Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Midsummer Random Chardonnay Musings.

I found the pigtail running photo!!!! This is from our very early running days, circa 1984...i think. (This is in reference to the How to Run blog post)
Just like back in the Gumbo days. I have no idea what is on my mind, but what's in my glass is some chardonnay left over from my pal Julie's 50th birthday party. It comes in a magnum but is a surprisingly good, for coming out of a big bottle. I just poured a second glass.

I took this photo tonight to add for the blog photo to show my summer look of wild fat hair where i wash it and let it go cause i HATE blowdrying my hair....and after i took it i decided to change it to my template photo instead because it matched the colors. But that proved harder than i was expecting because then i started getting into changing fonts.  Finally after about an hour i gave up and settled on this. So on with it!

1. Do you care about the Royal Baby? I don't. I was hoping because Kate was non-royalty that they might name the baby Joe. George is such a pretentious snooty name for an English baby. OR why not Hugh, or Tony ....?perfectly nice English names?

2. Two things i sort of hate if taken too far: nostalgia and tradition. (not to mention religion and politics).

3. Why do people say 'not to mention' and then go ahead and do that very thing? I hate that kind of stuff too. Like "I'm no racist, but......" you know how it usually ends. something like "Trayvon Martin was a thug looking for trouble but they keep putting up that photo of him when he was younger to make him look sweet."

3. Speaking of names i hate. There are so many trendy names i hate right now that it's not fair to the kid that when i meet them i already think their parents are dolts for naming them these names: Conner, Brandon, Lindsey, Brittany, Riley, Dylan.... Hmmmm. in thinking about #3 i wonder how many Trayvon's will be born now?

4. I like the name Jake. That's my new favorite name.

5. I told you this was random!

6. My niece Kylee/modern hippie...remember her? ...she no longer blogs at all, even on her own blog. Plus she is in love now too with a really nice guy that i like. I couldn't have found a better pick for her really. Anyway she is skydiving on August 3rd. It's something she has always wanted to do so her boyfriend bought her a ticket to do so. I'm going to watch her. She said she wanted Brian and me and her parents to be there most of all. That was nice.

7. She is really living her life these days and doing great. I'm very proud of her.

8. I would only go skydiving if my doctor told me i had only 6 months to live. Then i would try all kinds of things. Like kayaking, and hiking, and flying in airplanes all over, and visiting unfamiliar places, and hot air ballooning, and subjecting myself to a crowd at a rock concert.

9. I never though of how dying could give you lots of freedom to do stuff you wouldn't ordinarily do.

10. Truth is i probably wouldn't do any of those things in #8. It's not even fear so much that keeps me from doing stuff. I just don't want to do it. period.

11. I would probably blog my last days out and write my own obituary so it wasn't a phony one. Then i would choose all the music for my memorial. That could take a lot of time.

12. Does anyone else have this problem that when you try and type an 'a' while texting (or as in my case, on a Kindlefire, it always comes out as an 's' nearly every single time? It drives me crazy how i have to keep going back and making that same correction when replying to emails on my kindle.

13. We have had the best summer that i ever remember. Really amazing weather for us. Last year sucked so much but this year is one great day after another. It reminds me why i love living here. And dare i say it? I almost miss the rain a little bit. The last time i remember feeling this way about the weather was 1992.

So what's on your mind?

Notes to self: 
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Day 5: of no blood pressure medicine. Doing okay so far.
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jojo cucina cucina said...

Another note to self:
Do NOT try to change your template after two glasses of wine.

amulbunny's random thoughts said...

