Thursday, November 21, 2013

Opinionation Station

my original blog photo!

1. I changed my subtitle here to Opinionation Station. I like it better!

2. See the thing is.... I can make up words on my own blog. So don't be calling the English Language Police on me...

3. louie, i mean YOU! And pearl too, if she is looking in.

4. I am excited about Christmas. (I always love the early part of the holidays!) Plus this year I have already started shopping.

5. Don't hate me for being semi-retired please. I wish allofy'all could have my schedule! If i were Santa Claus I would grant all of you that wish!

6. How old were you when you stopped believing in Santa Claus and why did you stop?

7. I am back to running okay and feel better about being able to stick with my goal of running until i am 60 years old now that my foot has healed.

8. However, i have found that running is so easy compared to doing those circuit training classes at the YMCA! I rejoined after 5 years and going back has been hard. I can't do what i used to do in those classes. I had to quit before the class was up, it was just too hard.

9. Planks are a bitch! I used to be able to hold a plank for nearly two minutes. Now it's about 30 seconds.

10. How can i be getting old when i don't feel old in my head? I hate measurable differences like this that reminds me.

11. Since it's Thanksgiving let me add this and y'all should add yours: I am thankful for many many things.

  • I am thankful that my brothers and sister had children so that i didn't have to. Because the truth is, i do love being around kids and young people. 
  • We have two new babies in our family this year - my sister's son had a baby in August and my brother Troy's son had a baby in October. My niece Ashley just got engaged to her boyfriend after 4 years. (I posted her very funny email here that she wrote to me telling me how she was so stressed to the point of being ready to throw up about having to buy him a Christmas present since they had only been dating a few weeks.)  I like her man A LOT! 
  • I don't take my health for granted anymore. (But i also don't worry about it.) 
  • I love my galpal friends and our annual getaways. 
  • I love that while i am not the perfect wife or perfect person, my husband still lets me know when he thinks i have done something special or cool. This is special because i know that he is truly a better person than i am. 

i just checked and Wordcount = 465, which the exception of this sentence, so i am signing off! 


Unknown said...

My "Not a Word!" alarm went off, so I had to drop in...

I feel you on the circuit training. I just started working with a personal trainer and it's kicking my ass. I am sore everywhere! I've lost 35 pounds so far this year, and have another 35 to go, so it was time to take it up a couple of notches. Planking is out of the question, between my previously broken elbow (that still twinges after 7 years!) and my bust-up shoulder. But the weight training is helping.

I can't imagine being retired. It would be nice to have more time to do the things that I want to do, but I'm still afraid that I'd mostly be bored to death. Though I will admit it's hard watching my peers heading for the door. Don't want to be the last one standing!

On Santa: I was about 7 when I got suspicious and started nosing around. Found my doctor's kit in the upstairs closet and was hit with an odd mix of Yay! (I'm getting my doctor's kit!) and Crap!(there's no Santa?) I was genuinely disappointed at that discovery.

Thankful - that I found my soul mate and he loves me; that I've been blessed with a loving family; that I'm able to recognize year round what an amazing life I've had and that I take nothing for granted. It drives me batchit crazy when my DIL whines on FaceBook and punctuates it with "FML!" I hit my limit last night and finally posted back - "Why? You have an AMAZING life. Husband who adores you, 3 fantastic kids, a nice house - and you don't even have to work!!! (okay...I didn't write the last sentence on her page. I'm just pissed, not stupid... ;-) I love FaceBook.

jojo cucina cucina said...

pearl? This is you right? The doctor kit story i think i remember!

jojo cucina cucina said...

OK, now i'm thinking this is not pearl but i feel like the doctor kit story is a yaya story and i am assuming folks are having trouble with profiles on blogger again.

troutbirder said...

Christmas is good. So is Thanksgiving but I hate this Black Friday nonsense and now the Big Boxes are adding the Thursday too. Yuk!

jojo cucina cucina said...

troutbirder!!!!! Love seeing you here! How are you?It's been awhile. I have never ever shopped Black Friday. I hate crowds for one thing.

I am looking gorward to Thanksgiving this year too. I think being semi retired has mellowed me out about holidays!

Unknown said...

It's pearl - aka 'unknown'. I don't know that I have a "profile" on blogger.

pearl said...

I just made an adjustment...let's see if it worked.

jojo cucina cucina said...

Yay! It worked pearl! BTW...great job on your weight loss and workouts!

jojo cucina cucina said...

Happy Thanksgiving y'all. I am having 11 people over to our little abode tomorrow! Yikes. (It was only supposed to be 8 to start.) Anyway, it will be fun. I have brined my fresh free range turkey that i picked up today from H&L Produce (they sell meats and stuff too, including Christmas trees!).

I have ironed my tablecloths and napkins and have the two tables set up.

The Louvrak tradition is to play bouree (Gumbo followers will remember this from the books - since we were born in Louisiana, like those characters in the YaYa books we were taught bouree when we were little. I'm not good at it though. But there are so many of us that one table is playing Apples to Apples.

Kylee is coming over on Saturday to do our tradition of decoration Jo's Christmas tree, which we have been doing since she was about 11 years old - so we're talking a dozen years now. Each year we get take-out Chinese from her favorite place and watch and old movie.

This year our movie is Annie Hall. She's never seen it.

My tree is going to be different this year because i'm getting a Frazier fir and i'm buying it from H& L and i saw them today and they are gorgeous. I'm tired of my trees looking the same and drying out by Christmas day. So I'm doing something different. Looking forward to the family tomorrow (with new baby, Brady!!!!) and with Kylee for our tradition.

Life is good.

Now if only i had a bigger house!