Friday, July 5, 2013

I can't think of that many fun things i was wrong about. So we're just going to do the random shit. Now with Gnocchi!

I'm adding our homemade ricotta gnocchi photos. We made this on Thursday! 
You need a special little tool to make these ridges. It's fun to do! 
Final homemade gnocchi dish with proscuitto and homemade pesto. 
My subject title is in reference to my previous blog post. I was going to choose the topic "Things i Was Wrong About" .... But i could only come up with a few, so i'm ditching it.

I'm not saying i've not been wrong about stuff, of course i have been wrong....many times... example: I am a woman who was divorced TWICE by the age of 35.... but i just couldn't come up with any fun ones. 

However, I did think of this one: I remember when the show Friends came on that it was going to be a hit, and i told my sister back around 1995 when the show was new than i thought David Schwimmer (Ross) was going to be as big a hit as Tom Hanks who came off of Bosom Buddies. And of course i was wrong....I was trying to think more along those lines. 

So let's just so the random stuff. And as usual, I have no idea what i'm getting ready to post about. 

1. My disclaimer about not having an idea is maybe why only 2 people post on this blog anymore. I was better at this when other people posted because i fed off them. It's not easy writing to yourself. Know what i mean? I don't want to keep blogging only to have a conversation with myself.

2. Stuff on my mind this week: How am i supposed to be feeling about this Snowden guy anyway? I do NOT want to watch the news channels on my vacation and i can't tell from the headlines what is really happening.

3. The same with Egypt. Again. I wrote about this some on other time here about Egypt and what the f*ck was going on.

4. I put that asterick in as an attempt to De-Thug myself from cussing. (You have to to read earlier posts about Thug Kitchen to know what i'm talking about.)

5.  This has been my first week of vacation and the weather so far through June and this week has been more great summer weather than all of last year through the end of August. 

6. Facebook is boring me again. It was this time last year that i quit for three months. So why do i keep checking it 20 times a day? 

7. Facebook is like a bad boyfriend. You keep wanting them to call you even though you don't really have that much fun with them anyway. And the reason you don't is because you know they aren't that into you. 

8. Yesterday was the 4th of July. I do not like the 4th. I feel the same way about the 4th that i do about Halloween. I do it. but i wish i didn't have to.  I don't like giving out candy and i don't care shit about fireworks. I just want to get it over with. 

9. However, like a good little military brat, i hang the flag. 

10. I don't know exactly why i feel this way about holidays. It's a problem sometimes with my good natured husband who likes most every holiday. I think it probably means i need therapy

11. If i was/were (what the f*ck is the correct way to say this anyway?...were....was.... ..forever more i am going to make it one word: 'was/were'...... ) If i was/were in therapy i would say this: 

  • I had a mother who didn't like me even as a baby because my dad liked me too much and she was jealous. (She actually admitted this to me this not that long ago.)
  • I knew i couldn't rely on my parents pretty early on, but in retrospect, that may the be one gift they gave me. 
  • I was the oldest of four kids and worried enough about everything for all of us. (And maybe the Hail Mary's that i said as a 10 year old really saved us. My brother Troy says i worry too much. But i think he doesn't worry enough and my life is more what i want than his is. ) 
  • And i think i may have lived in a different life before this one that had me so totally encumbered by people needing me that i would go crazy in this life if i had too many people needing me now. Hence, hating anything obligatory. Like holidays. 
I don't have a photo to put up yet, but i might add it later cause i have having a naked blog post. 

So come and tell us: 

1. How was your 4th of July and what does it mean to you?

2. If you were to have therapy, what are the buzz points you would likely bring up to get through it? 

3. How's your Facebook life going? 

4. And how to you feel about Snowden and Egypt? I am too lazy to know what i should be feeling so i trust y'all to get me there.

Notes to Self: 
All time blog posts: 45,453
Last Month: 1,036
Remember July bdays: Kylee, Pat S., Brian


amulbunny's random thoughts said...