1. Maybe they'll ignore the George Alexander and call the baby Louie. I like Louie.
2. Nostalgia is good sometimes. I like to walk through old cemeteries and think about the people who are below ground. For those of us who will be burned to a crisp, who's going to remember us?
3.I'm so tired of Trayvon and George. Let Florida get their minds back and change the law. I could say something racist but I won't.
3a. Teaching in a ghetto school had me learning all sorts of made up names. Like when you're bored in labor you take a legal pad and start writing down names that sound tribal. I kid you not, that's where some of them came from.
4. I like Eric. I also like Tom.
5. We spent nearly an entire rent payment on getting our car fixed. I am in shock,
6. I am going to start writing my moms obit, hopefully she'll go on to 100 and I'll have to edit it a few times.We've already changed the songs she wants. I might put in the beer barrel polka if I can.
7. I use a little pen like stylus with a rubber tip to write with on my kindle. I don't usually go online with it anymore. But I play my slot machine game and am up to level 39. And Solitaire. Can't forget solitaire.
8. We've had June Gloom since May. Had a glimpse of summer when we were in Oakhurst. It's been in the 100+ for over 6 weeks. Bass Lake was a treat!
9. I have a nice central coast white that I will try Sunday. Will not take my meds so I can enjoy the afternoon.
10. Our new dog has an interesting personality. She loves to dance with me. Muddy paws and all.

jojo cucina cucina said...

Sctuslly i like thst it turned out this wsy with the letters scross my fsce.

louielouie said...

louie rocks
louielouie rocks hard

louielouie said...

I do care about the Royal Baby; not sure why. I like the name George just fine. Did they decide on George? My all time favorite name is David. I do not like hyphenated names like Emmy-sue or Emmy-jo or Emmy-lyn or Emmy-mae. I try not to hate names because as soon as I do, someone has a new grandbaby with that name.

I am also fascinated with Kate Middleton’s fashion choices. Both pre and during pregnancy. I look forward to post pregnancy clothes.

I do not want to skydive. It has nothing to do with dying; I’m just not into scary things. I would not spend my last six months of life doing scary things or taking scary trips. For sure I would not wear makeup or shave my legs in my last six months. I also don’t think I will fight courageously and never complain. I think I will bitch, moan and whine to the very end. Maybe I’ll get luck and not have the six months notice.

I have the “a” and “s” problem too. A bigger issue for me though, is that I usually hit the caps lock instead of the “a” so I get no “a” and the rest of my writing is in caps so I have a bunch to go back and correct.

It has been a beautiful summer. I too love our summers. My only complaint is that my allergies have been particularly bad this spring and summer. I am tired of scratchy and itchy eyes.

jojo cucina cucina said...

I am pretty sure i would be complaining and sniveling should hear me whine over mosquito bites. Though they super get up in the middle of the night to treat them. I would also be rsging at the injustice ....unless of course i am 95 years old.

Amulbunny! Beer barrel polka at a it! I might steal your idea.

I wonder if i could msster the stylus. I am on the kindle now trying to use more than one finger and that seems easier somehow.

I don't do any games on my kindle...even angry birds was stupid to me after awhile.

Also amulbunny you bring up a good point about cemeteries ...though i still want to be cremated...cemeteries can be kind of cool to walk through...but i wonder why we don't run out of land. When you think of all the people who die and need to be buried. Pretty soon we will have to dig up Walmsarts and count city buildi gs and golf courses and ...i am trying to think of other stuff i could care less if they demolished...Hooter's....the state capitol....applebees....all to mske room for burying dead people.

jojo cucina cucina said...

i fixed my blog template. I had lost my followers and profile last night but figured out how to get it back. Still playing with fonts. I love blogger's fonts!

Depending on what device you are reading my necklace makes the 'o' in cucina exactly! hahaha.....

jojo cucina cucina said...

The photo is louielouie/sarah and case you don't want to go back to the How to Run post.

Amanda said...

I know two people who named their sons Marcus. Those poor kids will forever be called Mucus because their parents refused to listen to me. I begged them both to reconsider. It was an ugly scene.

George is okay, though.

My parents' new motorhome is named Georgieboy. Seriously, that's the model. I ask about it all the time, solely because I like saying Georgieboy.

Aren't there some places that stack dead people on top of each other in the ground to save space? I seem to remember reading something like that. I don't care what happens to me after I'm dead. Throw me in a hefty and toss me in a bog.

jojo cucina cucina said... want to be discarded like Caylee Anthony?????

I agree with you about the name Marcus.

Amanda said...

Yes! Have you seen those bog people they pulled out of Ireland? They're amazing little rubbery things. I love them. I was obsessed with the Irish bog people when I was in college. I was taking a Seamus Heaney course and discovered them. I love bog people!

Caylee just wasn't left to cook long enough to be cool.

I'm going to hell for that, but I'm not deleting it.