Wednesday, November 13, 2013

I only need three more...

my husband Brian and louie's daughter Emma in Port Townsend
Jo Glows! 
Port Townsend chairs
My blog post goal is one a week and lately i've been slacking. I think ever since i found out that fake vampirestat blog was stalking me and inflating my numbers for their own gain that i've not been as diligent since humans are not REALLY here. This is post number 50 for the year 2013. And about as many real views for the year by humans. 

Let's just do an old fashioned Menu....
Port Townsend Brevia coffee. 

Menu of the Day:

Photos: louie and i and our husbands had a fun weekend in Port Townsend over Veterans' Day.  Louie's daughter Emma joined us for Saturday night. Here are are few photos from that.

Book: I just finished two. Where'd You Go Bernadette and We Are Water. I love both of these books! The Bernadette one is a raucous fun satirical bunch of characters. The Wally Lamb Water book is very good too, better than his last one which was a novel about Columbine.

iTunes purchase: I bought the Lumineers from iTunes but iTunes has upgraded and for the life of me i cannot figure out how to get it on my iPod. It used to be a drag and click to the joPod. But now it's more complicated.

Irritation: See above.

Blessing: See above. (If iTunes is my irritation, i have to say i have it pretty good!)

Struggling with: winter running. I don't believe this year i will be able to consider the half marathon training as incentive. I'm still running but my knee is not going to hold up for long runs and now the bottoms of my feet are always sore. (I blame New Balance for making it difficult to find my shoe size and i have to keep trying out other brands, first Saucony, and now Brooks. Neither work for me.)

Looking forward to: I have finally ordered the fabric to re-upholster my sofa. It will be a nice solid cranberry red.

I'm feeling good about: Having started some Christmas shopping!

Speaking of Christmas: This year we are going to get a tree from H&L Produce. They already are cut. For the first time in nearly 40 years i am not going to the tree farm where it takes me two hours to choose a tree, OR as in the times when Brian went alone, 15 iPhone photos of trees sent to my work email for my approval. Each year they have been drying up in spite of my diligent watering and the cooler LED lights. Also i'm putting it up Thanksgiving weekend.

Note to Self: 
Word count: 294
Sunset: 4:38 pm :(
Longest Run this week: 42 minutes


amulbunny's random thoughts said...

Just finished The Lives of the Mayfair Witches, now reading Sycamore Row.
Not much. Have a flu shot scheduled for this afternoon.
The last purchase I made showed up automatically on my iPod. I'll have to wait for my daughter to show me how to move it to my phone.
It's 84º degrees here on November 13th. Ridiculous.
Finished up the 3 OrthoVisc shots in the shoulder, pain is back and worse than ever. Yesterday I was holding a glass measuring cup and it fell out of my hand. I had no sense of grip or holding it. Damn nerves.
Tree goes up 2nd Sunday of Advent after my children go buy it. I wanted a live one in a container but that didn't fly. Nothing bought yet. I'd be happy with Amazon gift cards.
Thanksgiving: I'll do all the cooking, my moms house will be the venue. Costco turkey breasts and a ham, lots of veggies, shrimp, and wine. For Christmas we'll have sushi and sandwiches.

da bunny

jojo cucina cucina said...

OH there you are, amulbunny!!!! i thought you left because i didn't see your avatar as it used to be. I usually click right on it to get to your blog. I wasn't looking for books!

I love your idea of sushi Christmas!

I read that you've been having problems with pain. What else can you do besides shots? Are you having surgery?

I think i would love Christmas more if we didn't have to do all the present stuff. I feel like i never buy good presents and that is partly because i hate shopping for anything. Luckily my nieces and husband provide me with specific lists!

84 degrees????? Where do you live again???

jojo cucina cucina said...

By the way i don't know what that coffee is. Brevia doesn't sound right. I didn't order it, louie did. I am a drip coffee person normally.

Amanda said...

South of here, in Josephine County, they sell treated human waste for fertilizer. It's call JoGro. Your Joglo reminded me. Haha!

Book: Living Without magazine. Worst title ever, right? It's so depressing. It's a magazine for people with food allergies. Ben checks out copies from the library for me. The name makes me so sad, but it's an okay magazine, though I haven't actually made any of the recipes.

Irritation:My new employee has the most annoying voice. She has a "vocal fry" (google it for some enlightening videos). It's the most annoying voice ever. If she'd done it in the interview, I would have campaigned harder against her. It's making me crazy. Apparently, a lot of young women use it, but this gal is mid-40s and old enough to know better.

Blessing: Doogie Bear, my little baby angel. It's nauseating how much I love and spoil this little dog.

Struggling With: Motivation. I don't want to do anything but watch tv and eat snacks. It's disgusting. All of the fun things I used to enjoy now seem like way too much effort. Work is so hard and frustrating, I have nothing left for my life.

Looking Forward To: Christmas Break!

Feeling Good About: Not much these days. I need a vacation.

Speaking of Christmas: I agree with you, Jo. Presents ruin the holidays. No more presents.

louielouie said...

Great Photos Jo. Great weekend too.

Books: Just read Silver Linings Playbook. Have had it for months, already saw the movie but it was a fun read. First book I’ve read in ages

Irritation: This blasted cold. And stuffy chest. Did change out of my pajamas, but changed into flannel pj pants. I have been wearing my bathrobe all day. Am going to try to convince Ron to go to the grocery store.

Blessing: My son. He’s on a ship participating in the Philippines relief effort. Plus he’s just a great guy all around.

Struggling With: Either getting it all done or figuring out what doesn’t really need to get done after all.

Looking Forward to: Four days in Carlsbad California. Don’t really know what we’re going to do there or even exactly why we’re going, but am determined to have fun.