1. The 4th was full of young adults drinking, eating hot dogs and hamburgers and shooting off a sh*tload of safe and sane fireworks in the driveway, while our neighbors shot off the good illegal ones. There was a sei permanent rumbling in the air from the mortars being shot off all over the area. I think the holiday commemorates a time when freedom was at stake and though sadly 80 years later we were fighting brother v brother the right side one.

2. Therapy:
persistent sadness even though I'm on 2 different medications
anger at my son for not trying to improve on his situation
feeling like I could have achieved so much more if I was paralyzed by
the fear of failure.

3. Facebook is fine. Even if my midwestern relatives think I'm a liberal baby killer who does't worship the same Jesus they do.

4. Snowden followed his conscience whether he was right or wrong, it's nice to know that someone could spill the secrets. Egypt is chaos. What the people want and what the politicians want are 2 different things. It's not going to come out well.

Enjoy your vacation.

jojo cucina cucina said...

amulbunny, you just gave me an idea for the next blog post. Have we done this one before? "Things we would do if we didn't let fear get in the way."

I hate having a blog post without photos so i'm adding our homemade gnocchi making photos from earlier this week. It was really good and fun to make!

Amanda said...

Hey, Jo!

We went camping out in the middle of nowhere for the fourth. We didn't hear a peep of fireworks. In fact, I heard almost nothing the entire weekend. It was great.

The gnocchi looks delicious. I'm always impressed when people take on elaborate, labor-intensive cooking projects. I'm way too lazy!

Do you have any big plans for the summer? How long are you on vacation? Have you been keeping up with the Zimmerman trial? What the piss is going on in Egypt? I can't care about Snowden. Let him go to Venezuela or wherever. I don't care too much.

I echo your sentiment about keeping up a blog. I'm not that interesting when there's no interaction. Hell, I'm not that interesting when there is interaction. Plus, all I want to write about is how much I miss my dog. That would probably be a good subject for therapy.

Amy said...

Howdy Jo! I'm going to try and be an interactor. I do read your blog all the time but don't have much to say most of the time.

My 4th was spent looking for my 8 month pregnant sister's golden retriever, Walter. The July 3rd fireworks scared him enough to jump the fence and leave when he went out to pee before bed. Luckily someone found him and brought him to an emergency vet where he stayed until Friday.

I can't want to go to therapy. As long as I'm on the good birth control life is good.

I choose Instagram over Facebook these days. Really all I'm interested in is pictures anyway. And if one of my friends takes too many selfies I can unfollow them. It also doesn't drain nearly as much time.

I've been watching so many Dexter reruns for my tv time that I have no idea about any current events. It's kinda nice. I don't know anything about Snowden or Egypt.

Amanda you need to blog about your random encounters! Like the woman that wanted "normal" cheese, not hot cheese on her nachos at the movie theater.

jojo cucina cucina said...

Hahaha....about the "normal" cheese on her nachos. Did she think she was at Starbucks?..... thank you Amy and Amanda for being here and amulbunny of course too!

I am writing ftom Iron Springs. amanda this is a super cool place and a dog haven. Do you know it? It is on Copalis Beach. I love it here!

Amy i'm glad Walter was found! I don't get fireworks being the big patriotic celebration. Seems to me any soldier coming back would be further traumatized by the booms. I really kind of hate them myself.

I actually meant to mention the zimmerman trial amanda only to add that i refuse to watch. I spent way too much time that summer of that tot mom's trial!

I am on vacation until Aug. 6. I have three more trips after this one. Port townsend ...again back to iron springs...then manzanita oregon we have a beach house rented first week in Sept. I love beach trips!

louielouie said...

The gnocchi looks great.

If it is good and not too much work you will need to make it for us on our trip. I cooked so much last weekend (the pulled pork turned out well) including ice cream, pies and jam so am having a hard time feeling like making any meals this week. It's Wednesday and I've already gone out to lunch twice and dinner once - not counting dinner at my mom's tonight. Good thing we have left over pulled pork or Ron would go hungry.

So there is good internet at Iron Springs? Don't know why I figured there wouldn't be.

