Sunday, May 6, 2012


It's Sunday so i think i should change this blog. But i have no ideas. But that never stopped me before. So i'm just going to start numbering stuff and see what happens. Y'all should try it.

1. Gerry Rafferty is on the cd and i have to say i never get tired of City to City.  Right Down the Line is playing.

2. Even if it does remind me of my first ex-husband. Since it came out around 1978.

3. It's 68 degrees outside! To us in the Pacific Northwest, this is as huge a deal as when it has a big snow in January. Our weather is usually so much the same gray skies, 40 degree weather 98 percent humidity. In other words, always a bad hair day.

4. I finished a book called So Much Pretty. It was a layered rural upstate New York suspense story. Good. Much better writing than Fifty Shades!

5. I made fun of myself for buying these Garnet Hill $79 yoga pants online while drinking wine (I think i did this on Facebook instead of here though so some of y'all might not know) and i have to say i LOVE these pants and have been living in them every weekend. They are so comfortable and don't stretch out in the knees.

6. What i like most is they don't have a drawstring like sweatpants do so it doesn't look like you're walking around with a hard on when your t-shirt sticks out over them.

7. I like them so much i asked Brian to buy me a pair for my birthday.

8. This birthday i will be 55 years old. I don't mind this really and i was thinking that i can get senior citizen discount tickets to movies? Is that true? I do mind that I am beyond middle age now, but i was last year too. so not biggie. Nobody lives to be 108 or 110 years old.

9. Not with my Type A personality and the way i drink wine.

10. My nephew Brian called me today (the one who is getting married in Sept.)  and we talked for about an hour on the phone. It's so easy to talk to him. I love his instinctive and intuitive mind. He's grown up a lot in the past few years.

11. I might come back here and put up a photo. (I hate having a blog post without one.) But this is a mishmash of nothing really. Not sure what photo would match.

12. Come and put up your own mishmash! HEY...i think i just came up with a subject line! (I was going to just leave it blank.)

13. It would have sounded better if i put this up tomorrow though. Mishmash Monday! Maybe it should be a regular thing.


jojo cucina cucina said...

So if you have an ex-husband...or ex-anything....what song or music reminds YOU of your ex?

jojo cucina cucina said...

Ok, i found a photo. When i think of mishmash. I think of Cream of Wheat. Which i really love. Brian made it for breakfast just yesterday!

Amanda said...

The pants don't stretch out at the knees! That's totally worth the extra money. I hate the baggy knees an hour into wearing them. So tacky.

A lot of music reminds me of my ex, but probably the weirdest one is "Cheap Sunglasses" by ZZ Top. One morning, the alarm went off and the radio popped on with that song. I always got up first (at 4:30 in the pitch black), so I hit snooze. Brian shot up out of bed, yelling "What are you doing!! That's Cheap Sunglasses!" I thought I'd never stop laughing. For years afterwards, he would tell random people that I turned off Cheap Sunglasses. He'd also use it as evidence when he thought I was wrong about something. I loved it. The song makes me happy and sad whenever I hear it now. Such a strange song to be emotional about.

Rhinestone shades and cheap sunglasses...

jojo cucina cucina said...

Amanda! I have to say that your story about Cheap Sunglasses is so good. I told Brian about it this morning and now every time i hear Cheap Sunglasses i'm going to think about your ex and i don't even know a thing about him! What a funny story, especially the part about him pulling it out at random to prove you wrong! hahaha!

I feel like you need to have grandchildren because you have good stories to share with them! You're a good storyteller. (Maybe you can adopt some when you get older. )

PS re: the yoga pants ... yes, i figure they cost me $35 per knee, but i hate having stretched out knees in sweatpants.I had no idea how well made they were, i was on my third glass of wine i think when i bought them online so i was sort of kicking myself for buying them and found out how nice they are. I might even take up yoga so i can wear them in public!

jojo cucina cucina said...

If i didn't have only 11 cents in my iTunes account i would buy that song Cheap Sunglasses right now!

louielouie said...

Mish Mash Mush
You put butter on your Cream of Wheat?

My mother used to sing the Cream of Wheat song every time we had it for breakfast. My dad too. For a couple of years my mom worked an early shift at the hospital and my dad would get us breakfast –while I was in grade school. He had about 6 menu items on a chart that he would rotate through. You could look ahead and see what was coming. When he fixed orange juice he would whip it up with the rotary hand mixer so it would get frothy on the top. I have never liked OJ, but did like that my dad whipped it up for us.

Dad also read to us while we ate. One year he checked out the Uncle Remus stories from the PLU library. My dad was not racist, but looking back, those stories are, or at the very least stereotyped. We loved them. My dad kept the book and got fines from the library but still never returned it. My memory is they eventually changed the fine to the cost of the book.

Before we (my little brother, Doug, and I) left for school, dad would ask me if I remembered to wear my undershirt and if my brother brushed his teeth. I always had my undershirt. Doug lied, so eventually dad started to feel his toothbrush to see if it was wet. So Doug began putting it under the faucet first so dad would think he brushed his teeth. I swear he never brushed his teeth and never had any cavities. I always brushed and still ended up with a ba-jillion fillings.

Doug and I would walk to school together (it was a mile, but no hills and hardly ever any snow) with our dog Louie. I did have to wear a dress though, so my bare skinny girl legs were cold. Louie met all his dog friends there and ran around a while before going home. The most memorable walk was during the earthquake in 1965. We couldn’t believe how the buildings were shaking and once we got to school everyone, even the teachers, was running around outside.

I had a good childhood. We were poor but I didn’t know it. I think everyone else was poor in those days too; at least my friends were.

jojo cucina cucina said...

Those are great stories about your Dad, louie. How cool that you dad whipped your orange juice. I think i'm going to try it next time i have some.

I do not put butter on my Cream of Wheat. I didn't take this photo, i got it from the internet(s). I do put brown sugar though. I LOVE Cream of Wheat. I didn't know there was a Cream of Wheat song!

We were poor too - free and reduced lunch kids, ( but too proud to apply). I did know it and was terribly embarrassed about it. I hated having friends over because our house was so tacky with it's cheap flimsy puke green plastic curtains, ugly faded worn furniture, not to mention how dirty the whole house was because my mom is practically one of those hoarders you see on TV. It's the reason i became a neatnik and why doing new stuff to my home is important to me. I like things that are high quality and well made and i don't mind paying for them. I lived with cheap all my growing up years. I always knew i would make sure i didn't have to as an adult.

Funny about Doug wetting his toothbrush! HAHA...your dog's name was really Louie? Is that why you call yourself Louie?

I wasn't here for the 1965 earthquake, but i always remember that story Darlene tells when Sam's kids were little and the earthquake hit - i think it was the 1965 one. Sam panicked and without thinking about her kids, tore out the front door running down the street leaving the kids with Darlene.

jojo cucina cucina said...

Amy, i just responded to your comment about Fifty Shades on the previous post. I have to point this out because usually once a new post is up, rarely does anyone go back to the previous one.

For example i just looked and today had only 6 views....