i want?

louielouie said...

1. I like sleeping, but not sleeping in. I love getting into bed with clean crisp sheets going to sleep knowing I don’t have to get up at any particular time. But then I like to get up kind of early anyway.

2. I like getting up early on Saturday and getting stuff done (like working out, laundry) before other people are out of bed

3. I like Jillian Michaels. Actually I don’t like her or her workout; I just like having done it.

4. I like doing laundry. Mostly I like having the laundry done. Same goes for ironing. I also used to be a whiz at dress shirts. I’ve lost my touch though, I still do an OK job but it takes me forever. I used to teach ironing and required my 9th grade students iron a shirt as an assignment in my laundry unit.

5. I like being on time too; Jo won’t believe this, because she thinks I’m always late and I am late a lot, I just don’t like it.

6. I like cooking too and figuring out how to use leftovers in interesting and tasty ways. I like eating too. Nothing surprising there I guess.

7. I love the Food Network, Alton and Tim Allen but not Giada

8. I like plain yogurt; do not like flavored or fruity yogurt – way too sweet for me.

9. I like sauce, all kinds but I do not like pasta, rice or potatoes.

10. I like gin but I don’t like rum

11. I love/hate spell check

jojo cucina cucina said...

Re: Ironing. aren't you supposed to iron the sleeves on a dress shirt first? And why is that, if it's so?

hahaha...i do have to say that the last coupla of times you have been on time, Sarah!

I love Giada's recipes. But i can't stand her and her banal talk on Giada At Home. She and her husband have no chemistry at all. The dialogue is so wooden and stupid. But i do have nearly all of her cookbooks.

Tim Allen is on Food Network?

I cannot eat plain yogurt unless it is in a smoothie.

They do have Kirkland vodka at Costco. I saw it today. I still hate that Costco bought that initiative and the voters were stupid enough to fall for it.

I am not surprised, but i am scared, sicken and saddened that Scott Walker did not get recalled in Wisconsin today. I am truly worried now for my pension.

I do not love Jay Inslee our candidate for Governor, but i will be working for him, probably more than I did for Obama or Kerry. And I am really not happy that there will be no time to work on Obama's campaign. The State Democrats emailed me last week to see if i could help again with the GOTV for Obama. It was the same guy i worked with four years ago. I had to tell him know.

louie, as a cook, you would be a high maintenance eater since you don't like pasta and rice. Risotto and pasta are my favorite things.

I am finding that i am liking merlot more these days and cabernets less. Mostly i like the blends or shiraz. I bought a red Cougar Crest blend at Costco today. They make good wines.

I like running in the rain, but not the pouring down rain. I really hate the wind the most.

I love being alone. Lots of people hate that.

I like low light in my house more than bright sunlight. Lots of people would not like that.

I get you on spell check. I really like the thesaurus the most.

I like checking my work email from home often.

jojo cucina cucina said...

I had to tell them NO. NOt KNOW. Re: the Democrats.

louielouie said...

Maybe you meant

NO, Not Now

cause you will later, don't ya know