Am looking forward to vacation no matter what we eat i have TWO FULL weeks in a row which is a lot for me. Now my challenge is to complete the projects I need to get done before vacation. I don't want to think about half-done tasks/projects while on vacation.

Have also had two cosmopolitans in the last three days, oh yeah and a gin and tonic, so I must be ready for vacation. It's 9:30 now and I'm ready to get ready for bed. Guess vacation can't get here soon enough

jojo cucina cucina said...

It is good internet here louie.... though i can't vouch for cell service though since i don't have one and brian hasn't tried to use his yet.

It was much cooler here than y'all had today. It didn't even hit 65 today. But i don't care... it got sunny finally and the evening makes it nice for sleeping. we went to the local funky bar The Green Lantern tonight (3 miles away) and we liked it but it won't be the place for our 'ladies' trip...(i like how emma calls it!)

I was thinking i might try the ricotta gnocchi it can be a group fun thing too. And i can make my pesto ahead of time and do the crisp proscuitto on top like i did here.

Amanda said...

I wanted to remind you to tell me your secrets to running. I'm dying to know. Literally dying. Running is killing me, starting at my feet. Youch!

Anonymous said...

"Facebook is like a bad boyfriend. You keep wanting them to call you even though you don't really have that much fun with them anyway. And the reason you don't is because you know they aren't that into you." ~jo benedetti

I love this quote and I am going to cite it on facebook!

1. How was your 4th of July and what does it mean to you? It was like any other day off. We hiked and then we camped out overnight before hiking the next day. I feel the same as you about almost all holidays anymore. They just feel like obligation.

2. If you were to have therapy, what are the buzz points you would likely bring up to get through it?

I like yours. And I have done quite a bit of therapy. I had a very blessed upbringing which makes it harder for me to accept the challenges I have now. I always try to use perspective to identify what the learning opportunity is, and I make a point to remember what I have to be thankful for. I try to tell myself that happiness is a choice. I worry too much, too. The takeaway from my most recent round of therapy was that I need to take care of myself and make that a priority, so that's what I have been working on.

3. How's your Facebook life going? Pretty much the same as you described. I am sick to death of the cartoons and cutsie stock photos we are supposed to like so some corporation can capture our information. I generally use it to organize my photos.

4. And how to you feel about Snowden and Egypt? I am too lazy to know what i should be feeling so i trust y'all to get me there.

I don't feel like I have followed it closely enough to have an opinion. I am sad about Egypt, though, because I would love to go there someday, and it's starting to look like I will never be able to.


Anonymous said...

PS - did I tell you I finished WILD? Loved it! I passed it on to my hiking friend Lois.

jojo cucina cucina said...

I accidentally signed in on Brian's laptop with his sign-in so i have to delete it.

Here it is copied and pasted:

Good to see you Barbara! i'm glad i am not the only one not following the Egypt, Snowden, Zimmerman trial. Though i will say this. I believe Zimmerman is guilty and i say that just from when i read about the news back when it happened. Thanks for liking my Facebook quote!

I forgot that i also need therapy for my need for order. As i write in am still at our Iron Springs cabin on the beach (I'll post photos pretty soon on another blog post) AFTER i post about How to Run for Amanda.

Anyway, i just went around the cabin and straightened things up. I find myself putting all of our glasses, sunglasses, readers, prescriptions in a line on the table and putting our shoes in a line. I'm a sick person and i worry sometimes that i will just get worse as i get older.

It's beautiful here today and we decided to stay another night since they had it open one night before the next reservation.

eque/Barbara, i thought you would like "Wild". Amanda read it too. And also my friend Julie. Maybe we can start a discussion on this next blog post. Y'all are all hikers (i'm as likely to go on a hike as i would be to go shopping with my mom, babysit triplets, dog sit pit bulls, or vote Republican) but i did like that book. Just as i liked "Into Thin Air" though i would never mountain climb.

OK, Amanda i'll put up my running tips for you!

Anonymous said...

yes, i enjoyed Amanda's and Julie's notes in the front, lol!