I’m Feeling Good About: Christmas break will be there soon and I am taking some time off to do nothing.

Speaking of Christmas: I have done some shopping but need to sort out my thoughts and figure out what’s up with my family gift giving. I have no ideas for my kids either.
I didn’t hear Jo say she was against presents. I think she is very pro-present. She’s just very particular.
I am considering starting with Christmas decorating today. . .

jojo cucina cucina said...

Hey Amanda and louie!

Now i have to look up vocal fry. Is it when people talk in questions even though they are not asking one? Or is that irritating too cute and helpless female sounding voice?

Yeah Christmas. I am not against presents...i just don't feel confident in my purchases. I always overthink them and often overpay and still i am not happy with what i choose.

I cannot believe how fast the season is arriving!!!! In two weeks my Christmas tree will be up!!!!!

jojo cucina cucina said...

Omg.....i just you tubed it. It is the SNL voices those women do...especially Cecily Strong on Weekend Update before she was made co- anchor... SUPER irritating!

I thought that voice was a parody on Californians ...totally exaggerated. It is real?

louielouie said...

Based on my extensive internet/U-tube research, the Vocal Fry is a genuine vocal technique used by professional singers. And the Kardashians.

I watched a music video dude who demonstrated it and other voice techniques. I also watched a number of irritating women describing how irritated they were with other women who use it.

I found it all irritating. Glad no one I work closely with is a regular user, although I do think a couple of my female colleagues employ the vocal fry on occasion. Based on some of the descriptions and examples I heard, I’m afraid I might do it too at times.

jojo cucina cucina said...

Hahahaha....Amanda i love that you keep us up on the pop culture. I was surprised when i typed in the word 'vocal' that fry automatically popped up on Google. Please keep us up to dste on this important stuff! I hate feeling naive about even the silly stuff.

It is totally nauseating that voice.

jojo cucina cucina said...

I can't wait to hear you speak like this louie!

Anonymous said...

Photos: I'm trying to put together our album from Nepal online and it is very frustrating. I am starting over on shutterfly.

Book: I want to read the new Wally Lamb book. Still working through rereading A Walk in the Woods.

iTunes purchase:
I still haven't used my itunes cards from last Christmas. I have the new Amos Lee CD in my wish list and some other random songs. Will have to check out the Lumineers. I only have the one song. I also like Lorde. But your experience with itunes is making me want to avoid the whole transaction.

The Eagles Concert was really fantastic. I think it's the only concert I've ever been to where I knew all the words to every song. We had a lot of fun.

Irritation: Trying to get the online photo album done. :/

Blessing: my daughters

Struggling with: contemplating my future...

Looking forward to: hopefully planning the next trip.

I'm feeling good about: my career right now. i'll never make a ton of money in nonprofit, but I feel like i'm making a contribution.

Speaking of Christmas: My fresh cut trees have died quickly the last two years. This year, I'm buying one at the place where Jeff gets his (and driving it an hour home). Much cheaper and longer lasting. We are having my family for the holidays on Dec 14, so I need to get the tree done the weekend before.

Re running: Jeff's daughter finished the Philadelphia Marathon on Sunday in 5:27. She was very disappointed because she had to do a lot of walking. But it was her first marathon and I think it was great that she finished. It was fun to watch everyone hamming it up at the finish line!


jojo cucina cucina said...

Did you actually stay the whole time for that marathon???? I saw on FB that you were cheering her on. That is a long time to run. I can't imagine running a marathon. I've heard that 4 hours is a really great time if you are a runner, but not a super athlete, so 5:27 for a first time out, if that was her first one, is probably very respectable. I would never want to run one of those.

It's good to see you here, eque. I've been meaning to email you to talk off FB and blogging and will do so soon. I thought i would have SOOOO much time being semi-retired but i think trying to cram a full time job in 18 hours a week makes me really want to do nothing when i get home from work and now at work i have NO time to check personal email like i used to.

The VERY first concert i ever went to was in 1974 to see The Eagles in Seattle at what used to be called the Coliseum. I loved it. Don Henley was always my favorite Eagle, which is interesting because he was the drummer. Also Micky Dolenz was my favorite Monkee, also a drummer, and Desi Arnez was my teenybopper favorite from the group Dino, Desi and BIlly. (You have to be REALLY old to know this group, which was sort of like the Hansens of it's day in the 1960's). And yes, Desi, was also a drummer.

Funny since Brian too is a drummer. They play a nice venue this weekend at The Swiss for a charity event. I hope lots of people come and make it worthwhile.

Are you going to make a photo book like you did for me when you traveled out here? I want to put together books like that. Another retirement project for me..

I think i will be changing this blog tomorrow night. I love my new Thursday nights which feel like Fridays. I have a painting project on Friday - I am once again painting one of my bathrooms! i think i finally found the right color! This will be the fourth time i've painted the bathroom in i think three years!

Anonymous said...

Hey, sorry I haven't responded before you changed your blog. She started runnig around 7:30, but we didn't get there until 8:30 because we took public transportation. But we were there the rest of the time and only saw her at the halfway point and the finish. She is already talking about doing another marathon, so we will see how much she can improve her time.

That is so funny about you and drummers! Joe Walsh is my favorite Eagle, but I do like all of them. One of the originals, Bernie Leadon, who was referred to the Eagles by Linda Ronstadt, was there and he was great, too.

I'm doing the same kind of photo book that I did when I visited you. I have been doing one for every calendar year, plus whole albums for vacations or something special like our AT treks. It gets expensive, but I like to have something physical, not just digital photos.

I was just thiking I owed you a long catch up email. There has been a lot going on! I'll try to do that soon. It doesn't surprise me that retirement isn't as liesurely as you thought it would be! There is always so much to be done.

Okay, off to catch up on your next post!