Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Coming Tomorrow: Live Blogging during the Obama/Romney debate!

The shiraz i will be drinking is one of my favorites and SO apppropriately named:  'VELVET SLEDGEHAMMER'. Which is how i picture Obama tomorrow! 

I've done this before during the Academy Awards and it was fun. i hope some of y'all want to join me! (louie, if you are at your mom's house i guess you won't be able to do this!)

See y'all tomorrow!  

Go O! Go O! Go O!


jojo cucina cucina said...

Ok, went to my wine shop and they were out of Velvet Sledgehammer, so i'll have to settle for something else. Ballbuster would have been a good second choice, (another favorite red) but they were out of that too. So i'm still on the search for an appropriately named good red. I'll find one.

louielouie said...

I have complete faith in you finding an appropriate (and tasty) red.

I have complete faith in Obama’s performance too, but have to admit, debates make me nervous.

I do not have complete faith in Joe Biden’s debate skills. I do, however think he’s swell.

I do not have complete faith in the electorate either. Now I’m starting to worry about senate races nationally; and the Supreme Court.

Wish I could stay home so I could blog with you, but that would mean sending my husband off to watch the debate with my mom. Doesn’t seem right to ask or expect and he didn’t volunteer. Maybe next debate we can, maybe even from the same house.