Sunday, June 10, 2012

A most amazing book. Another Product Endorsement. And a Milestone.

The Book: The Art of Fielding. I think this is going to be my favorite book this year. Cutting for Stone was my last favorite book. I started the book on Friday and finished it this afternoon.
The characters will stay with me for awhile. The author reminds me a bit of John Irving, Jonathan Franzen and maybe even Richard Russo. Some of my favorite authors.

Great writing. Great characters. And yes, it's about baseball. But it's also more than that.The worst thing about finishing a book this good is knowing that i will never be with these folks again.

Product endorsement: I am done buying super expensive mascaras. I used to spend over $30 on Chanel or Lancome products that were just clumpy messes and they never seemed to last very long. My last mascara was about five bucks and it's the best by far. It's Define a Lash by Mabelline. If you go looking for it Target or Walgreens, it's in a bright green neon tube.

Milestone: I had 51 page views today, it hasn't been that many in awhile. (Maybe because some folks have gotten used to me changing this thing on Sunday?) The milestone is that  i'm nearly at the 30,000 page views all time. (Right now it says 29,954).

Running: I'm still running longer on the weekends. 45-50 minutes during the weekdays and nearly an hour on the weekends. It's been nice and easy. I'm going to try and keep it up. My friend Karie and i are going to start running the park together on Mondays. She's a good runner and likes to go an hour. I like that kind of motivation.

What's Scary: My doctor just took me off birth control pills. I only take them for night sweats and to keep my moods in line. (Some folks might say they aren't working!)  I didn't really want to because i think i'm going to feel the effects. I think I already feel more cranky and i made Brian feel my t-shirt this morning that i had to change. It was still solidly wet hours later. It's only been 5 days.

She wants me to see if i can go without because of the risks of HRTs. I told her it wouldn't matter if i dodge getting breast cancer because i forgo the hormones, i am very likely to be murdered without my estrogen.

We shall see. If you don't see me posting for awhile.... haha.

What I'm procrastinating about: I have a nice bottle of wine and a card for one of our pool friends Cas, whose husband recently died. I haven't seen her regularly since Dorothy died, but she's still someone i care about. I keep saying i'm going to bring it over and then i don't. I don't even know why i'm putting it off.

My husband's soup: He's at band practice right now and he put another one of his soups on before he left. It's actually a soup i like, but it's stinking up the whole house. You know how old towels smell? That's how it smells.

What i would like to be doing: It's 68 degrees outside and sunny and i would like to go over to the pool but i think those screamie meemies are back. They are so loud over there. So i think i'll go sit outside on the patio instead with my iPod.

It seemed like i had something else, but i can't remember. So this is it for now.


susieatl said...

I went off the pill a year ago and in some ways I don't miss it. I don't have the hot flashes like I did when I was 40 (I started early) and the mood swings are better now that I take 5-HTP. I take 100 mg every night and I'm pretty calm.

I'm looking for a good book for the flight to Germany. That is all think about these days. I'm almost wishing the trip was over, there is so much I need to figure out. I'm traveling with two guys and my boss is a lesbian. That wouldn't matter but she only takes a garment bag and doesn't check anything in. The guys are taking a back pack each. I'm taking a large suitcase - we will be gone for 7 days!

They are giving me a boatload of crap about it but I'm sticking to my guns.

I'm also nervous about the eating. I've been on a role with my exercise and eating well. I don't want to derailed but I will be in Germany and I want to enjoy myself. I'm going to be working like a fiend to get as much weight as I can off before I go and then if I gain a pound or two, I won't be too upset with myself.

Enjoy your time on the porch!

jojo cucina cucina said...

Everytime i think of German food, susie, i think of white food, and not very good stuff either. I can't imagine traveling for 7 days with a backpack. And i can understand lesbians traveling light. Most i know never carry purses. Ever. You stick to your guns, you should see my travel companions, Julie (jj here) and Sarah (louielouie) - they bring big suitcases for THREE days.

louielouie said...

Ha – Jo you have never even seen my BIG suitcase!!

I am going to Vegas at the end of the month and am flying Southwest so my suitcase can fly for free. I may take my BIG one. I usually check my carry-on size one because I hate hassling with it at the airport plus I don’t want to mess with taking all my products out (in their mini-versions) and putting them in a zip lock bag. Plus I always travel with a couple of airline sized Bushmills in my make up case (you just never know) and sometimes a couple of Tanquerays too. Now whose business is that anyway?! I got in the habit when I would go to conferences with folks that would sit around together in someone’s hotel room drinking bad wine. A personal-sized Gin can save your life!!

Ran into my ex-sister in law today at church. She asked me if I had read Shades of Grey – couldn’t believe how racy it was. She’s ½ through book two I asked her if it was like the Harlequin Romance novels we sued to read at her mom’s (my ex m-in-law) lake place she said “ A lot more action” – so I figure that book is perfect for my Vegas trip.

I just read a vacation-worthy (not literature) book about 4 poker playing friends, Jo I’ll save it for you.

Might sign off and “Watch Midnight in Paris” I’m trying to like it in spite of Wood Allen as director.

jojo cucina cucina said...

i LIKE Woody Allen. Hannah and Her Sisters, Sleepers, Annie Hall.... i have to say while i like the one Wilson brother from The Family Stone, i don't like Owen so much.

hahaha about your ex SIL reading Fifty Shades. EVERYONE seems to have read this trashy domination sex novel, in spite of the terrible writing and even worse characters. We were talking about it last night at The Family Louvrak gathering in honor of Josh's bday. You should definitely bring it to Vegas. So many people have been talking about that book that you don't almost even need to be embarrassed to be reading it in public.

Before you even started talking about your airline size bottles i was going to bring up that you needed extra baggage for them. I love that line from Rum Diary where the hotel dude says:

Dude: How does anyone drink 161 miniatures?

Johnny: Are they not complimentary?

jojo cucina cucina said...

30,045 all time blog posts!!!

Huffington Post you better watch out. hahahaha.