Monday, January 13, 2014

Boring Blog Post.

i took this photo Friday of Brian before he headed out for his debut as a jazz drummer in his new band.

Best thing that happened: Our Seattle Seahawks won their playoff game against the Saints. It would be so surprising if they don't win the SuperBowl this year because they are so amazing that i have only missed watching two games all season.

Book: Still reading Goldfinch and The Reason I Jump. I've not been reading that much lately. 

Bitch of the Week: no secret for Facebookers. My Kindle Fire is busted after only 2 years. I've been all over Amazon about it with the help of some yaya friends.... to no avail. I know why i think: Though i shop often on Amazon for all kinds of things (I even bought an AllClad saute pan from Amazon) i didn't buy very many e-books. And so they don't make money from me since they were only breaking even when they sold those Kindle Fires. At least that's what i remember reading.  

Golden Globes: I watched last night and they were fairly boring. Though i rarely miss the Academy Awards i've never watched the Globes. If i were African American i would be pissed too. Everybody got passed up except for Steve McQueen's 12 Years a Slave. And when the actor's name's were called it seemed like a half mile trek to the stage unless you were Meryl Streep (who had a front row table.) None of the actors were as drunk as i wanted them to be, though i have to say Jacqueline Bisset probably woke up embarrassed this morning. Glad i didn't live blog them. But i DO plan on live blogging the Academy Awards here again. 

What i'm looking forward to: BOWLING! in a few more weeks. I think i want our names to be You Mad Bro? or the SuperBowlers -  in honor of the Seahawks. (Right now we're called Average White Bowlers.)

What i wouldn't mind doing, but i probably won't: Going to see the movie American Hustle.

My latest favorite Celebrity: Jimmy Fallon. I have NEVER liked Leno even before he screwed over Conan O'Brien. I'm looking forward to Fallon taking over. 

Excited about: Breaking Bad! We're on episode 7 of Season 1.  We love this show! 

Ambivalent: The State Legislative session (starts today);  going to the YMCA;  Facebook;  cooking (since my husband is doing his weird de-tox diet), and because of that diet, i will also add eating. And last but not least.... this blog. 

I wish it would: ....SNOW! It's been two years (over MLK weekend) since we had a good snow. 

I love: Flowers in winter! louie/Sarah bought these as a hostess gift for my game night party with the galpals. I am going to replace them immediately when these die. Tulips are my favorite. 

Notes to myself: 
Sunrise: 7:54 am
Sunset: 4:44 pm 
Longest run this week: 43 minutes
Word Count: 453


jojo cucina cucina said...

i have no idea how i got this dark background. but i'm leaving it.

pearl said...

I like the dark background.

Must see American Hustle. It is worth it. We'll try to pick up all the major the Oscar contenders before the big night, but I have 4 weeks on the road out of the next 7, so it'll be a stretch. I watched the Globes, but it was boring. Best quote of the night was Fey's crack about Clooney. Loved it. One question - does Lena Dunham have an anti-stylist? Ugly Girl.

jojo cucina cucina said...

Lena and that ugly yellow dress! I actually love watching Fashion Police more than the shows. They loved Cate Blanchett's dress ...I wasn't a fan. And Julia Roberts looked weird with that collared crisp white shirt under her dress. (I DID love Julia's hair though!

Yeah....The joke about women Clooney's age I had heard on SNL Weekend Update before but it was good enough to repeat. Fey and Poehler looked great.

I do love Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper so I will have to see that. Amy Adams is so good too.

jojo cucina cucina said...

i just found the video of Fallon singing with Springsteen about Christie's BridgeGate which is so good. I can't wait for Fallon on The Tonight Show. Re: Chris Christie ....I swear i read about this scandal in my Rolling Stone magazine before this hit the news. Unless we find out he really did order the closures and let his assistants take the fall he will come out of this okay too.

Anyway, this video is brilliant.