Friday, January 31, 2014

Dear God, please let the Seahawks win.

Dear God.

I don't write you often asking for stuff, You know that. And i hope You didn't take me seriously when i prayed in the past for stupid stuff like being chosen for the News Tribune Guest Columnist or winning that Shun knife in the Thug Kitchen contest. I imagine the cuss words on Thug Kitchen's site might be kind of hard for you to ignore, (though i do need to point out that nowhere does TK use YOUR name in vain).

But this time I really mean it. I am asking for You to please forget for this week those American Idol contestants who pray to You so they can go to Hollywood and instead focus on The Super Bowl, which is this Sunday (just in case You didn't know).

(I am so relieved that the Super Bowl is happening BEFORE the Olympics because i know You will be SUPER busy with trying to answer all the prayers in the weeks coming.)

This is our second chance at winning and it will be heartbreaking to come this far and lose again. I am thinking that You, most of all, must love an underdog.  And while we have played like champions all season, Denver is scary! And Peyton Manning is so revered that it's almost like he's a saint already! And if You don't choose us over Denver I would appreciate knowing why You like Denver more. If it's because of the rain, it's not our fault, it's YOURS, right? (Not that I am complaining, i love it here!)

We do have some very religious guys on our team who really love You, especially our esteemed Quarterback, Russell Wilson. Plus he visits little sick kids in the hospital! And he quotes scripture on Facebook. (And it seems like y'all are buddies already.)

Russell Wilson is so hyper vigilant in his do-goodness that he's very close to being the kind of dude i can't stand. (Ironically he was the one who started me watching. But don't misunderstand me. I love the guy and wish i could marry one of my nieces off with him.)

Doug Baldwin also isn't shy about talking about You. (I'm not sure about Marshawn Lynch since he doesn't talk, but You know what's in his heart and I'm sure he has nothing but love for You and knows You are his real Boss.) I want to believe that You  must have a special affinity for Richard Sherman, (my favorite player),  who tells it like it is and is endearingly narcissistic.

Besides, admit it, don't You get bored sometimes with so many people talking about You all the time? (Only Richard Sherman would love that plus a few people i know in my real life who do not know about this blog.

So please God, if You could bless the Seahawks and let us win you would make so many people that i care about so happy. (I include myself in that group.) And while I don't promise that I will start going to church, i do promise that i will never ask for stupid stuff again ....(even though I am watching American Idol again this year.)

Love, jojo

P.S. You probably already know this, but my husband bought me that Shun knife for Christmas. So maybe You did answer my prayers?

Notes to Self:
Sunset: 5:10 pm
Sunrise: 7:36 am
Extra minutes of daylight since last post: 28 minutes!
Number of cat photos i hid on Facebook: 4
Longest run this week: 58 minutes
Book: Just finished Louise Penny's "Trick of the Light"


jojo cucina cucina said...

And just so You know. I do NOT have money on this game!

amulbunny's random thoughts said...

And the congregation said: AMEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

louielouie said...

Can't wait to watch the Seahawks. Really, really want them to win. I never have understood praying for your team to win though. I figure just as many folks are praying for the other team to win so how could God decide?

Just watched a great video of wide receiver Derrick Coleman meeting 9 year old hard-of-hearing twins. Check it out.

Also can't wait to see the super bowl ads. I love commercials.

Can't wait to NOT watch the Bachelor Wedding Live. Who thinks of this stuff?

louielouie said...

What a Game! What a Win!

jojo cucina cucina said...

Dear God,
I think it's really cool that you read my blog. Thank you!
Love jo

jojo cucina cucina said...

Amazing game. Brian already bought me a SuperBowl Seahawks t-shirt this morning. Makes me wonder how much would be lost for the printing of those things when you don't win. We had a great time at my sister in law's brother's house, complete with driveway tailgating BBQ and then waging dollars each quarter and a list of questions where you can win the whole pot. I got 14 right and the winner got 15, so i was very close with my predictions. But NOBODY would ever have thought we would dominate so much. Amazing score 43-8. So much fun. The only thing that is a bummer is to find out about Phillip Seymour Hoffman's death when we got home. Dammit.

pearl said...

Most. Boring. SuperBowl. Ever. We went to a party - not my preference, as I like the commercials and no one shuts up - and by the half most of the kids and some of the adults just stayed in the pool. (I posted a picture of the view on FB - they live up on Waialae Iki and their pool deck has a sweeping view of the coast from Black Point round to the city, with Diamond Head right in the middle. View was better than the game. Parked myself by the veggies I brought and didn't drink, so that helped too. Glad Seattle won, though. I generally pull for the team that doesn't have the ring yet. (Because I really can't be fussed otherwise...)

jojo cucina cucina said...

pearl, i get how it would have been boring when it's not your team playing. I normally have been bored by most Super Bowls and used to call them SuperBore because the games weren't close But when it's your guys it is pretty exciting when it's a blow out especially when you are the underdogs.

jojo cucina cucina said...

I normally don't like going to the parties. Last time we went to SuperBowl i only had one friend over. But this year was so different and it wouldn't have been as fun just staying home. HOWEVER, i did DVR the game and yesterday i went through the whole DVR and watched the commercials (The Bob Dylan Detroit one and the hybrid dog commercial were my two favorites, though i have to say they were not as good as in previous years that i remember). I also liked re-watching the Harvin run and the Malcolm Smith interception.

Glad my man Richard Sherman behaved himself in New Jersey/New York while he was there. And i think his ankle will be okay from what he says.

I will probably change this blog tomorrow. There are so many things to look forward being Jimmy Fallon moving into Leno's bowling league starts...Walking Dead...the list goes on.