Monday, December 30, 2013

Happy New Year .... last post of the year....

This is my last and 55th post for the year 2013 and i plan to approach blogging somewhat differently in 2014. I will continue to keep this as more of an online journal of lists. 

After finding out the stats on here were artificially inflated a few months ago because of *spam like websites i have not been as happy about blogging since folks aren't really reading. I started this blog because i wanted it to be participatory (as the Gumbo YaYa message board used to be) but smart phones and Facebook sort of killed that.

I still like visiting and writing here because i  need an outlet for writing plus i enjoy having a reference to what i was doing a year ago or a few years ago, so i am not going to abandon it. I have often come back here to find out what year i remodeled my bathroom, a recipe i posted, what books i have read, etc. And i do like  going back and checking out the sunset times seeing how we are on the upswing of getting lighter each day.

I also like the idea that if something happened to me i am still living out here on the internet.

So i think I am going to switch this blog up somewhat and just go back to lists, making it more of a Notes to Self/Menu only that will include stuff like the following:

  • Best Book this week: 
  • Last song purchased online:
  • Best movie:
  • Product endorsement:
  • Stupidest thing i read on Facebook:
  • Lamest Dear Abby letter:
  • Favorite commercial this month: 
  • Longest run:
  • Observation and Rant of the week:
  • Sunrise/sunset:
  • Weird conversation: 
  • My own photo of the week: 

(Not all at the same time.) I hope y'all will maybe want to continue to visit and add your own responses to the list. Happy New Year everybody.

And *Vampirestats, you can go suck it.


jojo cucina cucina said...

sunset: 4:28 pm

Swiss said...

Keep writing - lists are fine. I want to do more wrting myself.

jojo cucina cucina said...

Hi Swiss! Thank you!. I'll probably change this up tomorrow for the first new year post. I hope you will come and add to the mix!

I wanted to also come here and report my longest run this week: 63 minutes! in celebrating the 34th anniversary yesterday on 1/1/14. It was my new year's resolution to start running and here i am.